The Exotic Velvet

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The Exotic Velvet


Chapter five: A fork in the road


A young brown-haired girl walked into the Candy shop memorized by the loud music and strenuous lights around her, Nicole never imagines having the courage to make her way into the strip club though not looking for work but as a client.


There was no way she could ever tell her friends to accompany her to such a scandalous place, Jazz was completely out of the question as she was too kindhearted and even geeky to come to such a place, Nicole was sure her redheaded friend would pass out at the sight of naked women.


“Barbie would have just laughed at me if I invited her.”- Nicole whispered as she walked over to the bar.


Nicole would have preferred to wear something more club like a tight pink minidress but didn’t dare to wear something so intense which made her settle with her long blue dress and brown wool vest.


The woman sat on the stool as she looks over the place while adjusting her thick glasses, she kept in place with a golden chain, Nicole shrank down upon taking notice of a few girls giggling at her granny looks, she wanted to rush out the door.


“What can I get you, babe?”- asked the bartender.


“I…uh… one beer… yes… one beer, please.”- the woman replied as she fixes her glasses on her nose bridge.


Nicole looked over at the voluptuous woman whose nipples were covered by heart-shaped pasties, the bartender winked at her as she turns around showing her G-string and more important, her bare ass.


With the cold beer in hand, Nicole walked around the club seeing voluptuous women dancing over men’s laps, a few more on stage which drew her attention. It was the first time she ever came to such a club in her life.


Her eyes widen as she saw a tan woman with large breasts dancing on stage, the stripper’s ass was nearly hypnotic as Nicole moved her head along with each moment. Her mouth opens wide as she saw the woman crouched down opening her legs.


“This is amazing!”- Nicole mentally screamed as she sat on the couch.


The brown-haired woman wanted to so desperately masturbated but even at such a club, that was forbidden as she didn’t see anyone doing so. Nicole’s eyes jumped from the stage over to the waitresses who wore thong leotards themed like bunnies.


“Everyone makes some noise for the Candy shop’s sweetest eye candy. Let’s hear it for Velvet!”- the DJ announced.


Nicole rushed over to the edge of the stage wanting to see the whole show, she even readied a few single bills. The spotlights shine over the stage’s entrance as “Candy Shop” song from 69 cents resounded at the club.


Never in her entire life had Nicole seen such a beautiful woman in her entire life, large and round breasts, wide hips, and thick legs caught her eyes. The stripper wore nothing more than a few feathers to cover her privates but it was her long red hair which impressed the most.


Her dancing was beyond amazing, her breasts majestically bounced around in perfect synch to her hip-swaying which made more than one man get hard. It surprised Nicole no one was rushing over the stage. The woman threw away her feather mask showing a beautiful face, her bright celestial eyes meet with Nicole’s eye.


“Wait… Jazz?”- Nicole took a step back.


The glasses-wearing woman couldn’t believe what her eyes were showing, and for a brief moment Nicole thought to be drunk already, she even considered getting a new prescription for her eyeglasses but as she glued her eyes once again on the woman on stage understood she wasn’t drunk or needing new glasses.


Never before had she seen Jazz in such a lustful demeanor but at the same time so beautiful and enticing. They had known each other for years and never once had she seen her redhead of a friend with such eyes.


Nicole felt her womanhood wetting as she saw Jazz’s bubble butt wiggling as she made her way to the backstage. The woman knew her friend hit puberty like a freight train but never once imagine she was so stunning as neither of them like going to the beach or the public beach.


“That was intense…”- Nicole whispered as she headed over to the bar once more for another drink.


Unlike with the male customer, not a single dancer had addressed her even once not even the waitresses which bothered her greatly, behind a few bunny waitresses, Nicole saw Jazz walking out of the backstage.


“What are you doing here?”- Nicole asked wanting to slap herself for coming up to Jazz.


The redhead saw her goofy best friend standing in front of her with arms crossed around her much smaller breasts, Jazz turn paled like a ghost. It had been months since she started working at the club and perhaps grew careless which lead to this outcome.  


“I could ask you the same question.”- Jazz stood firm though feared what would happen next.


She knew sooner or later, her job would be found out, but seeing Nicole stand in front of her was something she didn’t see coming at all, the glasses girl was too innocent to dare set foot in the club, even her overly plain clothing allowed the redhead to confirm Nicole was out on leisure.


“This is how you’ve been affording all those new things?” Nicole bit her lip. “Look, Ja…” Jazz covered her mouth with her hand.


“Don’t say my real name,” Jazz hissed. The last thing she wanted was for this story to spread all over campus. “Needed a way to pay through college, and this seemed the best solution. A year or so, I’ll be able to afford everything I need. Now, why are you here?”


“It’s… a bit complicated.”- Nicole’s eyes locked on her chest.


Jazz stared at her friend and how she struggled to keep her eyes off her large breast, it was then that she witnesses… lust. She’d never seen Nicole stare at her in that fashion before. A couple of guys attempted to get her attention, but Jazz knew this was more important.


Little by little, Jazz began piecing everything together, the small details in their everyday life. How Nicole stared at girls whenever they were changing at the locker room or even in the streets, for a time the redhead though Nicole only wanted to be fashionable but…


“Are you a lesbian?”- Jazz quietly asked.


Nicole’s face turned red as she lowered her voice, an act Jazz considered pointless with the music blasting. She placed her lips against her ear and said: “Yes.” Nicole’s eyes darted around, fearing someone would overhear.


Jazz knew Nicole’s family was traditional and overly religious which is why she never spoke about her homosexuality to anyone, the redhead had to give some credit to her due to how masterfully she kept it a secret.


“Well, I don’t think any differently of you, I promise.”- Jazz reassured while putting her hand over her shoulder.


“Thanks… and can you…”- Nicole didn’t dare to finish her question.


“I’ll keep my mouth shut.”- She gestured to the other dancers. “Go ahead and enjoy the show. Can even ask for a dance… only 10 dollars for women.”


Nicole sat down in the closest chair she could find feeling an enormous relief for having such an understanding friend who not only accept her but encouraged her lifestyle. She opened and closed her mouth several times before seeing Jazz leave after instructing a nearby waitress to bring her another beer.


The hours grew as Nicole plastered her eyes over the stage seeing several girls dancing naked on stage, one after another. Her eyes grew wide as she saw Jazz on stage once more though this time got the full view of her vagina making her heart skipped a beat.



“That was a close call…”- Jazz whispered as she fixed her makeup perhaps for the fifteenth time.


It never once crossed her mind to even think Nicole would be a lesbian, especially given her strictly religious upbringings, she half expected her tomboyish friend Barbie to be the lesbian but not her nerdy friend who hardly ever looked at a girl for more than a few seconds.


Upon coming out of the backstage, she noticed Nicole was still on the same couch she left her previously at. Jazz couldn’t help but giggle at her friend’s expense, just because Nicole turned out to be a lesbian didn’t mean she was after every skirt that came her way.


As the redhead made her way towards Nicole, she could only see the same shy girl she had known since their days from high school. The same clumsy girl who tripped on her two feet and stammered her words.


“Oh, come on babe, I won’t stop you if you wanna drink the night away but this place is for more than that.”- Jazz proclaimed as she sat on the couch’s armrest. “Want me to call for one of the girls? Just don’t pick Bella, she’s a bitch”


It was only upon saying that name that she felt her stomach upset, Jazz knew Paulina never got the chance to bully Nicole back then but didn’t want to risk them meeting and having vile rumors spread across the university. 


“I know this is awkward… and feel free to say no… I’d rather it be you if anyone gives me a dance.” -Nicole gulped as she looked at her celestial blue eyes. “If you’re not okay with it, of course, I’ll…”


Vlad had almost beaten into her head about not dancing for anyone she knew from college, Jazz understood why as word of her working there could easily go mouth to mouth but she trusted in Nicole who still struggling with her lesbianism.


“Sure, I can give you a dance,”- Jazz agreed on impulse, unsure why she did so.


Jazz intended to keep her work and personal life separate, and yet there she was leading her best friend to the side booths, attempting to conceal her nervousness. She’d danced for women before, but never someone she knew personally.


The redhead sat down in Nicole’s lap and placed her hands around her shoulders. Nicole didn’t make any attempts to stop herself from staring at her redheaded friend’s large breasts, she fought the urge to touch them and even to take her nipples unto her lips.


Nicole blushed as she succumbed to the temptation and placed her hands over Jazz’s large tits. Upon seeing the redhead’s eyes looking down at her, Nicole quickly pulled away her hands apologizing for touching yet Jazz told her it was alright.  


“Is this really okay?”- Nicole asked with her hand hovering over Jazz’s thighs.


“Of course,”- Jazz grinned as she pulled Nicole’s hands over her plump butt.


The glasses-wearing woman gave out a loud gasp as she felt the unbelievable softness Jazz’s buttocks possessed. Her exotic perfume penetrated deep into her brain nearly causing it to shut down, but more than anything, Nicole wanted to taste her breasts. 


Jazz was used to feeling someone get hard under her, but dancing for another woman was different. Nicole stared at her breasts, sorely tempted to touch them. Jazz knew it wasn’t a good idea to dance for a close friend, though she suppressed the warning voice in her head.


“When did you realize you were a lesbian?”- Jazz half moan to her ear.


“Couple years ago,”- Nicole admitted, eyes wide from Jazz’s touch. Her breathing quickened, realizing for the first time how beautiful her friend was. “Kissed a girl when I was drunk and felt things I never experienced with a guy.”


“Wish you told me earlier,”- Jazz pressed her breasts over Nicole’s face, something she would never do for just anyone.


“Well, I’m not sure my parents will be. They still believe in praying it away.”- Nicole lowered her head.


Nicole’s parents were not only zealous believers but would never accept her daughter’s taste for women rather than men, it would often be heard at the dinner table who both her father and mother rant about the moral decadence in society and the depravity of homosexuality. 


“Nicole, the hell with them!”- A burst of anger entered Jazz. “If they can’t accept who you are, it’s their problem, not yours!”


Out of sheer impulse and frustration, she kissed Nicole on the lips, blinking. Jazz didn’t feel the same sparks as she did with a man, but still enjoyed the sensation. The redhead suddenly felt Nicole’s hand wrapping behind her while forcing her tongue inside.


Nicole broke the kiss as she was whizzing for air, though Jazz couldn’t feel an erection under her, she did feel something wet. The glasses girl looks at Jazz who was smiling at her but came to realized her crotch was drenched.


“Still can’t believe you’re a stripper,” Nicole giggled as she averted her gaze.


“Some days, I can’t either.”- Jazz brushed her breasts against Nicole’s face, sending sparks through her friend’s body while inviting her touch.


Nicole brushed a single finger against Jazz’s nipple making her bite down on her lower lip out of sheer delight. Unlike many guys, Nicole knew precisely how and where to touch as she had much practice with her own breasts. Jazz muffled her moaning with her right hand as her left held her close to Nicole who was grinning madly.


“You’re good at this,”- Jazz complimented, moving Nicole’s hands toward her butt.


Jazz arched her back and wrapped her legs around her friend still keeping to the rhythms of the music. Nicole always thought her friend’s very attractive, but never dared to imagine her to be so smoking hot. Her long red hair and perfect skin were too much for a dork such as herself.


Taking all the courage she could, Nicole groped Jasmine’s butt moving her fingers along her smooth skin until they found her backdoor. The women looked at each other as Nicole pushed her finger into her best friend.


“Much better than any of these pigs,”- Jazz complimented.


Nicole expected Jazz to slap her across the face for doing something so despicable, and yet she was complimented. Without ever taking her eyes off the redhead she continued penetrating the tight asshole still expecting to be strike.


Jazz licked her lips as she unbuttoned Nicole’s dress exposing her much smaller yet firm breasts. Nicole turned redder than Jazz’s hair more out of embarrassment for her smaller size but the redhead told how beautiful they were. 


“Thanks,”- Nicole expressed.


She had always been awkward about being small chested. The lack of notable curves and her plain freckled face always keep her self-esteem down but one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen told her she had beautiful breasts.


Nicole continued playing with Jazz’s breasts while pricking her asshole, loving the way they felt in her hands. Wanting to do even more, it took all of her willpower not to shove her friend over the table and have her way with her.


“If I go too far, tell me.”- Nicole said with a trembling voice.


Jazz had no hesitations at all but knew Nicole likely wasn’t so bold. It was obvious she was already pushing her limits, in an effort to relaxed her, Jazz pushed herself against Nicole’s body, allowing her warmth to engulf her as she places her head against her chest.


Nicole pulled her finger out of Jazz as she hugged her tightly while burying her face in Jazz’s D-cups, giving a small sigh of contentment. Jazz ran a hand down her friend’s thigh, the boldness catching her by surprise.


She placed both her hands over Nicole’s breasts, rubbing them gently. Jazz forced back the temptation to remove all her clothing. There was no way she could get away with having lesbian sex at the club, she was sure Vlad had some suspicions. 


“I don’t think I could ever do this job,” Nicole admitted. “I’m not what you would call pretty.”


“You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,”- Jazz moved her fingers in circles.


Nicole felt butterflies in her stomach as Jazz caressed her breasts while she fondled with her butt. Nicole couldn’t shove off the dreadful idea that Jazz had done this several times before with countless men already.


She felt disgusted that men got to fully enjoy her redheaded friend to their leisure, treating her like a mere toy for them to play with and just throw aside once they were done. There was no way in hell she could do that to someone so wonderful.


Nicole’s legs shake like jelly as she followed her friend outside the booth, the redhead couldn’t give all her attention nor too many freebies as she was working and needed to attend to other clients as well.


The girl adjusts her glasses as she Jazz walking to the backstage as she was going up on stage again, Nicole felt a spark of jealousy upon seeing fat man fondled Jazz’s ass though it became a raging flame once the redhead bend over allowing him to slide a bill in her thong before giving her a single spank.



The redhead leans on her chair at the backstage recalling the night a week ago, she began to regret having danced and done so much more for Nicole. The girl had low self-esteem due to her poor looks but carried the burden of hiding her homosexuality as well.


As Jazz feared ever since that night, things had changed greatly between herself and Nicole. Though it wasn’t for the worst as she expected, on the contrary, Nicole was infatuated with her as she most likely saw a lesbian in her now.


Nicole began treating their friendly outings to the café and to the movies like a date making Barbie feel rather uncomfortable especially upon seeing how awkwardly closed she now sat to Jazz whenever they had lunch together at the school’s cafeteria.   


It was especially hard on the redhead when Nicole insisted on changing her wardrobe for something more college appropriate. There was a clear hint of annoyance in Nicole’s face once Jazz offered to buy a few new sets of clothes for Barbie who was struggling for money lately and didn’t reject the offer.


Unlike Jazz who despite her good grades didn’t manage to land herself a scholarship, Barbie did but that didn’t mean she was going to spend any of it on clothes and makeup. Every cent of her scholarship was spent on books and school.


“At least this night is almost over,”- Jazz had to slap herself to keep awake.


Between studying for mid-terms and having to fill in for other girls meant she’d gotten little sleep over the past few days though a slightly heavier wallet. Nicole quickly took notice of this and offered her lap one afternoon so she could have a nap which earned them some ridicule from Barbie.


She’d made around four hundred dollars that night, not including the share for the club. Jazz expected, if she was careful, she’d be able to pay for a bachelor’s degree within a year. It never ceased to amaze her how much men would pay just to look at her body. And the occasional woman…


Jazz thought back to her night with Nicole who got a lot more than anyone normally would get. Seeing herself in the mirror, she saw her new G-string which she bought in the company of Nicole and Barbie though the latter rudely laughed out as she saw her geeky friends sporting racy lingerie.


“You’re gonna have cobwebs by the time some dude gets to see it”- Jazz recalled her blonde friend saying to Nicole.


“Perhaps not a guy…”- Nicole replied looking over at Jazz. 


With a rapid glimpse at her watch noticed her shift would end in less than an hour, after which Jazz intended to sleep for as long as she could. She applied makeup to hide the bags under her eyes, wanting to appear beautiful to her clients.


As she walked out of the backstage and into the main floor she spotted out of the corner of her eye, none other than Tristan who casually walks in, expressionless. Part of her wanted to approach him and greeted him with a smile, but part of her refused to want to see again.


“No, he’s already got a girlfriend! He can fuck her if he wants… or Paulina.”- Jazz thought as she looked over at the Latina spreading her legs on stage.


Instead, Tristan spotted her and approached making Jazz looked away and hoped he’d go for someone else, but he made a beeline for her. In an almost mechanized manner, she adjusted her only piece of cloths which consisted of her pink G-String and nipple pasties.


“Hello, beautiful.”- Tristan stared at her body. “Good to see you again.”


Jazz looked down wanting to slap herself for acting so meek, she already battered Dash Baxter with ease, and yet she couldn’t help but feel so small in Tristan’s presence though upon perceiving the bottom of his tattoo, all her feelings came flooding back.


“Does your girlfriend know you’re coming here?”- Jazz asked making him pop his up in surprise.


Jazz knew ninety percent of the men at the club were married or to the very least had a girlfriend. She even danced once for the local priest which surprised her greatly as she never thought a man of the cloth would come to such a place, even more, shocking was to see him leave in Paulina’s company. 


“What are you talking about?”- Tristan protested, raising his hands. “I don’t have a girlfriend!”


“Then why do you have a tattoo of her?”- Jazz asked as she pulled him closer to her.


Much as Jazz tried to drown out thoughts of him, Tristan never stayed out of her head for long. She hated the idea of him paying attention to, and sleeping with another woman. Jazz ignored the voice in her head whispering of her hypocrisy.


“This… isn’t something I want to discuss in public,” Tristan ran a hand down his face. “I can tell you, but… away from prying eyes. I’ll understand, of course, if you don’t feel safe… Upp!” Jazz grabbed his hand and all but dragged him out of the club.


It was a full house and hardly anyone noticed her leave with Tristan as everyone in the club was cheering and howling towards the new girls over the stage. The crowd went wild as they saw the baseball-themed girl making out with a gothic style girl whose eyes were covered by her long bangs while Vanilla rubbed herself unto the goth.


The “Candy Shop” was growing ever more popular, though Jazz felt it was an arrogant feeling to think it was due to her presence there, sure enough, she already dethroned Paulina off the stage but she was still the most popular in the booths for obvious reasons.




Dozens of cars were in the parking lot despite the late hour, as the couple walked down towards her convertible, she spotted a pair of dancers with clients whom she ignored but her eyes were trapped by a new girl going under the name “Moon.”


It was her first night and she was already humping a random man, her short brown hair was almost glued to her scalp due to her sweat, even the skull on her top was drench. At one time, Jazz would have looked down her nose at them, but she was no longer able to cast any stones.


Tristan stayed silent, allowing himself to be dragged along, a sinking feeling in his heart. Yet his eyes couldn’t help but wander off towards the couples having sex in the comfort of their vehicles not caring if these were rocking up and down. 


“Okay, so spill. Who is Alice and why do you have a tattoo of her?”- Jazz asked once they reached her convertible.


Jazz turned around and crossed her arms while leaning on her car trying to hide her embarrassment, she knew she had no right to questioned him if he had or not a girlfriend it meant nothing to her as she was just a stripper and Tristan her client.  


The feeling of hypocrisy was ever more as she recalled having slept with various men already on several occasions, some of them more than once, though unlike some of her peers, she never once fucked a guy in her car. It was always at the motel… and for money…


“Alice is. . . my older sister, by six minutes, which she never let me forget.” Tristan expressed a dark laugh, looking around to make sure they weren’t seen.


He didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea though came to realized it didn’t matter. Men were drunk and stumbling on the floor, their female companions were in no better conditions and the strippers handing out extras wouldn’t say anything.  


“Your sister?”- Jazz softened her voice, but only slightly. She shivered a little in her thin clothes, though made no effort to cover herself. “Is this true?”


“Yeah, my twin. Never got along very well.” Tristan leaned against Jazz’s convertible. “Spent most of our childhood tormenting me, got into the wrong crowd… but I loved her anyway.”


The feeling of hypocrisy grew even more for acting high and mighty despite having behaved like a whore though now in the company of a dreadful feeling as she heard about Tristan’s sister passing away, hence honoring her with at least a tattoo.


“I’m so sorry.”- Jazz held him in the tightest grip she’d ever held a person. She cursed herself for her jealousy and for jumping to conclusions.


With a soft rage in his voice, Tristan told about his sister’s car accident. A man with four-time the legal limit crossed the center lane leading to the accident which left her comatose at the hospital only for her to die soon after.


Jazz’s throat held a lump as she learned the culprit barely got eighteen months for causing the crash unless he did something stupid, he would be let go off in six months due to the overcrowding making Tristan question the legal system.


“Can’t imagine how that must feel.” -Jazz constantly worried about Danny with his police work, but to actually lose him…


“Supposedly, families come together during a crisis. We didn’t.”- Tristan added.


His father retreated into himself and buried in work, lashing out at his family for every little and most absurd mistakes. The divorce was expected as Alice’s death was a too heavy toll for the whole family, his mother couldn’t stay anymore and flee to Indiana, away from the memories.   


“If you want to talk, I’ll listen.”- Jazz opened the convertible and took a seat in the back with her legs open gesturing for Tristan to join her.


“That’s okay. I know it’s not part of your job description, but you seemed angry about it for some reason, so thought I’d tell you. The only tattoo I’ve ever gotten, but I wanted something to remember her with.” The man added averting his eyes away from Jazz’s crotch.


“No need to apologize.” Jazz moved aside so he could climb in, but he stayed put. “Shouldn’t have reacted that way.”


Jazz felt like trash for having acted out like a jealous girlfriend, she had no right to have lashed out at Tristan, even if it were his girlfriend’s name what he inked unto his arm, that still didn’t give her the right.


She was just a stripper and a borderline hooker given the many times she took money for sex. Though unlike a normal prostitute, Jazz only took men she actually fancied, oddly enough the kind most women would laugh at.


The boring geeky types with poor fashion sense and hardly any masculinity were the kind as men she enjoying taking to bed, while men such as Ronaldo with their large muscles, prominent height, and perhaps large penis didn’t entice her at all.


“Think I’ll just head home. I’m not really…”- Tristan said.


“No!”- Jazz yelled, holding his hand. “I mean… you don’t have to. And... I didn’t give you your dance yet.”


“If you insist.”- the man replied with a large smile.


Tristan climb aboard the car taking a seat next to her. It wasn’t the first time they had been so close but the silence in the car turned it into something more private, even intimate. Jazz placed her head on his shoulder as she guided his hand toward her chest.


“Besides, I don’t want my favorite client to leave too quickly.” Jazz kissed his cheek. “Need someone handsome to drown out all the unwelcome touches.”


“Been called a lot of things. Handsome usually isn’t one of them.”- Tristan felt her breasts through her thin clothing.


Jazz tossed away her outfit with no hesitation, though it could hardly be seen in the dark. The woman assured him that he was much better looking than most of the creeps she had to entertain every night.


“Well, Velvet, I didn’t know I left that kind of impression.”- Tristan whispered in her ear, nibbling on the bottom. His hand went to her thigh as he left a string of kisses down her neck.


Tristan was still her favorite client, she still felt very bothered by having made him a scene, Jazz poked her head out the window and with a quick look to make sure they weren’t disturbed. Her convertible naturally had a retractable roof, allowing them more freedom of movement.


“Hopefully, I’m not keeping you from anything.”- Tristan rubbed her thigh.


The man still did not possess enough courage to touch her vagina but lowered his lips to her chest, teasing Jazz’s nipple with his tongue. She let out a soft moan, placing her hand on the back of his head.


“Nope,”- Jazz didn’t care anymore.



They could find another dancer to fill in for her. She reached out and grabbed his erection, wanting to feel him inside her. Her breath quickened, her mouth salivating at the thought. Jazz lay back in the convertible and allowed Tristan to play with her chest, kissing, touching, and teasing every inch of it.


“I’ve missed this,”- Tristan confessed.


“Me too,”- Jazz whispered, considering asking him to go to the hotel.


It was nearly closing time and half the girls already punched out even Vlad left early. They wouldn’t miss her at the club, not when the last show on stage already ended. She unzipped Tristan’s pants and felt him through his boxers.


“I should tell you…”- Tristan began.


“Hold that thought,”- Jazz put her clothes back on and hopped into the front seat.


Tristan looks at her with a surprised expression as he wondered if he did something to upset her or perhaps pushed too far and creep her out. It wouldn’t be the first time something similar had taken place, more relevant during his teenage. 


“Did I do something wrong?”- Tristan asked as he rezipped his pants, attempting to ignore the fear in his heart.


“No, hop in,”- Jazz pointed at the passenger seat. “Let’s finish this conversation somewhere more private.”


The redhead didn’t even wait for him to put his seat belt on before slamming her foot on the accelerator and making her exit from the club’s parking lot. The redhead thumped her foot impatiently at every stop sign, eager to reach her ever so favorite motel.


Jazz didn’t care what anyone said, or what the risks were. She wanted this and knew he did as well. With all her previous lovers, discretion had been king, never rushing or walking out the club door together, it was always in steps.


The bright neon sign announcing the “Pig Pen” motel came into view as she entered the parking lot, hoping she wouldn’t encounter one of her old lovers there or worst yet Paulina. She paid the usual fee, though the clerk was paying more attention to a Playboy than the scarcely dressed woman in front of him.


Tristan couldn’t help but wonder if the clerk was too accustomed to seeing half dress women in his line of work given the many prostitutes across the highway trying to pick up a john. The thought of him being too tired to care did cross his mind as well.


Under more normal circumstances, Jazz would have made her one-night stand walk into the reception and book the room while she patiently waited outside in her regular street clothes rather than her erotic bikini like a common hooker.


Tristan allowed her to lead him around, hope, and fear warring within him. Despite it already being past three in the morning, he could feel the eyes of people around for walking beside a beautiful yet hardly dress woman.


The last time he had even being inside a motel room was during his family vacation several years ago, the very same that had vanished after his sister untimely death, his eyes laid over upon the green bed and the brown walls before setting them back to Jazz.


“What I was trying to say earlier…”- Tristan gulped. “I’ve never done this before. I’m a virgin.” He cringed, anticipation her rejection.


“You’re kidding,” Jazz smirked. “Why?”- She asked while biting down her lips, she couldn’t imagine no one finding him attractive.


“Lot of reasons,” He admitted. “They were never interested in me at school, and social interaction’s not easy for me.”


The redhead slowly began undressing him while asking his age in between light and tender kisses. The man was twenty-six years old, in other words, her senior by four years, upon seeing a sliver of hesitation in his eyes, Jazz pressed a kiss upon him.


“Are you sure? I think…”- the redhead put her finger upon his lips.


“Stop thinking so much,” Jazz ordered as he shoved him on the bed.


The redhead sat on his crotch as he slowly took off her bra and pulled the string from her thong. She could feel him going harder underneath which brought a smile upon her delicate face as she brushed her hands over his bare chest.


“Wow…” Tristan had seen her before, but never in the light. “You look amazing.”


The girl lowered herself so he nibbled on her neck while caressing her back and daring to touch her butt, their kissing began to intensified and so his hand wiped off the makeup that covered her bruise making him asked about it.


Jazz once more sat up never letting go of his manhood, she knew it was impossible to tell him about getting smacked around by some drunken jock which she was in bed with. Perhaps he could understand about her dancing at a bachelor party but going to bed with a guy she hardly knew was out of the question.


“Someone got violent with me at work,”- Jazz didn’t want to tell him they were in the middle of having sex. “I took care of him, though.” She allowed herself a smile while showing her arm muscle.


“I have never wanted you more,”- Tristan pulled her into a passionate kiss.


Her large breasts fell upon his chest while his index finger was rubbing her vagina for the first time. Jazz kissed back with all her strength, forcing her tongue inside his mouth. She wasn’t about to let him win their little game.


Tristan rolled her on the bed, her head hitting the pillow. Jazz spread her legs for him, already feeling herself getting wet. The man returned to her breasts kissing every inch of them and gently biting down on her nipples all while placing a single finger against her clit.


“Tristan… don’t stop…”- was all Jazz could utter.


She’d thought of this for so very long. Tristan placed a second finger inside her, heightening her pleasure. If he hadn’t told her as much, Jazz would never have imagined he was a virgin. Her chest rose up and down, her arm pushing down on the back of Tristan’s neck.


Tristan removed his head from her chest and left a string of kisses down her stomach. His fingers slowed, then exited her vagina. Jazz told herself not to be nervous; she’d done this many times before.


At the feeling of his tongue touching her clit, Jazz widened her legs as much as she could. She gasped, hands gripping the sheets. His exploration was slow and cautious, but each touch sent waves of pleasure flowing through her.


Tom had never done anything like this for her during their time dating, they hardly ever did anything more than the missionary position, it was the same for her other lovers who only thought about sticking their dicks inside of her.


Tristan quickened his pace, his tongue focusing on her clit while his fingers moved in and out. Jazz bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood as she felt Tristan’s middle finger forcing its way inside her anus making her nails to dig into his back.


“Tristan, Tristan, Tristan…” Jazz said as a mantra.


She needed him, need more. Jazz moved to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Tristan threw his free arm around her butt, pulling her closer to his face pressed as he forced his tongue deeper in as Jazz’s legs locked his head tightly.


It took everything she had not to suffocate him, her moans were growing louder though not as loud as her next-door neighbor who clearly was faking it. The sheets became wet, as Jazz felt an orgasm building up.


“I’m close… don’t stop, don’t stop…”- Jazz stroked his hair, her heart fluttering.


Tristan moved his fingers in and out her anus as fast as he dared, while massaging her vaginal folds with his tongue as best as God let him understand. Jazz opens her legs while holding tightly almost painfully unto Tristan’s brown hair.


And relief came in the form of an orgasm which spilled out of her. Jazz was forced to cover her mouth to prevent the other occupants from hearing her even if they didn’t have the same courtesy. There was a time after breaking up with Tom in which she used a vibrator but nothing compares to the real thing.


“Wow… That’s what it’s like.”- Jazz exclaimed in between giggles.


“Hope it wasn’t entirely unforgettable,”- Tristan played it off as a joke but still feared his inexperience would be a deal-breaker.


It was the first time he ever tasted a woman; it was a strange salty flavor that quickly grew into him but loved hearing Velvet moans more than anything else. He did wonder why so many of his college peers didn’t like doing it while always demanding a blowjob.


Tristan felt it should be a common courtesy in bed if their women gave heartfelt blowjobs than naturally, should do the same in return. Never before had he thought that seeing a meat hole would be such a wonderful sight.


“You’re the first one to do that to me,”- Jazz realized what she was missing though also blushed deeply upon the insinuation of having other men.


Jazz stretched her arms and legs, allowing Tristan to see her body under the light. The man blushed as she demanded him to strip completely, though if he doubted or hesitated, Jazz intended to ripping his clothes off herself.


Tristan saw his lover playing with her phone which made him worried but his worries grew wider upon hearing music. With a deep breath, Tristan continued removing his shirt and pants while doing a little cringy dance as fumbling with his boxers causing Jazz to smirk.


“Know I can’t compare to your beauty, but…” – the man gave a nervous smile.


Tristan wasn’t the best looking of her clients, but far better looking than most of the creeps she served every weekend and above all more handsome than he considered himself. Jazz got on her knees and smiled, wrapping an arm around his waist.


The man opens his eyes wide as her tongue explored his erection, moving slowly at first. Tristan placed a hand on the back of her head and gave her a slight push. Jazz allowed herself a small smirk at the effect she had on him.


Tristan belonged to her, and she intended to make sure he knew it. Jazz took him as deeply as she could, it was surprising how many of her nerds wanted to start with a blow job though didn’t have the common courtesy to return the favor.


Her heart was racing, heat building between her legs. Tristan wrapped his hand around her hair and pulled, thrusting slowly down her throat. She met his eyes as best she could, tongue going down each side of him.


“Velvet… fuck…”- Tristan moaned.


Using his hands, he began pushing himself inside her throat, it was then that she moved her free toward her vagina, inserting two fingers inside to heighten her pleasure. Jazz took him in and out of her mouth, going a little deeper with each attempt.


Eventually, her fingers caressed his balls as pleasure entered both their bodies. She demanded more, but above all, she wanted Tristan inside her. Jazz sniggered at the delighted expression on his face as precum was starting to flow out.


Tristan pushed himself inside her throat as far as he dared, spilling himself inside her with a quiet moan. Jazz swallowed every drop of her lover. She wiped her lips and returned to her feet, placing his hand against her womanhood.


“See? This is what you’re doing to me.”- Jazz whispered in his ear.


The man saw her pussy dripping love juice on the floor, her face was red with the most sex starve expression he had ever seen. Not even the best porn actress in the business could imitate her current expression.


“Damn, you’re a little slut, aren’t you?”- Tristan smirked but inwardly cringed, praying he hadn’t said the wrong thing.


“You have no idea.”- Jazz didn’t see the point in denying it, stroking his cock until he became hard again. “But right now, I’m your little slut.”


Tristan tossed her onto the bed and pinned her wrists down, Jazz’s eyes widening at his sudden dominant side making her heart pounded as he separated her legs, his finger teasing her clit once again while she gave him licks to the mouth.


“Mom, always got angry whenever I ate the cheery first. Hope you don’t mind I take yours”- Jazz teased while giving a single lick on his lips.


Jazz’s face shows delight as he slid inside her slowly forcing out a soft lustful moan. The redhead wanted to claw his back but loved being pinned against the bed. It wasn’t something she could expect of her geeks which she picked up more often nowadays.


“Congratulations on popping your cherry.”- Jazz whispered to his ear.


Upon saying these words, she could feel him growing bigger inside of her, Tristan could feel the burning sensation around his manhood as he slowly made his way deeper until their hips touched each other.


As Tristan pulled back a powerful sense of pleasure tenfold than before ran up his cock making him thrusts inside her while increasing the speed, still unfamiliar with the warm and wet sensation, it was hard for him to explain.


Her body was soft like her nickname, the natural fragrance her body emitted combined wonderfully with her perfume, but it was her vagina which took the cake as it was tight but easy to enter, slimmer than wet.


“Tristan… don’t stop, handsome.”- Jazz nibbled on his bottom lip.


With her encouragement, he quickened the pace making Jazz’s abnormally large breasts bounced around, each thrust bringing her closer to an orgasm. Unable to touch him with her hands, Jazz settled for locking her lips on his.


Tristan kissed back with all his strength, tightening his grip on her wrists while pumping her. The redhead winced slightly but refused to let him stop. She moaned through the kiss, her hips moving up to greet him. Her mind screamed: “Mine, mine, mine…”


Jazz gasped at the feeling of him cumming inside her, her legs keeping him in place to prevent him from pulling away. The boiling hot cum drenched her womanly cave as she arched her back trying to contain her orgasm.


Tristan grinned his teeth with ecstasy as he felt Jazz’s pussy tighten around his phallus so hard, he even feared his dick might be chopped off by his redheaded lover. Never before had such a delightful feeling run through his entire body.


Not even his most “intense” handjob could compare to actual sex, the man couldn’t help but tease himself for not lasting longer though Jazz retorted by telling him no one last too long the first time, Tristan feel a huge weight lift off his back upon hearing he was the best she’d had.


“So that’s what it’s like…” Tristan laughed, panting slightly as he let her wrists go and sat down on the bed noticed Jazz rub her wrists. 


Jazz noticed he was about to apologize for holding her down but put her finger on his mouth before resting her head over his shoulder while her arm hanged over his chest. He’d lasted longer and gave her more pleasure than Tom ever did.


“So how does it feel, not being a virgin anymore?”- the redhead asked.


“Thought… hard to explain, but I thought it this huge rite of passage.” Tristan turned his head around and kissed her. “Isn’t the same as watching porn, I have to say.” He chuckled.


“Gee, thanks,”- Jazz teased.


Tristan held tightly to Jazz, for a moment, he feared Jazz would suddenly get up and leave him but her calm expression put his heart at ease. The buzzing neon sign echoes within the room as he led her warmth to engulf his body.


“So, I’ve been wondering, since we’ve slept together… what’s your real name?”- Tristan inquired.


The redhead tilted her head towards him wondering if it was alright to tell him her real name. All of her previous lovers only knew her by her stage name though not once had any of them asked for it in the first place.


“Jasmine; most people call me Jazz.”- Jazz told him with a large smile.


“It’s a nice name.” Tristan didn’t expect he’d be able to go another round for a while. “Have to say, when I saw you… didn’t think it would lead to this.”


It was nothing short of a dream which just comes true, never once in his wildest dreams could have, he imagined sharing a bed with such a monument of a woman. Jazz was the perfect woman, smart and charismatic with looks to rival.


“Neither did I, especially on my first day.”- Jazz replied as she snuggled on his chest.


Now Jasmine was as popular as Paulina, even more judging by how men howled at her like hungry dogs whenever she walked on the stage showing her astonishing curves, little by little Jazz had taken a liking to be gawked at.


Her original dislike for the stage and dancing naked for men had died out, replaced by a strange pride. Men wanted her but couldn’t touch unless she said so if any dared to step beyond their boundaries meant a long dirt nap. 


“I’m hoping… this won’t be the only time we see each other.”- Tristan ran a hand down her body.


“It won’t be.”- Jazz promised, laying his hand on her butt. “There’s still so much I can teach you, handsome.”


It was the first time she’d taken someone to a motel without expecting money in return for her pussy, but she didn’t regret a bit of it, on the contrary, enjoyed every single second of it and perhaps was looking forward to their next encounter far more than Tristan.


To be continued

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