The Exotic Velvet

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The exotic Velvet at the Candy Shop

Chapter three: More than clients


Men and women cheered and howled at the sight of beautiful women dancing naked over the stage. Jazz was by now quite used to walking around half-naked and dancing fully naked for horny customers who wanted no less than to take her to bed.


Even the almost obscene music didn’t faze her any more than it once did, some vices had unavoidable been picked up along the way such as enjoying a mug of beer now and again though Vlad made sure she didn’t take more than one.


The man watched over like a hawk from the office and worried greatly each time she walked into the booths with a random stranger, on more than one occasion send his most trusted bouncer to check on the redhead if she was delaying.


“Is that him?”- Jazz whispered ignoring those by the stage cheering for her naked body.


Among the crowd was the young man whom she shared the first and so far, only intelligent conversation. Her eyes fixed on the young man past the tables, though he didn’t carry a Diet Pepsi, nor did he have the same miserable expression as before, she’d recognize Tristan everywhere.


While displaying her body mere feet away from the spectators who kept on tossing money her way, Jazz’s eyes were transfixed on the lonely man. A few of the customers scowled at her attention obviously being elsewhere, but Jazz was too distracted to notice.


The redhead knew her routine by now and even added some personal moves which allowed her to focus on other matters from time to time. Jazz had grained some back strength which helped her imitate Paulina’s iconic moves.


The tan woman wanted to rip Jazz’s scalp off upon seeing her holding on the steel pole, her legs high up in the air spread wide while Jazz held herself in position before slowly spinning down the floor. Only Paulina had been able to pull such stunt off without embarrassing herself.   


“Thank you, thank you very much.”- Jazz squeezed her breasts together while sending kisses over to the crowd.


Men watched like her like starving dogs as she walked to the backstage after she gathered up the money. Jazz knew better than to run and so casually walked down the lane while winking at random guests.


Before crossing the purple curtains, Jazz took a quick glimpse searching for Tristan who was looking for a seat. She long to speak to him again. It had been nearly two months and he still wasn’t out of her head, though the same held true for Tom who hadn’t stopped calling her.


Vlad had put a ban on the boy and even told his security guards about slipping a few extra bills if they rough him up again, had the boy been stupid enough to come by. Some of the senior bouncers found it strange that Vlad would take so many precautions for one particular stripper.


“What should I say? What should I do?”- Jazz wasn’t used to being shy anymore, but Tristan somehow felt different.


Jazz rushed onto the main floor, attempting to keep the eagerness off her face. She wore a polite business smile as she walks casually towards Tristan, treating him as she would with any client. The redhead wasn’t sure how to feel about him, though Nikki’s warnings seemed less and less important.


Much to her embarrassment, Daniel wasn’t her only fall to temptation, only two weeks later she spotted a young man barely old enough to grow his first chin hairs sitting by the bar. Jazz took some pity on the boy who seems to have confused the Candy Shop with church given his shock and terrified expression.


Despite his geeky and frail appearance, he managed to ram Jazz like a bulldozer ironically in the same motel room as before. Jazz didn’t have the guts to charge him any sort of fee due to his lovestruck expression but made it clear she wasn’t looking for a relationship and he better carry hard cash if he wanted to repeat that night.


“Hey, handsome, how’s your night going?”- Paulina interjected before Jazz could act.


The redhead’s eyes glow in fury as she saw how the Latin dancer held Tristan’s hands and asked: “Would you like a dance?” She gave Tristan no time to respond, dragging him into the back room. As she departed, Paulina flashed Jazz an evil smirk.


“Damn her!”- Jazz mentally screamed at Paulina.


The redhead knew there wasn’t much she could do anything, not without sparking a major scene even Vlad couldn’t ignore. It was only then that she started to wonder why she was so upset by Paulina giving Tristan a lap dance though she couldn’t shake off a single question: How did Paulina figure it out, anyway?


“Hello there, sexy.”- Jazz’s eye twitched as she felt an arm around her waist which quickly made its way further down. A guy with glasses a decade older than her father grinned at her with yellow teeth and beer breath asking for a dance.


“Of course, babe.”- Jazz plastered her usual grin on, though deep down wanted to knock his lights out.


The stripper did her best to ignore the fact he clearly hadn’t bathed for at least a week and perhaps not even God knew when was the last time he brushed his teeth. Jazz normally didn’t worry about age or weight but wished some of her clients did something about their personal hygiene.


“Ever heard about a deodorant!!”- Jazz once more mentally screamed while keeping a stoic face.


She glanced over at Paulina and Tristan. What slim hope Jazz had it wasn’t him who disappeared in a moment. His eyes were all over her, but his hands were behind his back. He opened his mouth, attempt to converse, although Paulina made no attempt to respond as she closed the booth’s curtains sending a crocked smile to Jazz.


The gross man pulled her into what little lap his large belly left the moment they arrived making her growl. Jazz did what she was paid for and ground into his lap, brushing her breasts across his face. He stuck his tongue out nearly licking her nipples, though his fat belly gave limited space.


Jazz did her best to contain her disgust and hide her retching sensations as his foul smell penetrated her nostrils, constantly telling herself to push through. Soon enough, Jazz felt his hands once more over her ass.


“No touching”- Jazz whispered in a teasing manner.


Though her request fell to deaf ears as the gross old man kept on fondling her ass which prompted her to jump off him and continue her dance a few feet away from him. The redhead wanted nothing more than for the song to come to an end already.


She could feel his eyes over her breasts which for the first time since she started to work at the strip club felt embarrassed about, her abnormally large breasts and bubble butt quickly made her into one of the most popular girls and her erotic dancing sealed the deal.


Her celestial blue eyes widen in frustration as she saw him order for a second dance, Jazz wanted to rush out of the booth and into the street for some fresh air, there was no rule saying the clients couldn’t ask for more than one dance.


Jazz pressed the replay button and continued dancing, swaying her wide hips to the side and soon bend over, though she couldn’t see him she did nonetheless feel his eye over her vagina which made her want to throw up.


Her face turned pale upon feeling his tongue licking her slit. In an instant, Jazz straightens herself but before she could walk away, the man pulled her over his lap quickly putting his greasy fingers on her crotch.


“Come on, give daddy some sugar.”- the fat man said though lacked the power to hold Jazz down.


“Rolando!!”- Jazz screamed as she pushed a silent alarm button on the wall.


“I-I… I can pay you.”- the man said showing several hundred-dollar bills.


 Jazz bares her teeth as she slaps the money off his hand while saying she wasn’t a whore. There wasn’t enough money in the world to make her sleep with a human-pig, just being near him made her feel nauseous.


“I love you!”- the man suddenly blurted out as he drops to the floor holding to her feet and even licking her toes much to Jazz’s horror.


A mere second later, a large bulking man opened the curtains and without a moments doubt kicks him in his large belly forcing him away, a bouncer though much smaller in sized joins in and both lift the man up.




Jazz sat down on the couch as she let out a long and deep sigh, it was a more or less common occurrence though it rarely ever came to such a degree. Some clients were overly touchy and needed to be escorted out.


Though it wasn’t as bad as when Tom dragged her off stage which prompted for Vlad’s presence and stops the music, the girl’s eyes soon saw the bills the man left behind and with a quick scan around took them before anyone noticed.


“Finders keepers”- Jazz whispered as she made her way out.


Hardly anyone took notice of what happened which in its own way was a huge relief. The last thing Jazz wanted was to be tagged a troublemaker, she made a mental note to be firmer with the “no touching” rule as she walks over to the bar.


“Hit me up with a double tequila.”- Jazz said as she needed a strong drink to wash away the horrid feeling of his tongue on her private.


“See you met with old mister Magoo.”- said the bartender.


The redhead looks over to the man and his female identical twin both sporting in a way the same uniform which consisted of black dress pants but no shirt for either of them which shows the man’s well build body, though couldn’t compare to any of the bouncers who seem to resemble more of a bodybuilder than guards.


Though the woman covered her nipples with hearth shape pasties, Jazz could never in her entire life stand next to her younger brother wearing such clothing, it was still embarrassing for her to wear a bikini at the beach with him around.  


“Who’s Magoo?”- Jazz said as she leans on the bar.


“Some pervert who’s always falling in love with some random dancer.”- the bartender said as he pours her drink.


“Just before you started working here, he brought Paulina flowers, expensive chocolates, and saying something about an unforgettable night. Guess her dances are really that good.”- the woman said before walking off the serves some customers.


Jazz couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she imagines only Paulina would sink so low as to sell herself to such a disgusting man, with a single gulp the redhead pours down the drink feeling the burning sensation running down her throat.


“Back to work”- Jazz said as she winks at the bartender.


As Jazz turns around, she spots Paulina rushing out of the booth with a frown on her face. Tristan followed behind though stop just a few feet away from the booth, it was then that Jazz walks towards him ignoring some men who asked for her.


“Why were you dancing with her, eh Tristan?”-Jazz accused, wanting to kiss and slap Tristan at the same time.


The man turns over to the redhead beauty who looked at him like a jealous girlfriend. Tristan was under the impression that strippers forgot about their clients the moment they left. It made him wonder if strippers got too attached to their clients. 


“Kind of hard to say no,” Tristan admitted. Jazz looked down at his pants, seeing no sign of arousal. “I mean, I tried talking to her, but she didn’t seem to be paying attention. Just went through the motions. Didn’t stay more than one song. You’re a much better dancer.” His blue eyes lit up.


“You mean that?”- Jazz felt her heart lighten.


The redhead suddenly realizes she was acting up in front of a client and worst yet in front of the rest of club-goers. Jazz wanted to slap herself for acting like a jealous girlfriend, the man probably didn’t even remember her.


“Just don’t tell her that, okay?” Tristan held her hand. “Wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.”


Jazz held back a scoff as she sincerely doubted Paulina had any feelings, especially if she slept with a pig disguised as a human. At the same time, she found it sweet that Tristan cared for someone so shallow and materialistic.


“So… would you like a dance?”- Jazz offered as she told herself to stay under control if he said no.


“Why would I say no to you?”- Tristan smiled.


Jazz quickly noticed even under the dim lights that unlike last time, Tristan dressed in a polo shirt, black pants but more notable wore a confident grin. The man held her hand and walked toward the private booths.


The redhead kept a confident smile on her face trying to hide how nervous she was. He’s just a client, nothing more Jazz reminded herself as she climbed on top of him and ground into his lap. Tristan met her eyes and placed his hands on her waist, something he hadn’t done for Paulina.


“It’s good to see you.”- Jazz admitted while bringing her face closer to his.


“Didn’t know I left that kind of impression.”- Tristan still hesitated to stare at her chest, though his eyes frequently drooped.


The redhead gently wraps her arms around his neck letting her warm body and mind-numbing fragrance engulf his entire being. It was only then that he returned her gentle hug, and rubbing her back. Her soft body was true to her nickname Velvet.


“You’ve been my best client.” Jazz told the absolute truth. “Wish everyone was like you and You can look all you want, remember?”- She guided his eyes toward her chest.


“I haven’t forgotten.”- Tristan whispered in her ear.


He moved his fingers along her body gently sending shivers through her. Jazz suppressed a moan, telling herself to stay focus. The redhead felt him getting harder underneath her, which only encouraged Jazz to continue.


“Your beauty never ceases to amaze me, Velvet.”- Tristan added as he drew his lips towards her nape.


It took all his will power to stop himself from kissing her neck. Jazz turns around and begins to rub her large ass onto the man’s erection while pressing her back on his chest as she caressed her breasts.


“I like you, a lot.”- Jazz turned around and guided his hands up her body.


It was then that she realized she’d forgotten to close the curtains. It was then that she spotted a couple of other dancers across the main floor, including Nikki, who tolerated a man pushing his body against her, though by her angered face was understood that she didn’t like it.


“Glad to hear it,”- Tristan replied, eyes full of lust.


Jazz could see what kind of effort it took Tristan to restrain himself. A large part of her wanted him to cast aside his restraint and take her there and then, audience be damned. He moved his fingers near her breasts, while Jazz brushed them across his face.


“If you want, you can touch them,”- Jazz teased.


It was unsure whether he’d take her up on the offer. She rarely allowed clients to touch her breasts and most definitely loathed having anymore touched her butt, let alone without any extra money but Tristan was different.


“You sure?” Tristan said as he bit his lip.


In lieu of a verbal response, Jazz turned around once more and took both of his hands only to placed them on her chest. She could feel his erection growing underneath her as his grip over her tits became stronger. The warmth of his hands mixed with the heat of her breasts as he began to massage them.


“Absolutely.”- Jazz wrapped her legs around him and placed her hands on his shoulder.


Her breathing quickened as his fingers explored her D-cups while she continues to sway her hips pretending to have sex. Tristan’s fingers were rough at first, but his touch softened. Jazz ran a finger down his chest with a smile.


“Never done this before, least not here,”- Tristan confessed. “Must mean you’re special.”- He pulled her to him, trembling.


“Aren’t you a sweet one?” Jazz suddenly stopped dancing.


Lost in ministrations. She felt herself getting wet in his arms, his erection poking her. Jazz glanced to her left and right, wondering if she could get away with what she wanted to do. All there was between her pussy and his cock was her thong and his pants.


“Well, I want this to be more for you than ‘lie back and think of England,”- Tristan’s fingers teased her nipples as he moved his face over her tits tempted to tease them with his tongue.


“You can do whatever you like to me.”. Jazz said while moving her body to cover him.


Jazz placed her hand on his erection, rubbing him through his pants. She could feel him ready to explode even through his clothing. Tristan grunted and spread his legs. His tongue moved across her breasts, sucking on the nipple.


Tristan pulled away with a moment, however, leaving Jazz disappointed. “Sorry, got a little…”


“Don’t you dare stop” Jazz said as she pressed her breasts against his face.


She discreetly unbuttoned his pants; confident no one would notice. Tristan sucked on each breast, using his free hand to explore her skin. He moved the other hand up her thigh, though did not dare to touch her vagina.


“So now you’re giving me orders?”- Tristan teased.


Neither noticed the song had ended nor did they care. The loud music outside was more than enough background noise they could need; Jazz unzipped his pants wanting to see what he was carrying underneath.


“You seem to be a lot more confident now.”- Jazz added.


“Let me show you what I’ve learned.” The man said as each touch from Tristan drowned out all the undesirable ones, she’d received that night.


“And in case you’re wondering, yes, they’re real.”- She whispered.


Jazz needed this, needed more from him. The man kissed, licked, and touched every inch of her breasts making her moan in delight once she felt a soft and gently bite on her nipples, the redhead bite down on her lips upon feeling his hands over her ass and his eyes still glued to her breasts.  


“I knew…”- Tristan’s mouth opened when Jazz touched his bare manhood.


Tristan’s back suddenly straightens out upon feeling her soft and slender fingers over his cock as she wrapped it with her hand. Jazz looked down at it with a small smile. It wasn’t the biggest she’d seen though after Tom there were only a total of three men whom she slept with, but a proper size by her account.


Jazz loved that he was transfixed at her presence, desperate for her touch. There had been countless men who would want her hands over them just like she was doing for Tristan, though she couldn’t understand why she enjoyed his gaze over her nor why she was touching him when.


Countless time she had shoved and even cursed away from the filthy hands of men who often offered large sums of money for much less. A kiss in the mouth was the most common request but a few openly asked for sex which she laughed at.


“Screw you, Paulina.”- Jazz cursed within her mind.


Tempted as she was to take the phallus into her mouth, Jazz knew it wasn’t something she could hide. With the curtains open everyone could see if she got on her knees, worst yet was that main floor was just beyond a few tables.


Most girls who gave out “extras” made sure to take their clients the side booths where they could perform without prying eyes. The girl with bright red hair gaze upon Tristan's eyes as she slowly moves her hand up and down.  




Jazz felt the warm semen on her hands as Tristan cleaned himself with a tissue he took from the table, Jazz didn’t understand the burning desire to take him to bed. It was similar to what she experienced with Daniel.


“Maybe I got a fetish for geeks.”- Jazz thought as she cleaned her hands. Tristan zipped himself back up while she covered for him. “Would you like to continue?” She asked out loud. His eyes were all the confirmation she needed.


Jazz lost track of how long she danced for him, feeling herself become wetter with each touch. Tristan treated her as a lover, not a sex object which was something unusual for her. He held her as close as she could, engaging in conversation between his touches. Tristan placed money some more money onto the side, but Jazz paid little attention to it. Her heart pounded in her chest, her body demanding more of him.


The man’s fingers slide up her legs feeling their softness, though stopped a few inches short of her butt. Jazz bit her lip, tempted to beg him to touch her more. While more confident than before, Tristan was still his shy self.


“Well, you’re my new favorite dancer.” Tristan confessed to her. “I enjoy talking with Nikki, of course. . . but she isn’t you.”


“That’s sweet,” Jazz arched her back while he caressed her breasts.


Despite his inexperience, Tristan seemed to know just how to touch her. Jazz suddenly felt him get hard a second time bringing a smile to her face and wondering if she should take him outside the club and head straight for the motel as it was surprisingly easy with the other two, but she hesitated with him.


Tristan placed his head against her breasts while she stroked his hair. Jazz brushed her fingers against his back, attempting to muster the courage to ask the question, it would be the first time she’d asked for sex. The idea of handing her personal phone number crossed her mind, but Jazz realized she didn’t know her own number. Years using the autodial made her forget it.


“Hey Velvet, think you take over for Candy on stage?”- a blonde stripper going by the nickname Vanilla asked. She raised an eyebrow over the position she found Tristan and Jazz in but said nothing as it wasn’t so uncommon.


“Sure, what happened?”- Jazz asked in return faking a casual smile.


“She sprained her ankle.”- Vanilla replied as she left the redhead.


“Sounds like you need to get moving. And I’m afraid you’ve cleaned me out.”- Tristan smiled.


“Thanks, handsome.” Jazz stuck it inside her boot. She’d forgotten all about money until Tristan brought it up. “I look forward to seeing you.”


“You’ll have my undivided attention.” Tristan kissed her lips.


“Next time, let’s go to one of the side booths.” Jazz suggested. “We’ll have more privacy there.”- And she could do everything she wanted to the man.


It was then that a wicked idea came to her mind as she held her pink thong in her hands, with a deep gulp she slides her underwear which made Tristan raise an eyebrow as he realized that Jazz never showed him her pussy. 


“And... don’t be so long between visits, okay?”- Jazz winked while handing him her thong and added his crotch a final squeeze.


Jazz didn’t particularly like going on stage but often left her with more money than she made in the private booths, therefore, couldn’t let go of the chance of making some extra cash. Ever since her show which Tom ruined, Jazz became very popular which translated to several bills at her feet.


The man couldn’t believe his new favorite stripper gave a handjob and more important than that, she gave him her thong as a souvenir which he held close to his chest. Only after a few minutes after leaving the booth, the DJ called her out the stage.




Jazz rushed out into the stage sporting her best smile while dragging a glass-like chair behind her as the spotlight made sure the glitter in her body shone brightly, her hips sway side to side in an exaggerated manner as she tossed her bra unto the floor.


“Time to make some real cash”- Jazz whispered feeling unusually aroused.


She had grown used to seeing large crowds and no longer mind the howling. Jazz strolled around the chair making sure her breasts bounce as she pulled the string from her fresh new thong until it was loose though her buttocks held the cloth tightly in place.


In a single move, Jazz sat on the chair spreading her legs wide open allowing her string thong to fall off showing her treasure, the redhead flips around presentation her large butt to the crowd as she started twerking on the chair.


“Holy shit! She’s fucking horny!”- a man from the crowd suddenly exclaimed.


Jazz instantly realized that he was right, she was wet. Never before had it happened during her stage performances, though it would be lying to say she didn’t get aroused every now and again while dancing in private for a good-looking man.


The woman didn’t stop her dancing as she was sure no one beyond his friends heard him, there was also no way for him to tell she was actually wet from his seat. Jazz walked as erotically as her legs allowed her to the edge of the stage.


With a wink, she got on all fours and continue shaking her ass to the crowd. She quickly noticed Rolando and a couple of more guards behind the drunk horny men getting ready to intervene in case someone got overly “friendly” with her.


It rarely ever came to such a degree but less than a week ago, a man climbed on the stage wanting to dance with her. Needless to say, Rolando “invited” him off stage by yanking his jacket and throwing him off to the floor.


Jazz noticed there was more violence involved whenever any man got too handsy with her unlike with the other strippers. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that either Rolando and some of the bouncers had a crush on her or Vlad was paying them extra to keep an eye out for her.


“Where’s Tristan?”- Jazz whispered as she looks over the main floor. “Maybe he already went home.”-


She wouldn’t worry about him being out of money, so long as he was there. Jazz closed her eyes and imagined she was performing for a single person. It had become a custom of hers to crawl around the stage showing her beautiful holes while picking up her tips. A large smile grew upon seeing a fifty-dollar tip on the floor though it was near impossible for her to know who tossed it.



Jazz crushed on the chair in front of her beauty desk, little by little she grew accustomed to being a stripper though it wasn’t something she was looking forward to. The faces of men and even women began to blur together whenever she was on stage.


She didn’t mind in the least as that made her job much easier, though it was very bothering for her to have become aroused by dancing on stage even if the man who claimed to have seen her wet pussy was a clearly a liar.


“Saw you on stage babe; you’re getting good at this”- Nikki exclaimed as she walks closer to her.


“It gets easier by the day.”- Jazz proclaimed proudly.


There was a huge sense of pride for making so many men drool over her body while tossing her their hard earn paychecks. Jazz had to admit that she once felt taken advantage of but now it was different, all she had to do was numb her mind to the lascivious stares and in return walk home with a few hundred dollars in her purse.


“Hey! The boss wants to talk to you”- Vanilla said as she turns over to the stairs leading to Vlad's office.


Upon entering the office Jazz instantly noticed Paulina was sitting over the couch playing on her phone with her legs wide apart, though more notably was her lack of any sort of underwear, which didn’t seem bothered Vlad who had his eyes over some documents.


“Can’t this bitch keep her legs close for five fucking minutes!”- Jazz once more screamed within her mind.


Her words felt somewhat hypocritical as she had slept with a couple of clients from the club, and though she wouldn’t admit might end up taking another if she couldn’t find Tristan. Yet she didn’t fancy any of the bouncers as some girls did.


Nikki constantly warned her about sleeping with the bouncers, as they could get jealous at some point like any normal boyfriend and things could get ugly. Jazz shivered at the idea of being in a close room with an angry Rolando.


“You call mister V?”- Nikki said as he walks over to the desk ignoring Paulina.


“Glad you’re all here. I got a gig for a bachelor party and I want to know if you want in.”- Vlad said though suddenly went quiet. 


He wasn’t expecting to see his “niece” Jazz standing next to Nikki. The man processed to explain it was a simple bachelor party which would earn them twice the pay since such a request wasn’t part of their contract.


Jazz wasn’t sure about wanting to participate but grew to the idea once Nikki added that a few bouncers would follow to make sure they were ok. Vanilla asked if they were to meet up there or if they would be driven there.


“Ronaldo’s gonna drive you there…”- Vlad responded giving a strange look to Jazz.


Stripping at the club was one thing but doing so in a stranger’s house filled with horny drunks was a completely different matter. Of course, Vanilla and Paulina instantly agree to go but Nikki was having second thoughts about going.


“I don’t’ mind going, Vlad. Sounds like easy money.”- Jazz said lifting her breast.


Vlad bit down on his tongue as he wanted to tell her to stay either at home or at the club, reluctantly agree to allow Jazz to go to the party. The man sounded like an overconcerned father as he told them about not drinking too much or doing drugs.


“Easy, V-man. I look out for her.”- Nikki said.


Back at the dressing room, Paulina told her underling Vanilla about making a killing at the party next week. Nikki, on the other hand, reminded both of them that “Double pay” meant only getting twice their nightly paid not their weekly income.


“Oh, please. There’s more than one way to make money at a party.”- Paulina said as she winks at Nikki.


Jazz knew what she meant by that, it was very easy for her to assumed that the former cheerleader was planning on fucking all night long rather than be dancing like they were supposed, it matters none to the redhead what Paulina did with her ass.


“Shit! It’s almost closing time, might as well pick up someone.”- Nikki said before rushing out to the main floor.


The redhead wondered why Nikki was so desperate for money, she didn’t seem to be studying at Amity Park university or any other institution but chose not to pry into her personal life, as she walks back to the main floor, Jazz unconsciously searched for Tristan.


There were lesser people than before, most were already drunk and a step short from an alcohol-induced coma. A sudden tapping on her should make Jazz turn around, for a moment she feared it was mister Magoo again.


“Hello there…Sidney, right”- Jazz said as she laid eyes over a young man.


“I was wondering if I could get a dance from you… you know… the other kind…”- Sidney Poindexter said looking down at the floor.


Little more than a week ago, Sidney came to celebrated his eighteen birthday as none of his so-called friends show up at his party, even his two elder sisters mocked him. Frustrated, he steps out of the house wanting to have his first-ever beer.


His sobbing story and meek demeanor caught Jazz’s attention and granted him a wonderful birthday present. Her mistake was to put a price tag to her both her holes after giving him his birthday gift. She had high hopes adding a price to her ass would keep the boy from stalking her or believing she was in love with him, but here he was.


“Sure, but I’m off in less than an hour. I hope you have some cash on you.”- Jazz said as Sidney smiled at her with a childlike face.




Jazz couldn’t believe she was back in the same motel room though with a different guy which made it even stranger, there was a hint of shame that it was her fourth time sleeping with a different man. Though she was repeating the same man.


Sidney Poindexter, a young boy barely eighteen with a soft face and bucktooth. Scrawny looking but decent enough, always wearing black shorts and a white shirt which often brought him trouble with random bullies.


The second man she shared a bed with after Daniel, was very similar in appearance to Sidney though slightly on the heavy side. Jazz was never impressed by the muscular overly macho men during her high school years and even now didn’t care much more about them.


She hardly ever turned her attention to any of the bulking jocks from the many sports teams around campus. Though left anything she was working on if a “nerd” came asking for her help which caught the attention of one or two of the A-list guys who noticed her beauty.


“Money first, kiddo.”- Jazz said as she extended her hand.


She felt like a hypocrite and a scammer for taking over two hundred dollars from the kid, but reminded herself she was about to have sex with a man whom she knows nothing about beyond his name, she wasn’t sure how much a whore normally charged but even she knew this was too much.


“At least I got the decency to do it outside the club.”- Jazz thought as she put the money in her purse.


It was then that she felt Sidney’s hand wrapped around her nearly naked self. The girl sigh as she felt the man kissing her back while fondling her breasts which made her wonder if it was alright for her not to take a bath beforehand.


Very slowly and discreetly she moves her face towards her armpit trying to find out if her body odor was unpleasant. Upon finding out it was passable; she turns around and begins to undress Sidney. She had already seen him naked before and knew what she was working with.


“Tristan’s bigger than this.”- Jazz mentally mocked as she saw Sidney’s smaller member which allowed herself a private giggle.


The redhead couldn’t help but question why was always thinking about him, even now when all her attention should be focused on Sidney. She couldn’t avoid comparing Tristan to this young man.


“Why do I even give a damn, he’s just a club-goer and I’m a stripper, that’s all. This is just business.”- Jazz proclaimed in her head as she crawls on the bed.


She was tired from her long and hard night at the club. Though she wanted to close her eyes and call it a night she allowed Sidney to do all the “work” from now on, the boy slides off her miniature excuse of a thong showing him her cunt.


His tongue quickly found its way around her vaginal lips, licking each and every fold before twirling her clitoris which made Jazz gasped out in delight. Either the boy had been practicing with local whore which she found rather hard to believe or he actually studied Cunnilingus online.


Jazz spread her legs as far as they could while she took hold of Sidney’s hair while biting down on her lower lips, she had long for such interaction with Tom but he didn’t do even after she “jokingly” asked him to.


“Wait… not there… that’s… my… anuaaa!”- Jazz couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence.


Sidney’s tongue found her anus which made her reach an orgasm, the redhead clasped her hands over the bedsheets as her legs quiver. Both shared a smile as she ordered him to put on a condom and penetrated her hard.


“Oooohhh”- Jazz moaned as she felt him going inside of her.


Jazz hardly felt his bodyweight as Sidney mounted her though could feel his whole length as it pierces deeper making her vaginal folds hungrily clasped onto the young man’s penis allowing her almost burning heat to run up the man.


His movements were slow and calculated as each time she reentered her; Sidney could swear to be near ejaculating. The man couldn’t stop himself from holding on to Jazz’s pride breasts which barely fit in his hand.


Each pinch on her nipples send shivers down Jazz’s body, the man began to haste his pace drawing out louder moans from her mouth as her breasts bounced up and down in full rhythm to Sidney’s hip movements.


The sound of their meats striking each other along with Jazz’s moaning, the bed creaking and Sidney’s heavy breathing out sounded even the loud buzzing from the neon sign outside which in two months hadn’t been fixed yet.


“I think I’m gonna cum!!”- Sidney proclaimed.


As he was reaching his limit, the man pushed himself forward forcing the redhead’s legs above her head allowing for deeper penetration, the redhead gasp out loud as she felt Sidney going deeper inside of her pussy.


Her mind blanks out as she felt his dry lips on her own. Their tongues danced with each other like two old lovers while Sidney continued to penetrate Jazz’s drenched cunt as she holds his head with her soft hands.


“I can’t hold it in anymore!”- Sidney yelled out.


Jazz’s pussy tightens up as she felt cum gushing out of Sidney as he moaned like no different from a girl, for a moment, she thought the condom wouldn’t hold all of the baby-making juice and ripped right through.


The redhead let her legs fall to her side as she lays in the afterglow of a great moment, her body was covered not only in her sweat but that of Sidney as well. She saw the boy fall on the bed next to her showing her a toothy smile.


“That was incredible. I never thought I could be with a woman like you”- Sidney said with complete sincerity.


Her last two lovers said the same thing, as well as perhaps a hundred people from the club. Jazz didn’t consider herself an attractive woman but every man at the club wanted to touch her and many offered her money for sex.


It became clear to her that she had a thing for nerds and geeks, they all looked at her as if she were a goddess, Sidney was proof of that by how much he wanted to cuddle with her, though other men just her saw like a piece of meat or a trophy they could brag about with their shallow friends.


“Can we meet up again?”- Sidney asked begging for a yes.


“Sure, you know my price.”- Jazz replied though once she realized her words wanted to slap herself. She didn’t want to turn it into a habit but admitted that sex with Sidney was fun.




The geek was the first to leave the motel room with an insanely huge smile plastered on his face, though Jazz stayed behind as she wanted to take a shower before going home, there was no way she couldn’t arrive wearing butt glitter or smelling like tobacco, sweat, and sex.


Jazz sighs as she lays eyes over the small bathroom and the even shower which seriously needed a deep cleaning, she couldn’t avoid comparing it to the showers the motel rented out which she was deeply grateful for. 


She could see the glitter running down the water drain along with most of her makeup, out of all the men at the club she chose the geeky nerd with bucktooth. The redhead didn’t fancy those muscle brain jocks or the overly dressed players searching for a hole to poke their dicks in.


“I can’t believe it, but maybe I got a thing for nerds…”- Jazz spoke out loud.


Her previous and so far only boyfriend was in a way a nerd, always wearing a brown wool vest and a white shirt underneath. His thick glasses and goofy like demeanor were most charming though his recent changed was most unwelcome.


The memories of that night were still fresh in her mind. Jazz recalls seeing Tom laying on a pile of garbage bags as she walked past him, in direction to her car at the parking arm in arm with Daniel whom she had yet to see again.


She was sure it was the worst humiliation a man could endure, to see his love interest walking by the arm with the man who pummeled him, the motel where she and Daniel fucked like rabbits were just a few blocks away and were more than sure, Tom must have followed her again.


“I can’t help but feel sorry for him, but he did cheat on me and then had the audacity to attack me at my workplace.”- Jazz said clenching her fist. “It’s technically your fault I slept with Daniel.”-


Jazz felt much more relaxed after her shower though having sex with Sidney did help clear her mind and release all the stress from working at a strip club. It did worry her greatly about unconsciously making it into a habit.


The redhead came to realized she enjoyed the lecherous gaze men threw her way and was even turned on by it, but it was the geeks and nerds that she looks forward to. They unlike most men who saw a piece of meat on stage saw a “goddess.”


“I’m not a whore and I’m entitled to have one or two guys every now and again. I mean men do it all time, why shouldn’t I have some fun too?”- Jazz said to herself as she put on her street clothes.


The cold evening breeze through her skin the moment she steps out of the room, as she came closer to the stairs, she saw none other than Paulina Sanchez AKA Bella coming out of a car which made Jazz duck as to avoid being seen.


Unlike Jazz who covered herself with a long trench coat until she reaches the motel to shower, Paulina casually walked out in her overly sexualized cheerleader uniform which crudely enough resemble that of Casper High.


A skirt so short half her buttocks were in full view, though Jazz was somewhat far away she could tell the former cheerleader wasn’t wearing any sort of underwear. The redhead did allow herself a private giggle as she saw Paulina was sporting a small gut under her top.


“Am I the only one working out?”- Jazz wondered as she felt her flat stomach.


Jazz shook her head in disapproval as she saw the tan woman walking into the room in the company of two men, one overweight and the other much slimmer but much less attractive. Once the trio was out of sight, Jazz hastily moves over to her care and rush out of the motel.


“Guess I gotta find another motel… wait. Why am I even considering doing this again?”- Jazz questioned herself as he enters the highway.


To be continued.

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