The Exotic Velvet

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The Exotic Velvet


Chapter four: A party Girl.


The morning sun was bright out in the cloudless sky as Jazz Fenton ran on a treadmill doing her morning exercise routine, the redhead loathed the idea of being trapped with an expensive membership at the gym so instead, just paid the use of the machines.


Jazz had underestimated the strain dancing around a pole brought upon her back and legs, she was still far from doing the same insane stunts her peers did every night. There was a moment in her life in which she never even considered going to the gym and now she was at one.


It was becoming especially hard to run on the treadmill as three boys and one girl, all half her age watched her breasts bounced around with their mouths ajar through the window leading to the street, though they were hardly the only ones viewing her workout routine.


Two men by her sides who also were running couldn’t avoid turning over to her. Jazz easily ignored them as she was quite used to being seen naked at the club, she no longer was overly concerned about walking around naked in the presence of men but had to remind herself to be vigilant.  


As the redhead got off the treadmill and pulled out her water bottle from the sports bag, a man in his early twenties approached her with a large smile and a two protein shakes in his hands which she quickly noticed.


The man possessed a pearly white smile and large muscles which he proudly displays through his black wife-beater, though hardly impressed Jazz in the least. She did notice the man wasn’t sweating or seem tired which told her he wasn’t working out.


“Hey there hot stuff, thought you might thirsty?”- the man said with confidence offering one of his shakes.


“Thanks, but I already got my own drink.”- Jazz replied as she walks past him drinking her water and cleaning her sweat with a towel.


The two men on the treadmills couldn’t avoid laughing at him as he was left with his two shakes in hand. Unable to take no for an answer and motived by the sneers of the men, he rushed over to her once again offering his drinks.


“I already said no, babe, don’t push it.”- the redhead added with a wink.


In previous months she would have been a shaking mess begging for her boyfriend to come and rescue her, but now she had found a new strong sense of confidence though she reluctantly gave Vlad’s club the proper gratitude for.


After a few repetitions on the chest press which made a lot of men ogle at her insanely large breasts, and brought about a few jealous looks from a few females who lacked her size. Jazz headed over to the yoga class to relax her muscles.


“I swear these jerks are drooling over my ass.”- Jazz thought as bend over following her instructor's moves.


She was now proud of her large breasts, bubble butt, and thick legs but it did draw much-unwanted attention from men wherever she went to. Even her phycology teacher once offered her an extra grade if she was extra “nice” to him.


Of course, Jazz didn’t accept and rather glare at him for the suggestion her professor made, it was never mentioned again by the man. The redhead may be stripping at a nightclub and seldom sold her ass to men she really liked but by no means was a whore.


“You’re doing very good miss.”- the instructor said as she saw Jazz flexing her back with fair ease until her head touches her knees.


The redhead was used to spreading her legs wide during her dance routines at the club, but unlike the club where she wanted the crowd's undivided attention, she dislikes the lustful gazes she got at the moment from men around the gym.


With a quick glance she noticed the same man who offered her a protein shake smiling at her while pretending to lift some dumbbells, Jazz knew better than to smile back as that would entice the man to approach her.


As she came closer to her bag, she noticed a text on her phone asking her if she wanted to fetch some breakfast with her friends. Seeing that it was at her favorite café, Jazz quickly accepted the offer and headed over the showers.


“This is so hard… gym… school… and work…”- Jazz whispered as she entered the shower.


Upon crossing the door, she spotted several girls walking around with a towel around their bodies and some already taking a bath, the redhead couldn’t stop herself from watching her surroundings noticing most were average girls trying to lose some weight though there was a fair share of women quite fit even muscular.


Feeling refreshed and completely energized, Jazz walked out of the gym heading towards her and having already traded her skin-tight black shorts and pink top which exposed her flat stomach that she was feeling rather proud off thought there were some jealous gazes from her female peers.




The redhead’s mouth watered up as she parks her car in front of the café where her friends were already sitting at a table in the patio just under the cover of a sun umbrella. The idea of ruining her workout routine with chocolate cake and mochaccinos was growing very fast.


“Hi girls”- Jazz with a huge smile said as she took a seat among her friends.


“Nice car, Jazz. Is it new?”- questioned a girl with long brown hair and thick glasses.


Seeing the amount of cash, she was making at the club made Jazz traded her old four-door pink sedan for a new navy-blue convertible Volkswagen which drew out the attention of her friends almost instantly upon her arrival at the café.


“Just bought it yesterday.”- Jazz said proudly.


Despite her new job, she still needed to sell her old car to rally up the whole amount though she did buy it off second hand as she still couldn’t afford a brand new one. Jazz fell in love with the convertible she saw on sale at Life Invader.


She still remembered seeing the car owner at his house, a small geek with thick glasses who thought a convertible would get him laid but of course his mother forces him to sell the cars as he had one too many near-death encounters.


Feeling sorry for the man and filling her fetish, Jazz got a discount out of him by proving a heartfelt blowjob to which she felt like a whore for doing so. It bothered her greatly to have gotten on her knees so quickly but the man gave the car for half the price.


The old Jazz would have not cringed but felt disgusted for what she did. She’d saved thousands of dollars for something that didn’t take more than ten minutes… and was sure to get him on tape with the offer, should he try to extort her later on.


As the girls chattered about school and their upcoming projects, a few tables away sat a trio of men though among them one, in particular, was mesmerized by Jazz, never before had he seen such a beauty.


The blonde-haired man stood up sporting his best smile and made his way towards the trio of girls who at the time were enjoying some cake, his blue eyes laid over Jazz’s friends noticing how poorly dressed they were.


There was a young long brown-haired girl with a dress which seemed pulled out from the fifties and a short hair blonde wearing what seemed to be supermarket-bought worn-out jeans and a white blouse though only the redhead sported brand tight blue jeans and a black sleeveless blouse though more notably was the golden necklace. 


“Man, I gotta tap that ass.”- the blonde man mentally said to himself. “Hello, I couldn’t help but gaze on your beauty, dear.”


The man greeted Jazz with a huge pearly white toothy smile using his best yet corny pickup line, which only sends a shiver up the redhead’s spine, he complimented her looks and fine taste in clothes while pulling a chair in front of her as if he were chanting poetry.


He was the classic commercial looking man, the square chin with a dimple kind and a salon haircut complemented with an artificial tan. Jazz couldn’t help but smile out of respect though she wanted to burst out laughing at his blue short, and white vest which covered his pink shirt. There was Ken written all over him just like the doll.


It didn’t take her much time to realized he was blandly ignoring her friends while trying to pick her up. Not even a simple “hi” was thrown their way which made her instantly take a dislike towards him. Her eyes went down as she felt his fingers brushing on her hand.


“Excuse me, but…”- Nicole the brown-haired girl with thick glasses said trying to make him go away.


But went quiet as the other two men without even being asked joined them at the table though it was clear from the start that one of them was just the gofer. A boy small in frame with a bowl haircut, freckles, and a very meek demeanor who only keep his head down as he carried the others drinks while sitting next to Jazz but not daring to look her way.


“Please ladies, I’m just trying to ask this wonderful lady to have dinner with me tonight.”- the man said very sure Jazz would agree.


“Thanks, handsome, but I’ve already got a boyfriend.”- Jazz smiled, nevertheless allowing him to glance down her chest.


The redhead was using the classic “I have a boyfriend” excuse every girl knows and some have very well-rehearsed, but he wasn’t used to being rejected and so carry on saying it was just a friendly outing and nothing more.


“Your boyfriend must be a very lucky man but he doesn’t have to know.”- the blond man added thinking Jazz was playing hard to get.


The redhead’s eyes moved over to her blonde friend Barbie who loathed her own name and was getting ready to jump over the table and beat some manners into the man, Jazz knew her friend was capable as she took boxing lessons at the same gym she goes too.


Though Jazz never fancied such a violent sport, she did know how to throw a decent enough punch. The redhead turns her attention away from the blonde man towards his friend, a well-built dark skin man yet both seem to have never worked a day in their lives.


“Come on sweetheart, I know the finest restaurant in town, you’ll love it. The view alone is spectacular.”- the blonde man said with great confidence. “I’ll just bang this bitch and dump her ass in the morning.”- he gave a private thought.


Jazz could read him like an open book and know exactly what he wanted from her, but she was biting down not with him at least. It did bring a smile to her lips as she imagined Tristan trying the same thing and failing miserably. There was a clumsy charm Tristan had.


“Sorry babe, but I’m way out of your league.”- Jazz said putting her finger on his lips.


Her celestial blue eyes locked on to his as she saw him turning red though she did wonder if it was due to embarrassment or anger. Though it was the geek who was even redder than his blonde-haired “friend” as Jazz was caressing his crotch under the table A sudden whooshing turned their heads over to Barbie who had a stiletto knife in full view making all three gulps down.


“We’re having breakfast… can you fuck off?”- Barbie demanded with a smile.


The men stood up walking away while cursing her under his breath though surprisingly Jazz blew a kiss towards the geek making the blonde man grin his teeth in anger, the boy did stop for a moment before being called by his “friends.”


“What?”- Jazz shrugged at her friends, who sat in shock at her changed demeanor.


She enjoyed having them look at her, even if she was uninterested. In prior months, Jazz would have been a shaking mess trying to make out a simple sentence if such a man approached her but now, she was confident and seemed to be fine around men.


“Where did that come from?” Nicole inquired making Jazz laugh.


“You noticed that creepy bowl head had a hard-on?”- Barbie making Nicole gasped out but Jazz simply pretended to be undignified though deep down felt flattered.




The redhead was getting used to her new everyday routine though it pained her deeply to always ditched her friends on a Friday night, rather than hanging out at one of her friend’s house to enjoy a movie while eating popcorn, she was dancing naked for drunk horny men.


As Jazz made her way into the main floor holding down a margarita a client bought for her and insisted on drinking before he passed out, saw none other than Tristan sitting by his lonesome on a chair quite far away from the stage.


“Look who’s here, babe.”- Nikki exclaimed as she made her towards Tristan while holding on to Jazz’s arm. “Want a dance, sugar.”- Nikki asked.


“Yes, please.”- the man replied after turning his gaze over towards Jazz though ever so briefly.


“What are you doing, Tristan?” Jazz questioned with a frown seeing him accept a lap dance from Nikki.


Instead of the anger, she’d expected, Jazz felt her heart sink crashing at the bottom of her stomach. Paulina was a whore, nothing more and probably much less than that, but Nikki was different, she’s a dear friend and mentor like figure but she knew Tristan got along well with her.


“Does he just see me as a stripper?”- Jazz questioned herself.


The redhead saw him and Nikki walked off to one of the booths around the corner where she knew most girls gave “special” dances, Jazz was sure Nikki wouldn’t try the same as Paulina did every single night without exception.


Nikki was unusually strict in that matter, never letting a client touch more than what was allowed and never once as far as Jazz knew took a client to the motel just a few blocks from the club, it did make her feel rather awkward to have slept with a few men from the club.


“Excuse me,”- A man in his early 30s smiled at her


 Jazz’s eyes barely went up to his chin, even with her heels which granted a few more inches in height. The redhead lifted her head looking at his dark brown eyes though quickly noticed his casual polo shirt and black pants.


She made a quick assessment of the man trying to figure out how much he was able to spend. It was quite a surprise for her to realize just how much of her phycological training and lessons were employed at the club.


“Of course, handsome.”- Jazz gripped his hand and led him to a private booth.


On her way there she saw his golden wristwatch but she knew this wasn’t the place to brag such articles and could assume it was fake, his polo shirt and dress pants though new were clearly from the supermarket.


She glanced over at Tristan, who had his hands all over Nikki, going up and down her body, the tan woman was one of the very few who didn’t close the curtains. Jazz couldn’t make out what Tristan was saying but both were engaged in conversation.


“How about here?”- Jazz chose the booth adjacent to them.


The moment they entered the booth, Jazz turned on the music and start playing the club’s unofficial song; Candy Shop from 69 cents. The redhead started to sway her hips to the sides as she played with her large breasts making the man instantly aroused.


“You’re a hell of a dancer.” He told her while touching her waist but avoiding anything intimate.


“Thanks, babe.”- Jazz tried to smile, but couldn’t take her mind away from Tristan and Nikki for more than a few seconds.


“How long have you been working here?” He questioned. Jazz drilled her body into him and placed her hands on his shoulder.


“Just a couple of months. I’m still new here.” Jazz felt him get hard under her, a now-familiar reaction.


The redhead knew the man only wanted to touch her and not only talk. His hands run down her legs while the redhead sways her voluptuous body around the booth as she climbs over him, she could feel his eyes all over her body.


Her crotch rubbed against his manhood which only became harder as she pulled her string thong, his eyes show not only lust but amazement at the simple piece of cloth covered in glitter and perfume which Jazz loathed washing.


“You’re incredible”- the man half-whispered.


“I know babe.”- Jazz teased.


It was then that she felt his hands grabbing her plum and soft butt, by now she had gotten used to being touch though it didn’t mean she likes it. The man wasn’t bad looking but didn’t meet with her fancy at all.


Jazz felt ashamed to admit she overly enjoyed the kind of men others from her school would refer to as geeks and nerds. Those goofy eyes who didn’t see a woman but an angel or perhaps even a merciful goddess.


The redhead stood up on the couch letting him get a full view of her vagina, his mouth drools like a dog who gazes upon roasted ham. His tongue desperately wanted to take a lick from her honeypot who very few have enjoyed in the past.


“Would you like another dance?”- Jazz inquired.


“I… let…me…”- the man was dried out of cash regretting having drunk most of his money which wasn’t much, to begin with.


“Sorry, babe. No freebies.”- Jazz winked as she got the couch. All things considered; he wasn’t too bad. He made an effort to clean himself up and didn’t take too many liberties.




The redhead stepped out of the booth while blowing him a kiss on her way out but also taking noticed of the large bulge on his pants. Jazz complimented herself for a job well done, there was a wicked satisfaction on making men desire her so much.


She never once was popular at high school and very few men took noticed of her at college until recently, the tight jeans and open cleavage blouse had a powerful effect on the men around her, even her younger brother had complimented her good looks.


It was by the bar where she found Tristan nursing a diet Pepsi, Jazz casually ignored a man trying to call her from his comfortable seat by the stage though before he could complain a second stripper was already on his case.


“How you been?”- Jazz’s asked though her voice lacked its previous friendliness.


“I’m doing good.” Tristan put an arm around her waist, only for her to move away. “What’s wrong, Velvet?”


“…um… Nothing,”- Jazz lied.


“Would you be willing to give me a dance?” Tristan grinned. Jazz cursed herself for still loving his smile.


“Thought Nikki had your full attention.”- Jazz crossed her arms.


If he wanted to fool around with others, she couldn’t stop him. After giving him a handjob, though, she’d expected him to stay with her. It was then that she recalled the men she had recently shared a bed with making her feel rather upset with herself.


“It was good to see her again, but you’re still my favorite dancer.” Tristan held her hands.


As she looked down on his innocent eyes which were desperately trying to undress her, Jazz recalled what she did with Sidney just a few nights ago. The boy was coming to see her more and more often, getting a dance on some occasions and on others to go to the motel.


“Really?”- Jazz raised a skeptical eyebrow.


“I mean, Nikki’s great. She’s kind, beautiful, friendly. . . but she isn’t you.” Tristan knew he shouldn’t be thinking about Velvet so often. He was a client, nothing more, and feared to frighten the young women. But there was just something about her. “Wait, are you jealous?”


“Good clients like you are hard to find. Gotta make sure I stay your favorite.” Jazz said with a wink but wasn’t sure how he’d react to anything more.


The redhead forced her jealousy back. It wasn’t as if she didn’t let others touch her, and occasionally more than that. She felt like a hypocrite for being jealous that Tristan was paying another woman for dance while she got paid for the same with innumerable men. 


A very few of them were lucky enough to afford something more intimate in booths, only on one occasion had Jazz let a girl take a few licks of her pussy which she found most bizarre as isn’t into girls but felt sorry for the nerdy looking girl who begged her and even paid the same amount Sidney did for a mere lick.


“Still up to giving me a dance… or are you unhappy with me?”- Tristan didn’t see why.


It was hard to fathom such a beautiful woman actually liking him. There were men scattered around the club who seemed to live in the gyms and were constantly on diets, he told himself to keep it impersonal, business only while touching his small gut but found it increasingly difficult to do.


“Sure…”- Jazz answered as she took him to one of the side booths.


Her heart was beating louder as they headed to the only place where they could have some “real” privacy. Part of her wanted to refuse, but upon feeling him against her made all hesitation melt away. Not even a second after entering the booth Tristan pulled her into his arms and teased her breasts with his fingers. Jazz’s eyes widened at his newfound boldness.


“My, you’re assuming a lot.”- Jazz teased, wrapping her legs around him.


“Didn’t think you’d say no…” Tristan whispered though Jazz saw the nervousness underneath. She wondered what he’d say if he knew this was where dancers took clients for extra services. “Hope things haven’t been too difficult.”


“No, they’re pretty good.” Jazz told the truth, guiding his fingers.


All her previous hostility melted away as she leaned against his body, hardly moving like she would have done to any other client, she was delighted to feel his response underneath her. She brushed his hair aside and kissed his cheek.


Once more was the thong in her way, she couldn’t help but take a lick on her own lips as she rubbed herself on his erection hidden under his pants. Jazz wondered if Tristan would be willing to take this dance to the motel down the block.


“How about you?”- Jazz inquired.


“Stressful; dad’s been on a rampage,” Tristan explained.


Jazz listened to each word he spoke about his retired father, a former police officer with an exceptional career which could have ended with him being a captain had it not being for a few missteps with Amity Park’s Mayor. 


It did remind her about her brother Daniel “Danny” Fenton who joined the police a few years ago and was quickly made a name for himself despite his age and short service time, there were already talks about making him into a detective.


“You’re quite the naughty young man, a police officer’s son visiting a strip club.”- Jazz felt his tense muscles around his neck and back. “Just relax and let me take care of you.” She placed her hands on the back of his neck and squeezed, grinding against his lap.


“And that’s why you’re my favorite dancer.”- Tristan set his head on her chest. “Your body is a nice bonus, though.” He left a brief kiss on her nipple.


Jazz worked on his muscles, feeling them loosen up. Tristan no longer hesitated to explore her body, rubbing her back up and down with his free hand on her breasts. He traced his index finger between her D-cups, causing her to restrict her breathing.


“No need to be jealous. I do think of you outside the club.” Tristan teased her nipples with his tongue. “Though perhaps I shouldn’t share the details.”


“I promise, I’ve heard it all.”- Jazz guided his hands towards her breasts, feeling herself getting wet at his touch. “Maybe I can give you something new to think about.”


She could feel his fingers fooling around with her nipples which brought out a soft moan as she pulls her thong away with mastery only practice can grant, her bare crotch touched his still covered erection staining his pants with her cunt juice.


Jazz lost track of how much time she spent with him, enjoying his touch. Tristan hugged her as much as he could, something she found very sweet. Other clients were friendly, but he was the only one who enjoyed physical affection just for the sake of it.


The redhead looked over at the money on the side and ignored it altogether as she held no intention of taking it. She turned around making sure the curtains were closed but found them to be open, Vlad would have to be a fool to have not noticed his girls were doing this each time they closed them.


“You’re an amazing woman, Velvet,” Tristan smirked. “Not too often I meet someone smarter than me.”


“Aw, that’s sweet.” Jazz placed her hand on his erection. “And here, we don’t have any prying eyes.”


“Means I have you all to myself.”- Tristan left a string of kisses down her neck.


Confident no bouncers would get in the way, Jazz stood up to close the curtains, Tristan had never seen another woman like her in his life, not even in movies let it be “normal” or porn, there was hardly anyone in the club that could compare to her.


With the curtains closed, she dropped to her knees and began unzipping his pants. Placing a finger on her lips upon seeing a compliant coming up, she pulled out his throbbing member into the light something he would have never done on his own accord.


Aroused by the sight of a pulsing cock and without hesitation, Jazz teased the tip of his dick with her tongue, causing Tristan to spread his legs letting out a long and surprised gasp. The man desperately wanted to shove his member deep down her throat and it took all his will power to stay his hand.


She intended to just tease, but Tristan couldn’t hold his hand in placed and pressed on the back of her head only thrust himself inside her. Jazz locked eyes with him as best she could while licking and sucking every inch of him. He tasted. . . better than she’d expected.


Tristan’s cock found itself in heaven, unable to speak as she continued exploring him, hand pulling her hair. Jazz worried about getting caught, but the possibility only turned her on even more. She gagged when attempting to take him all in, forcing her to stop halfway through.


Jazz pulled the cock out of her mouth and licked each side, cupping his balls and massaging them with her slender fingers. Tristan teased her breasts with a chuckle, unable to believe this was happening. The redhead watched him tremble, seeing how badly he wanted to force himself down her throat again.


Her pussy demanded to be touched, needed him inside her. Going against her better judgment, Jazz placed two fingers inside her, letting out a muffled moan. Tristan held back his moans, looking at the curtain while making sure no one heard them.


“Velvet, I’m…” Tristan attempted to pull away but Jazz refused to let him.


She took him as deep as she could manage, wanting to feel him as long as she could. Jazz’s fingers quickened inside her vagina, sweat dripping down her body, terrified of being caught but trap at the moment. Relief came, with Jazz tasting multiple spurts of cum going down her throat. She coughed, momentarily choking, but she swallowed every drop.


“Wanted to do that for a long time.”- Jazz loved staring at the astonished look on his face.


It wasn’t the first time she’d given a blowjob, but it was the first time she enjoyed it. Jazz understood her technique was lacking and perhaps Tristan would be willing to practice with her somewhere more private.


“So that’s what it feels like,” Tristan chuckled. He put his pants pack on and pulled Jazz into his lap.


“Just so you know, a woman’s mouth feels almost like her pussy…”- Jazz bit her tongue as she was about to ask him to meet with her at the motel. “Would have expected you to have lots of experience there.” Jazz felt him up,


The redhead stripper considered keeping him around until he got hard again, so they could go again but she recalled not being at a motel room but at Vlad’s club. She knew other clients were waiting for her, but time with Tristan passed quickly, too quickly for her liking.


“Nope, you’re the first,” Tristan confessed. “Pretty well out of money now, so…”


“It’s okay.” Jazz didn’t intend to charge him at all for her time, save for the cut the club took. She grabbed a twenty and gave the rest back to him. “Besides, I want to see you again.” And perform for him again.


“You sure?”- Tristan wondered.


“Of course. If you like, just consider it drowning out all the unpleasant touches I have to endure.” Jazz kissed his lips, their tongues fighting for dominance.


Tristan’s fingers quiver down her long and thick legs, stopping an inch away from her pussy. She waited to see if he would touch her, but he refrained and pulled his hands away. Jazz held back her disappointment though he would have noticed had he pulled his head up.


“Nice to be of service,”- Tristan gave her a tight hug.


It was then that Jazz looked up his sleeve as it rolled up his arms and spotted tattoo. Curious, she discreetly rolled it up and witnessed a heart-shaped tattoo with two rose on the sides with the name “Alice” in the middle.


“Never imagined a straight-arrow like you would have a tattoo.” Jazz told herself to keep her jealousy in check.


She couldn’t help but feel uttered and incriminated jealousy towards this Alice who held a spot in his arm but more importantly, why did she mean so much to him? As she was about to ask him who “Alice” a voice came out.


“Yo, Velvet. You’ve been in there too long, get your ass on stage.”- A voice Jazz recognized as Vanilla said from beyond the curtains.


“Sorry, babe. See you ya real soon.”- Said the redhead as she steps out. Jazz blew him a kiss before leaving. Paulina flashed her a smirk, as she was quite familiar with what happened in the side booths.


Maybe I don’t mean as much as I thought, Tristan didn’t seem like the type to get a tattoo of his own accord, so this “Alice” was likely his girlfriend, maybe even wife. Jazz fought back her anger, remembering she was only a dancer, and Tristan likely saw her as such.


She climbed onto the stage in her familiar routine, counting eight guys and a lone woman staring at her. Jazz walked across the stage, throwing her top off and climbing the pole. While she didn’t possess the skill other dancers did, those watching cheered her nonetheless. Jazz locked her legs and lowered herself, squeezing her breasts together.


Despite swearing not to, Jazz looked over at Tristan, who had yet to join the stage. Part of her wanted to scream at him for playing with her heart. The other wanted to drag him to the nearest hotel and make him forget all about “Alice.” “I shouldn’t care, anyway.” Jazz thought. What he did outside the club was his business.


She smiled and made eye contact with each of the men leering at her as they threw dollar bills onto the stage, at least half of them hard. Jazz unconsciously rubbed her lip, remembering how Tristan felt inside her.


“Thanks a lot, handsome.” She grinned at a man who gave a ten-dollar tip. Needing a break, Jazz put her outfit back on, grabbed the money, and retreated backstage.


The job made a lot of money, but it was still exhausting. Jazz panted in front of a mirror and wiped the sweat off her body. She saw little point in dressing up again, considering she didn’t wear her clothes for more than a few minutes at a time.


Nikki waited on the other side of the room with her arms crossed. She approached Jazz and said: “You’re not as discreet as you think you are.” Nikki’s eyes bore into her.


“What are you talking about?” Jazz told herself to keep cool.


“You… Tristan… I saw the two of you.” Nikki ran a hand through her hair. “Look, I’m not going to turn you in, but think hard about whether this is a good idea. Selling yourself may be a good idea for you, and the extra money looks good, but it comes with a lot of dangers.”


Jazz revealed two hundred and fifty dollars, all she had earned that night. Less than normal, but she’d enjoyed her time with Tristan too much to stop. “This is all I managed to get tonight. And I didn’t do it with him for money!” Jazz hadn’t charged him at all, save for the cut the club took.


Nikki’s face went white. “That’s even worse. You like him, don’t you?” Based on her stare, Jazz knew better than to lie.


“Yes.” Jazz couldn’t explain why, but she did, and each time she saw him, it only intensified.


“Do you have any idea of how dangerous that is?” Nikki paced around, uncertain of what to do. “There are two ways for this to end, both of them badly. The first is, he only sees you as a stripper and takes advantage.” Jazz doubted it, not with the way he lit up whenever he spotted her. “The second, he likes you back, and that’s the worst-case scenario.”


“Why?” Jazz placed her hands on her hips.


“You’re a stripper, in case you’ve forgotten. Guys might enjoy getting dances from them, sleeping with them, but despite the fantasy, relationships always end badly. Turns them paranoid, wondering if you’re sleeping with others, unable to trust you. A girl a few years back worked here and got murdered by a jealous boyfriend. Not letting that happen to you.”


“Look, it doesn’t matter. He’s already got a girlfriend.”- Jazz exclaimed, “Was this “Alice” more attractive than her, let him do things she wouldn’t… or something else?”


“Huh, hadn’t heard. . . but you seem to be forgetting the first rule of dancing, Jazz. Don’t get personal with the customers. I told you this the first day you arrived. You’ve got a lot of talent and given time, you’ll probably be more popular than Paulina, but some things only come with experience.”- Nikki held her hands. “It’s okay to be fond of certain people, but don’t let it grow into something more, Okay?”- Nikki monologued.


“I understand.”- Jazz made a slight quiver. If he didn’t see her as anything more than a dancer, he was a mere client.


“You know, I wasn’t sure about you at first.”- Nikki admitted. “Some of the women here… they’ll smile at you while sharpening a knife, and when I saw the favoritism, I was kinda prepared to hate you. But you’re a better person than I expected.”


“Gee, thanks.”- Jazz rolled her eyes.


“Wouldn’t do so much to look after you otherwise. Just remember: it’s an easy lifestyle to get into. Not so easy to get out of.” Nikki gave Jazz a brief hug before going on stage.



The week carried on like normal, going to the gym every morning then to the university and finally to the club at night though, during school nights, Jazz only worked half the shift under Vlad’s request as her presence there was just to gain enough money for school.


Jazz was very happy the Candy Shop strip club wasn’t the only club at town, there were to the very least a dozen more scattered across the city but twice that number at the outskirts of Amity Park where she considered working if Vlad had rejected her.


The Candy shop wasn’t the most glamorous nor the biggest strip club in town, that honor belongs to “Scooby’s men club” which she heard was double the size and could host over four hundred people with space to spare.


Though some former strippers claimed poor treatment and the cut they paid was too large, somewhere expected to sleep with some clients. It was true Jazz picked up one or two guys she fancied whenever possible but to do so as a job was completely unacceptable.


“Wanna smoke?”- Vanilla said offering a cigar to Jazz.


“No thanks, I don’t smoke.”- Jazz replied with a smile as some cold air came out from her mouth.


Jazz looked around the club’s side alleyway while rubbing her arms in an effort to stay warm, Paulina was leaning on the wall next to the wall while smoking her expensive foreign cigars, Nikki was on the phone chatting with her daughter.


It came as a surprise to find out that Nikki was a single mother, though it made sense in her head, the dark skin woman was so overprotective of her all the time. Jazz knew taking care of a child was expensive which made her wonder why she was adamant in giving extras, even looking down on some of her coworkers.


The redhead needed money but not so desperately as Nikki might have, though it wasn’t her place to be asking personal questions. The cold evening was starting to affect Jazz which almost made her take up Vanilla’s offer and have a smoke.


“For fuck’s sake! How long is that prick Ronaldo gonna take! I feel like some damn hooker standing here!”- Paulina exclaimed opening her coat and showing her black lingerie.


“No shit”- Jazz whispered as she looks down at her stiletto boots which with a little imagination could tell what she was wearing.


The redhead hated having to agree with Paulina but if they took off their coats, they would look like hookers. Jazz was already used to wearing a very short miniskirt and a top though that was inside the comfort of the club outside in the streets was very different.


“I swear to god if someone honks at me…”- Jazz loudly said to no one in particular.


A few seconds later a car honk its horn making her twitch her eye in frustration but Nikki told them it was only their ride; it didn’t make Jazz feel any better. It was the first time she was going to strip dance at someone’s house.


As they drove over to the party, the redhead couldn’t avoid thinking about the possibility of there being her classmates. Ronaldo was supposed to stand guard and keep them safe though Paulina and Nikki both commented on how unusual it was for him to be inside the house.


Normally, he would be outside waiting in the car but Vlad changed that rule recently, Jazz knew it was because of her that new rules and protocols were taking place. She didn’t mind the extra muscle in case things got out of hand.


Drunk men and naked women weren’t a smart combination in any scenario even so Paulina whispered to Vanilla about fucking with some random guy and making a lot of cash in a little while, Jazz knew the implications of going to someone’s party and dance naked for them. 


“Don’t listen to them, just do your job and we’re out the door. Remember what Vlad said, no booze or drugs.”- Nikki said though Paulina scoffed at her.


“I know what to do… I think,”- Jazz whispered. Being naked inside the club was one thing. Going to someone’s house was another matter.


The vehicle stopped near a two-story house where several cars already around it. The building had a new coat of white paint, with a brown interior, a fairly used porch, but all the windows covered by dark curtains. They were in an affluent but not rich part of town, which relieved Jasmine as she was expecting a ghetto-like environment.


Paulina was the first to climb out of the car tossing her coat over the seats, not caring who saw her. Jazz and Nikki exchanged a worried glance before following, intent on keeping their clothes on until they arrive. A smirk spread across Paulina’s size as she knocked on the door.


“Hello?”- A young man with unkempt hair muttered.


“Tonight’s entertainment is here!”- Paulina announced as she walked in with her arms held up high.


Jazz followed her peer into the house and saw nearly a dozen men drinking away under the chaotic music that was so loud it was hard to understand. Most men had to resource to screaming contests just make a barely intelligent conversation.


Bottles were scattered across the floor and the ashtrays were already full to the brim, even Paulina’s bright and ever so joyful smile vanished rather quickly upon seeing the dump they had made the living room.    




The girls walked deeper into the living and despite the obscenely loud music could still hear the whistling from the drunks and even some howling which made their skin crawl, the redhead was more than glad Ronaldo was there with them.


It was a shared thought that the hulking mountain of muscles that compose their bodyguard could dissuade any would-be troublemaker, even Paulina who was the most eager to come to this party suddenly lost her will to be there.


“Let’s get to work.”- Jazz expressed with somber as she climbed over the dinner table.


The girls quickly traded the loud music for their own as they began dancing for the crowd of drunks, Jazz started on the dinner table as she didn’t feel like rubbing herself to anyone just yet but Paulina and Vanilla were quick to select the best-dressed guy at the party.


Jazz couldn’t run away from the rubbing herself to a partygoer, she ended up following the example of the last person she wanted to be thought from, Paulina. The redhead was grinning her plum butt on the crotch of a man whose name she hardly.


“Hello there, sexy.”- A man in a red leather jacket approached her once she was done with the man.


“Hope you’re having a good time,”- Jazz wore a smile she didn’t feel. Despite following Nikki’s advice, she couldn’t push Tristan out of her head.


Jazz was already used to be being ogled at and seen as nothing more than a mere sex object, though it didn’t make her feel any better. She wasn’t used to going to parties at all, not even during her time at high school had she been invited to one.


The redhead always preferred her books over parties and other social gatherings, most of her allowance back then was spend on book and study material rather than fancy clothes and makeup like most girls her age spend money on.


“What’s your name sweetheart?”- Jazz asked still dancing around and brushing her breasts on him while noticing his short blonde hair.


“Name’s Dash Baxter and I’m the quarterback for Dimmsdale university.”- said the imposing man.


The man explained to Jazz about this being his first time in Amity and only coming to celebrate his cousin’s marriage while giving a brief glance over to his cousin, who was receiving a dance from both Nikki and Paulina. Jazz spotted her friend’s cringe when Paulina touched her.


The redhead laid eyes over to Nikki who clearly didn’t want to dance with Paulina, it was then that she noticed that Vanilla was missing. It did worry her that something might have happened to her but recalled the blonde girl was learning from Paulina and most likely had a cock shoved down her throat.


“When they said four beautiful women were coming over, I never imagined you.”- Dash added while biting his lower lip.


“Thanks, handsome.”- Jazz heard something similar every day, but the way he put it… her heart fluttered a little.


The last time Dash had seen a woman like Jazz was at the porn magazine with a model who clearly had gone through too many surgeries and a lot of computer touching for her to look that good and yet Jazz was by what the layman’s eye could tell, natural.


The quarterback pointed at his cousin, who made little effort to touch them. “My buddy’s shy, and I figured this is his last chance to have a bit of fun before he gets married.”- Paulina planted herself in the man’s lap while Nikki held him from behind.


“That’s so kind of you.”- Jazz felt the bouncer’s eyes on them despite him supposedly looking after all three. “This is my first bachelor party.”


“Really?”- Dash chuckled. “Would have expected you to have far more experience than that.” He held her hands and massaged them. “The way you carry yourself, I thought you’d seen it all. Never would have guessed you’re new.”


“Thanks, babe.”- Jazz looked around at the others drawn to her. “But you know I can’t neglect your friends.”- She kissed the blonde man in the cheek.


“I’ll be waiting, beautiful.”- He spoke in a way that made Jazz think he was certain she’d return to him.


Jazz couldn’t shake off the queer sensation of walking with nothing more than her high heels around a stranger’s house, the redhead leans on the cold wall as she looks at Nikki who was rubbing her bare ass unto the groom while Vanilla entertained the guests with her wild dancing.


“Where the fuck is that bitch gone off too?!”- Jazz questioned herself upon realizing it was now Paulina who had gone missing.


Jazz was absolutely sure the Latina ran off with some guy for a quickie, the redhead was a fool as sex was basically implied when hiring stripper for a bachelor party though so far, she was sure only Vanilla and Paulina were selling extras.


She felt it was a matter of time before someone asked for a quick fuck, yet none of them met her fancy. It helped that she had stayed away from the booze and the most questionable white dust over the coffee table.


“Hey there, Velvet. Mind giving me a more private dance?”- Dash asked while shaking a bottle. Jazz smiled as she agreed to followed him into the master bedroom where she would show him her best moves. 




Nikki saw Vanilla’s disappointed face upon seeing there was hardly any money to make at the party unlike at the club where dollars literally rained over her, it was one of the many reasons why she loathed doing this kind of job.


There was a double nightly pay for the party but it was in the tips where the girls made their actual earnings, Nikki normally didn’t drink any booze at work but she was thirsty and was hardly anything to drink other than beer.


“Nikki… have you seen Velvet?”- Ronaldo asked once the dark skin woman was in the kitchen by her lonesome.


The man was too engrossed by the girl’s striptease and the free beer that he completely forgot about his actual charge; Jazz Fenton. It was then that Nikki turned her head all over the living room unable to see her.


“I’m sure she’s fine”- Nikki assured Ronaldo who had a worried expression on his face.


“If Vlad finds out I lost her, he gonna…”- Ronaldo was cut off by Nikki.


“Listen… I didn’t want to say anything but… she’s in the lady’s room… too much cheap beer and pizza.”- the dark skin woman lied though achieved the desired result.


The bulking man gave out a sigh of relief as he came to understand the redhead was only in the bathroom, it made sense in his head that Jazz would sneak out to use the toilet as it would be too embarrassing to ask for permission.


Feeling much calmer now that he was confirmed by Nikki that Jazz was simple in the restroom, Ronaldo helps himself to a slice of pizza from the table before heading back to his chair near the corner of the living room.


Nikki’s head turns over to the hallway wondering if Jazz was foolish enough to not listen to her wisdom, much to her annoyance the loud mouth Dash Baxter was also missing which further strengthen her belief that Jazz was off doing something was to regret eventually.


The dark skin woman turns over to her peers who were too busy entertaining the groom with their exotic dancing and erotic bodies, more than half the guests were already passed out drunk and Ronaldo was stuffing his face with pizza and beer, something that Vlad would never allow at the club.


As Nikki climb up the stairs, she noticed the ruckus from the music was dying down the further she walked into the upper floor’s corridor. Her heart began beating louder as the music was replaced by soft moaning and a bed creaking.


“Fuck… Velvet… I told you not to…”- Nikki whispered in disappointment.


Many times, before had Nikki and Vlad reminded her that they weren’t prostitutes but dancers, though it seemed Jazz didn’t understand the message. The woman wondered if she should tell Vlad about it since her boss had ordered her to report any such incidents.


It made her questioned herself why was Jazz so privilege at the club despite being the new girl, sure enough, the redhead was a charmer but it wasn’t enough for her to be setting her own schedule and sometimes either leaving early without punching out or arriving late without repercussions.


Vlad even implemented new security measures once Velvet was hired, such as new guards and new cameras, something that hadn’t happened in years, nor had there been any incidents to require them. If Nikki didn’t know any better it was as if Velvet and Vlad were related somehow.


“I doubt she’s Vlad’s kid or anything, that would be sick… but they don’t strike me as lovers either.”- Nikki commented to herself.


Curiosity took the best of her as she quickly rushed over to the door where she could hear Jazz’s voice and the bed creaking. She noticed the door wasn’t fully closed but left ajar, with a deep breath, Nikki kneeled down and creak it open.


The redhead laid over the bed with her legs held up high as the quarterback penetrated her womanhood with force, each mighty thrust bounced her abnormally large breasts nearly hitting her own face. It did impress Nikki to see just how wide the redhead could open her legs.


Not even on stage, she could spread eagle like that. The redhead wrapped her arms around Baxter’s neck as she pressed her body to his, there was a smirk drawn on Nikki’s face as she saw Jazz’s breast squishing under the man’s weight confirming their naturality. 


Nikki was very disappointed in Jazz not only for not heeding her warnings about not sleeping with the clients but also for Tristan. Jazz had told her about liking the man though wasn’t sure if romantically, and yet there she was being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey by a man she just met.


“I didn’t think she likes those jock kinda guys… here I thought she had some fine taste at least.”- Nikki whispered. 


There was nothing she could do to stop her, it wasn’t as if she could barge in like an angry mom, Jazz is an adult woman and needed to make her own mistakes just like she did five years ago, slowly and just as discreet, she began closing the door.


“Tristan!! Who the fuck is Tristan?!”- Dash exclaimed out loud as he pulled out of Jazz and jumped out of bed with a curse.


Nikki instantly stood up and glued herself to the wall as she got ready to rush into the room while screaming for Ronaldo to come up, she hopes the man wasn’t too far away or too drunk to answer her pleas for help.


“Shit! Did I say that out loud?”- Jazz worried. She hadn’t meant to, but… she’d slept with Dash to forget about Tristan but didn’t expect his name to come out. “I’m sorry, babe, I just...”


“You’re a fucking slut,”- the quarterback glared as he tossed the bedsheets to the side.


Jazz undignified at her one-night stand baseless remarks hopped off the bed indifferent to the fact she was buck naked. Her eyes glued to the door for a moment before Dash stood in front of her and for a moment the redhead swears to have seen a shadow passed by the door.


“Easy, Speedy, or whatever you’re name is, I said I was sorry.”- Jazz spat.


All her previous attraction to him however little it was, now gone. Jazz knew from the moment she laid eyes upon the jock that he was nothing more than a douchebag but it never once crossed her mind, he would get all rile up over a simple name.


“Not good enough, bitch!”- Baxter backhanded her across the face sending Jazz stumbling over the bed.


The redhead held her cheek unable to believe he actually strike her over a simple mistake, she would have in a way understood his violent reaction if he were her boyfriend but even so it didn’t grant him the right, worst yet, he was nothing and no one.


Jazz stood up and moved into a defensive position cracking her knuckles; with the knowledge, no one was coming to save her nor needed saving. Dash Baxter had muscles even if he lacked the brains to used them, but Jazz possessed training from her mother and wits to match.


“Do your worst, goldilocks.”- the redhead challenged.


The man charged at her just like he would at the football field, which she easily sidestepped, and tripped him causing his forehead to slammed against the dresser. The man stood up holding down on his empty head, with a loud war cry, he threw petty punches that Jazz effortlessly dodged.


A kick to his knee was enough to make him lose balance, as the man fell to the ground, Jazz punches him once in the face breaking his nose much to the blonde man’s surprise and utter shock as he expected her to behave like his girlfriend Star who would just cower on the corner.


“I’m gonna fuck you up whore!”- the quarterback threaten though saw no fear in her eyes.


Though his words sounded hard and intimidating they hardly held any sort of weight with his nose bleeding and eyes filled with tears, Dash was a one-trick dog as he learned nothing from his previous attempts at tackling her and once more rushed over.


The door slammed open as Jazz twirl over her place landing a mighty tornado kick unto Baxter’s face, both Ronaldo and Nikki looked at the redhead in shock, the muscular man wanted to beat the quarterback black and green but it wasn’t necessary.


“I guess those well-tone legs are for more than show.”- Nikki giggled.


“It’s almost time to leave, pick up your stuff ladies… I need to chat with him…”- Ronaldo said forcing the girls out the door.


Jazz gave a worried look as Ronaldo close the door while Nikki put her arm over her shoulder trying to comfort her, the dark skin woman expected her redhead of a friend to be a shaking mess by the time she came back with their bodyguard.


Much to her surprise Jazz was calm and stoic to the point of simply taking the remainder of the pizza along with her sports bag, her hands didn’t shake nor her voice crack.


“Let’s get out of here”- Jazz said as she walked over a drunken man on the floor.


To be continued.

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