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BY : Lennox
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Volume 6

      Lisa closed the front door. The mail had just been delivered and she was lucky to beat her mother to the post. Lisa had been looking forward to this for the last few days. She smiled at the small brown box in her hands, sealed with tape, and addressed to her. 

      "Lisa? Was that the mailman?" Marge yelled from the kitchen. She was preparing a turkey for a large dinner party that night. The timing could not have been more perfect. 

      "Yes, it was, Mom. I'll leave the mail in the living room." Lisa called back.

      Lisa placed the rest of the mail on the couch and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She closed her door and opened her package on the bed. Inside were two smaller boxes. Lisa opened one up and tipped its contents out onto her bed. A small dildo fell out of the box. It wasn’t that big, around 5 inches long. It came with also a harness, a remote, and two batteries. She pulled the batteries from their little plastic bag and fitted them into the small palm-sized remove. Lisa pressed a button and the toy sprang to life, softly vibrating on her bed. She clicked the button, again and again, each time increasing the intensity of the vibrations. Finally, after the fifth push, the toy stopped and lay motionless on her covers. She attached the straps loosely to the base of the toy and pulled her panties down from around her waist. She stepped out of them, stepped into the harness, and pulled it up underneath her dress. She could feel the toy pressing against her stomach and she grinned as it tented her dress in front of her. She guided it down and eased it inside her slit, nice and slowly. Lisa figured that she would need to wear this inside her for hours, so she decided to try and get used to it. Once all five inches were buried inside, she slowly bent down and pulled her panties back up her legs. She felt no different than when Bart fucked her until she took her first step. It just didn’t feel right to walk with something lodged inside her. But Lisa had no choice, she had to make her walking look normal to avoid suspicion. Lisa slowly walked in circles around her room, trying her best to walk normally, before she heard a knock on the door. She panicked and grabbed everything from her bed to hide it underneath her blankets. When she turned around, Bart was standing in her open door.

      “Now come on, sis. No secrets between us, remember?" Bart was only joking, and Lisa knew it. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him.   

      "Sorry, Bart. I thought you might have been Mom." Lisa kissed him on his mouth.

      "She's still downstairs getting ready for tonight's dinner party.

      "Right... about that," Lisa gave a nervous chuckle. "We've got another suggestion to do. And you're probably not going to like it."

      That night at the table, Bart had never sat straighter. He sat with his sister amongst his mother's guests and tried to look as casual as possible. Marge had invited around Reverend Lovejoy, Chief Wiggum, Principal Skinner, and Moe, at Homer's request. He hoped and prayed that none of them would find out about the toy he had logged in his ass. It took some convincing, but Lisa was soon able to make Bart wear a harness and a vibrator just like she did. At first, the toy was painful and uncomfortable, but Bart soon grew accustomed to it being inside him. Bart had read the suggestion and his mind had quickly formulated a plan. His hand fumbled at the remote in his pocket when Marge brought out the first course. Before dinner, he and Lisa had switched remotes. His made Lisa promise not to switch his vibrator on until the main course; that was the deal for walking around with it strapped in his ass. But as soon as Lisa’s entrée reached her plate, Bart pressed the button and the toy buzzed to life inside her. Lisa almost jumped in her seat. She thought that Bart would honor their deal by waiting until the main course as well, but the boy just grinned and he mouthed the words ‘payback’ to her. He left her toy rumbling inside her and pulled his hand from his pocket before starting to eat.

      Lisa knew Bart was playing dirty, but she would keep to her work. She glared at him as the toy rumbled and vibrated gently inside her pussy. Bart had switched it to its lowest setting; just enough to feel it but not enough to enjoy it. As she ate her first course, she didn't know if she wanted the vibrator turned off or turned up.

      Finally, the main meal arrived. Marge carried the huge turkey and placed it on the table in front of her seat. She began to slice into the thick and tender meat, calving it into slices and passing it out on plates to her family and friends. The table was full of chatter as people were reaching for mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables (Lisa’s plate was full of them), sauces, and drinks. Bart was about to take his first bite of dinner when he felt his vibrator spring to life inside him. He dropped his fork onto his plate, but no one other than Lisa seemed to notice. Bart glared at her and reached into his pocket. He pressed the button a couple more times and watched his sister shiver in her seat. Lisa closed her eyes leaned back in her chair. Bart knew his toy would die soon. He got to his own remote before dinner and switched out the batteries. He had found a couple of old ones in Homer’s garage. They were dusty and had been lying around for ages. There was no way that they could hold too much of a charge. He would just have to wait for his remote to die, rendering the vibrator still and motionless. It would still be buried inside him, but he wouldn’t have to worry about his sister teasing him with it.

      Bart felt his toy rumble faster inside him. He tried to eat without causing too much suspicion, but it was proving difficult. He swore he could feel the eyes of their guests on him when he wasn’t looking. He could feel his dick tenting in his pants under the table. He couldn’t believe he was getting hard from this, but it did feel good. He would never admit it to Lisa though. He just had to hold out until the batteries died...

      Lisa, on the other side of the table, was loving it. She could feel the dampness of her panties against moist pussy lips. She didn’t care about everyone else anymore; she just wanted to cum. The toy felt so good rumbling away inside of her. She watched Bart shifting nervously on the other side of the table. They both had their vibrators on the highest setting. Bart watched his sister sigh and lean back, almost slouching on her chair. Her body lightly twitched and he closed her eyes. Lisa had just cum in front of the guests, an act that went completely unnoticed by everyone else. Her panties were soaked in her orgasmic juices and her toes were clenched inside her shoes. She eyed a small carrot on her plate and picked it up. Lisa placed it against her lips and eased it into her mouth. The suggestive sight pushed Bart over his edge. His cock twitched and he came inside his pants. He cursed under his breath as his warm seed painted his briefs, and he could feel the warm goo flowing over his skin. The toy inside him had died, but he wasn’t sure if the batteries had died or if Lisa had switched it off. But he didn’t care; it was over. He and Lisa had been made to cum in plain sight, yet hidden at the same time. Bart decided he should clean up before he did anything else. He looked at Lisa, and she mouthed three words at him.

      “Bathroom. Two minutes.” The girl excused herself and went upstairs.

      Bart poked his head into the bathroom door. Lisa had her dress and panties on the floor and she was wiping her pussy with a damp cloth.

      “Oh my God, Bart. That was so exciting! I can’t believe I came under the table. Oh my God... my heart is pounding.” Lisa almost launched herself upon her brother as he stepped into the bathroom. And she couldn’t believe what she saw; tent in her brother’s stained shorts.

      “Bart... I never thought that... you enjoyed it, didn't you?” Bart didn’t want to admit it, he simply shook his head.

      “Bart, no secrets between us. Remember?” Lisa already knew she was right. Bart looked down at the floor and sighed.

      “Yes, it feels alright and it made me cum. But can I please take it out now?" he was almost begging. 

      “Sure, Bart," Lisa smiled. "But you should clean yourself up before you go back downstairs. Let me help you with it.”

      Lisa pulled her brother's shorts down to his feet. The smell of his seed filled her nose. His cock was sticky and coated with cum, and Lisa was on her hands and knees in front of him. She took her brother's messy shaft into her mouth. She started sucking and licking the thick globs of cum from his skin. As his sister sucked him, Bart unbuckled the harness and pulled the toy out from his ass. He let out a huge groan when it popped free and it dropped it on the floor. Lisa pulled her lips along his cock one final time and picked the vibrator up from the floor. She took it to the sink and ran the toy under hot water.

      "I know that look, sis," Bart stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

      "Yeah you do," Lisa grinned. "How about you get your harness for me?"

      When Lisa was satisfied, she attached Bart's toy back to his harness and reached behind her. Bart watched as Lisa pressed the tip of the vibrator against her ass and eased inside herself. Once buried, she strapped the harness over her own.

      "How's that feel, Lis?" Bart asked. Lisa stood in silence for a few moments, just to allow her body to adjust to being filled in both her holes.

      "Like a dream, Bart," she said and threw her arms around him.

      “You're going to have to go back downstairs soon, Lisa. They’ll start to wonder what you're doing.”

      “Just me? What about you, Bart?"

      “I scoffed down my dinner and said I would be reading comics until dessert. Honestly, I think they would prefer an adult-filled table.” Lisa picked up her dress and pulled it back over her head. She picked up the panties and remotes and paused, looking them over in her hands. Finally, she looked up at her brother.

      "Here," she said, thrusting them into his hands. Bart just grinned.

      "So did you have a good Lisa-fest this year?” Bart asked as he slipped his arms around her.

      “Yeah, I did," Lisa smiled. "It was fun, we tried some new things,”

      “Some things I’ll never do again,” Bart mumbled and interrupted.

      “Now, come on," Lisa grinned at him and poked his nose. "You know you loved everything we did. My foot job, cross-dressing, and a dildo up your butt. You can’t tell me it wasn’t fun.” Bart wasn’t going to give in so easily.

      “It was... different and I’m glad for the experience,” he finally said. He held up the remotes.

      “What did you want to do with these?” he asked.

      "Give me two minutes, then switch them on low. Keep them in your room for the time being."

      Lisa and Bart shared one last kiss before they stepped out of the bathroom. Bart went to his bedroom and switched out the batteries from his remote, while Lisa slowly descended the stairs. She took her spot back at the table and helped herself to another plate of vegetables. She started eating as the two vibrators sprung to life inside her. Lisa smiled and thought to herself. 

      'Yep, this has been a pretty good week.'

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