Lisafest 2011 Short Stories

BY : Lennox
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Volume 1

      Lisa stirred. The dim morning light shone into her room and woke her up. The eight-year-old girl sat up and stretched before yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She looked down next to her and smiled as she saw her naked brother sleeping peacefully. She couldn’t bear to wake him, not after last night. Lisa eased herself off the bed and walked over to her desk, seeing no need to put any clothes on. The only other person that would see her naked was her brother, and she didn’t mind that in the least. Lisa sat down at her desk and turned on her computer. As the loading screen flickered to life, the young girl patiently waited, but inside she was screaming at the machine to hurry up.

Yesterday was the start of an online festival that was dedicated to her. Lisa-fest always kicked off in May for a full week. She and Bart decided to do something a little different this year. They were young lovers, despite being brother and sister. While that fact never bothered them, it did bring out the passion in their love life. Incest was considered to be socially unacceptable, but it made that so much more fun when they were together. Lisa’s hands took their place on her keyboard and mouse. Her stubby little fingers danced over the keys as she typed her password and clicked on her mouse. The desktop screen loaded onto the monitor. It would still take a few moments. She stretched out her arms and legs, clenching her fingers and toes. She placed her hands back on the keyboard and mouse. That was when she felt Bart’s arms slide over her shoulders and down her chest.

      “Morning Lis,” he yawned. Lisa turned her head and kissed his lips, 

      “Morning Bart. Sleep well?”

      “Mmm, I slept liked a guy who fucked his sister well into the night.” Lisa chuckled, but then felt something warm and hard pressing against her.

      “So tell me; is it the morning or are you just happy to see me?”

      “Both,” Bart smiled. “What are you doing?” Lisa opened up her web browser and started typing.

      “We asked for ideas last night, so let’s see if we got any suggestions.” The two kids waited in silence for the page to load and Lisa clicked on the first message. Both Bart and Lisa read though the suggestion, their eyes darting back and forth from one line to the next.

      “We’ve never done anything like that before," Bart said. "But it could be interesting and it doesn’t sound too difficult. How do you want to try it?" Lisa stood up from her chair and pushed it back under her desk.

      “I think the floor. The bed got a good workout from us last night. Why should the floor miss out?” Bart grinned and he sat down facing his sister. Bart spread his legs apart but Lisa kept hers crossed.

      “Um... Lisa? We can’t do this if you’re sitting like that,” Bart said. Lisa quickly spread her legs out.

      “Sorry, force of habit. So how are we going to do this?” Bart turned to look back at the screen for a moment so he could quickly re-read the message.

      “Alright, you stay like that... and I do... this.” Bart moved one of his legs in between his sister’s and brushed his toe down her bare cunt lips. The girl shivered.

      “This is a little weird, don’t you think Bart?”

      “Yeah, but I don’t see the harm in trying it out.” Bart pushed his big toe between Lisa’s slit and she let a soft gasp escape her lips. Bart took that as a sign to keep going. It took a little work, but Bart was soon able to get two toes inside his sister. Lisa was blushing a little. This was something she’d never picture herself doing. But the blush soon faded after Bart started to wriggle his toes inside her. Lisa moved her opposite leg to Bart. She pressed the sole of her foot against Bart’s shaft and pushed it against his belly. She started to rub up and down.

      “It may be weird, but I think you’re enjoying it, big brother.”

      Bart said nothing as Lisa moved her other leg on top of Bart’s. She started rubbing his shaft between the soles of her feet. Bart leaned back a little and propped himself up on his arms. Lisa was right. He did think it was weird, but he wasn’t going to complain. While he preferred Lisa’s hand on his shaft, her feet weren’t doing too bad of a job. But Lisa wasn’t enjoying Bart’s toes as much as she thought she would. They just weren’t as long as her brother’s fingers or dick and his attempt wasn't enough to satisfy her. She wrapped her hand gently around his ankle and pulled Bart’s foot from her cunt.

      “Sorry, but that's just not working for me.” Bart looked a little upset. This was the first time he hadn’t been able to please his sister.

      “But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop. Now just lie back and enjoy it.” Lisa reached for her chair and dragged it over to position it over her brother's head. She rose from the floor and took her seat. All Bart could see was his sister's feet moving around his shaft and rubbing it lightly between them. It took a little work, but Lisa finally found a rhythm that worked for her. She positioned Bart's dick between the arches of her feet and, while holding onto the edges of her chair, she began to rub him up and down. Every so often she would switch from her arches to her toes, gripping her brother's cock as best as she could to rub and stroke his shaft.

      Bart grabbed the legs of the chair as his sister worked her first footjob. He had never thought of Lisa’s feet as sexy before, but now he couldn’t take his eyes off them. They felt so small and soft, slightly firmer than her hands, and he couldn't deny how cute her four little toes looked. His eyes followed Lisa's feet as they traveled up and down his shaft, and his breathing became heavier and labored. His dick would twitch and a soft groan escaped from his throat. Lisa pressed the sole of one foot against his shaft and used the arch of the other to stroke him. His dick twitched as he felt Lisa's toes trying to grip him again, and that was the trigger he needed to be pushed over the edge. His first cum of the day erupted from his vertical shaft, spewing his cum into the air and splashing over the top of his sister's foot. Lisa quickly placed her toes over the head of his spurting dick. She felt his cum seep and ooze between them, binding them together with thick strands of warm sperm.

With his climax complete, Bart eased himself out from under the chair as Lisa gently lifted her leg and rested the ankle of her messy foot on her knee. Lisa slowly ran a finger under her toes to collect her some of her brother's cum and wipe it on her tongue. 

      "Not too weird for you?" she smirked at him.

      "Hell no," was Bart's enthusiastic reply. Lisa's finger made several trips between her foot and her mouth to clean up her brother's cum. She made sure to collect as much cum from between her toes as she could, and she reached for a box of tissues for a final wipe. She carefully rose onto one leg and used the back of her chair for balance.

      "Bart, you want to help walk me to the shower? I think there’d be some awkward questions if mom found cum-stained footprints on the carpet.” 

      "Only if I can join you," Bart smirked as he reached for her nightgown.

      "You'd better believe you will. This is your mess," Lisa wiggled her sticky toes.

      "But you caused it," Bart smirked. He slipped Lisa's arm around his shoulders and helped her to the bathroom. 

      "Let's clean up, Bart. And then we'll work out what we can do next."

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