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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 4

      Bart was browsing the shelves of The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. He, Milhouse, and Nelson were taking their time, much to the impatience of the store’s owner, Jeff Albertson. He sat on his stool behind the counter, just watching the boys and impatiently tapping his fingers on the glass display case.

      "My store is not a library, kids. Are you going to buy something or not?” Nelson had his nose deep in the latest issue of Radioactive Man and he was up to a crucial point in the story.

      “Cool your jets hotshot,” was all he said. Jeff reached into a draw and pulled out a small Polaroid camera and a stopwatch. He clicked the button on the watch and set his timer.

      “You boys have three minutes to make a purchase and get out of my store. I am trying to run a business here. Not a daycare center.” Bart just shrugged his shoulders.

      “Oh yeah? And what if we don’t?” Jeff lifted the camera and quickly snapped photos of the three boys. The pictures were printed from the bottom of the camera and he shook them to reveal their images.

      “Otherwise these photos will be the latest addition to my ‘banned for life’ wall. Two minutes and twenty-four seconds.” Nelson just shrugged. He didn’t think that the comic book guy would go that far. Business always seemed so slow, and Nelson figured the store needed all the customers it could get. He finished his comic book and put it back on the shelf.

      “Hey. Are you going to pay for that?” Jeff demanded. Nelson shook his head.

      “No. I just read it. Why would I pay for it?” Jeff turned back to his wall of banned customers and pinned Nelson's photo up with the rest of them. 

      "I told you, my store is not a library. Now get out. And you two, 1 minute 45 seconds.”

      “Aww, come on. I just read the book. I didn’t ruin it.” Jeff pointed towards the door.

      “I do not want to, nor can I be bothered, explain the issue of reading a comic and then just putting it back. You may wait for your friends outside.” Nelson grumbled and muttered as he walked out the door, while Bart and Milhouse watched him go.

      “One more minute children. And you can join your friend on the wall.” Bart didn’t want to leave without buying anything and risk going on the wall, but there wasn’t anything that jumped out at him. He already had the latest issues of everything he read. Several boxes on a stand by the front door caught his eye. He picked one up and looked over the box.

      “A Hypno-disc? Really? That’s the best name they could come up with?” he asked himself. He was about to put it back, but then he remembered one of the user-submitted ideas on Lisa’s computer. He chuckled to himself.

      “That suggestion has just been approved.” Bart walked over to the counter and placed the small box on the glass. Jeff scanned it and held out his hand.

      “That’ll be $4.99,” he didn’t even smile. Bart handed over a five-dollar note and joked about keeping the change. He grabbed the box and walked with Milhouse to the front door. 

      “Oh boys,” Jeff held up his stopwatch. He had stopped in on exactly 00:03:00, “Your time is up and you are still inside. But I will let you off with a warning because you actually paid for something. Now get out of here before I change my mind.”

      Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson walked through the door to the Simpson house. Lisa was the only other one at home. Homer was at work. Marge and Maggie were out shopping.

      “You guys wait down here. I’ll be right back.” Bart climbed the stairs and went into his room. He lifted the lid on the small box and pulled out the Hypno-disc. “This doesn’t look that impressive,” he muttered. The disc was a flat piece of plastic with a yellow and black spiral on one side. On the other was a small spike so the disc could be spun between two fingers. Bart pulled the card from the box and read its instructions.

      “To hypnotize, hold spinning disc at eye level for ten seconds and rotate between thumb and forefinger. Chanting not necessary.” With the disc in hand, Bart walked into his sister’s room. He didn’t knock, he just opened the door. He and Lisa had an ‘open-door policy’ around everything. Bedroom, bathroom, shower, it didn’t matter. There were no boundaries between them.

“Hey, Lis. Wanna see what I got?” Lisa was at her desk doing her homework. She rolled her eyes. She loved her brother more than anything, but she still had to study. Bart held the disc up for her.

      “What is that?” she asked.

      “It’s a hypno-disc, Lisa. This’ll help with one of our suggestions.” Lisa just laughed.

      “That little piece of plastic? Please," she rolled her eyes. "It’ll never work.”

      “Come on, Lisa. You’re the one who agreed to try every suggestion that was submitted. This is one of them.” Lisa sighed and closed her books.

      “Fine. We will try it. But it won’t work. Someone's going to be disappointed.” Lisa stood up and walked over to her brother. Bart held the disc up and started spinning. Lisa just stared at the spiral pattern. She didn’t blink, she didn’t move. After a few seconds, she spoke.

      “Come on Bart. Nothing’s going to hap....” she cut herself off in mid-sentence. The girl didn’t move a muscle. She had a blank stare on her face as if she was looking right through her brother.

      “Lisa?” Bart asked.

      “Yes?” Lisa replied in a very bland tone. Bart waved his hand in front of her face. There was no reaction.

      “No way. This actually worked? Stand on one foot.” Lisa lifted her leg almost straight away.

      “Alright. Now pat your head and rub your stomach.” Lisa didn’t put her leg down, but with one hand moving up and down on her head and the other rubbing in circles on her stomach, Bart was convinced.

      “Oh my God. This actually worked! Lisa, take your clothes off.” The girl stopped and did what she was told. She pulled the dress over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her panties were pulled down her legs and her shoes were kicked off. Bart took her hand and led out of her room.

      “I thought we were supposed to be doing stuff after school. I don’t want to hang around here for too much longer.” Downstairs, Nelson was pacing back and forth in front of the door. He was getting bored. Bart appeared at the top of the stairs.

      “Quit your bitching Nelson. I’ve got something that we can all do.”

      “Oh yeah? And what’s that?” Nelson asked. Bart pulled a naked Lisa from around the corner.

      “My little sister,” he led Lisa down the stairs. The two boys dropped their jaws. By the time Lisa was at the bottom of the stairs, Milhouse had a very noticeable bulge in his pants.

      “Did it work Bart? Did that hypno-disc really work?” the blue-haired boy asked. Bart waved his hand in front of his sister’s face. Again, she didn't react.

      “Yeah. I’ve done a quick test. It worked.”

      “And we really get to fuck her?” Milhouse was getting very eager.

      “Lisa, give Milhouse and hand with his pants, will you? He’s too much of a chicken to get himself out of them.” Before Milhouse could protest, Lisa had her hands on the boy's shorts. She pulled them down as his cock popped out of his briefs. She took his dick into her mouth and began to slide her lips along his length without a moment’s hesitation. It suddenly occurred to Bart that this was the first time Lisa had done this to someone else. His friends were the first boys she would be with since they started sleeping together. That made him a little jealous, almost wanting to kick his friends out. But when Nelson moved over to Lisa’s ass, Bart realized this could be his first big chance at a gangbang.

      “She’s my sister, I get her pussy” Bart quickly called as he pulled his pants down. That was one part of Lisa that he would never give up.

      “Then it’s her ass for me,” Nelson rubbed his hands with glee. The bully waited until Bart was below his sister. He placed her hands on her ass and lowered her slit down onto his dick. Nelson spat on his hand, using it to lube up his dick before he pushed it inside of the girl’s ass.

      Lisa had never had this happen to her before; a cock in all three holes. As she sucked off Milhouse, her pussy and ass clenched around Bart and Nelson, causing a groan from all three boys. Milhouse was the first to cum. Lisa sucked and swallowed his seed as if she were drinking through a straw. The blue-haired boy fell backward onto the floor. He couldn’t believe that had just happened. The girl of his dreams had just given him his first blowjob. Bart and Nelson weren’t that far behind. Bart could still only see that blank stare on his sister’s face. He suddenly felt a pain of guilt and he wished that she knew she was in her first group fuck. But that thought soon left his mind when he and Nelson both shot their seed into the spiky-haired girl. Nelson pulled out with a soft ‘pop’ and Lisa rolled off Bart. She sat on the floor with seed dripping from her cunt and ass. The three boys looked at each other.

      “So now what?” asked Milhouse. Bart grinned.

      “Wanna jack off on her face?” Nelson was already ahead of them. As soon as Bart mentioned it, he was already standing in front of her and stroking his dick. Bart and Milhouse quickly took spots on either side.

      “Tilt your head back, sis.” Lisa did as she was told and tilted her head back. She was looking up at the three boys as they jacked off above her. Their dicks were right above her face, sometimes bumping against her skin. It didn’t bother any of them that they were beating off with two other boys. They had a girl they could use and who wouldn’t say no. After a few minutes, Milhouse was the first to cum again with Bart and Nelson spraying over her face a few moments later. Lisa’s yellow face was soon painted with ropes of sticky white boy cum.

      “Alright, Lisa, clean up time,” Nelson said. He stuck his dick into her mouth to clean off on her tongue.

      “Hey," a thought struck Nelson. "If that disc can turn your sister into a total slut, do you think we could use it on the comic book guy to take my picture off his banned wall?” Bart slipped his dick back into his pants and pulled the disc from his pocket.

      “I don’t see why not. It’s worth a try. But we should do it soon before he closes up.” The three boys ran off and shut the door behind them, leaving a cum-covered Lisa on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

      Lisa blinked. As soon as they had gone, she stood up and wiped the cum from her eyes. She held her hand over her pussy to stop any more drips as she went to the bathroom.

      “I knew that disc wouldn’t work. Waste of money. But at least he’s happy. Now I should probably do something about cleaning the carpet...”

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