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BY : Lennox
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Volume 5

      “Come on, Bart. Mom and Dad aren’t home. You can go harder.”

      “Nggghhh... Lisa. It’s all the splashing. I don’t want to make a mess.”  

      “Bart, forget the mess and fuck me harder!” Lisa wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist. The two of them lay in the bathtub and water splashed everywhere as Bart pounded into his little sister. Their clothes on the floor were soaked and small puddles of water dotted around them. Lisa was underneath her brother, and her hands gripping both sides of the tub for grip. Bathtub sex was something they hadn't tried before but was another suggestion submitted to them online.

      Bart quickly stopped worrying about the mess they would have to clean up as his climax edged closer. He buried himself inside of Lisa and shot his seed into her infertile womb, almost collapsing on top of her in the tub. The siblings grinned at each other as Bart pulled out. He sighed and sat down against the opposite porcelain wall. They both watched as Bart's cum seeped out into the water from Lisa's well-fucked pussy. Bart climbed out of the tub before his floating cum reached his skin, but Lisa leaned back and let it swirl around her legs and feet. Bart dried himself off and collected their clothes. He didn't bother separating them. Instead, he dropped the soaked garments in the laundry basket.

      “Come on Lis," Bart held out his hand. "You can’t stay in there all day. You still got something else to do.” Lisa submerged herself down to her chin into the water.

      “Do I have to do this?” she looked up at her brother, almost pleading with her eyes.

      “It was a suggestion that you said you would do."

      "And what do you think about it?" Lisa asked.

      "I... kinda want to see you do it," Bart nervously rubbed the back of his head. Lisa sighed and pushed herself up. She lifted her feet from the water as she stepped out of the tub.

      "Alright," she relented. "I'll do it. But you have to pull him out if something goes wrong." 

      "Of course," Bart promised as he handed Lisa her towel.

      Santa’s Little Helper was dozed peacefully at the foot of Bart's bed. His ears pricked up and he awoke at the sound of Bart whistling from his bedroom door. Santa's Little Helper bounded off the bed and ran at his master to lick at his face. 

      “Good boy. Who’s a good dog?” Bart laughed. Santa's Little barked and he rolled onto his back, his tongue hanging from his mouth and his tail wagging against the carpet. Bart nudged Lisa with his elbow.

      “Here’s your chance. Go for it, sis,” he whispered. Lisa took a deep breath and she knelt beside him. Lisa started patting and rubbing the dog's stomach, a seemingly innocent act that Lisa performed to try to calm her nerves. Santa's Little Helper may be a dog, but he was still a 'he.' Lisa forced herself to go further before she lost her nerve and she moved her hand down to his sheath between his hind legs. Lisa started to stroke and rub it, and Santa's Little Helper looked up at her with a curious gaze. He lay almost motionless on the floor, watching this girl who was rubbing his most sensitive spot. His dark red cock began to slowly emerge from its furry pouch, and Santa's Little Helper started to pant as Lisa wrapped her hand around his member.

      “It feels... different, Bart. Softer than yours, but in a spongy way.”

      “You going to give it a lick?” Bart joked. Lisa closed her eyes and took another breath. She quickly lowered her head and took her dog's cock into her mouth. It was still growing from the sheath, but that didn’t stop Lisa from sliding her lips head up and down the canine member. 

      “Damn, I’m impressed, sis. I didn’t think you’d ever to that to a dog,” Bart couldn't believe how eager Lisa suddenly seemed. After her hesitation in the tub, he thought she would have backed out of this idea. Lisa squeezed her lips around the cock as she pulled her mouth back up its length. She grinned at Bart, and a light howl of annoyance came from Santa's Little Helper's mouth.

      "Well, it’s no different than doing it to my big brother. Now let's do this before I lose my nerve.” Lisa crawled beside the dog and presented herself on her hands and knees. Santa's Little Helper immediately rolled onto his paws and moved behind the young girl. He pressed his nose between her legs to sniff Lisa's moist slit. Lisa almost jumped at the feeling of his warm tongue over her cunt. 

      “Oooh, good boy," she groaned. "Very good boy.” Bart knelt beside his sister and placed his hand on his back.

      “Come on, boy. Up,” Bart pat Lisa's back to get his dogs' attention. Santa's Little Helper quickly jumped up on the young girl. He wrapped his paws around her waist and took sharp jabs at her crotch with his dick.

      "Bart, I think he's going to need some help," Lisa said. Bart groaned silently. He was hoping to just be a spectator.

      "Bart," Lisa almost snapped at him. "Do you want me to do your dog or not? Help him out!" Bart reluctantly dropped to his knees and reached between his sister and his pet. He winced as his fingers came into contact with Santa's Little Helper's dick and he closed his fist around him.

      "He's bigger than me, sis," he said. "You ready for this?"

      "Just do it," Lisa said. Bart pressed the tip of his dog's cock against Lisa's pussy and found the hole between her lips. As soon as Santa's Little Helper felt the opening, he pushed forward and forced his cock inside the young girl.

      Bart's hand was shoved out of the way and Lisa almost felt the wind being knocked out of her. Santa's Little Helper was bigger and thicker. Having him thrust his length in at once was a shock to her body. Lisa bit down on her lip as she didn’t want to cry out. But neither did she want the dog to stop. She clenched her hands as Santa's Little Helper claimed her pussy. His paws her around her waist kept her body steady and his hind was almost a blur as he started to mate with his new bitch.

      "Ooooh," a groan escaped Lisa's lips. Her body was starting to realize this was just another cock. It was bigger than she was used to, but she was also still wet from their fuck in the bathtub. Santa's Little Helper rested his head on Lisa's shoulders, his furry stomach rubbing over Lisa’s back.

      “Oh, Bart... he’s... he’s good.”

      As Bart looked on, he soon found his hand wrapped around his hardening member. He moved over to Lisa’s face, knelt in front of her, and placed his hand under her chin. Bart held his sister's face and eased his cock into her willing mouth. Lisa closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around him. She could almost picture herself in her mind; with her brother's dick in her mouth and her dog's dick in her cunt. The excitement and thought of her taboo act brought her over the edge of orgasm. Her pussy spasmed as she came around the canine cock. She started sucking on Bart's shaft almost straight away, and Bart pushed himself in and out of her mouth as he started humping her face.

      Lisa felt something pressing against her lower lips. It was like a bulge at the base of Santa's Little Helper's shaft. She didn’t have time to think about it or what it was before she felt it being forced into her cunt. Lisa almost wanted to scream around Bart's dick. Her eyes went wide and she stopped sucking. Her hands formed into fists on the carpet, and Bart pulled out of her mouth.

      “Lisa? You alright?” he asked. Lisa's bottom lip quivered and a tear seeped from her eye. Bart immediately knew what had happened. “You... you took the knot?” He looked up at Santa's Little Helper. His rear end was no longer thrusting against her. Instead, he was making short and sharp jabs at her crotch.

      “It’s alright. He’ll be done soon,” Bart kissed his sister's forehead. Lisa shook her head.

      “Bart, I don’t think I want him to be done soon. It hurt at first but now I’m getting used to it and...” her voice trailed off when Santa's Little Helper threw his head in the air and let out a small howl. Lisa's eyes went wide as she felt the first spurt of his canine cum spraying inside her.

      “Bart... he’s doing it. He’s cumming. My God, I’ve been fucked by a dog and he’s cumming inside me!” Lisa could feel every hot spurt of dog cum flooding her cunt. She gently laid her head down onto the floor, keeping her ass up in the air and her pussy tied with his cock. 

      “Oh, Bart. It’s so warm. But it feels thin, and there’s so much of it.” Bart sat down on the floor in front of his sister. He spread his legs out around her with his twitching cock in her face. “Get comfortable, sis. You’ll be tied with him for a while.”

      "At least I'll have something to suck on," Lisa smiled. She eased herself forward and took Bart's dick back into her mouth.

      It was a full half-hour before Santa's Little Helper's knot had shrunk enough for him to pull out. Bart, after cumming twice in his Lisa's mouth, had laid down a couple of towels underneath his sister with a couple of towels. Lisa had the most delicious ache in her pelvic bone, and she was loving it. She felt so spent, so pleasured. She would never admit it, but Bart could never make her feel this way. Santa's Little Helper dismounted her and offered Lisa a few licks to her face. Perhaps it was his way of thanking her or his way of apologizing for knotting her so forcefully. But Lisa didn’t mind. It felt nice.  

      "Come here, boy," Lisa smiled. She placed her hands on the back his head and scratched him behind his ears. She eased herself up and sat crossed-legged on the towels. 

      "Ah, what the hell," Lisa said and lunged forward. And Bart watched in shock as Lisa planted a kiss right on his dog's muzzle.

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