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BY : Lennox
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Volume 2

      As much as they loved to shower together, there was still a need for Bart and Lisa to remain cautious. The last thing they wanted was for suspicion to arise from their parents. It was with much regret and hesitation that Bart stepped out of the shower first. He dried himself off while Lisa stood in silence, with only the sound of running shower echoing in the bathroom. Bart slowly opened the door and poked his head out into the hall. Satisfied that the coast was clear, he winked at his sister and stepped out of the bathroom. Bart closed the door as quietly as he could before he made his way back to his sister's room.

      Lisa forced herself to wait another whole minute before she turned the water off. As she dried, she hoped that she and Bart were able to create the illusion that there was only ever one of them in the bathroom. The last thing she wanted was her parents to figure out what she and Bart were doing when their doors were closed. Lisa dried herself off checked to make sure the corridor was clear. Seeing it empty, Lisa's nude body made an excitable dash down the corridor and into her room. She quickly closed the door behind her and pressed her ear against it, just in case her brief run had caught the attention Homer and Marge and they decided to investigate. But Lisa didn’t hear anyone approaching their landing, and she briefly wondered if they were even home. She turned to face her brother and a quizzical look grew on her face.

      “Bart? Why are you wearing my clothes?”

      Bart stood at the foot of Lisa's bed. He wasn't too keen on his choice of outfit. He was wearing Lisa's usual red dress and red shoes, the clothes almost stretching and squeezing against the bigger boy. And for the final touch, he had even slipped her pearl necklace around his neck.

      “We got a message about it, sis. Someone wants us to swap clothes and make out,” Bart pointed to his t-shirt and shorts on the bed. “And someone else says I have to wear your church clothes and go out in public. Gotta say Lis, not keen on this idea.” Lisa picked up Bart’s underpants and held them in front of her face. The sight of his briefs triggered a worrying thought in Lisa's mind. 

      “Bart! Are you wearing my panties?” Bart grinned and lifted the hem of the dress. Sure enough, the bulge of his dick was pressing through the fabric of Lisa's underwear. Lisa glared at him as she slipped her feet through Bart’s undies and pulled them up around her waist. She stepped in front of her mirror to have a look.

      “Well, they’re a bit roomy, and more comfortable than I expected. But do we have to do this?”

      “Come on Lisa," Bart tossed his blue shorts at his sister. "I know you can never wait to get into my pants.” Lisa cringed at the joke, but she didn’t say anything. She quietly stepped into Bart's shorts and pulled them up her legs. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over her spiky hair. She then sat down for the shoes and socks.

      Together, they both moved in front of the mirror. Lisa was turning from side to side and trying to get a view from every angle. Bart’s clothes were a little baggy on her. She had to hold onto the shorts to keep them from slipping down her legs. Lisa’s dress was hugging Bart’s stomach, making his plumpness even more noticeable. He grabbed Lisa’s hand and motioned her to the bed.

      “Now then. What say we lie down and I eat your shorts?” Lisa rolled her eyes.

      “Please, Bart. Enough with the puns.” Bart turned his sister to face him.

      “Make me,” he said. Lisa wrapped her arms around her brother and pressed her mouth to his. The two were quickly locked in a passionate make-out session. Bart’s dick started to stiffen inside the cotton white panties and was quickly growing uncomfortable. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, and Lisa soon found her hands slipping inside the back of her own dress. Sharing their kiss had made them forget the discomfort of being in each other's clothes, and Lisa could feel Bart’s bulge through her clothes. She slipped her fingers into the waistband and pulled her panties down his legs, causing Bart's shaft to spring free from the fabric. The bulge had turned into an obvious tent, and Bart stepped out of Lisa's panties.

      “I guess don’t mind you wearing my clothes Bart, but I do mind if you rip them.” Bart blushed and went to lift the dress, but Lisa stopped him.

      "No, leave it like that. I like the bulge.”

The Simpson siblings fell onto Lisa’s bed. With their arms around each other and tongues in the other’s mouths, they rolled on the mattress as they each took turns in being on top for their make-out session. They rubbed their legs together as they muttered during their kiss. But they soon pulled apart, with Lisa gazing into her brother's eyes.

      “So," she grinned. "You mentioned something about my church dress?" Bart's face fell.

      "Damn it," he muttered. "I was hoping you'd forget I said that."

      "Go on Bart, it's hanging in the closet," Lisa grinned. Bart sighed as he pushed himself off his sister and opened her closet door. He began sorting through his sister’s clothes, sliding them one by one across the rack. He eventually found the dress and pulled it off its hanger. He placed it on the bed as he pulled the red dress over his head. It was a bit of an effort, but he finally got the church dress on. He held out his arms as he in front of the mirror. Lisa climbed off the bed and joined him in front of his reflection.

      “How do I look?” he asked. 

      “Not as bad as I thought," Lisa lowered her arm and slipped it under the dress. Bart grinned at her as she gripped his shaft.  

      “Well, well, well. Does my little sister enjoy putting her hands up girl’s dresses?”

      "Shut up, Bart," Lisa chuckled. She reached up for the back of his neck and kissed him again. She pulled her brother back down onto the bed and let him all atop her. Lisa didn't want to wait another second. Bart lifted and pulled the hem of her dress out of the way and pressed the tip of his cock against the entrance to her cunt. With a silent gasp coming from Lisa's mouth, Bart pushed himself inside.

      Lisa was almost lifted off the bed as she was penetrated by her brother. She gave Bart a sultry grin, wrapping her arms around him and connecting their lips once more. Bart kissed her while slipping his hands and arms beneath her. He started to pump himself in and out of the sister he loved so much. Bart lifted his shirt over Lisa's chest to expose her flat chest so he could suck on one of her small pink nipples. Lisa shivered and she wrapped her legs around her brother's waist. Her chest always felt so sensitive, but Bart's tongue always did the job on her small nubbins. Bart gradually increased the thrusting of his hips, grunting and panting as the siblings fucked on the bed. It didn't take them long to be pushed over the edge of their climax, their orgasms hitting at the same time. Lisa's pussy was painted with her brother's incestuous cum, while Bart's dick was bathed in his sister's juices. He collapsed on top of her in brief exhaustion. They lay there panting, their skin glistening with traces of sweat, and just enjoying the afterglow of their fuck. It wasn't long before Bart carefully rolled himself off his sister and onto the bed beside her. Their hands quickly found each other and clasped together, while Lisa shifted her leg over the top of Bart's. They turned their heads to look at each other, and Lisa rolled onto her side to hug him.

      "So Lis," Bart finally said. "Do I really have to go out in your dress?"

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