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BY : Lennox
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Volume 3

      “Hurry up Bart. It’ll be dark soon. We haven't even set up camp yet.” Lisa crossed her arms as Bart finally caught up with his sister.

      “Well I would have been faster if I was wearing decent shoes,” he pointed down at his feet. “Couldn’t I have worn some proper hiking boots?” Instead of hiking boots or even his usual blue sneakers, Bart was wearing Lisa’s church shoes and her dress. It was an idea given by a user online who wanted Bart to wear his sister's clothes both during sex and out in public. While walking towards the forest on the edge of Springfield, Bart was hiding behind bushes, trees, parked cars, anything to avoid being spotted in Lisa’s dress. But hiking in her pink sandals wasn’t easy.

      "Nope, you knew the rules, Bart. We're taking suggestions and we're doing them." 

      “Aww, Lisa. How about we just camp here? Sure it's on the walking track but who is really going to be hiking during the night?” 

      “No Bart. We're not camping here. There’s a clearing about a mile ahead. Now come on, let’s go. We’re losing daylight.” Bart grumbled as he followed his sister deeper into the forest. Both he and Lisa were carrying a backpack. Between them, they had a tent, sleeping bag, pillows, spare clothes, two days worth of food, a gas stove for cooking, and other camping equipment. They were only camping out for one night, another suggestion they were given online.

      Bart collapsed on the ground as soon as they arrived at the clearing. His sister's shoes hadn’t made it easy for him. He didn’t care what the internet wanted him to do. He kicked them off onto the grass and breathed a sigh of relief. Lisa ignored him and started setting up the tent. Bart knew he should help her, or at least unpack his bag. But he just didn’t have the energy to move. The setting sun was beaming down on him through the trees. It really was the perfect spot for camping. He closed his eyes and just relaxed, enjoying the sound of the wind through the leaves and branches, and the occasional bird squawk from somewhere in the forest.

      “Ow! Son of a...” Bart quickly sat up and looked at his hand. There was a tiny puncture mark and a small spider crawling over his skin. He flicked it off into the grass with his fingers.

      “Are you alright?” Lisa asked.

      "Yeah, I think... I... I don't know," Bart suddenly felt very tired, groggy and lethargic. HE felt like he had just woken up from a bad night of rest. He looked back down at his hand, the puncture had gone. Did he just doze off and dream the spider bite? It felt like he did.

      “Yeah, Lisa. I think I'm okay.”

      “Well good. If you’re done lying around I need you to take the other side of the tent.”

      It didn’t take the two of them long to set up their camp. Bart and Lisa rolled the sleeping bag out inside their tent and set up a small tarp outside to sit on. Soon, they had a nice fire going and a comfortable little campsite. Bart figured that since they weren’t out in public anymore, he didn’t have to wear the dress. He pulled it over his head and tossed it casually into the tent, along with Lisa's underpants. Bart didn't bother to put anything back on. It was a warm evening, and he felt quite content to relax in his birthday suit. Lisa stole a glance at her naked brother as she unpacked their little gas stove. Marge had packed them sausages and vegetables. Lisa agreed with Bart to have all the veggies and leave the meat to him. Bart didn’t object.  

      “Well Lis I’ve got some nice yellow sausage here for you later on if you want,” he joked.

      The last of the daylight was fading fast as the setting sun had dropped below the horizon, but the heat and light from their fire was enough to keep them warm.

      “Bart? What’s that on your hand?” Lisa asked. Bart looked down at his hand. From the exact spot where the spider bit him, a thin layer of something silver was emanating from his skin. The silver substance slowly started engulfing his hand and began to travel up his arm.

      “Cool man. It’s like that movie where everyone lives inside a computer program.”

      “Does it hurt Bart?” Lisa was worried. The silver substance was almost like a liquid mirror. But now it had covered Bart’s arm and was slowly spreading across his chest.

      “No. It actually... feels kinda good.” They both watched as the substance ran down Bart’s legs and under his feet. When his whole body was covered, the substance started to slither up his neck.

      “Um... Lisa?” was all he could say before it coated his lips, poured into his mouth, and covered his head. Bart looked over his hands and his feet.

      “That’s odd. That’s really odd.” Bart’s yellow skin had vanished beneath the silver as if he wore one big rubber suit. But Lisa was worried and started fiddling with her fingers.

      “Bart, maybe we should get you to a hospital. We don’t know what this stuff is. It could be bad.” Bart shivered a little as if a jolt of pleasure ran up his spine. His dick bounced up almost straight away.

      “Oooh, I don’t know sis. This feels pretty good.” Bart found he was unable to contain himself. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and started rubbing himself. He looked up at his sister.

      “I’m getting horny, sis. I think I feel like I could go all night. You wanna test that theory?”  

      “Bart, this isn't the time for sex. Your life could be in danger. You need medical attention.” But Bart didn’t let her say another word. He stepped forward and grabbed his sister's arms. Before she could protest, Lisa felt Bart’s slivery lips on her own. The silvery substance spread to Lisa's mouth and began crawling its way over her skin.

      “Bart, Look what you did!" Lisa pushed him away.  "I’ve got it now. I really think we should go to the hospital.” The silver coating traveled down her neck and underneath her clothes. Just like with Bart, Lisa's head was last to be covered. Lisa took a look at her hands, and she could see her face in the reflection.

      “So Lis, you still wanna go to the hospital.” Lisa took another look at her hands. She suddenly felt that same jolt of pleasure that Bart go through her spine. Like her brother, she too felt horny as if she could go for hours.

      “I... I know we should. But... but I don't think I want to.” Lisa started feeling hot and uncomfortable under her clothes. Bart couldn’t look away as she peeled them off in front of him. It was the sexiest thing he’s ever seen.

      “Man, this sliver stuff must be affecting my brain or something. I’ve seen you strip dozens of times, but that was the best show I’ve ever seen.” Lisa chuckled a nervous chuckle.

      “But I didn’t do anything.” Bart couldn’t hold himself back. He kissed his sister deeply and this time Lisa didn’t push back. Their tongues rubbed against each other in between their lips.

      “God Bart," Lisa groaned. "It’s probably this silver stuff talking, but I can’t take my mind or my hands off you. I need you inside me, Bart. Do me right here, outside, middle of the clearing!” Lisa stepped away from her brother and dropped to her hands and knees. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart to show her rear entrance. “I want you in my ass, Bart!"

      Bart quickly got into position behind her. This was one invitation he wasn’t going to refuse. He pressed his dick against her small hole and pushed himself inside. The silver numbed the dull and uncomfortable pain of anal, and all she felt was the pleasure of it. She carefully balanced her upper body on one arm so she could move her other hand between her legs. As Bart started to fuck her, she began fingering her soaked slit and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Lisa quickly lowered her head to the ground.

      Bart, meanwhile, was in heaven. Lisa had never let him do this to her before. Her ass felt so tight. Sure, Lisa’s pussy was always warm and moist for him, but her asshole felt extra special. Bart leaned over her and cupped her flat chest in his hands below her.

      “I love your little body Lisa, but I can’t wait until these grow out.” Bart teased and pinched his sister’s nipples, with Lisa only pushing back to meet his thrusts. The two siblings fucked in the middle of the woods, not caring if they would be found.

      “God... Lisa... good... close...” was all Bart could say. He slammed himself inside of his sister and arched his back. His silver cock twitched inside her and erupted with his semen. He pulled himself out and fell backward onto the grass behind him. He held his dick as it sprayed his seed over his sister’s ass and back. Lisa rolled over and sat in the grass, her silver belly painted in Bart's white cream.

      “My God, Bart. How much are you going to cum?”

      “I think it’ll die down soon.” It was the answer that Lisa didn’t want to hear. Not only did the silver make them incredibly horny, but it also increased Bart’s sperm production. Lisa lunched forward and took his dick in her mouth. She caught the last few spurts and swallowed them. But Bart’s spurts of seed were big and thick. Each rope almost filled her mouth completely. When he was done, Lisa sat back and let a bit of cum dribble from her chin. She spread her legs for him.

      “Up for another round?”

      For the rest of the night, Bart and Lisa fucked in every position they could think of. They fucked in a tree, inside their tent, even in a nearby lake. They just didn’t care about anything other than fucking their brains out. But it was about five in the morning when Lisa fell off Bart’s prick and she cuddled up to him.

      “I know I should be tired, but I’m just not. I could still go on. God, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cum.

      “I’m the same, little sis. I stopped counting around 40.” Lisa forced herself to rest. The silver wanted her to keep going, but her body had taken so much.

      “Bart, what do you say we just head home? We'll pack everything up, all the clothes, and just walk home naked. Not many people would be up at this hour. We could probably stroll right through town.” 

      “Mmm, I like the way you think little lady,” Bart grinned and crawled over on top of his sister. Lisa playfully pushed him off.

      “No Bart, you get on top of me like that again and we’ll never get home.”

      It didn’t take them long to take down their campsite and pack everything into their bags. They could see a faint orange glow on the horizon. The sun would be rising soon. But until then, hand in hand they walked back towards home. As the minutes ticked by and dawn approached, the sliver coating started to crack up the back of their arms and legs. And neither of them noticed chunks dropping from their bodies and exploding into dust when they hit the ground.

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