To Save The Worlds: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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Trying to find jobs, but maybe finding more? Part 5.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Who Framed Roger Rabbit and all other cartoon characters that belong to their rightful owners.

Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Implied yuri, Sex between a toon woman and a toon lolli, Sex toy use.




"Loud Sounds"



Locations and Time of day.

Fox Animation Studios. Nine, nine in the morning.

Amanda shyly looks around as she walks through the studio lot. (There's a lot of strange looking toons around here.) a very tall green slug like toon with three legs catches her eyes. She keeps her eyes on it as she keeps walking. (I hope not every toon is as scary looking as him.) She soon comes to the trailers and walks up to the nearest one. The name printed in black on the door reads, Akima Kunimoto. She raises her right hand and knocks on the door.




"Yes, who is it?"

Amanda has a small smile when she hears the feminine voice through the door. "Good morning Ms. Kunimoto. My name is Amanda, and I'm the new toon assistant. Do you need help with anything?"

"Good, I could use a hand."

Amanda takes that as a enter and opens the door. She steps in and looks for Akima. "What can I..." The sight in front of her makes her stop mid sentence and blush.

Akima stands five feet, six inches tall with peach ink skin, short black ink hair with purple ink bangs framing her face, brown ink eyes and full lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big C-cup breasts, slim waistline, full rounded hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet.

Akima has her back to Amanda and is naked with a white toon towel covering her back. She quickly closes the towel around herself and turns around when Amanda stepped in. She gives the young woman a smirk when she sees her blush. "I don't think I said come in."

Amanda quickly turns around and was about to step back out. "I... I'm so sorry. I'll just wait..."

"I didn't say you had to leave."

Amanda looks back at Akima and blushes again at seeing the toon woman only wrapped in a toon towel. "S... shouldn't I wait outside?"

Akima still has a smirk as she holds the towel closed with her right hand. "We have the same parts don't we? So, in or out?"

Amanda looks down to look away from Akima's cleavage. But her eyes land on the toon's shapely legs. Her blush darkens and she quickly looks away. "W.. well I guess so. If you think it's ok, I'll stay in with you." She than closes the door.

Akima gives Amanda a smile and than turns around. She than walks up to a changing screen next to a bed. Her shadow is seen through it. She takes the towel off and drops it on the bed. "So Amanda? Is this the first time you've worked with toons?"

Amanda looks over at Akima and lightly gulps as the towel is put on the bed. "Y... yes it is actually."

Akima reaches out with her left hand to the bed and picks up a pair of pants. "You don't have to be so nervous Amanda." She than steps into her pants and pulls them up while shaking her hips from side to side. "We are going to be working together after all. Can I know your last name? I mean you know mine."

Amanda blushes darkly at seeing Akima pulling up the tight pair of pants. "It... it's Algo."

Akima lightly laughs as she than reaches out to a shirt resting on the bed. "ha ha ha ha. didn't I say you don't have to be nervous?" She than puts the shirt on. "Keep acting like that and I'll think you have a crush on me."

Amanda bites her bottom lip as Akima puts the shirt on. (Oh my... She isn't wearing underwear.) Her eyes widen and she looks away when she realizes the toon woman said something to her. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

Akima steps around the changing screen and looks at Amanda confusingly. "Why would you think I would be offended?" She is now wearing a green toon shirt that hugs her chest and tight black toon pants.

Amanda shyly looks back at Akima. "Because we're both girls." She than looks away sadly. "It didn't go so well when I called a girl cute."

Akima rolls her eyes and puts her hands on her hips. "I forget you humans worry about that." She continues when Amanda looks back at her. "Toons have a lot more than what's in the person's pants to worry about." She than puts on a pair of black toon boots. "I know a toon deer is dating Peter Pan."

Amanda slightly tilts her head to the right with a confused look. ( I'm guessing that this Peter is probably a human toon like her.) "but... how does that work?"

Akima walks up to Amanda and takes her left hand with her right. "You don't know to much about toons for a toon assistant."

Amanda looks away to her left with a light blush on her cheeks. "W... well... I... umm. I..."

Akima leans forward and kisses Amanda's right cheek. "I was just teasing Amanda." She than opens the door with her left hand. "Now come on. I'll answer any questions you have about us toons while you give me a hand." She than lightly pulls her out of the trailer.

Amanda has a shocked look on her face and her right hand on her cheek. (W... wow. She kissed my cheek. And it felt nice.) A smile than forms on her face. (Maybe being stuck here isn't a bad thing.) She looks over at Akima and the toon woman gives her a smile back. The two than intertwine their fingers together. (It just might be a good thing.)

Maroon Cartoons Studio. Nine, fourteen in the morning.

Wanda sits in a chair in front of a desk as she smiles at the man she is talking to. "So you see Mr. Maroon, I'd be perfect for the job. I promise you'll not be disappointed in hiring me."

Maroon stands five feet, seven inches tall with peach skin, thin black hair, brown eyes and thin lips. He has a slightly rounded body shape with strong arms, big hands, slim fingers, slightly rounded waistline, narrow hips, slim butt, strong legs and big feet. He is wearing a gray business suit jacket, a gray vest, a white button up shirt under it, a gray tie, gray pants and black shoes.

Maroon looks Wanda up and down with his right eyebrow raised. "Well you definitely look the part." His eyes focus on her big breasts for a second before looking back up at her face. "But I think we can fit you in. Go to sound stage C, you can't miss it." A frown than forms on his face. "They're filming the new Roger Rabbit cartoon." He than picks up a newspaper and opens it. "The damn thing as been given me a two day headache."

Wanda had a frown on her face when she sees Maroon looking at her breasts. But she looks at him in confusion at hearing what he said. "Umm, sir? Can I ask what you mean by that?"

Maroon doesn't even look up from the newspaper when he answers Wanda. "Trust me, you'll know when you get there. Now get going. Time is money and I'm not paying you to just sit there."

Wanda gives Maroon a deadpan look as she stands up. "You got it Mr. Maroon." She walks out of the office and than towards the exit of the building. (Great. Looks like my boss could be a bit of a asshole.) The deadpan look on her face than changes into a look of curiosity. (Still, I wonder what he meant.)

Maroon Cartoon Studio: Sound Stage C.

Wanda walks into the sound stage and looks around and sees that a cartoon is being filmed. (Ok, there we go. This didn't take to long to find. This has to be the Roger Rabbit cartoon Maroon was talking about.) She than looks at all the cartoon characters around and her smile becomes a small smirk. (And if I was a betting woman, I'd say he is Roger Rabbit.)

Roger is a cartoon rabbit that stands three feet, ten inches tall. (The ten inches coming from the rabbit ears on top of his head.) He has white ink fur, a tuff of orange ink hair on top of his head, blue ink eyes, a pink ink nose, whiskers, thin lips and a small buck tooth. He has a skinny body shape with skinny arms, big hands, slim fingers with four on each hand, slim waistline, narrow hips, slim butt, a white fluffy cotton tail above it, skinny legs and big feet with three toes on each foot. He is wearing yellow toon gloves, red toon overalls with two yellow buttons and a blue toon bowtie with yellow polka dots.

Wanda's smirk changes into a slight frown when she notices the sad look on Roger's face. (I wonder what's wrong with him?) She was about to walk up to him, but than someone put there hand on her right shoulder.

"And what are you doing on this set young lady?"

Wanda looks over her shoulder to see the owner of the annoyed male voice.

The man stands five feet, seven inches tall with brown hair, brown eyes, wearing glasses, a white button up shirt, grey pants and brown shoes.

Wanda turns around and gives the man a smile. "Good morning sir. My name is Wanda Spraak and I'm the new toon assistant. Mr. Maroon told me to come here and..."

The man cuts Wanda off and his shoulders slump at hearing her say toon assistant. "Oh thank God. I swear if I don't get at least ten minutes, the rabbit is going to drive me crazy." He turns around and walks towards a office. "You get him to stop screwing up his lines so we can finish this damn cartoon."

Wanda watches the man go with her right eyebrow raised. (Ok. I'm guessing he might be the director.) She looks back at Roger, who still has a sad look on his face. (He looks like something is bothering him. I wonder if anyone has tried to talk to him to see what's wrong?) She than tries to walk up to him again.


Wanda stops again and looks down at where the cute sounding voice came from. Seeing a toon baby sitting in front of her and looking up at her with a smile.

The toon baby stands two feet tall with peach ink skin, a small bit of blonde ink hair on top of his head tied up with a pink toon bow, a few strands of hair just above his neck, blue ink eyes and thin lips. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, slim waistline, slim hips, slim but, slim legs and small feet. He is wearing a white toon diaper with a gold toon safety pin.

Wanda smiles as she reaches down to pick up the toon baby. "Awww. Come here little one." She picks him up and rubs her left cheek against his right. "Aren't you just a little cutie."

The baby closes his eyes and smiles. "he he he he." But his right hand is slowly reaching for Wanda's big breasts.

"Hey Herman, who's your new friend? Her hair is very pretty."

Wanda looks down at where she heard the voice. She sees that it is Roger looking up at them with a smile. "Hello. I'm..."

Herman cuts Wanda off however after rolling his eyes and looking down at Roger with a frown. "Roger... You have the worst timing." She looks at the baby in surprise at hearing his now deep male sounding voice.

Roger looks at Herman in confusion while tilting his head to the right. "What do you mean?"

Herman than lightly shakes his head. "Just forget about it." He than looks at Wanda with his best flirtatious smile. "Anyway, as you heard. The names Herman. What your name doll?"

Wanda still had a confused look on her face before it turned into a small frown. "My name is Wanda. And I would appreciate it if you don't call me doll." She than bends over to put Herman down on the floor. She didn't notice that he lightly run his finger tips down her breasts as she puts him down. She stands straight up and puts her hands on her hips. "I'm the new toon assistant. So is there anything I can help you two with?"

Herman gives Wanda a big smile after hearing her say toon assistant. "Oh thank God your here." He than points to Roger with his right thumb. "Maybe you can help my pal here dol..." He cuts himself off when she raises her right eyebrow and gives her a nervous smile. "Wanda." He than looks at Roger with a small frown. "Ok Roger, let Wanda here help you out so we can finish this damn cartoon. I'm going to get something to drink. Call me when we're ready to start filming again."

Roger gives Herman a smile and nods his head. "Sure thing Herman. I'll come to get you personal pal."

Herman gives Roger a nod back and than looks up at Wanda with a smile. "And as for you gorgeous." He gets up on his tippy toes, reaches up with both of his hands to her right one, lightly pulls it down to his lips and kisses it. "Hopefully you and I will have sometime to talk together to."

Wanda is giving Herman a frown, but she has a blush on her cheeks and she didn't pull her hand away. "Well that depends if you can remember that my name is Wanda, Herman."

Herman gives Wanda a smirk as he kisses her hand again. "Oh don't worry beautiful. I'm definitely not going to forget about your name anytime soon." He than lets go of her hand and walks away.

Wanda can't help but keep her eyes on Herman as she watches him walk away.

"Do you really think you can help me Wanda?"

Wanda jumps at hearing Roger's voice and looks at him with an embarrassed blush. "huh, oh. Well... That depends on what the problem is. But I'll do the best that I can Roger." She than gives him a small smile. "So, what's wrong Roger?"

Roger gives Wanda a great full smile before it changes into a sad look. "Well you see..." He than lightly grabs her left hand with his right and leads her over to a table. He than hops up on to it and sits down on the edge. "It's just all these mean people saying such awful things about my dear Jessica."

Wanda raises her right eyebrow as she looks at Roger in confusion. "Who's Jessica?"

Roger let's out a dreamy sigh as his eyes turn into hearts. "She's my lovely girlfriend that sings at the Ink and Paint Club." He than crosses his arms and frowns with his eyes back to normal. "But some people keep saying that she is cheating on me." He than closes his eyes and turns his head up to the left. "As if I would believe such things." He than looks down sadly with his ears drooping and his shoulders slouching. "But there are those times when she looks sad sometimes. She always tells me nothing is wrong with a smile. But still..."

Wanda can't help but look sadly at Roger. (Poor guy. I guess toons can have relationship problems to.) She places her left hand on his right shoulder to get his attention. She gives him a smile when he looks up at her. "I don't think that you should listen to anything those people say Roger."

Roger looks up at Wanda with big tear filled hopefully eyes. "You really think so?"

Wanda than gives Roger a nod. "Of course I do. I also think Jessica will tell you whatever is wrong. Just give her some time."

Roger hops off of the table and wraps his arms around Wanda's waist. "Gi thanks Wanda. I knew that someone else felt the same way that I do about this."

Wanda has a surprised look on her face as Roger hugs her, but it quickly becomes a smile and she puts both of her hands on his shoulders. "You're welcome Roger. I just hope what I said helps."

"Ok! Let's try to film this cartoon one more time! Get into your places people!"

Both Wanda and Roger turn in the direction of the male voice. They see that it's the director who has a frown on his face as he looks at Roger.

Roger grabs Wanda's left hand with his right and pulls her a long. "Come on Wanda, let's go get Herman. Thanks to your help, I feel like I can definitely finish this cartoon now."

Wanda just smiles as she let's Roger pull her a long. (I just hope you're right Roger. And hopefully want ever is bartering your girlfriend isn't to big. Hopefully.)

Ink Under the Sheets Studios. Nine, nineteen in the morning.

Yokoma and Valary are looking around as they walk through the studio lot. They see mostly human toons, a few people like animal toons and humans around.

Yokoma as a slight frown as he sees two female human toons wearing sexy cop uniforms. "I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I think I know what kind of studio this is."

Valary smirks as she looks at Yokoma. "Well with a name like Ink Under the Sheets, we should have guessed it was a porn studio." She than sees a cat woman walking towards them.

The cat woman has tan ink skin, blonde ink hair that goes down to just above her hips, it also has a large bang covering her forehead with two small bangs framing her face, two cat ears stick out of her hair near the top of her head, green ink eyes, a small pink ink nose, thin lips and a furry blonde ink tail just above her butt. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, four slim fingers on each hand, small C-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a tight white button up toon shirt, a tight dark pink toon business jacket over it, a blue toon tie, a dark pink toon skirt that stops halfway down her thighs and blue two inch toon heels.

The cat woman gives both of them a smile as she walks by them. "Good morning." Both teens watch her walk away with a little sway of her hips.

Valary smirks as she turns around. "Hello Kitty." She was about to walk after her when Yokoma's right hand on her right shoulder stops her. She looks at him with a pout. "What?"

Yokoma gives Valary a small frown. "Come on. We don't want to be fired on our first day. We're almost at sound stage C." He than continues in the direction they were walking in.

Valary let's out a sigh as she looks in the direction the cat woman went in. She sees her by a entrance to a building looking back at her over her left shoulder. The cat woman gives her a wave with her right hand as she walks into the building. She let's out another sigh as she turns around and goes to catch up with Yokoma. "uhh. Well, maybe Yokoma and I will get to work with some other hot toons." Her slightly disappointed look than becomes a smile. "And if not, I'll just go and talk to Ms. hot Kitty cat later." Her smile than becomes a nervous one. "I just hope that coach and Ms. Doon don't find out this is a porn studio we're working for."

A few minutes later.

Both Yokoma and Valary are now carrying a box each as they walk by some trailers. Both teens are looking at the names on the doors as they walk past them.

Yokoma has a slight frown as he continues to read the names. (Now where is her...) He stops walking and a smile forms on his face as he sees the name Lonette on a door. (There we go.) He than turns to Valary. "Well looks like I found who I'm looking for."

Valary stops and looks back at Yokoma with a pout. "Well that's good for you. But the toon I'm looking for is wanted on set in fifteen minutes."

Yokoma nods his head in the direction right behind Valary. "Well it's a good thing her trailer is right behind you."

Valary looks behind herself and smiles as she sees the name Holli Would on the door. "Alright." she than looks back at Yokoma. "Thanks Yokoma. See you later." She than turns around and walks towards the trailer.

Yokoma turns back to the one he was looking for and walks up to the door. He balances the box with his left hand and knocks on the door with his right.




"Yes, who is it?"

Yokoma smiles at hearing Lonette's voice through the door. "Good morning Ms. I've got the costume you needed redrawn."

Lonette's voice is than heard again with a happy tone to it. "Oh that's good. You can come in with it."

Yokoma opens the door and walks in. He than looks back towards the door as he closes it behind himself. "I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. My name is Yokoma Riice and I'm the..." He stops mid sentence when he turns to look at Lonette. His eyes widen as he almost drops the box and a blush forms on his face.

Lonette stands five feet, five inches tall with peach ink skin, black ink hair that stops just above her mid back, green ink eyes, light green toon eyeshadow and full lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, D-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a thin strapped white toon night dress that stops at the top of her thighs. It shows off some of her cleavage and is tied around her neck.

Lonette is sitting in a chair with her hands on her lap, keeping the bottom of her night dress down and not flashing her privates. She tiltes her head to the left as she looks at Yokoma. "What's the matter? Are you ok Yokoka.?"

Yokoma lightly shakes his head and gives Lonette a small smile with a blush. "Oh sorry. I'm one of the new toon assistants and I've got the dress you need."

Lonette gives Yokoma a smile, gets up and walks up to him. "Well it's very nice to meet you Yokoma." She than takes the box from him. "And thank you very much." She turns around and walks towards a changing screen with a slight sway to her hips. She looks over her right shoulder and smirks seeing him looking down at her butt. "You know, if you are not to busy right now. I wouldn't mind somebody to model this dress for."

Yokoma's blush darkens as he pulls his eyes away from Lonette's butt. "O... oh. No, I'm not busy right now. Id love... like to see you try it on."

Lonette giggles as she walks behind the screen. "he he he he. Good, just give me a few seconds."

Yokoma gulps as he sees Lonette's shadow through the screen. She puts down the box on a chair next to her. She than takes off her night dress and hangs it on one of the ends of the screen. She than opens the box and pulls out the dress. She steps into it and pulls it up. She than fixes the dress at her chest, fixes her hair up and than pulls something else out of the box and puts it on top of her head.

Lonette than steps out from behind the screen. She is now wearing a small gold toon crown with a toon ruby heart in the center, a black strapless toon dress that stops at the top of her feet. It's also backless with two large slits from her hips down to the bottom, showing off her legs. It also has three red hearts on it with one each on her breasts and the last one on the skirt part above her center. She looks at Yokoma with a smile. "So what do you think?"

Yokoma lightly gulps as he looks at Lonette up and down. "It... looks good on you."

Lonette gives Yokona a smile as she walks towards her bed. "Thanks." She than slips her feet into black toon three inch heels with red hearts on the front of them. "There, now I'm ready for my scenes today." Her smile than becomes a worried look. "Well as long as Alice is really ready for this work."

Yokoma raises his right eyebrow in slight confusion. "Who's Alice.?"

Lonette looks back at Yokoma with her smile back and walks up to him. She lightly grabs his left hand with her right and pulls him along with her. "She's probably on set right now. Come on I'll introduce you to her."

As they exited the trailer, Yokoma looks over at the other one where Valary was headed to. Not seeing her, he looks back ahead of himself. (I wonder how Valary did with Holli? I hope she didn't do something stupid that would get us fired on our first day.) He than looks at Lonette and now has to look up a little with the heels making her taller. (But if Holli is half as gorgeous as Lonette, than yeah, we should probably start looking for another job. Please behave yourself Valary.)

A few minutes ago with Valary.

Valary walks up to the trailer door and knocks it with her right foot.




Valary than calls out to Holli through the door. "Hello! Ms. Would! You're wanted on set.!"

"I'm coming! I'm just trying to find somethings!"

Valary raises her right eyebrow at hearing Holli's voice. (Well, She's got a sexy voice.) "But Ms. Would! The director wants you now! So...!"

The door is than pulled open and Holli steps out. "Look. I'm looking for some important things so..." She cuts herself off when she gets a good look at Valary. "I haven't seen you before. What's your name cutie?"

Valary smirks with a blush as she looks Holli up and down. (Well I guess she had to be gorgeous to go with her sexy voice.)

Holli stands five feet, five inches tall with peach ink skin, with blonde ink hair she keeps up with it covering her forehead, she also has two big bangs framing her face, blue ink eyes, little blue toon eyeshadow and full lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, D-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a white toon Playboy bunny suit with a rabbit tail right above her butt, it also shows off a lot of her cleavage and white three inch toon heels.

Valary gives Holli a smile with the blush still on her face. "My name is Valary Cane, Ms Would. And I'm one of the two new toon assistants that just got hired." She than sticks out the box to her. "I've got some things for you. Maybe what you are looking for is in this box."

Holli pouts as she puts her hands on her hips. "But I don't send anything to get redrawn." She puts her hands on top of the box and looks at Valary with a smirk. "But I'll make you a deal cutie. If what I'm looking for is in this box, I'll give you a reward." She than gives her a wink with her right eye. "What do you say Val?"

Valary's smile widens as her blush darkens. "Who in their right mind wouldn't agree to that." (Please let whatever it is be in the box!)

Holli opens the box and looks inside of it. Her smirk grows at what she looks inside. "Well fuck me, their they are." She reaches in with her left hand and pulls out a white, right handed toon glove. She puts it on and reaches in to get the other one. Now with both gloves on she reaches in with both hands and pulls out a set of white toon rabbit ears. She looks at Valary with a smile and half lided eyes as she puts them on. "Well a deals a deal." She leans in and kisses her on the left cheek. She smirks seeing the kiss mark left behind.

Valary gives Holli a smirk back. "So is there anything else I can help you with?"

Holli closes the box and walks pass Valary with a sway of her hips. "Actually, you can hold on to that box for me. There is one more thing in there I need for later." She looks over her left shoulder at her with half lided eyes. "So follow me and you will get a good show Val." She wiggles her hips a little and starts to walk away while swaying her hips again.

Valary quickly turns around and follows after Holli. (A sexy toon cat woman, a drop dead gorgeous toon Playboy bunny. I love this job.)

On set in sound stage C.

Yokoma walks in and looks around. He sees some people and a few toons getting everything ready. The set looks like a part of a animated park with some toon trees, green toon grass and a path on the ground. He looks away from the set and sees Valary sitting in one of the chairs against the back wall. He walks up to her and takes a seat next to her. "Hey Valary. I see you still have that box. Did everything go ok with Holli?" He than notices the kiss mark on her cheek. "Maybe I should take that kiss mark on your cheek as a yes."

Valary looks at Yokoma with a smile. "Oh it was a little bit more than ok." She than nods her head towards the set where Holli is standing. "That's her right over there."

Yokoma looks over at Holli and blushes. She was still looking at Valary with half lided eyes, but she gives him a wink when she notices him looking at her. He gives the sexy toon a wave and than looks back at his friend. "So you meet a beautiful toon woman to."

Valary gives Yokoma a smirk. "No, I meet a gorgeous toon woman." She than looks around. "Where is your beautiful toon woman?" She than looks back at him in slight confusion. "What's her name again?"

Yokoma than smiles with a light blush. "Her name's Lonette. She had something she had to do and told me to go ahead and meet another toon that's staring with her and Holli. Her name is Alice." He than looks around again. "Do you know which toon she is?"

Valary tilts her head to the right with a frown. "Alice?" She than sees a toon girl walk into the sound stage and her right eyebrow raises in surprise. "I think that might be her there."

Yokoma looks back at the entrance and his eyes widen in surprise. "Well, she wasn't what I was expecting."

Alice stands four feet, eleven inches tall with peach ink skin, thick blonde ink hair that stops at mid back, it's also parted in the front to show her forehead as well as tied with a black toon ribbon in a bow, blue ink eyes and full lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, small B-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a blue toon dress with a wide skirt bottom, it stops at her knees, a white toon apron over it, a white sleeveless toon shirt under it, white toon panties, white toon stockings and black toon Mary Jane's.

When the director sees Alice he rolls his eyes. (About time the little doodle finally got on set.) He sits in his chair next to the cameraman and looks around. "Ok! Places everybody! Let's start filming this thing!" He waits for everyone to take their spots and than nods to himself. "Quiet on the set! We start in! Three! Two! One!" He points at Alice and they start filming.

Alice walks through the park with a frown on her face. "Oh it's so terribly boring. No new places to explore. No interesting people to meet." She walks up to a tree and sits under it with her hands behind her head. "Nothing new ever happens in this dull little world of mine. Oh how I wish I could go somewhere more exciting." She than looks up into the sky with a smile. "If I could go to a world of my own. It would be filled with magical forests, talking animals and flowers, ruled by a beautiful queen who lives in a big castle and pretty women everywhere." She than let's out a dreamy sigh. "Ugh. I wish it was all real."

"Oh no, I'm going to be so late."

Alice looks around after hearing the seductive feminine voice. Her eyes widen and her mouth drops open as she sees Holli walking by.

Holli sees Alice and puts more sway to her hips as she goes deeper into the park. She looks over her right shoulder and blows a kiss to the pretty girl.

Alice blushes as she can only watch as Holli disappears around a tree. "I've never seen a woman wear something like that. And her chest was so..." She quickly gets up and runs after her. "Wait Ms.! Can I know your name please! Ms.! Oh Ms.!" She looks around but doesn't see the woman in the Playboy bunny suit anywhere. "Curiouser and curiouser. Where in heaven's name could she have possibly gone?"

"Down here Alice."

Alice turns in the direction of Holli's voice and sees a big rabbit hole in the side of a small hill. She walks up to the rabbit hole and bends down to look inside of it. "I don't remember this being here." She than gets on her hands and knees and sticks her head in. "Hello Ms.! Are you in here!?" She starts to crawl inside, but her hips get stuck. She looks back at her hips with a frown. "Oh, darn my hips." She pulls her hips and is soon unstuck. She than continues to crawl through the hole. "I wonder how deep this hole is... Aaaaaahhhhhh!" The hole becomes a deep drop and she falls into the darkness.

Alice opens her eyes as she notices she is falling a lot slower. Thanks a light she doesn't know where it's coming from, she is able to see in the tunnel. She looks down and smiles seeing her skirt is acting like a parachute. "Well that's marvelously convenient." She looks around and sees the walls are made of smooth blue bricks. She soon hears music coming from above herself and looks up. She sees a unlit fireplace and different colored lights coming from it's entrance. "Why does it look like it's getting closer?" She looks around again and notices that she is now somehow upside down. "Oh dear." Her skirt goes back to normal and her fall quickens. But luckily her feet hook on to a bar and she is able to look into the room with the lights. She looks up at the bar with a smile. "Well thank goodness that is right there." She than looks into the room. "Now where did that fascinating woman..." She cuts herself off as her mouth drops open and her eyes widen.

Holli was right in the middle of the room dancing. She as her eyes closed as she quickly moves to the beat. Her breasts were bouncing as she moves her body, she spun around and swayed her hips from side to side. She looks over her left shoulder and sees Alice watching her. She smirks and slows down her movements. She turns around again and slowly slides her hands up her body, stopping on her big breasts. She keeps swaying her hips as she slowly sides her hands down her body. She slowly bends forward with the movements of her hands, stopping when they are on her thighs. She thrust her hips from side to side one more time before standing back up straight. She than starts to walk towards a hallway while keeping her eyes on the girl. She stops to give her curvy but a shake and slaps her right butt cheek with her right hand.


Alice is blushing up a storm as she watches Holli walk away down the hallway. She shakes her head when the gorgeous woman disappears around a corner. "Wait Ms.!" She puts her hands on the floor and moves her feet off the bar. "Ms.!" She puts her feet back on the ground, stands up, turns around and rushes after her. "Please wait Ms.! Id really like to know your name... and where I am right now!" She runs down the hallway and around the corner. She stops when she comes to a tall green door. (She must have gone through here.) She opens the door, only for a slightly shorter brown door to be behind it. "What in the world?" She opens that door to find a shorter orange door. "Now this is just plain silly." She keeps going only to keep finding doors that keep getting shorter. Blue, Black, Purple, Yellow, Gray, Red. She is on her knees when she comes to a white door with a golden door nub and a picture of a black rabbit head on the center of the door. "This has to be it." She pushes the door open and sees it leads into a large room. She smiles as she crawls inside. When she is in the room she looks around and sits on her knees with a blush. "Oh my."

Inside of the large room with red walls, a red celling with many hanging dim lights and a fluffy gray carpet that covers the floor. There are three white doors in the wall to the right, two more white doors in the back wall with one by each corner, the one next to the left wall has the same picture of the black rabbit head as the small door, a large window in the left wall and a large heart shaped bed with white sheets and red pillows in the center of the room.

Alice still has a blush on her face as she walks up to the bed. "Oh good lord. I'm in her bedroom." She puts her right hand on the bed and feels the sheets. "Oh, there so soft." She than turns her head towards the window, walks up to it and looks outside. "Oh my."

Outside the window is a large forest, a few open fields, a couple of the tops of roofs here and there and a huge white and red castle in the distance.

"Welcome to my world."

Alice turns her head to the right after hearing Holli's voice. She sees the gorgeous woman still in the Playboy bunny suit standing in front of the now open door. It looks like a walk-in closet. "Oh, there you are Ms. I'm so sorry following you the way I did." Her blush than darkens. "And for entering your bedroom without your permission." She turns to the woman and gives her a curtsy with a smile. "My name is Alice and it's a pleasure to meet you Ms." She than clasps her hands together and looks into the woman's eyes. "Can I please have your name? And can you tell me where I am if it's not to much trouble?"

Holli walks up to her with her hips swaying. "My name isn't important right now. You can just call me your white rabbit for now." She stops in front of the girl and rubs her left cheek with her gloved right hand. "And this is Pleasure Land."

Alice bites her bottom lip as she leans into Holli's touch. "Pleasure Land?"

Holli nods her head and slowly leans forward. "Yes. And everything here is for your pleasure Alice." She than kisses her on the lips.

Alice pulls back in shock and takes a step back. "What are you doing? I'm a young lady and you are a young woman. We are not allowed to kiss each other like that." She than looks down sadly. "Two women being together is just... is just... not proper, and madness."

Holli still has a smirk on her face as she steps up to Alice, lightly grabs her cheeks with both hands and makes her look up into her eyes. "None of that matters here Alice. This is what you want. Enjoy your pleasure." She passionately kisses her again and this time the beautiful girl kisses back.

Pink Lemon Start!

Holli pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" with a thin string of saliva connected to their lips, but it quickly brakes. She looks into Alice's eyes, turns around and walks towards the bed while swaying her curvy hips.

Alice gulps as she follows Holli. She stands in front of the gorgeous woman who is now sitting on the bed in front of her. "I... I'm so very sorry Ms. Rabbit. But I don't have any idea what to do."

Holli reaches up to the top of her suit and pull it down. This makes her big breasts bounce as they're freed. "Let's start here."

Alice's eyes widen as she watches Holli's big breasts bounce. "Please forgive me for steering, but you are... the most well endowed woman I've ever seen." She reaches up with both hands and puts them on the gorgeous woman's big breasts. "And they're so soft."

Holli smirks as she puts her hands on top of Alice's and makes her squeeze them. "Don't be afarid to play with them Alice. I love having them squeezed." She than puts her hands on the pretty girl's cheeks and pulls her closer. "But I also want you to suck on them." She than pulls her into another kiss.

Alice happily kisses back as she lightly squeezes Holli's breasts. Alice than pulls out of the kiss with another wet "pop" and looks into the older woman's eyes. "Oh Ms. Rabbit. I'm so happy I've meet you. I've always wanted to be... intimate with a beautiful woman." She leans in and kisses the woman's left cheek. "Please teach me how."

Holli gives Alice another kiss and moves her hands to the back of the girls head. "Oh I will honey. But for right now." She than gives the girl a smirk. "I think those full lips of yours have something to do."

Alice looks down at Holli's breasts while bitting her bottom lip and nods. She leans down and kisses the top of both breasts while she continues to squeeze them. She moves her right hand away and wraps her lips around the left nipple.

Holli tilts her head back with her eyes closed and pulls Alice more against her breast. "Yes baby. Suck harder."

Alice closes her eyes to as she really starts to suck. She squeezes Holli's right breast harder as her other hand grabs the woman's waist. After a few more seconds, she let's the nipple go with a wet "pop" and moves her left hand to suck on the other one. She soon let's that nipple go with another wet "pop" and leans back up. She smiles as she puts her hands on the now wet breasts, pushes them up and than let's them go to watch them bounce. "This is so very in proper of me. But I just love the way your bosom bounces." She than bounces the woman's breasts again.

Holli looks back at Alice with a smirk, puts her hands on the girl's shoulders and lightly pushes her back. "There's more to me than just my big girls Alice." She stands back up and pulls the rest of the tight Playboy bunny suit off. She sits back down on the bed and spreads her legs apart. "Now this time you are going to use your tongue and lips."

Alice's eyes widen as she looks down at Holli's center. "But... But I that's your..."

Holli smirks as she sticks out her chest. "My pussy. And I want that cute little tongue in me as deep as you can get it." She points down to the floor between her legs with her right index finger. "Come and get it Alice."

Alice gulps and slowly gets down on her knees as she keeps her eyes on Holli's center. She gets closer and grabs the end of the bed between the older woman's legs. She leans forward and kisses it. Her eyes widen at the taste and soon she is covering the older woman's center in kisses.

Holli bites her lip as she looks down at Alice's head between her legs. "mmmm. That feels wonderful Alice." She than tightly grabs the bedsheets, puts her legs on the girl's shoulders and pulls her closer. "But I want your tongue inside, now."

Alice looks up at Holli as she nods her head. She than pushes her tongue inside of the older woman. She than pulls it out and pushes it back in, going faster over time.

Holli tilts her head back, locks her ankles behind Alice's back and stars humping her face. "ugh. Fuck yes." She looks back down as she continues to hump the girl's face. "Just like that Alice. mmmm. Keep eating me you beautiful girl. ugh. I want to cum all over your face. ugh. But I want you to wraps your lips around my pussy, mmmm. and drink every last drop in stead. mmmm. Fuck."

Alice rasies her right eyebrow as she continues to move her tongue inside of Holli. She than closes her eyes and move her tongue as fast and hard as she could.

Holli closes her eyes, grits her teeth and starts to slam her hips into Alice's face. "Ugh. Oh you sexy little... Aaahhh. Fuck yes. Aaahhh. Aaahhh. So damn close. mmmm. Alice baby. ugh. I want to hear you swallow every drop. Aaahhh. Aaahhh." She than grabs the back of the girl's head with both hands and pushes her face closer to her center. "Aaaaahhhhh!"

Alice's eyes widen at the taste of Holli's cum. Her eyes go half lided, she pulls her tongue back and sucks while swallowing as much cum as she can.

Holli breaths heavily as she let's go of Alice's head. She opens her eyes and looks down at the girl with a smile. "I just knew you would be good at using your tongue. Did you swallow all my cum like the good girl you are?"

Alice looks up at Holli, tilts her head back and gulps. She smiles with some of the gorgeous woman's cum on her chin and lips. "Are you going to do that to me Ms. Rabbit? Because I would really like to know how it feels."

Holli smirks as she pushes herself up the bed more.. "Oh I have two special things planned for you Alice. But I have one more place for that tongue to go." She turns over, looks over her left shoulder and shakes her curvy butt at Alice. "Get it as far up as you can babe."

Alice leaps back up on her feet with her eyes wide in shock and her hands near her lips. "But that's your bottom. I'll have to be a deviant to do such a thing." But she can't take her eyes off of Holli's butt.

Holli than gives Alice a smile with half lided eyes. "But you have been a bad girl already cutie. Think about how you sucked my boobs. How you slammed her tongue up my pussy. I know you want to do it Alice. And after your done with my ass, I'll show you how two women fuck each other."

Alice bites her bottom lip as she keeps her eyes on Holli's curvy butt.. "Al... alright Ms. Rabbit. I... I'll do it." She than gets up on to the bed and sits on her knees between the woman's legs. She slowly reaches out with both hands to that curvy butt, but she stops just before touching it.

Holli smirks as she pushes her butt into Alice's hands. "I bet you like having my ass in your hands, don't you cutie?"

Alice's eyes widen in surprise at the feeling of Holli's butt in her hands. "Oh my." She than lightly squeezes both cheeks and than let's go to watch them lightly jiggle. A smile forms on her face as she rubs and squeezes the curvy cheeks harder. "Your bottom is just as wonderful as your bosom." She lets them jiggle one more time before spreading them apart to see the woman's tight backdoor. "Oh Ms. Rabbit, I am a deviant." Her eyes become half lided as her smile Becomes a loving one. ""And I love it." She than bends down and covers both cheeks in kisses. She than gives the woman's backdoor a lick and than pushes her tongue inside.

Holli's eyes widen and her back arches. She than closes her eyes, grits her teeth, fists the sheets tightly and moves her butt back and forth into Alice's face. "Fuck... I knew you would like eating my ass... ugh... such a good sexy girl... ugh... Don't even think about stopping... ugh... Fuck..."

Alice closes her eyes and moans as she continues to thrust her tongue into Holli's backdoor. "mmmm." She than moves her head with the woman's movements to keep her tongue as deep inside as possible.

Holli looks back at Alice and smirks seeing her butt lightly slamming into the girls face. "Damn your face looks hot between my ass cheeks... ugh... Fuck... Just a little more... ugh... Almost... ugh... God damnit you little... ugh..." She than throws her head back with her eyes closed as she cums. "Fuuuccckkk!" A small amount of clear cum splashs on to the bed right between her legs.

Alice leans back, making the strands of saliva that connect her tongue to Holli's backdoor to break. Her hands are still on those curvy butt cheeks and squeezes them. She looks down with a loving smile. "Oh Ms. Rabbit, that was absolutely wonderful. Can I please do that to you again?"

Holli looks back at Alice over her left shoulder as she continues to breath heavily. "I've got a better idea Alice." She quickly turns around, pulls the girl up on to her feet and passionately kisses her. She than pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" and starts to take the girls clothes off. She soon as the girl down to her panties, white stockings and black shoes. She gives her a smirk as she grabs the waistband of the girl's panties with both hands. "Step out of your shoes cutie." She kisses her again as she pulls the panties down and the cute girl takes off her shoes. She pulls out of the kiss with another wet "pop" as the girl steps out of her panties. "I hope you're ready cutie. Because I'm going to ride you so fucking hard."

Alice tilts her head to the right with her right eyebrow raised. "Ride me? What does that mean Ms...?" Before she can finish her question, Holli grabs her by the waist and slams her down on the bed. Her butt lands right into the spot with the woman's cum.

Holli gets on top of Alice, puts her hands by either side of girl's head, uses her knees to open the girl's legs and pushes her center against the girls. "This is what I mean." She than moves her hips back and slams their centers together.


Alice's eyes widen, her mouth drops open and her back arches. "huh... Ms. Rabbit..." She than starts to feel Holli thrusting her hips against hers, filling the room with loud wet slaps. "ooohhh." "slap" "ooohhh." "slap" "Feels so good." "slap" "ooohhh." "slap"

Holli pants with a smile as she looks down at Alice. "huh." "slap" "You like that." "slap" "huh." "slap" "Feeling my pussy against yours." "slap" "huh." "slap" "I want to see you cum cutie." "slap" "huh." "slap" "Feel you all over my pussy." "slap"

Alice closes her eyes tight and her toes curl. "Ooohhh!" "slap" "Ooohhh!" "slap" "Ms. Rabbit." "slap." "Ooohhh!" "slap" "I feel something." "slap" "Ooohhh!" "slap" "I think I'm." "slap" "Ooohhh!" She than wraps her legs around Holli's waist as she cums. "Ooooohhhhh!"

Holli closes her eyes, bites her bottom lip and slams her center against Alice's as she cums with the girl. "slap" "Mmmmmmmmmm." She opens her eyes and looks down at the girl as her hips still lightly rock against hers. "Damn I always love fucking my pussy against another's." A big smirk than forms on her face. "But we have one last thing to do together. Well, until after some rest and than we can start round two."

Alice uncrosses her legs from around Holli's waist as she breaths heavily. She can feel their mixed cum on her center, it sliding down between their legs and around her backdoor. "Ms. Rabbit. ooohhh. I didn't know it was going to feel so good. Your privates against mine is just heavenly." She than opens her eyes to look up lovingly at the woman. "Please ride me again."

Holli slowly gets up from the bed while looking down between their bodies. She watches the clear strains of cum connected to their centers break. She puts her hands on her curvy hips as she looks down into Alice's eyes. "Oh I'm going to ride you a lot later cutie. But like I said." She than grabs the girl by her hips and pulls her near the end of the bed. "There's one more thing I want to do to your cute body Alice." She turns the girl over and uses the end of the heart shaped bed to keep her legs spread. She smirks as she rubs the girl's curvy hips and butt cheeks. "You have such nice hips and a nice ass for your age. I'm going to love putting you in things that show them off more, and teaching you how to sway these curves." She than gives both of the girl's butt cheeks a little squeeze. "Now don't move cutie I'll be right back." She than walks towards the closest she came out of with her hips swaying.

Alice bites her bottom lip as she watches Holli walk away. "Do you think my hips and bottom will be as beautiful as yours one day Ms. Rabbit?" She looks over her left shoulder and gives her hips a little shake.

Holli looks back at Alice with a smirk over her right shoulder. "Oh I'm sure they will be Alice. Even with them being more than a handful of fun already." She than disappears into the closet. She than zooms quickly off set.

Meanwhile off of the set, Yokoma and Valary are both startled when Holli quickly stops in front of the young woman.

Holli has a smirk on her face and her hands on her hips as she looks down at Valary. She leans forward a little and opens the box with both hands. She reaches into the box with her right hand while keeping her eyes locked with the young woman's. She pulls out a twelve inches long white double headed toon dildo. Her smirk grows as she straightens back up and pushes one end inside of herself. When she has her end of the dildo in her center fully, she puts her hands on her hips and wiggles her eyebrows at the young woman. She than quickly zooms back behind the set.

Yokoma as a large blush on his cheeks and his eyes are wide open. He than looks over at Valary who's eyes are open just as wide with a blush of her own.

Valary than looks over at Yokoma with a smile and whispers. "I love this job."

Back on set, Holli calls out to Alice while she is inside of the closest. "So are you you ready for the big ending Alice?"

Alice tries to look into the closest without getting off of the bed. "Oh yes I am Ms. Rabbit." The smile on her face than becomes a look of curiosity. "So what are we going to do n..." Her jaw drops open and her eyes widen shock as Holli steps out of the closet. Her eyes are glowed to the six inches of white dlido sticking out of the woman's center. "What in the world is that inside of your privates?"

Holli smirks as she strokes the dildo with her left hand. "This is a girl's real best friend cutie." She than walks toward Alice with a sway to her hips, this makes the dildo lightly bounce with each step. "Here, let me show you." She than gets behind the girl, bends over with her arms on the bed, her big breasts on the girl's back and rubs the dildo against the girl's center. "Hope your ready for this rabbit to go down your hole Alice." She than lifts her hips up, lines the dildo with the girl's backdoor and slams it into her.


Alice's eyes almost pop out of her head and her back arches. "Oh good lord!" She than feels Holli's hips quickly move back and forth, slamming the toy inside both of them and filling the room with the sound of slapping once more. "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap" "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap" "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap" "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap"

Holli is holding on to the bed tightly as she continues to pound into Alice. "Yeeesss." "slap" "Take it." "slap" "mmmm." "slap" "Take it you little cutie." "slap" "Your ass is perfect for fucking." "slap" "mmmm." "slap" "mmmm" "slap" "Fuck I'm going to cum hard." "slap"

Alice closes her eyes as her toes curl and she fists the sheets. "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap" "Ms. Rabbit!" "slap" "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap" "I think I..." "slap" "Ooooohhhhh!" "slap" "I think I..." "slap" With one more hard slam, her eyes pop wide open and she throws her head back as she cums. "Ooooohhhhh!" Her cum shoots out of her and makes a very small puddle on the bed between her legs.

Holli grits her teeth and slams herself as hard as she can against Alice when the girl cums. "Fuck." "slap" "Fuck." "slap" "Fuck." "slap" She to throws her head back, closes her eyes and arches her back as she cums. "Fuuuccckkk!" She slams every inch of the dildo inside of both of them as her cum slides down it and inside of the girl.

Alice as a dazed look on her face, is breathing heavily and her tongue is hanging out the left side of her mouth. "uhh. uhh. I think I'm in love with you Ms. Rabbit." She than falls face first into the bed.

Holli looks down at Alice with a smile. "Oh I know you do cutie, but I'm not going to be the only one. There's a bunch of women out there that can't wait to get their hands on you Alice." She than moves the girl's hair to the side with her right hand. "All I've got to do is make sure I'm your favorite." She than starts to cover the back of the girls neck and shoulders in kisses.

End Pink Lemon.


The director's shout is heard by everyone in the sound stage. "Good take everybody! Ten minute break before we shoot the next scene!" He gets up and heads towards his office. All the other people move about as well.

Holli smiles as she pulls the dildo out of Alice with a loud "Pop" "Damn that was good. But holding in my cartoon side was killing me." She than sits down heavily on the bed to the girl's left. Making her big breasts bounce.


Holli let's out a sigh as she pulls the dildo out of herself with another "pop" "ugh. That feels so good to let out." She drops the toon cum covered dildo on the floor, grabs her biv breasts with both hands and bounces them.


Alice than turns over and sits up next to Holli. She looks up shyly at the gorgeous toon woman. "Was I really good Ms. Would? I might be older, but that was my first time having real sex. Me and my girlfriend Ariel have only ever played paddy cake."

Holli looks down at Alice with a smile, reaches around the girl with her left hand and squeezes her left hip. "Don't worry baby, you're a natural. Ariel is going to love the things you are going to do to her." Her smile becomes a smirk as she lightly spanks the girl. "Than you can tell me what it's like to ride a girl with a mermaid tail."

Alice let's out a little giggle as she gives Holli a great full smile. "he he he he. Thank you Ms. Would. But I think Ariel and I will do it with her having legs for our first time."

Meanwhile Yokoma and Valary were recovering from what they just watched.

Yokoma still has a blush on his face as he stands up. "Well, that was a very... interesting show." He than looks at Valary with a smile. "What do you think Valary?"

Valary is still blushing as well as she keeps her eyes on Holli. "I love this job."

To be continued. 

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