To Save The Worlds: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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Trying to find jobs, but maybe finding more? Part 3.

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"Loud Sounds"


Locations and time of day.

With Qunika inside of one of the Warner's Brothers sound stage. Eight thirty six in the morning.

Qunika walks out of the back entrance of a sound stage with her right eyebrow raised. "A toon assistant huh... Well that's a interesting job description." She looks around and sees some people, human toons and animal toons. Her eyes stop and slightly widen when she sees a bunch of tall toon creatures. They all looked like they were made of gray ink iron and different cartoon weapons, that gleamed when the light reflected off of them. (Note to self. Don't get to close to those guys.)

Than suddenly Qunika hears a loud "Fowhoop" right behind her and she quickly turns around. Her eyes widen in fear as she has to look up at the large toon now standing in front of her.

It is a toon griffin standing eight feet tall with brown ink thick fur covering most of it's body, black ink thick fur covered the tip of it's lion like tall, the back of it's large eagle like wings, neck and head. It also has large black ink bat like ears, purple ink feathers, mostly orange ink beck, but the top part from middle to end is yellow, purple ink eyelids and green ink eyes with black slitted pupils. It has a large muscular body shape with large muscular front legs, eagle like feet (that it can use them like hands) with four talons, fit waistline and slim muscular back legs with lion like feet.

It looks down at Qunika intimatingly and let's out a low "growl" from the back of it's throat. It than says with a high male voice. "Good morning."

Qunika's eyes blink as she continues to look up slightly fearfully. "Um. Good... morning."

The griffin than looks at Qunika hopefully. "You wouldn't be the new toon assistant, would you?"

Qunika raises her right eyebrow and now has no fear in her voice. "Yes, I am. Do you need my help or something?"

The griffin nods his head vigorously and than tries to reach over his right shoulder with his left eagle like foot. "Yes! This damn itch has been killing me all morning." He than turns his back to her and points with one of his left talons. "It's right on my back, next to my right wing. Can you please get it for me?"

Qunika reaches up with her right hand and scratches the spot where she thinks he pointed to. "Is this the spot?"

The griffin arches his back, stretches out his wings and closes his eyes. "Yes. That's the spot." Qunika continues to scratch that spot, making his wings twitch every now and than. "keep going. You all most got it. A little more." His body than relaxes and he let's out a contented sigh. "Uhhh. Thank you so much." He than turns around again and looks down at her in gratitude. "Thank you miss. I feel so much better now."

Qunika looks up at him with a smile. "Your welcome. My name is Qunika Keye, what's yours?"

The griffin gives her a nod and raises his left eagle foot to her, offering one of his talons. "You can just call me Griffin. I think we'll have a lot of fun working together Qunika."

Qunika raises her left hand and grabs the talon, giving it a shake. "I think you're right Griffin. If you need anything just let me know. It is my job after all. ha ha."

Griffin happily nods as he gets up and starts to walk away. "You got it Qunika."

Qunika watches as he walks away, only for her eyes to widen in surprise again. She sees three large toon dragons that Griffin is walking up to. (Armor monsters, dragons and Griffin. What the hell kind of cartoon am I working on?)

Than a beautiful feminine voice is heard quietly singing. "Here in the night, I see the sun."

Qunika turns her head in the direction the singing is coming from, and her mouth drops slightly open. She sees a very beautiful young toon woman leaning against a trailer.

The toon woman stands five feet, four inches tall with peach ink skin, brown redish ink hair tied in a ponytail that stops at her mid back, light brown ink eyes and full lips with pink toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, small C-cup breasts, slim waistline, slim hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a tight gray toon shirt, short sleeve yellow toon shirt over it, sleeveless purple toon dress that stops at the top of her thighs, tight gray toon pants and brown toon boots.

The toon woman continues to sing as she looks down at a script she is holding with both hands. She doesn't notice Qunika walking up to her with a smile. "Here in the dark, our two hearts are one. It's out of our hands, we can't stop what we have begun. And love just took me by surprise, looking through your eyes."

Qunika smiles as she clears her throat. "Huh uh. Good morning."

The toon woman turns to right with a slightly startled look. "Oh, hello. You kind of startled me a little bit." She than frowns in confusion. "Um, who are you? Is there something you want?"

Qunika gives the toon woman a flirtatious smile. "Well it's actually my job to get whatever you want. My name is Qunika Keye. I'm the new toon assistant, what's yours?"

The toon woman gives Qunika a smile and raises her right hand to her. "It's nice to meet you Qunika. My name is Kayley."

Qunika takes Kayley's hand with her right and gives it a shake. "Kayley, huh. It suits you." She than gives her a wink with her right eye. "Just like that beautiful voice yours."

Kayley's smile grows and a blush fills her cheeks. "Thank you." Her eyes than seem to sparkle with an idea. "Hey, you can help me with this song. You see, I sing this song with my costar in the movie and we were supposed to practice together. But he's busy right now, so would you like to sing with me?"

Qunika gives Kayley a smile, but blushes in embarrassment. "I would love to sing with you Kayley. But I know that I'm not as good as you are."

Kayley's blush darkens and she lightly grabs Qunika's left hand with her right. "I think you can sing just as good as I can." She than turns around and pulls her to the door of the trailer. "Come on. We can have some privacy in my trailer."

Qunika smirks as she is pulled into the trailer. "I'd love to be alone with you sexy, but shouldn't you ask me out first."

Kayley giggles as she closes the door to the trailer. "he he he he. Has anyone told you that you are a flirt Qunika?" The door than closes with a soft "click"

Meanwhile with Rick inside of another sound stage. Eight thirty six in the morning.

Rick is passed a blue toon cooler with toon water bottles inside by a woman.

The woman stands five feet, four inches tall with light brown skin, long black hair, brown eyes and full lips with red lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, mid C-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, slim legs and small feet. She is wearing a black shirt, red shirt that stops just pass her knees and black two inch heels.

The woman gives Rick a smile and points to the back entrance with her right thumb. "Ok, all you have to do is go out there and give out those water bottles to the toons." She than puts her hands on her curvy hips. "Than you help them the best you can for the rest of the day, got it?"

Rick gives her a smile and a nod. "Got it."

The woman gives Rick a nod back and than starts to walk away. "Right. Good luck on your first day Mr. Tellson.

Rick than walks out of the back entrance while looking around curiously. (I wonder what working with toons is going to be like? Ha. Never thought I'd think that.) As he takes a few more steps, he than bumps in to someone and stumbles back a bit.

Standing in front of Rick with his back to him is a big toon rooster. He stands five feet tall with white ink feathers covering most of his body, except with brown ink feathers covering his head and three tail feathers. He has a fit body shape with big arms, big hands, four thick fingers on each hand, fit waistline, big hips, short legs and chicken feet with two big toes.

The rooster turns around and looks up at Rick with a frown. "Watch, I say, watch where you are going there boy. You can hurt someone you know."

Rick looks down at the rooster apologetically. "I'm sorry sir." He puts the toon cooler down and sticks out his right hand with a smile. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Rick Tellson, and you sir?"

The rooster smiles and shakes Rick's hand with his right one. "It's good that you at least have some manners. The name is Foghorn J. Leghorn. It's nice, a say, nice to meet you to Rick." He let's go of Rick's hand, looks down at the toon cooler and the back up at him. "Uh. I see, your the new toon assistant, right?"

Rick gives him a nod. "That's right Mr. Leghorn." He than reaches down into the toon cooler with his right hand. He pulls out one of the toon water bottles and hands it to Foghorn. "Here you go sir."

Foghorn takes the toon water bottle with his right hand. "Thank you. But I think you should get going now boy. Don't want to get into trouble on your first day and all."

Rick picks up the toon cooler and starts to walk away. "Right. See you later Mr. Leghorn."

Foghorn shakes his head while chuckling with his beck closed. "ha ha ha ha ha. Good boy, but his as clumsy as that darn dog." He turns around and just as he takes another step, he falls down a dark hole. "Aaaaahhhhh!" Than a loud "Bam" is heard as he finally hits the bottom.

The toon water bottle flies out of the hole and is grabbed out of the air. Sitting in a chair next to the hole is a toon dog.

Toon dog stands four feet, nine inches tall with white ink skin covering most of his body, but brown ink skin on the top of his face, ears, back, tail and a black nose on the end of his muzzle. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, big hands, four thick fingers on each hand, rounded waistline, big hips, small legs and big feet with three toes on each foot.

He also has a open newspaper in his right hand. He smirks as he continues to read and opens the toon water bottle with his left thumb. "Man, someone should fill in that hole. Someone could get hurt." He than drinks some of the toon water.

Meanwhile with Rick, a few minutes later.

Rick was walking around after handing out more of the toon water. He than hears some "bang, bang" sounds coming from behind a trailer. He than raises his right eyebrow "Is that a basketball?" He puts the cooler down by the trailer and picks up the last toon water bottle with his left hand.

Rick than walks around the trailer and than his eyes widen in surpise with a blush on his face. There playing basketball with a single basketball hoop a few feet in front of him, is a female toon rabbit.

The toon rabbit stands three feet, two inches tall (three feet, eleven inches tall if her ears were up.) with light brown ink fur that covers her legs, back, sides, the top side of her face and her ears. Her feet, stomach, neck, bottom part of her face and small puffy tail are covered in cream ink fur. She also has a tuff of blonde hair on the top of her head, green eyes, small pink nose, thin lips and small buck teeth. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers with four on each hand, mid B-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and big feet with three toes each. She is wearing a sleeveless white toon tank top, very short tight blue toon shorts with a hole in the back for her tail, white toon gloves and a blue toon ribbon tying her ears together in a ponytail.

The toon rabbit than runs up to the hoop while dribbling the basketball. She jumps up almost twice her height and slam dunks the ball. She lands on her feet and wipes her forehead with her right forearm with a smile. She than walks over to the basketball with a slight sway to her hips. She than bends over to pick it up, not knowing that Rick is behind her.

Rick gulps and his blush darkens as he can't help but look at her curvy butt. He than walks up to her with a smile. "Um. Good morning Miss."

The toon rabbit looks over her left shoulder up at Rick. "Oh, good morning." She than stands back up while turning around. She than has a confused look on her face as she looks into his eyes. "Wait a minute. I haven't seen you before." She than looks him up and down before looking back into his eyes. "I definitely would have remembered you." She than lightly frowns at him. "Your not one of my fans from the Ink and Paint club are you?"

Before he can say anything, She rolls her eyes and puts her left hand on her curvy hip. "Look, if you promise to leave right now. I won't call security. And before you ask, my last name is Bunny. So im not the rabbit that Jessica gets to take home every night."

Rick raises his right hand in surrender while shaking his head. "No Ms. Bunny. I'm the new toon assistant." He than smiles and hands her the toon water bottle. "Here you go Ms. Bunny."

The toon rabbit blushes in embarrassment as she takes the toon water bottle with her left hand. "Oh, sorry about that." She than gives Rick a smile. "My name is Lola Bunny. It's nice to meet you."

Rick shakes his head and lightly blushes. "No, no. It's alright Lola. I'm Rick Tellson and it's nice to meet you to Lola." He than looks away from her, bites his bottom lip and rubs the back of his head with his right hand. "Umm." He than looks back at her with a small smile. "So Lola, is there anything you need me to do for you?"

Lola shakes her head and was about to say something. But than her eyes widen, she smiles hopefully, a toon lightbulb appears above her head and it "clicks" on. The lightbulb than disappears. "Hey. Do you play basketball? Want to play a game?"

Rick gives her a nervous smile. "Yeah I do. But wouldn't I get fired if someone sees me playing?"

Lola smiles as she spins the basketball on her right index finger. "Don't worry, it's alright. If any of the other toons need you, we'll put our game on hold. And if any toon tries to get you in trouble..." She than smirks. "They'll have to go through me."

Rick smirks and playfully answers back. "In that case, I'd love to play a game. I'll even go easy on you." (I know I should be working. But who wouldn't want to get paid for just playing a game.)

Lola frowns and raises her right eyebrow. "You'll go easy on me huh?" She rests the toon water bottle on the ground and starts to dribble the basketball with her right hand. "Ready?"

Rick nods it's head with a smile. "Ready Lola." He was about to move towards her, when she quickly dashed right at him. She quickly runs around him, forming a mini tornado of brown, white and blue. Even though Rick couldn't be seen, his cry of. "Woooohhhh!" After a few seconds she zoomed away from him, leaving him to spin in place.

Rick soon came to a stop and fell on his butt. He closes his eyes and holds the sides of his Head with both hands. "Ughhh." (Someone please stop the world from spinning.) He than hears Lola call out to him. "Hey Rick." He blinks his eyes and slowly looks up at her.

Lola smiles at Rick and points upward with her right index finger. He looks up and sees the basketball high in the sky. He watches as it falls, goes through the hoop and she catches it with her right hand, without even looking.

Rick's jaw just drops open and all he can do is blink. (Holy shit.) He than watches as Lola, with a small smirk, walks up to him with a light sway to her hips.

Lola stops right in front of Rick and bends over, bringing their faces only a few inches apart. Her smirk grows as she sees a blush form on his face. "Rick, don't underestimate anybody. Especially me, ok."

Rick gives Lola a smile and raises his left hand to her. "You got it Lola." She grabs his hand with her own left hand and pulls him up to his feet.

Lola smiles as she than hands him the basketball. "Now, let's play this the right way and not the toony way."

Rick looks at Lola confusingly. "You want to keep praying with me with how easy you kicked my butt?"

Lola nods her head and places her hands on her curvy hips. "Of course I do. And like I said, we'll play the human way. Not the toon way." She than takes a few steps back and gets ready. "Come on. first one to three wins."

Rick lightly smirks and dribbles the basketball. "Alright, let's go."

Meanwhile with both Tesa and Bille inside of another sound stage on the Warner's Brothers studio lot. Eight thirty six in the morning.

A man looks down at both Tesa and Bille with a frown and his arms crossed over his chest. "It's bad enough that I have to deal with the toons. But now we have to have brats on the set?"

The man that stands five feet, nine inches tall with peach skin, short graying black hair, dark green eyes and thin lips. He as a rounded body shape with big arms, big hands, thick fingers, rounded waistline, narrow hips, rounded butt, thick legs and big feet. He is wearing a blue button up shirt, black tie, black pants and black shoes.

Bille looks up at the man with a glare and his own arms crossed over his chest. While Tesa stood a little bit behind him, looking away from the man timidly.

Bille take another step towards the man. "I can promise you sir. We are not brats and are more than capable of doing this job."

Tesa nods her head and with a shy tone in her voice. "Yeah and we can do it to." The man looks at her oddly with his right eyebrow raised. Making her look down in embarrassment. (Did I say something stupid again?)

Bille got in front of Tesa and get the man to look at him again. "Sir, if we can't do the job than you can get us fired. But until than, you give us the chance to do the job we were hired to do."

The man let's out a growl as he glares at Bille. "I have one last question for you." He gets a nod from him and than continues. "Your not a fruit are you?"

Bille finches and grits his teeth, trying not to yell at the man. "No sir I am not. But I fail to see why that would matter."

The man just looks at him in both discuss and shock. "Of course it matters. It's bad enough that I'm stuck working with doodles. They last thing I need is a fairy around." He than turns to a table and picks up a red box and a white box. He turns back to them and gives Bille the red box. "Ok. You take this to Minerva Mink and help her out." He than walks up to Tesa and gives her the white one. "And you give this one to Hello Nurse and do the same. Now get to work, you two are not getting paid to just stand around." He than turns around and walks away.

Bille and Tesa than walk out of the sound stage. Bille was glaring at the ground, while Tesa as a confused look on her face. She than stops and looks over at him. "Bille what was that man talking about? He wasn't making any sense. Why did he ask you if you were a fruit? About how bad it would be if you were a fairy? I don't get it."

Bille had stopped to listen to Tesa. He had stopped glaring, but still had a small frown on his face. "That guy basically asked if I was gay. That bastard is h... I mean he doesn't like people that are gay."

Tesa's eyes widen fear. "Oh no. What if he finds out I'm gay. He'll get me fired right?" She than looks at Bille in confusion. "And what about the whole doodles thing? What did he mean about that?"

Bille gives her a smile. "Don't worry Tesa. You don't have to say anything about that you're gay to that guy." He than shugs his shoulders with a small frown of his own. "As for the doodles thing, I have no idea. But I have a feeling that we should not say that to any of the toons."

Tesa thinks about it for a few seconds and than nods. She was about to say something when, two toon's heads pop out of her shirt next to her's and kisses her on her cheeks. The two toons than say at the same time with male voices. "Helllooo toon assistant."

Bille was about to yell at the two toons when another one pops out of his shirt. But this one has a feminine voice. "Helllooo pretty boy." She than kisses him on the lips. The kiss soon came to an end with a wet "pop" and than the three toons jump out of their shirts. They stood in front of the two humans, looking up at them with smiles.

The three toons are odd black and white ink skin something or other with long dog like ears, short cat like tails, round red ink noses, four slim fingered small hands with gloves and three toed paw like small feet. But they did have differences between them.

The first male one is four feet tall. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, slim waistline, narrow hips and slim legs. He is wearing a pair of brown toon pants high up and a black toon belt with a yellow belt buckle around his waist.

The second male one stands three feet, six inches tall. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, slim waistline, narrow hips and short legs. He is wearing a red toon cap backwards with his ears sticking out of the top of it and a blue toon shirt.

The last one and only girl stands three feet, six inches tall. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, slim waistline, narrow hips and short legs. She is wearing a short pink toon skirt and a pink toon ribbon with a yellow toon flower on the front of it, used to tie her ears on the top of her head.

Tesa got behind Bille, looks over his left shoulder at the three toons with a frown and a blush on her face. Bille was also frowning down at the toons with a blush of his own. "Hey! You can't just pop out of people's clothes! Who do you three think you are!?"

The tallest one's smile grows. "I'm so glad you asked." He than points to himself with his right thumb. "I'm Yakko."

The other boy toon than puffed out his chest, hooked his thumbs in shirt and pulls it a little bit. "I'm Wakko."

The girl toon than curtseys. "And I'm Dot."

The two boys than say at the same time. "We're the Warner brothers." The girl than stands back up straight with her hands behind her back. "And the Warner sister."

Yakko takes a step closer to the two teens and looks up into their eyes with a smile. "And you two are the new toon assistants. So from me and my siblings, I'd like to say it's nice to..." He gets cut off by a male voice yelling out. "Dah, get back here you three! I'ms gonna get you!"

The three toons turn to their left, jump up about two feet in the air and cry out in slight fright. "Yip!" they than land back on their feet and Yakko looks back at Bille and Tesa with an apologetic smile. "Well, looks like we have to cut this greeting short. Bye." He than zooms of to the right, leaving behind a small toon dust cloud.

Wakko gives them a wave with his right hand and a smile. "Till we meet again." He than winks at Tesa with his left eye. "Especially you my fair lady." He than zooms off in the same direction of his brother, also leaving behind his own toon dust cloud.

Dot looks up at Bille with a flirtatious smile, raises her right hand up to the side of her head, has her thumb sticking upward and her ring finger by her lips. "Call me handsome." She than zooms off after her brothers and once again leaves behind a toon dust cloud.

Both of the teens turn their heads to the left, now no longer seeing the three toons. Bille had a confused frown on his face. "What the hell just happened?"

Tesa is looking on with a pout. "I don't know. But those two didn't even apologized for popping out of my..." An embarrassed blush than fills her cheeks. "My shirt."

The two than turn their heads to the right when they heard tired panting and the sound of foot steps coming in that direction. They than see a male toon security guard running up to them.

The toon security guard stands five feet, seven inches tall with peach ink skin, black ink eyes, thin lips and gray ink skin razor burn. He has a fat body shape with big arms, big hands, four thick fingers on each hand, fat waistline, rounded hips, fat butt, short legs and small feet. He is wearing a toon security guard's uniform with a blue shield lined with yellow and a yellow WB inside it on his left sleeve. He also wears a black toon tie, blue toon guard's cap and black toon shoes.

The toon security guard stops in front of them. He looks at them in confusion. "Da, did ether of yous seen three little toons with..." He than touches his nose with his right index finger. "Red noses and..." He than puts his right hand by his hip with the palm facing towards the ground. "About this big?"

Bille nods his head and takes his left hand off of the box to point with his index finger in the direction the three ran in. "Yeah. they went that way."

The toon guard gives them a smile. "Da, thanks." He than zooms in that direction and leaves behind a larger toon dust cloud.

Tesa blinks in confusion and than looks at Bille. "Bille, what's going on?"

Bille looks at Tesa with a confused frown. "I have no idea Tesa. But let's just give these boxes to the toons that need them." Tesa nods and than the two teens walk off to find the two toons.

With Bille standing in front of a trailer. A few minutes later.

Bille looks up at the name printed in gold on the door and reads it. (Minerva Mink. Good I finally found her.) He than takes his right hand off of the box and knocks on the door. "knock, knock, knock" "Hello, Ms. Mink." He than hears a feminine voice through the door. "Yes. What is it?" He than puts on a small smile. "I have a box for for you."

The feminine voice is than heard again, but sounds a bit more excited. "Oh good. It must be the new stuff that I need for the next cartoon." The door than opens and it shows that the voice belongs to a toon mink.

Minerva stands five feet tall with white ink fur, blonde ink hair that curls at the ends and stops at the middle of her back. She also as black ink eyes with blue toon eye shadow, a small pink ink nose, a fluffy blonde ink tall, her ears on the top sides of her head and thin lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, four slim fingers on each hand, Big C-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a tight green toon shirt that shows off her mid drift, along with some of her cleavage, a black leather toon jacket kept open, green toon skirt that stops just passed the top of her thighs and green calf high toon boots.

Bille blushed as he looks at Minerva for a few seconds. He quickly snaps out of it and hands the red box to her. "Here you go Ms. Mink. Also, I'm one of the new toon assistants. So is there anything else you need my help with?"

Minerva takes the box with a smile as she looks down at it. "Thank you." She than looks up at Bille and smirks lightly at seeing him blush. (Human or toon, they can't resist my beauty. To bad he's so skinny, but he is kind of handsome.) "Actually, I could use your opinion. So come on in." She turns around and looks over her right shoulder. "Oh, I'm sorry. Can you please tell me your name."

Bille steps into the trailer and closes the door behind him. "Bille Blue, So what do you want my opinion on?"

Minerva walks up to the bed and rest the box on it. "Open the box and see." She than walks into what looks like an empty closet with a chair by the entrance to the right.

Bille raises his right eyebrow, but does what Minerva said to do and walks up to the box. He opens it and looks inside. He sees that the box is filled with different toon clothes. A "woosh" makes him look over to where Minerva is and sees that she had just closed a curtain. A "click" is than heard as she had turned a light on. He than sees a shadow silhouette of her through the curtain. His eyes widen and his blush grows as he sees her start to slowly take off her clothes.

Minerva starts with her jacket as she pulls it off of her. She holds it in her right hand and than sticks her arm out of behind the curtain to put the toon jacket on the chair. She than steps out of her toon boots. She continues by pulling her toon pants down her shapely legs and than puts them on the chair. She finishes by pulling her toon shirt over her head, this makes her big breasts bounce and than she puts the toon shirt on top of the clothes on the chair. She than open her palm out to Bille. Can you pass me the first one please?"

Bille gulps with a blush and than reaches into the box with both hands. He pulls out a black strapless toon dress that stops at mid thighs. (We may have to work with that asshole...) He than as a small smile on his face. (But at least it's going to be worth it.)

Meanwhile with Tesa standing in front of a white medical tent.

Tesa looks up at the medical tent with a red cross above the entrance in confusion. (Well, this is where that nice toon mime pointed to. But what would Hello be doing here?) Her confused look than changes into a concerned one. (I know she is a toon, but I hope she's ok.) She than walks into the tent and looks around.

To the left of the entrance, up against the tent's left wall are five white beds. To the right are two more beds and five blue chairs next to each other. a wooden desk resting by the back is next to a opening, leading to the back of the tent.

Tesa's confused look returns to her face as she sees nobody around. "Hello! are you Ms. Nurse? I have a box for you and I'm supposed to help." She than hears Hello's voice coming from the back. "Oh. You must be one of the new toon assistants the studio wanted to hire. I'll be right with you."

After a few seconds, Hello comes out from the back and when she sees Tesa she gives her a smile. "Good morning, as you know I'm Hello Nurse. What's your name?"

Hello stands five feet, five inches tall with peach ink skin, blonde ink hair that curls at the ends, it sits high above her forehead as well as stops at the middle of her back, blue ink eyes with purple toon eye shadow and full lips with red toon lipstick. She as a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, D-cup breast, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a white toon nurse's uniform, white nurse's cap with a red cross on it and white two inch toon heels.

Tesa blushes as she shyly looks at Hello. "G... good morning. I'm Tesa Royal a... and it nice to m... meet you."

Hello walks up to her and takes it with a smile. "Hey you don't have to be nervous. I'm not going to bite. he he." She than starts to walk up to the desk.

Tesa's eyes widen and her blush grows as she watches the sway to Hello's hips. She quickly looks away and walks up to catch up with her. "I'm sorry, it's just that you're so pretty... I mean that I didn't know that you were a nurse." She than looks up at in embarrassment. "Oh of course, Hello Nurse." she than looks away from her again. "I'm sorry. I know that I'm not to smart."

Hello rest the box down on the desk, turns to Tesa, raises her right hand to Tesa's chin and makes her look back at her. "Hey it's ok. I have a odd name. blame who drew me." She than turns back to the box and opens it. Inside was a lot of different toon and regular medical items. She than looks back at tesa with a smile. "So, would you give me a hand packing all of this in the back please?"

Tesa gives Hello a smile back and than picks up the box. "Sure." Her blush darkens as Hello puts her right hand on the middle of her back. The two of them than walk into the back of the tent.

Outside of a studio called, Dark Entertainment Films. Stood Daivd, Rain and Sol. Eight forty one in the morning.

The three teens stand on the sidewalk as they look inside of the studio. David than looks over at the others with a smile. "Well come on you two. Let's go get those jobs." The three than walk inside of the studio lot.

To be continued.

And done. I'm so sorry that this took so long, but my phone is acting up. Oh well. The next thing I'll be doing is the fourth chapter of 39 Clues: Pink Lemons and the final part of my A teen in Toontown: 39 Clues version. So than I can finally get to doing chapter 6 of Naruto: Pokegirls Storm.

Well that's it for now, until next time. Bye!

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