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Chapter 5: Trying to find jobs, but maybe finding more? Part 1.

Hey everybody, part 5 is finally here. Now let's see what happens now that Eddie gets to meet the group. Plus this is where the pairings start to meet. So let's begin.

Disclaimer: I don't own Who Framed Roger Rabbit or any other animated characters that belong to their rightfully owners.

Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Drinking, Mild Yaoi, Yuri, Mild Yuri Lime.




Inside of the third floor's second room.

Yuri Lime Start!

Right now Deemay finds herself lying down on her back on the bed, Grace on top of her with Grace's legs between her's and her hands under Deemay's tight red shirt squeezing her large breasts. Deemay has her own hands inside both of Grace's red shorts and panties squeezing her curvey butt.

They have their lips locked together in a passionate kiss. Grace breaks the kiss with a wet "pop" with a moan "oooh." as their lips shine with their mixed saliva. She gives Deemay's large breasts another squeeze, making the older woman bite her bottom lip and ache her back.

Deemay looks up into Grace's lust filled eyes and blushing cheeks. "We don't have to rush Grace. But we can go as far as you want to." She than gives Grace's curvey butt another squeeze, making the teen girl thrusts her curvey hips into her full rounded ones.

Grace "gulps" as she takes her hands out from under Deemay's shirt, grabs the bottom of it and pulls it over her large breasts. Her eyes widen looking at the black bra hugging those large breasts. "Oh my God. ooohh."

Deemay smiles at her as she wraps her legs around the back of Grace's legs. "he he. Like I said Grace. We don't have to rush this." Her smile than changes into a smirk with a little blush on her face. "But if you want to keep going, than I'm all yours baby."

Grace puts her hands back on the large breasts in front of her and starts squeezing again. (Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm going to have sex with Deemay. I'm actually going to have sex with her. Ok, ok. calm down. You can do this. This maybe my first time, but I can do this. Oh God please let me be able to do this.)

Deemay smiles with a blush as she watches Grace grab the top of her bra, leans her beautiful blushing face closer to her right breast, opens her mouth and was about to pull down when. "knock, knock, knock"

Yuri Lime Finish!

Grace let's her head fall on to Deemay's large breasts and let's out a frustrated groan into her cleavage. "ugh." (Not now! I was ready damn it!")

Deemay looks at the door with a small frown and gives Grace's curvey butt one last squeeze. (Damn it. I was finally going to make love to her. I sear if it's that landlord, I'm going to kill him.) She than takes her hands out of Grace's panties. "Yes. what is it."

They than hear Yokoma's voice through the door. "Their back Ms. Doon. Also one of the Valiants is back to."

Deemay sits up with Grace in her lap and fixes her shirt back. "Thank you Mr. Riice. We be right there." She watches as Grace gets up off of her lap and stands up with her arms crossed over her chest.

Grace pouts as she looks down at the floor. "Couldn't they take a little longer to get back."

Deemay smiles as she stands up, puts her left hand on Grace's right cheek and turns her face toward her's. "Don't worry, we'll have some time together soon." She than leans in and gives her a quick kiss. "Come on Grace. Some food sounds so good right now, and we can hopefully get some help." She than walks to the door.

Grace raises her right eyebrow while looking at Deemay confusingly. She than shrugs her shoulders and follows her out the door.

Inside of the third floor's frist room.

Grace enters the room frist with Deemay holding the door open for her. She looks around seeing that everyone was still sitting in the some places but, Joe, Yokoma, Toby and a man she didn't know are in extra chairs around the table. The table was pulled away from the wall with six extra chairs from one of the other rooms.

She smiles seeing everyone with a hamburger, fries and a glass bottle of Coke each. She and Deemay walk over to the table where their food is waiting for them. She set down and was eating some fries when some slight movements make her look at the couch.

Zoey is eating her food, but she is also shyly looking at Eddie and than quickly looking away with a blush a few times. (He's so handsome. I know we've got to find a way home, but maybe I can get to know him while we're here.)

Deemay smiles as she sits in the chair on Eddie's left. "Hello Mr. Valiant, I'm Deemay Doon and it's nice to meet you." She than sticks out her right hand to him.

Eddie gives her a small smile as he shakes her hand with his right. "Yeah nice to meet yah, Edward Valiant, but people call me Eddie." After shaking her hand, He pulls out a bottle of booze, opens it and takes a drink. "So, the young man says you all need my help."

Joe who is sitting to Eddie's right, nods his head while looking at him. "Yes, and it's kind of a werid story."

Eddie shrugs his shoulders and takes another drink. He than passes the bottle to Joe. "I have my share of them." Joe takes a drink and passes it back to him. "So tell me what happened."

Deemay let's out a sigh "uhh." She than eats one of her fries and looks at Eddie. "Well, here's how it started Eddie."

A few minutes later.

Deemay after taking a small drink from Eddie's bottle, looks at him with a small smile. "And that's everything Eddie."

Eddie looks at her with his right eyebrow raised. "So you all were headed to his house." He nods his head to Joe. "When a black toon hole appeared out of nowhere, and just dropped you all in the middle of Toontown."

Zoey nods her head and looks at Eddie with a blush. "Yes Mr. Valiant. And the only thing we know is that it was probably a female cartoon that did it, and her name is Daina."

Eddie let's out a sad sigh and looks down. "uhhh. I can help you all. I'm sorry, but I don't do jobs involving toons any more." He than stands up and was about to leave. "Have a good night you all."

Deemay smiles sadly and nods her head. "That's ok Eddie. Do you know someone else we can ask?"

Yokoma's eyes widen when he remembers something and than looks up at Eddie. "Wait, can't we ask your sister or brother Mr. Valiant? Or whoever your partner is? Your door does say Valiant and Valiant right?"

Everyone has a hopeful look on their faces but Eddie. He is looking at Yokoma, but than looks down sadly, making everyone else look at him confusingly. "That would have been my brother kid. But he died awhile ago. So I don't have a partner."

Yokoma looks away from Eddie sadly and than looks back at him. "I'm sorry Mr Valiant."

Eddie looks at Yokoma with a small smile. "It's ok kid and just call me Eddie." He than looks around at everybody and let's out a grunt. "ugh. Alright everyone. I'll try my best to find this toon for you, but I can't make any promises." He than walks up to the door and opens it.

Joe looks at him with a smile. "That's more than ok, thanks Eddie."

Eddie looks back at everyone and gives them a nod. "Good night everyone." As he was closing the door behind him, everyone calls out to him. "Good night Eddie!"

After the door closes, Menelik looks around at everybody. "So... what do we do now?" Everyone than thinks about it while Continuing to eat their food.

Zoey was still looking at the door with a blush before quickly looking back at the group. "Oh umm. I guess we have to find her while Eddie helps out to."

Yanella shyly raises her right hand and gets everyone's attention. "Ms. Doon, coach. How much money do we have left."

Deemay frowns as she counts the money they have left and than let's out a sigh. "uhhh. Not enough for all of us to stay here another month."

Joe looks around at everybody seriously. "Everyone, we are going to have to find jobs while we're here. It's no telling how long it's going to take for us to find her. And if we're going to have a place to stay and food to eat, we're going to need the money." Everyone gives him a nod in agreement.

Deemay than let's out a sigh and than looks around at everybody. "uhhh. Well, we'll worry about that in the morning. Right now let's figure out who's staying in which room."

Zane looks up with a smile and than looks over at Deemay and Joe. "I think I have an idea." When everyone is looking at him, he than continues. "Well, Ms. Doon and coach can have this room while we split the others. Two for the girls and two for the guys."

Joe smiles and nods his head. "Good idea Zane." When Zane looks at him with his right eyebrow raised, Joe let's out a chuckle. "Ha ha ha ha ha. What? It's easier to just call all of you by your first names." He than looks over at Deemay. "So who do you think gets wicth rooms Deemay?"

Deemay gets up after finishing her food and walks over to the couch. She than gives Zoey, Menelik, Yanella and Zane the extra keys. She than looks around the room again before looking back at the four on the couch with a smile. "Zoey, you're in charge of room two and have Grace, Xena, Wanda, Valary and Tesa with you."

Zoey gives her a nod with a smile and than stands up. "Right Ms. Doon." She than looks at her five roommates and nods her head at their stuff. "Ok girls, get you stuff and let's go."

After the six girls have their stuff in hand, they walk up to the door while waving to everyone else. "Good night everyone." Everyone else in the room waves back as Zoey opens the door and the six of them walk out of it. "Good night."

Deemay than looks back at Menelik. "Menelik, you're in charge of room four and have Yokoma, Ximaru, Will, Vince and Rick with you."

Menelik smiles as he gets up. "You got it Ms. Doon." He than walks over to his stuff. "Come on you guys, we have a long day a head of us tomorrow."

After they all say their good nights, Deemay than looks back at Yanella. "Yanella, your in charge of room five and have Samantha, Rain, Qunika, Amanda and Nianna with you."

Yanella shyly nods her head. "Ok Ms. Doon." She than gets up and looks at Samantha and Nianna with a small smile. "Samantha, Nianna. Will you two bring two of the chairs back with us to are room please?"

The two teen girls give her a smile and a nod as they than grab two of the chairs. The six girls than grab their stuff and say good night as they leave the room.

Deemay than looks at the last one sitting on the couch. "Well Zane, your in charge of room six. With Toby, David, Bille, Sol and Nick as your roommates."

Zane gets up and gives her a playful smile. "You got it Ms. Doon. And don't worry, I'll keep That hot head Nick out of trouble."

Nick than looks at Zane angrily. "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!"

Zane shakes his head with a smile and his eyes closed. He than looks at Nick. "Calm down, I was just joking. Now grab one of those chairs, I get the other one."

Nick grumbles to himself as he gets up and grabs one of the chairs. The six teen boys than get their stuff and then look at Deemay and Joe. "Good night Ms. Doon. Good night coach." The six of them than leave the room with Toby looking at Joe with a smile and a blush as he closes the door behind him.

After the door closes and they don't hear anymore footsteps. Deemay looks up at Joe with a large smirk on her face. "Soooo. Did I miss something?"

Joe looks away from her with a big smile and a blush as he scratches his left cheek with his left index finger. "You can say that."

Deemay walks up to Joe with a big smile and gives him a big hug. "I knew you could do it Joe. Congratulations." She than looks up into his face with her smirk back. "So tell me what happened, than I'll tell you how Grace and I are finally a couple."

Joe than looks down at her with wide shocked eyes. "You and Grace are together?" After getting a nod from her, He smiles as she stops hugging him. "I'm so happy for the two of you. So since I know that you'll just keep asking me, here's what happened."

Inside of the third floor's second room.

After the girls had packed away their stuff into the closet, they are making a makeshift bed out of sleeping bags. They have it up against the wall a little bit away from the door.

Wanda smiles as they finish the bed. "It's a good thing that coach got us all sleeping bags."

Valary nods and looks at Wanda with a smile. "That's for sure. Can you imagine four of us squeezing on to that bed and two on the couch."

Tesa looks up with a thoughtful look with her left index finger tapping her chin and her right hand holding her left elbow. "But how did coach know this was going to happen? Did he see something like this coming?" She than looks at the other girls with a smile. "Coach is such a thoughtful guy."

Xena looks at Tesa with her right eyebrow raised. "Tesa, coach brought the sleeping bags so we could camp out in his back yard."

Tesa blushes as she looks down embarrassingly. "Oh, right."

Grace puts her right hand on Tesa's left shoulder with a smile. "It's ok Tesa, you don't have to be embarrassed." Tesa looks up at her with a small smile and gives her a nod.

Zoey smiles as she looks at the five other girls. "Ok girls, let's get ready for bed. So who's getting a bath first?"

Valary grabs her sleeping clothes off of the table and quickly runs into the bathroom. "I am!" The other five girls can only blink at how fast Valary had moved as the bathroom door closes.

Xena let's out a sigh as her shoulders slump and she closes her eyes. "uhhh. We should have seen that one coming." They than sit down and wait for their turns.

Zoey looks down sadly as she thinks to herself. (Poor Eddie. He looked so sad when he was thinking about his brother. They most have been very close.) She than has a small smile on her face. (Maybe I can cheer him up. Get him to smile.) She than frowns and rolls her eyes. (Yeah right. What the hell is wrong with me? We don't even know each other.) She than blushes as she lightly bites her bottom lip. (But if we get to know each other...)

Grace was thinking to herself as well with a pout on her face. (Why couldn't Deemay have her own room? I was so close to sucking her...) She than blushes as she continues to pout. (And who knows when we'll get another chance to be alone together. uhhh. Fuck.)

Inside of the third floor's sixth room.

The six guys were laying down with Menelik on the couch, Toby with Sol on the bed and David, Bille and Nick are on a makeshift bed of sleeping bags.

Toby is laying on his back with his hands behind his head and looking up at the celling. (I can't believe I just pounced on Joe like that. I mean yeah, I find out that the guy I want is gay two and he kisses me.) He than smirks with a blush on his face. (And damn that was a good kiss.) He than closes his eyes with a smile. (Anyway he probably liked me sitting in his lap. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.) He than soon falls asleep with everyone else.

The next morning. Seven fifty six.

Joe walks out of the room that he shares with Deemay. He is wearing a copy of the clothes that he was wearing yesterday. He than walks up to the rooms were everyone else is and knocks on them one at a time.

After a little while the four doors open, with Zoey, Menelik, Yanella and Zane walking out of the rooms into the hallway. They all had on copies of what they had on yesterday.

Joe looks at the four teens with a smile. "Good morning you four." Than after getting "Good morning coach." from them, he nods his head and points back at the room he came out of with his left thumb. "Ok you four, get everyone else up and come get some breakfast. We have a long day ahead of us."

They all nod their heads while smiling. "Right coach." Joe, Menelik, Yanella and Zane than all walked back into their rooms. Zoey was about to walk back into the room when Grace walks up to her sleepily.

Grace is wearing a large red t-shirt that stops at the top of her thighs. She yawns while stretching and aching her back. "What's going on Zoey?" She than rubs her right eye with her right hand.

Zoey gives her a smile while pointing at Deemay's and Joe's room with her left thumb. "Ms. Doon and coach bought us all some breakfast. So let's make sure the others are read..." She gets cut off by a "ringing" of a phone coming from Eddie's room.

After the third "ring" Grace's right eyebrow raises. "I wonder if Eddie is even here?" She than watches curiously as Zoey walks up to Eddie's door. "Zoey? What are you doing?"

Zoey looks over her right shoulder at her with a blush. "Get the others ready, I'll be right there." She stops in front of Eddie's door while Grace shrugs her shoulders and walks back into her room.

Zoey bites her bottom lip and than knocks on the door. "knock, knock, knock" "Eddie are you awake?" She was about to knock again when she saw that the door was very slightly opened. Even doe the phone stopped ringing, she slowly opens the door and peeks inside. "Eddie, Eddie."

Inside of the office, it looked mostly just like the other rooms. But there was no couch, instead of a table there is two desk pushed together in the center of the room, instead of a bed was a large bunch of file cabinets and more of them around the room.

Zoey than sees Eddie sleeping with his head down on his desk and a empty bottle next to him. She walks into the room and up to the two desk. She raises her right eyebrow seeing all the dust on the other desk, on all of the stuff on top of it and even the chair in front of it.

Zoey jumped when the phone started to "ring" again. She quickly walks over to the other side of the desk and answers the phone. "Hello. Valiant and Valiant, how can I help you."

Zoey than hears a feminine voice answering her. "I would like to talk to Mr. Valiant please. Is he in." She than looks back at Eddie and seeing him still asleep looks away again, not seeing him start to wake up.

She frowns before answering the woman back. "I'm sorry but he's... unable to answer the phone right now. But I can take your message for him."

The woman's voice than sounds confused. "umm. Who are you anyway dear?"

Zoey looks around as she tries to think of what to say. "Oh, I'm his..." She than smirks as she gets an idea. "New partner. So what's the problem Ms."

The woman's voice than sounds a bit uncaring. "My boss Mr. Maroon, would like to talk to Mr. Valiant. So could you two come down to his office at four thirty?"

Zoey than smiles with a twinkle in her eyes. (This is perfect. Not only can I help Eddie look for Daina, but I can get to know him better.) "Yes we will be there." She than jumps and turns around when she hears Eddie's voice. "And who's this we you're talking about?"

Eddie looks at her with a small frown on his face. "So did I hear you right when you called yourself my partner?"

Zoey looks at him nervously when she hears the woman's voice. "Good, remember that's four thirty at Maroon Cartoons studios. Good bye." She than looks at the phone with widen eyes. "Wait a minute..." But all she hears is the phone hanging up.

Eddie looks at her with his right eyebrow raised and frowning. "What did you do?"

Zoey smiles nervously at him with her eyes closed. " looks like we have to go talk to a guy named Maroon at four thirty and..."

Eddie cuts her off and looks at her angrily as he than stands up. "Maroon, as in Maroon cartoons. didn't I tell all of you that I don't work with toons any more?"

Zoey finches back and takes a good look at Eddie. She saw that he was wearing the same clothes from yesterday. But he had taken off his brown overcoat and hat showing his bolding head. "I didn't know with toons."

Eddie continues to look at her angrily. "And what's this about us being partners? What I do isn't a game you know."

Zoey than looks at him angrily. "And what's That supposed to mean Mr. Valiant." She than walks up to him and stops in front of him with them almost nose to nose. "I'm stronger than I look Eddie." She than steps back and crosses her arms over her chest. "Besides, if I come with you than I can take care of the toons and you'll won't have to."

Eddie frowns as he looks at her. (Well I do need the money. And it's not going to be dangerous.) "Alright, I'll take you with me. But you do what I say, got it?"

Zoey gives him a smile. "You got it Eddie. Thrust me, you'll would be disappointed." She than walks up to door. "I'm going to go get some breakfast. I'll be back in a few minutes partner." She than walks out of the office and closes the door behind her.

Eddie let's out a sigh as he sits back down. "uhhh. Women." He than lightly smirks. "Dolores is going to love her."

Inside of the third floor's frist room.

Zoey walks into the room while closing the door behind her. She looks around the room seeing everyone sitting at the table, on the bed, on the couch or on the floor with their backs against the wall. Everyone is eating pancakes and she saw hers on the table.

Grace looks up from her food when Zoey walks into the room. "There you are Zoey. Where were you?"

Zoey picks up her food and than sits down next to Xena against the wall. She looks up at everyone with a smile. "Well, I just got a job."

Everyone was looking at her with surprise and Deemay's right eyebrow was raised. "How did you get a job with out leaving the building?"

Zoey looks at her with a smirk. "I'm Eddie's new partner."

Joe and Deemay look at each other before Joe looks back at Zoey. "Are you sure that's a good idea Zoey?"

Zoey looks at Joe with a lazy eyed look. "Coach, my dad is a cop. He made sure that I can take care of myself you know."

Joe and Deemay give each other a quick glance before he looks back at Zoey. "So what are you two doing today."

Zoey after eating some of her food looks at Joe with a smile. "Nothing dangerous coach. We just have to go talk to a guy named Maroon at his cartoon studio."

Deemay raises her right eyebrow as she looks at Zoey. "But, I thought Eddie didn't work with toons anymore."

Zoey had just finished eating her food when she heard what Deemay said. Her eyes widen and than she looks at Deemay nervously. "Well... I may have something to do with it. he he."

Joe shakes his head while smiling and than looks around at everybody. "Will now that everyone is finished, Deemay and I have found out somethings that we have to tell you all."

Toby slightly tilts his head to the right while looking at Joe. "What is it coach?"

Joe smiles back at Toby and holds up a newspaper. "Well it turns out that not only are we in another world, but we also want back in time." Everyone but Deemay looks at him in shock and cries out. "What?!" He than nods his head and points at the date with his left index finger. "See, it's nineteen forty five and that's why none of are stuff works."

Rick nods his head as he looks down at his closed laptop. "So there is no internet. Well that explains a lot."

Grace rolls her eyes with her arms crossed over her chest. "Well this is just wonderful." She than looks at Deemay and Joe hopefully. "Please tell me there is some good news?"

Deemay smiles back at her. "Well we have a bit of good news actually." She than looks over at Joe. "Will you do the first two Joe."

Joe smiles and gives her a nod. He than looks at everyone else. "Well the first thing is that there are a lot of jobs here. And the next thing is that we are in Los Angeles."

Tesa and Amanda look at each other confusingly as Nick raies his right eyebrow. "ummm. Coach. What's so special about Los Angeles?"

Sol looks over at Nick with a smirk on his face. "What's so special is that this city is were Hollywood is." He than looks over at Joe. "Right coach?" Everyone else but Deemay, Joe and Sol had different reactions. Some of them are excited. Some of them just shrug their shoulders and some of them are shocked.

Joe nods his head and than stands up with a smile. "That's right Sol." He than looks around the room at everybody. "Now, me and Deemay found eightteen studio jobs, two jobs at a super club, The police station is looking for three janitors and..."

Deemay stands up and looks at Joe with a smile as she cuts him off. "Sorry Joe, but this is my part." She than looks over at Grace and Yanella. "Grace, Yanella. Come with me. I think I got us a job right across the street." She than walks up to the door and holds it open. "I know it's not what you two were hoping for, but at least it might be something."

Grace stands up and walks over to Deemay with a smile. "It's more than ok with me Deemay."

Yanella stands up and walks over to Deemay right behind Grace. She has a small smile on her face. "It's alright Ms. Doon. If it's a small job, it's probably better for me."

The three young woman than leave with Deemay closing the door behind her. Joe than places a white bowl on the table with pieces of paper in it. "Ok you all, this is what we're going to do. You all pick a paper and what's on it is where you'll try to get a job." He than looks over at Toby with a smile. "You first Toby."

Zoey stands up with a smile and walks over to the door. "Well I got a job." She than opens the door, walks out of it and looks back at everybody. "Good luck you all. I see you all later." She closes the door behind her as Toby picks up one of the pieces of paper.

Outside of the apartment building. Eight ten in the morning.

Deemay, Grace and Yanella than step out of the apartment building and look around. They see people looking at them funny as they walk by.

Yanella looks around a little nervously at the funny looks that the three are getting. "Why is everyone looking at us like that? Especially you two?"

Grace looks back at the people walking by with a small frown. "I have no idea Yanella. You'd think we came from outer space or something with the way they're looking at us."

Deemay looks at Grace with a smile and quietly says. "Well, we kind of did Grace." She than starts to walk across the street. "Come on girls, are maybe future boss is waiting for us."

The two teen girls look up at the two story building across the street. A sign on the building says 'Terminal Bar' and attached next to the building is a large garage. A man is standing by the open entrance of the bar as he waits for them.

The man stands five feet, ten inches tall with peach skin, short black hair, blue eyes and thin lips. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, big hands, big fingers, fit waist line, narrow hips, fit butt, fit legs and big feet. He is wearing a white button up shirt, dark blue pants and black shoes.

The teen girls quickly walk across the street and catch up with Deemay. The man raises his right eyebrow looking at them as Deemay looks at him with a smile. "Sorry to keep you waiting Mr. Greyson."

Mr. Greyson than looks both Grace and Yanella up and down before nodding. "Ok, just make sure these two don't get any alcohol and everything will be fine. You will get ten dollars a hour each. Now come with me, I have other things to do today." He than turns around and starts walking up the stairs.

The three young women follow him up the stairs as Grace leans in to Yanella. "Great. Something tells me he's just like are landlord." Yanella has a small frown on her face as she nods her head.

When they get to the upstairs bar, the three young women look around. The room has seven wooden tables with four wooden chairs around them, two pool tables near the left side wall, a bar attached to the center of the back wall with ten wooden bar stools in front of it, a open entrance behind it leads into a kitchen and two doors with one on ether side of the bar.

A few people are sitting at the tables and the bar having a drink or eating some food. Two men are playing a game of pool on one of the pool tables. A woman is standing behind the bar as she cleans a glass with a white cloth in her right hand.

Mr. Greyson looks over at the woman behind the bar and calls her over. "Dolores! come over here for a second."

Dolores looks up at them, puts down the glass and than walks over to them. "Yes Mr. Greyson?"

Dolores stands five feet, six inches tall with peach skin, dark brown hair that stops at the top of her shoulders with the front put up, blue eyes and full lips with red lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big C-cup breasts, slim waist line, curvey hips, curvey butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a yellow bottom and brown top dress that stops past her knees, the brown top part has three buttons under her breasts, a narrow v-neck cut has a yellow flower design on the top left side and brown two inch heels.

Mr. Greyson nods his head to Deemay, Grace and Yanella. "These are the women that are going to work with you. Show them the ropes and tell me how they did tomorrow." He was about to leave, when he stops and looks over his left shoulder at Dolores. "You remember what's tomorrow right?"

Dolores gives him a small smile. "Don't worry Mr. Greyson, everything's in order." He nods his head and than walks down the stairs. Dolores frowns and rolls her eyes. "Asshole." She than looks at Deemay with a smile and shakes her right hand. "Well it's nice to meet you three, as you know I'm Dolores."

Deemay smiles as she shakes Dolores' hand back. "It's nice to meet you to Dolores. I'm Deemay." She than looks at Grace and Yanella. "This is Grace and Yanella."

Grace smiles and shakes Dolores hand. "Good morning Dolores."

Dolores gives her a smile back. "Good morning to you to Grace." She than looks at Yanella, who was looking at her with a blush. Dolores gives Yanella a big smile with a blush as she reaches out with her right hand. "And you're Yanella right? It's really nice to meet you."

Yanella shyly shakes Dolores' hand and looks up at her with her blush grows. "I... I... It's nice to meet you to Dolores." She looks away in embarrassment as Dolores looks at her with a small smirk and a playful twinkle in her eyes.

Dolores than looks at all of them with a smile and her hands on her curvey hips. "Ok. Two of you have to wait tables and one of you has to help me in the kitchen. So wicth one is helping me?"

Grace smirks as she saw both of them blush just now and quickly gets behind Yanella. "Well that's got to be Yanella here. She is one of the best cooks I know." She than puts her hands on Yanella's shoulders and pushes her closer to Dolores.

Yanella looks back at Grace with wide eyes. "But..." She stops and looks at her right hand as she feels Dolores lightly grabs it. Her face blushes red as Dolores pulls her towards the kitchen.

Dolores smiles with a blush as she pulls Yanella behind the bar. "Here let me show you what you got to work with." They soon disappear into the kitchen."

Deemay looks at Grace with a smile. "Playing matchmaker now, huh?"

Grace looks up at Deemay with a smirk. "Maybe?" She than lightly grabs Deemay's right hand with her left. "Now, want to make out in the bathroom?"

Deemay shakes her head and lightly pulls her hand away. "Sorry, but we got work to do. Let's get started." She than walks up to a table with four men sitting at it and takes their empty glasses. Grace let's out a sigh "uhhh." and walks up to another table and takes the order of the woman sitting there.

Outside of the apartment building. Just as Deemay, Grace and Yanella walking up the stairs into the bar.

Everyone but Zoey had gotten in the van as Joe started it. As Joe was driving down the road, he looks out of the right corner of his eyes looking at the two teen boys sitting next to him. Toby is sitting next to him with Ximaru at the end.

Ximaru smiles as he looks around the city. "Well the three of us may not be trying to get a job at a police station, but at least it's as janitors."

Toby looks at him with a deadpan look on his face. "Yeah, because janitors are so exciting." He than looks at Joe with a smile. "Well at least you are with us coach." He than looks confusingly at Joe. "So where are we going first again coach?"

Joe looks at Toby with a smile before looking back at the road. "It looks like the first studio is the Disney studios." He continues to drive down the street as they head for Hollywood.

To be continued.

Well another chapter done. Sorry it took so long, but I did start a new story and I'm putting up slightly better versions of my stories on Adult fanfiction and ao3. The next one I'm going is part 2 of 39 Clues: Yellow Lemons. And than putting the first chapter of Naruto: Pokegirls Storm on Adult fanfiction and ao3. I have the first chapter of this story up on ao3 so check it out. It has an extra five challenges if you're interested.

Well that's it for now, until next time. Bye!

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