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Trying to find jobs, but maybe finding more? Part 4.

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"Loud Sounds"



Locations and Time of day

Inside of Dark Entertainment Films studio lot. Eight forty one in the morning.

Sol and Rain walk out of the back entrance of a sound stage and look around. They see that all the toons around are human toons that look a lot like normal people.

Sol smirks as he sees a few shirtless male toons only in toon shorts next to a large rubber toon pool. "Well even though the pay sucks, the view makes up for it." He than looks to his right at Rain. "Don't you think so Rain?"

Rain was looking at all the half naked male toons, but quickly looks at Sol when she hears his voice. "What did you say Sol?"

Sol's smirk changes into a smile. "My point exactly. But we have to go help out the costars of this cartoon." He than starts to walk towards the white trailers. "Come on. We don't want to get fired for just standing around and drooling."

Rain pouts with a blush as she walks after Sol. "I was not drooling." She than takes one more look at the male toons as she continues after Sol.

The two soon come to a trailer with the name "Huey Freeman" printed in black on the door. They than look at another trailer that's a few feet away with the name "Riley Freeman" on it.

Sol looks at Rain with a smile and points to Riley's trailer with his right index finger. "I take him. You help out Huey." He gets a nod from her and than he walks over to the other trailer.

Rain walks up to the trailer's door and knocks. "knock, knock, knock" "Hello! Mr. Freeman!" She than hears his answer through the door.

"Yes! Who is it!?"

Rain smiles hearing the young male voice. "My name is Rain Cooman. I'm one of the new toon assistants. The director told me to ask you if you needed anything." The door than opens and she looks down at the short male toon standing in front of her.

Huey stands four feet, ten inches tall with brown ink skin, brown ink hair in a large wild afro, brown ink eyes and thin lips. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, fit waistline, narrow hips, slim butt, slim legs and small feet. He is wearing a grey toon T-shirt, a brown toon jacket over it, blue toon jeans and brown toon boots.

Huey looks up at Rain and than raises his left hand to her. "Good morning. It's nice to meet you Ms. Cooman."

Rain blushes lightly with a smile as she shakes Huey's hand with her own left hand. "Well aren't you just a little cutie. Good morning to you to Mr. Freeman.." She let's go of his hand, but continues to give him a smile. "So is there anything you need my help with?"

Huey frowns lightly when Rain called him cutie, but he steps aside to let her in. "Just because I'm short doesn't mean I'm a kid. It took me and my brother awhile to get a job like this in the first place after we were drawn." He than points to his left with his left thumb. "I could use your help though with some of these props."

Rain walks inside of the trailer and looks down at Huey with her right eyebrow raised. "Just how old are you than? If you don't mind me asking?"

Huey gives Rain a nod and hands her a box full of toon items. "Nineteen." He than picks up another box filled with more toon items and than leads the way back to the sound stage. "Thanks for the help. I definitely appreciate the extra hands."

Rain, even though is behind Huey, gives him a smile. "Of course. It is my job right? And besides, even though I don't know the other toons. Something just tells me that I'm going to like working with you."

Huey looks over his left shoulder at Rain and blushes seeing her smile. "Yeah, you just might be right about that."

With Sol a few seconds ago.

Sol with a smirk on his face walks up to Riley's trailer. (If those toons by the pool are anything to go by.) The smirk on his full lips grows. (I bet the one in here is going to be hot as hell.) He than knocks on the door with his right hand. "knock, knock, knock"

"Yeah! I'm coming!"

Sol's smirk becomes a confused look when he heard the young sounding voice. (Well, that definitely didn't sound like what I was expecting. Maybe...)

The trailer's door opens and Riley now standing on the other side, cuts off Sol's train of thought. "Hey! I still got seven more minutes before y'all want me on set! So...Hey, who the hell are you? And why your lips so thick? Wait a minute. Yo... you wearing lipstick?"

Riley stands four feet, eight inches tall with brown ink skin, brown ink hair in braids that stop at the bottom of his neck, brown ink eyes and thin lips. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, slim waistline, slim hips, slim butt, slim legs and small feet. He is wearing a white toon muscle shirt, black toon pants and brown toon boots.

Sol pouts as he looks down at Riley. "Oh well. Your not as hot as the other toon guys, but at least your really cute." He than smiles and raises his right hand to him. "I'm Sol Rinno. One of the new toon assistants. Nice..."

Riley cuts Sol off as he looks up at him with a glare. "Now hold up. Who you calling cute. I'm nineteen man. Toon can get no respect?" He than crosses his arms over his chest.

Sol smirks as he puts his hands on his curvy hips. "Right, nineteen. The next thing you're going to tell me is that it's going to start raining money."

Riley rolls his eyes and sucks his teeth. "tch. Stop playing like you don't know toons don't age." He gets Sol just rasing his right eyebrow as an answer. "For real? Look, toons can only look different if the one who drew us draws us different..." He stops as he looks at Sol's full lips and lightly gulps. He than quickly looks back up into his eyes. "You get it?"

Sol stops smirking and looks down at Riley in surprise. "You mean you can't look older or younger unless the person who drew you in the first place draws you like that." He than looks down with his right hand balled up just under his lips. (Actually, now that I think about it. It does make some kind of sense.)

Riley is looking Sol up and down with a small blush on his cheeks. He eyes stopping every now and again on his hips and silver lipstick painted lips. He shakes his head to snap out of it. "Like I said." He than smirks. "Tell you what. You have lunch with me and I'll tell you all you need about toons." He than stands to the side and points with his left thumb to a box full of toon items. "Enough talking though. Grab that box and follow me."

Sol than looks at Riley apologetically as he walks pass him. "Oh right. They are probably waiting for you and your brother on set. You two are the costars after all."

Riley closes his eyes and laughs as he holds his sides with his arms crossed. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That's a good one, costars. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" He than looks at Sol with a smirk. "Look I know that you know nothing about toons, but come on. First, he not my brother like you humans have. We just drawn to be. No blood if you don't have real blood in ya. And what you think this place is? Disney? WB? Hell. Maroon Cartoons? The day a black toon costars in a cartoon made in this studio. Is the day I willingly jump in some dip. And that shit not happening." He than frowns. "We're just some background characters."

Sol walks up to the box on a table and lightly frowns. (So that's how black toons are treated at this studio huh. And with how a few of the people were glaring at me in the sound stage. Yeah, I'm probably going to get the same. But on a different note, why would he make jumping into dip sound like it's the worse thing in the world? Guess he really hates dip.) He picks up the box and looks over his left shoulder at Riley. Seeing that he is picking up another box himself. (He has been having a little bit of fun at my account about not knowing stuff about toons.) He than smirks. (But I do know when someone has been checking me out. Time to have a little fun of my own.) He picks up one of the items out of the box with his right hand and drops it on the floor. "Oops. My bad."

Riley looks over at Sol when he heard his voice. "Don't tell me your clumsy to. Good thing you can't break toon..." He stops when he sees Sol bent over at the waist with his curvy butt facing towards him. He has to fight to stop his eyes from popping out of his head, steam coming out of his ears and his jaw from hitting the ground with his tongue rolling out of his mouth. (Holy! It's bad enough with these damn lips he's got! Why the hell does his ass got to be so nice and big to!) He Blushes and quickly turns around. "C... come on! We need to be on set!" He than walks out of his trailer.

Sol is just a few steps behind Riley with the smirk still on his face. (And once again I was right. he he he. I know I shouldn't tease him like that, but I'm really looking forward to having more fun with him at lunch.)

At another sound stage. Eight forty one in the morning.

David blinks as he looks around in slight confusion at all the different kinds of toons around.

He sees a tall, muscular male toon with peach ink skin, short black ink hair, wearing a dark blue toon superhero costume with a yellow toon cape, a white H on his chest and light blue toon gloves, belt, and boots.

A slim male toon with tan peach ink skin, blonde ink spikey hair, pointy ears, wearing a dark blue toon vest that shows off a lot of his chest, it also shows his mid drift, blue toon arm protectors, dark blue toon belt with a blue toon loincloth and dark blue toon knee high boots.

And finally a short male toon pig standing on two feet with pink ink skin, black ink unibrow, wearing a red toon shirt, brown toon pants and black toon shoes. This was just a few of the toon that he sees around.

David's right eyebrow raises as he walks around looking for someone to help. (I wonder what kind of cartoon they are filming here? Oh well, what's important is that all of us has a job while we're here. Until we can find this Daina person that is.)

"Why hello handsome. Are you the new toon assistant?"

David turns around after hearing a female voice behind him. He looks down and than lightly blushes when he sees the toon woman standing in front of him.

She stands four feet, eleven inches tall with White ink skin, short black ink hair that frames her face, big black ink eyes with gray toon eyeshadow, freckles on her cheeks and full lips with black toon lipstick. She has a curvy body shape with big arms, small hands, four thick fingers on each hand, big C-cup breasts, fit waistline, full rounded hips, full rounded butt, thick shapely legs and small feet with four toes each. She is wearing a sleeveless black toon dress that stops at half way down her thighs, it also has a white collar showing a lot of her cleavage and black two inch toon heels.

David gives her a smile and sticks out his right hand, which she shakes with her own right hand. "Yes I am. The name is David Tell. It's nice to meet you."

The black and white toon gives David a smile with her hands clasped. "Toot Braunstein, and the pleasure is all mine." She than gets up on her tip toes, grabs him by the shirt with both hands, pulls him down a little and smirks as she looks into his eyes. "Or should I say the pleasure is all ours." She than pulls him into a passionate kiss while she closes her eyes.

David's eyes widen while he blushes darkly and he grabs the back of Toot's shoulders. He tries to pull her off, but her mouth stretches so her lips stay connected to his. After a few seconds, she finally let's go with a wet "pop" and her lips spring back to normal. "So... umm. Is there anything you need help with?" He gulps as she opens her eyes, showing that they have turned into black beating hearts."

Toot smirks as she gets down off of her tip toes and her eyes turn back to normal. "Oh yes there is something you can definitely help me with." Her smirk than changes into a smile. "But I'm wanted on set right now. So you can help me out later." She turns around and looks over her left shoulder at David. "Bye David." She than walks towards the sound stage with a sway to her hips. (God! Toot! You're coming on to strong again. You're going to scare another one away. But I just can't help it! Handsome humans like him just really get my engine going damn it. I just hope I have a chance with this one.)

David can't help but watch the sway of Toot's full hips as she walks away. (I guess this job comes with some perks.) He than smiles as he turns around. (Well that's something to look forward to later. Might as well have some fun while I'm here, right?)




"huh. God damnit."

David looks to the left at hearing another female voice. He blushes again seeing another beautiful toon woman.

The toon woman stands five feet, five inches tall with peach ink skin, long dark brown ink hair that goes down to her hips, it curls inward at the ends, a bang hovers over her forehead with the end curved in the center of It, blueish green ink eyes and full lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, mid C-up breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a thin strapped purple toon dress that the part of the skirt is a lighter shade than the top, it stops halfway down her calfs, a purple toon chocker, a small pink toon crown on top of her head and purple two inch toon heels.

She was down on her knees picking up different toon items that fell out of three boxes out of the four she was carrying.

A short man with peach skin, black hair, brown eyes, wearing a green shirt, brown pants and shoes. He is standing next to the toon woman with a glare on his face. "Watch where you are going you stupid, knockoff doodle." He than turns and walks towards the sound stage.

The toon woman looks at the man with her own glare. (But you were the one who bumped into me.) She than goes back to picking up the toon items.

David was glaring at the man as well. (What an asshole.) He walks up to the toon woman, gets down on his knees and helps her pick up the toon items. "Here. Let me give you a hand."

The toon woman looks at David in surprise before giving him a small smile. "Oh that's ok. You don't have to."

David looks at her with a smile as he puts another toon item in a box. "Actually, as the new toon assistant, I'm pretty sure it's my job to help you."

The toon woman's smile than widens a bit. "Oh pardon me." She than sticks out her right hand to David. "I'm princess Clara."

David shakes her hand with his own right one. "David Tell. It's nice to meet you your highness."

Clara's smile drops a bit. "You don't have to be so formal. It's not like I'm a... a... " She than looks away from David. "I'm not a Disney princess you know. I might look like one. But I'm not."

David looks at Clara confusingly with his right eyebrow raised. "What does not being a Disney princess have to do with anything? I mean... you're still a princess in the end right?"

Clara looks back at David in complete shock. "You don't think I'm just..." She than looks at him sadly. "Just some cheap knockoff?"

David frowns as he shakes his head. "No, why would I?" He than points in the direction the short man went with his right thumb. "I'm not like that jackass." He than gives Clara a smile. "I still think you're a princess. Disney or no Disney." (Hell, I don't even know what's the difference is to begin with.)

Clara's eyes widen as she looks into David's ones. "Really?"

David gives her a nod and puts his right hand on top of her left one. "Of course."

Clara gives him a big smile and was about to say something when they hear a familiar female voice.

"Hey Clara!"

They both turn their heads and see Toot standing a few feet away from them with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face. "I see you met the new toon assistant." She than looks over at David and waves with her right hand. "Hi David."

David waves back with his right hand and blushes. "Hey again Toot. It's been what, five minutes since we've met? ha ha ha."

Toot puts her hand back on her hip as her smirk grows slightly. "Oh you know you missed me." Her smirk than becomes a smile as she looks at Clara. "Come on Clara. they want us on set."

Clara turns back to the last few toon items and quickly starts to put them in the boxes. "I'll be right there! Just tell them..."

David puts his right hand on Clara's left shoulder, making her stop and look at him in confusion. "I got this. You go ahead and get on set."

Clara's eyes widen again and she shakes her head. "Oh, no. You don't have to do that. I'll..."

David cuts Clara off by giving her shoulder a light squeeze. "Clara, go ahead. This is my job remember? Just tell me where I have to put all of this." He than gives her a wink with his right eye. "Don't worry your highness."

Clara gives David a big smile before leaning in and kissing him on the left cheek. It lasts for a few seconds before she pulls back and stands up. "Thank you so much David. You can just put them in my trailer please. My name is on the door, bye." She than quickly walks up to Toot.

David blushes from Clara's kiss and watch her walk up to Toot. He sees Toot quietly talk to Clara with a smile and than Clara blushes and nods. Both toon women than look at him, Toot with a grin and Clara with a shy smile and blush. They both give him a wave, turn and walk towards the sound stage with a sway to their hips. Toot having more of a sway to her's then Clara's. He watches them go until they disappear into the sound stage. He than turns back to the boxes and packs away the remaining toon items with a smile. (I guess this job comes with double the perks. But how does that saying goes? Things happen in threes. Yeah right. If I meet another beautiful toon woman that wants to talk to me. Than I'm the king of Bermuda.)

"Hey baby. I think you're missing one."

David turns to the left after hearing a new female voice. He first sees long toon legs wearing heeled toon boots. He than looks up into the face of another beautiful toon woman.

The toon woman stands five feet, five inches tall with brown ink skin, dark brown ink hair tied in a ponytail that stops at mid back, black ink eyes that don't have whites to them and full lips with pink toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, Big C-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a orange toon cap with fox ears on top, a sleeveless orange toon shirt that shows a lot of her cleavage, it also shows off her midriff, orange tight toon pants that stop at the middle of her thighs, a toon fox tall attached to it just above her butt and orange toon two inch heeled boots that go up to just under her knees.

She looks down at David with a smile as she hands him a toon hairbrush held in her right hand. "I heard some of the things you said to Clara." She than looks at him with half lided eyes. "And I've always liked guys that know how to treat a toon."

David blushes as he takes the toon hairbrush. (Well, I better talk to my subjects when I get home.) He puts it in a box and than looks back up at the toon woman with a smile. "Thanks miss. I'm David Tell and I'm..."

The toon woman cuts David off as she gets down on her knees. "The new toon assistant, I know." She closes two of the boxes and picks them up as she stands back up. "The names Foxxy Shaquafa Love." She turns around and looks over her right shoulder at him. "But you can just call me Foxxy, baby. Follow me, I'll take you to Clara's trailer." She than starts to walk towards the trailers.

David picks up the other two boxes and quickly catches up to Foxxy. "Hey Foxxy. Can I ask you a question?"

Foxxy looks at David to her right with a smirk. "Sure. But if you are going to ask if I want to have lunch with you today. Than the answer is yes, I'd love to."

David smiles with a light blush on his cheeks. "I'd love that to. But I'm pretty sure that I have a Lunch date with Toot. Probably with Clara as well, so I think it would be great if you could join us." His smile than becomes a frown. "But unfortunately that's not what I was going to ask. I want to know what the hell is that guy who called Clara a knockoff doodle, problem is."

Foxxy's smile than becomes a frown as she looks away. "I didn't hear that part." She than looks back at David with a sad smile. "But you know how some people are. You have been called you know what because of the color of your skin right?" She than frowns and looks away again. "Being a "dark inked doodle" myself, I know how it feels."

David looks at Foxxy in shock. "Wait, you mean a toon being called a doodle is like someone calling me a..."

Foxxy looks back at David with a small smile and cuts him off. "Yes it is." She than gives him a bigger smile. "But let's talk about better things ok."

David nods his head and they continue to talk as they head towards the trailers.

Rich Animation Studios. Eight fifty one in the morning.

Nianna has a worried look on her face as she walks out the back of a sound stage with a script in her right hand. (I hope Nick is ok. And is staying out of trouble.) She stops and let's out a sigh. "uhh." (Who I'm I kidding. He was probably pissed when they told him that he was getting paid eight dollars an hour.)

"Excuse me madame. My I have just a moment of your time?"

Nianna, startled by the male voice looks around but doesn't see anybody. "What...?"

"Down here, fair madame."

Nianna looks down and sees a toon frog standing up on his legs and looking at her with a smile. (huh. I almost forgot we in a world with cartoon characters walking around.)

The toon frog has green lnk skin with dark green spots on his back, light green from his bottom lip down past his stomach and black ink eyes with the whites of his eyes are yellow instead.

The toon frog jumps up and Nianna catches him in her left palm. He than gives her a bow and than looks into her eyes. "A pleasure to meet you madame. I'm Jean-Bob and I need your help."

Nianna blinks in confusion as she looks down at Jean-Bob. "umm. Ok. What do you need me to do?" (I should be getting this script to Odette. But it is my job to help out all the toons here.)

Jean-Bob than gives her a big smile. "Marvelous. All I need is for you to kiss me and turn me back into my princely self so..."

Nianna's eyes open wide in shock before she lightly glares down at Jean-Bob. "Whoa whoa whoa. Now you just wait one second there bubby. No body said I had to kiss a frog for this job."

Jean-Bob puts his hands up and shakes his head. "No no no no no no no. I promise you madame. I am not a frog, I am a prince stuck in this little green body." He than clasps his hands and looks into her eyes with puppy dog eyes. "Please, just one kiss and I can change back to normal. Please madame."

Nianna bites her bottom lip as she looks into Jean-Bob eyes. (I can't believe I'm going to do this.) She let's out a sigh while closing her eyes. "uhh." She than opens her eyes. "Ok, I do it. But just one ok?"

Jean-Bob gives Nianna a big smile. "Oh thank you madame. Don't worry, one is all I need." His smile than becomes a smirk. "But after a change back to my handsome self. I know you are going to want more." He than closes his eyes and puckers his lips.

Nianna rolls her eyes and has a small smirk on her face. (Oh I don't think I will Jean-Bob. Seeing that I play on the same team as you do.) She than leans down and kisses Jean-Bob.

After the short kiss, Jean-Bob opens his eyes and they both wait for a few seconds. He looks down seeing that he is still a frog and let's out a sad sigh. "uhh. another failer." He than looks up at Nianna. "I see you don't have any royal blood in you either." He than jumps off of her hand and back down on the ground. "Well I must be going." He than gives her a bow. "Until we meet again madame." He than quickly hops away.

Nianna blinks as she watches Jean-Bob hop away. "Why do I feel like I've been tricked?" She shakes her head with a small smile on her face. (Well, it doesn't matter. It wasn't as bad has I thought it was going to be.) She than walks towards the trailers. (Now to give this script to Odette.) She than gets to them and looks around. (Which one... there it is!) She smiles as she sees a door with Odette's name printed on it in black. She walks up to it and knocks.




"Yes, who is it?"

Nianna smiles at hearing the female voice through the door. "Good morning Ms. Odette. I'm Nianna Little and I'm the new toon assistant. I've got your script for you."

"Oh good. The door is open, please come in."

Nianna opens the door with her left hand and walks inside of the trailer. She closes the door behind herself and turns to the right so she can see Odette. "Here you go Ms. Odette. Sorry I took so..." She cuts herself off as she sees her and lightly blushes.

Odette stands five feet, six inches tall with peach ink skin, blonde ink wavy hair the stops at mid back, a bang covering her forehead parts above her right eye, light purple ink eyes and full lips with red toon lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, Big B-cup breasts, slim waistline, slim hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a white toon robe that stops at mid thigh and is tied closed with a gray toon sash.

Odette is sitting in a chair facing Nianna with her left leg crossed over her right. She looks at her confusingly when she stopped herself in mid sentence. "Are you ok Nianna?"

Nianna blushes in embarrassment and looks at Odette with a small smile. "Oh I'm ok. Please forgive me for steering." She walks up to her and hands her the script. "Here you go Ms. Odette."

Odette looks up at Nianna with a smile as she takes the script. "Thank you Nianna. And you don't have to call me Ms. Odette." She than stands up while keeping her eyes locked with her's. "Just call me Odette, ok?"

Nianna gulps as her blush darkens. "S... sure thing Odette." She can't help but look at Odette's full smiling lips for a second. (I wish she was the one that wanted to kiss instead of Jean-Bob.)

Odette's smile widens, she lightly grabs Nianna's left hand with her right hand and pulls her towards a bed. "You know, there's something I'd like you to help me with."

Nianna bites her bottom lip as she is pulled towards the bed. "O... oh really?" The two of them sit next to each other on the bed. She looks down at Odette's long shapely legs before looking back up into her eyes. "But don't I have to go and help out the other toons?"

Odette gives her a smile and than looks down at the script while opening it. "Don't worry, it's all right. Besides, I could use your help rehearsing my lines."

Nianna nods her head and looks down at the script with a smile. "Ok." (Something tells me that I'm going to like this job. I hope Nick made a friend like I think I did with Odette.)

Dreamworks studios. Nine one in the morning.

Vince pulls a big cooler full of ice, water bottles and glass coke bottles towards a group of tall human male toons. He sees them playing a game that looks similar to basketball.

They are playing inside a large square space with tall toon stone walls surrounding it with one opening. It also has two sideways stone hoops, one on the left wall with the other on the right.

Vince stops inside of the space and looks around. He sees that all of the male human looking toons have brown ink skin, black ink hair, muscular body shapes and wearing big red toon loincloths with golden designs on them. A red toon ball that's the size of a soccer ball, bounces off of the left wall and heads right for him. He catches it just before it hits him on the chest and he looks at all of them with a smile. "Hey. What's up guys? I'm the new toon assistant, Vince Price. I brought some drinks."

After sometime with handing out some of the drinks and talking with the toons, they all left, leaving Vince in the odd game court. He walks up to the sideways hoop on the right wall with the toon ball in his hands. (Ok. They said the way you play this game is to get this ball through the hoop without using your hands.) He than looks up at the hoop and blinks in shock at how high it is. (How the hell is someone suppose to do that!?) He than looks at the hoop in determination. (Well you don't know if you don't try.) He throws the ball up and hits it with the right side of his head.

It bounces off of the front wall and heads straight for the hoop. "tump" It bounces off of the hoop with another "tump" and slams right into the center of Vince's head. "tump" "Ouch!" The ball than zooms back towards the wall, bounces off the wall with another "tump" and slams into his stomach. "tump" "uoo." He bends over with his hands on his stomach as the ball zooms once again towards the wall. It bounces off the wall one more time with a "tump" and zooms past his right side just barely missing him.

Vince looks down at the ground in slight pain. "Maybe... that was not a good idea."

"You're not going to give up after one try are you?"

Vince looks over his right shoulder towards the entrance where he heard the female voice coming from. He blushes when he sees the owner of the voice. (Holy...)

The toon woman stands five feet, four inches tall with brown ink skin, long black ink hair that stops at the top of her thighs, she also has bangs with out tips, covering her forehead, light brown ink eyes and very full lips with dark pink toon lipstick. She as a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big C-cup breasts, slim waistline, full rounded hips, full rounded butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a white toon tube top with a pink stripe near the top, It also shows off her midriff, a white skirt that stops at her knees and doesn't cover her legs, turquoise toon earrings and turquoise bracelets.

The toon woman is leaning on the wall next to the entrance with the ball in her right hand. She looks at Vince with a smile as she gets off of the wall. "Even though you missed, that was a good shot." She than walks a bit closer to him, making him stand up straight and turns to her. "But you need to work on your aim a little bit." She than gives him a smirk. "And..." She than throws the ball up into the air.

The ball goes straight up and than down towards the ground. When it gets close enough, the toon woman than thrust her hips to the right and hits it. "tump" It than flies towards the wall and bounces off of it. "tump" It than goes towards the hoop and goes right through it. It than bounces off of the opposite wall with another "tump" and than hits the ground. It finally rolls across the ground and comes to a stop at Vince's feet.

The toon woman than puts her hands on her very curvy hips. "You got to use your hips more."

Vince who was keeping his eyes on the toon ball as soon as the toon woman threw it up into the air. His mouth is still dropped open from when the ball went through the hoop and now is right by his feet. He than looks back at her and blushes seeing her smirk. "Holy shit."

The toon woman than walks up to Vince and sticks out her right hand to him. "So your the new toon assistant right? I'm Chel."

Vince gives her an embarrassed smile and shakes her hand with his right one. "Yeah I am. My name is Vince Price. It's nice meeting you Chel."

Chel nods her head towards the hoop with a smile. "I can give you some tips if you want?" She than bends down and picks up the ball.

Vince looks over at the entrance and than back at Chel with his right eyebrow raised. "Are you sure that's ok Chel?" He than gives her a smile. "I am supposed to be working you know."

Chel smirks with the ball in her left hand, her right hand on her hips and is looking into Vince's eyes. "Don't worry, it will only be a few minutes."

Ten minutes later.

Vince and Chel are now sitting on the ground with their backs against the wall with the right side hoop. They are next to each other with the red toon ball next to Vince on his right.

Chel looks over at Vince with a smile. "Not to bad Vince. A few more days and you'll definitely have this game down. You just have to use your hips a bit more."

Vince looks at Chel with a smirk. "Says the woman with the perfect hips for this game."

Chel than gives Vince a smirk of her own. "The perfect hips, huh?" She than gets up, brushes off the back of her skirt with both hands and walks towards the entrance with a sway to her hips. She stops close to the entrance, clasps her hands behind her back, looks over her left shoulder at him and nods her head towards the entrance. "Come on. I help you out."

Vince, who was watching the sway of Chel's hips with a blush and a gulp. Looks up into her eyes with an embarrassed smile. "T... thanks Chel. I would really appreciate your help." He than gets up, quickly walks up to her, grabs the cooler and the two walk off to help out the other toons.

To be continued.

And another chapter done. Just two more chapters to go and than we get into the start of the movie. Though as a warning for the next chapter. (or something to look forward to) There is going to be a lemon. Sorry, it's not going to be with Jessica and my OFC. (theirs come later) But the next update is the next chapter of my 39 Clues: Pink Lemons and it should be the last update of the year. But just in case something happens I'm going to say this now.

Merry Christmas everybody!

And a Happy New Year!

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