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Disclaimer: I don't own Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Cool World and all other cartoon characters that belong to their rightful owners. I also didn't make any money from this story.

Chapter 1: Frist world, Frist test.

Disclaimer: I don't own who framed Roger Rabbit, but I do own all the OCs and this story of course.

The moon stood high in the sky above Los Angeles, shining down it's light over the city. Walking down one of the city's many sidewalks a lone figure can be seen. The figure stands at five feet, six inches tall and is wearing a brown Fedora, brown overcoat buttoned up, brown gloves and brown boots. Nothing of the figure's face or skin can be seen keeping it's identity secret.

The figure stops in front of a apartment building and looks up at the third floor for a few seconds. The figure than looks across the street to a old bar than looks forward and continues walking down the sidewalk.

Half an hour later: Road leading out of town.

The figure is now walking on some grass by the side of the road untill it stopped on a old blocked off part of the road. At the end of the old road is what's left of a large rocky hill with lots of patches of greenery growing out of it. At it's base, carved out of the white stone of the hill is a tunnel with a archway with a picture of a toon black and white cat's face at the top.

The figure walks up to the tunnel and than looks to it's left at a old white sign with black writing that says"In Memory Of Toontown." The figure lowers it's head for a few seconds and than looks around before walking into the tunnel.

It was pitch black for a while until a soft"clicking" sound echoes with in it as a light from a flashlight in the figure's left hand illuminates the darkness. The figure continues down the tunnel until it got to the end that is bricked off by red bricks. The figure puts it's right hand on the wall and lightly rubs it. The figure's shoulders start to shake but it stops itself and lifts up it's head as it takes some calming breathes.

The figure turns to the left wall and walks up to it. It than reaches into it's right pocket with it's right hand and pulls out a black toon hole, big enough to walk through. The figure slaps it onto the wall and turns off the flashlight as it steps through the hole.

Once again there is nothing but darkness, until the sound of another "click" and a medium sized room is filled with light. The figure's left index finger is on the light switch on the wall behind it. The figure turns around, grabs the bottom of the toon hole, pulls it off the wall and stuffs it back into her right pocket. The figure turns back around and than looks around the room.

On the left wall next to the figure is a wooden coat rack with four metal hooks on it. A few steps away from the coat rack and up against the left wall is a wooden three row bookshelf. It's filled with books and has three standing picture frames on top of it. Up against the center of the left wall is a wooden table with human and toon tools on it. A wooden stool is in front of the table.

Up against the bottom left corner and back wall is a single sized bed with black sheets, white toon covers And a white toon pillow. The center of the back wall is a sliver metal door with a metal door knob. Up against the bottom right corner and back wall is a dark red container with electronic toon parts in it.

Up against the center of the right wall is a wooden desk with a twenty inch flat screen toon computer with a keyboard and mouse. A black spin around chair is in front of the desk. Up against the right wall and two steps in front of the desk is a round metal base with black toon cables attached to the toon computer and a metal ring with a black toon hole stretched in it.

The figure reaches up with it's right hand to it's hat and takes it off. The figure turns out to be a toon human woman. She has dark brown ink skin, long straight black ink hair with a bang covering her left eye, most of it still in her coat, brown ink eyes and full lips covered in red toon lipstick. She unbuttons her overcoat, takes it off and puts it on one of the coat rack's hooks with her hat. She is wearing a open white lab coat, a black strapless toon dress that hugs her E-cup breasts, slim wast, wide hips and full round butt. The dress stops half way down her thighs of her long shapely legs. She steps out of her boots showing that she's wearing black toon three inch heels on her small feet. Lastly she takes off her gloves showing her small hands with slim fingers and puts them in the left pocket of the overcoat.

She looks around the room again with a very sad look on her face and lets out a sigh. "hu" "No place like home." She than takes a few steps and stops in front of the bookshelf looking at the three black and white pictures in the standing picture frames.

The first one that is closest to the coat rack shows her standing to the right of a human man. The man stands five feet nine inches, has dark skin, dark short hair and dark eyes. The man is wearing a black suit shirt, a white button up shirt underneath it, black tie, black pants and black shoes. The man has his right arm around her back with his hand on her right shoulder.

She reaches out with her right hand and strokes the part of the picture with the man with her right index finger while she has a sad smile on her face. "I miss you dad. Thank you for drawing me."

She than looks at the middle picture seeing herself sitting on the edge of a stage while her right leg is crossing over her left one. The one in the picture is wearing a dark backless toon dress that's tied around her neck, has a large diamond cut in the chest showing a lot of cleavage, it stops half way down her calfs and has slits on both sides from the bottom to her hips. Long dark toon gloves and dark toon three inch heels

She than thinks to herself as she looks at the picture with the sad smile still on her face. ( I hope my plan works so I can bring you all back, and who knows, maybe I'll get to perform again.) She than looks at the last picture and it causes her smile to change into a small happy one while she closes her eyes and lets out a sad laugh. "ha ha ha."

She than picks it up with her left hand and a folded note with her right hand. A lone tear falls from her right eye as she looks back at the picture.

The picture is of a light skinned toon woman with long dark ink colored hair that curls at the ends and a bang covers her right eye. Her visible dark ink colored left eye is half lided with dark ink colored toon eyeshadow. Her full lips are covered in dark ink colored toon lipstick. She is posed lying on her left side with her right hand on her hip, her left hand holding her left cheek and a flirtatious smile on her face. She is wearing a dark ink colored toon bra that just about holds her E-cup breasts and very small dark ink colored panties.

She than looks at the note as she unfolds it and reads it to herself. ( Dear Daina, I know you said you're not interested, but maybe this picture will change your mind, and if it doesn't, well you can't blame a girl for trying. Well if it's still no we can still sing together right? I always have so much fun with you. Love, Jessica Krupnick.)

The note has a red toon lipstick kiss mark on it at the bottom. It pulls itself off of the note, flies up to Daina's right cheek, lightly kisses her and than falls back on to the note. Daina refolds the note, puts it back down and puts the picture back down on top of it.

Daina rubs away her tears with her right hand and with a sad smile let's out a sad laugh. "ha ha ha. Jessica you never gave up no matter how many times I told you it's not going to happen." Daina's sad smile than changes into a confused frown. "But why than a year later, you married Roger when you could have had any other woman.

Daina turns around and smirks as she leans against the bookshelf. "He'll, I knew a few women, toon and human that wanted to be with you. Like Holli, Lonette, Chel, Dolores and that human woman that Baby Herman hired." Daina's smirk than changes into a small smile. "I guess it was easier just to marry him. But if my plan works all of you will be alive again and be with the ones that really makes you happy."

Daina pushes herself off of the bookshelf and walks up to her desk with the toon computer on it. She spins the chair around to her,sits down and spins herself around to face the toon computer. She looks at the blank screen with a serious look on her face while her right index finger hovers over the power button on the keyboard. "But first I've got to do the final tests before I can try to change this world." She than pushes the power button.

The screen flickers on showing a light blue ink background, dark blue ink eyes that are half lided with dark blue toon eyeshadow and full lips covered in dark blue toon lipstick. The screen yawns and looks at Daina with a smile. "Daina Dark Desire, well hello doctor hotness, it's about time you turned me on."

Daina looks into her eyes with a serious look. "It's time Compuanna. Time to test the final three inventions and see if we can save my friends."

Compuanna looks at her with a surprised look on her face. "We're really going to start tonight." She than looks to her right at the machine with the toon hole in it. "So I guess your Toon World Tunnel is frist right?"

Daina lightly shakes her head and with a blink of her right eye looks back into hers. "We first have to find a world like this one." She than pulls her lips into a snarull and her eyes fill with anger. "One with "him" winning."

Compuanna smirks and playfully giggles. "he he he he. Don't worry doctor D, he won't win. None of him will." She gives her a great full smile. "You built me, this world's first and only toon computer. I know your other inventions will work perfectly."

Daina smiles happily as she pushes some keys on the keyboard. " Thanks Compuanna. Now let's find the first world to save."

Compuanna nods and her screen changes to a picture of the planet in space. Her voice is than heard through her screen. "Opening dimension window. Navigating through worlds only linked to this one." Her screen changes again to another planet with dark clouds around it.

Daina puts her right hand on the mouse and clicks the button making the screen zoom into the planet. The picture stops over what looks just like the city their outside of, but a few years earlier. She moves the mouse making the picture on the screen move above and out of the city. She comes to a sudden stop with a gasp as tears start to run down her face.

Compuanna's face pops up in a small window in the bottom right corner of the screen with a shocked look on her face. "Is...Is that really it Daina?"

Daina smiles as her tears keep falling. "Yes, that's Toontown." On the screen is an animated city at night with some toons walking down the sidewalks and some buildings snoring in their sleep.

Compuanna smiles happily. "So this is Toontown. I wish I could see it in person."

Daina closes her eyes as her tears slow to a stop. "Don't worry you wi..."

A sudden loud scream of. "Aaaahhh! Dip! Run! Every toon get out of Toontown! Cuts her off as she and Compuanna steer in shock as a odd vehicle with a large vat of dip, a pressurized cannon sprays dip everywhere. The vehicle is driven by toon weasels who are laughing as they kill everything in sight.

Daina and Compuanna look on in horror as toons run for their lives, scream for help or beg for mercy as they slowly melt to death in the green liquid. A twenty story building's eyes widen in horror as it melts in a pool of dip. The screams of all the toons inside the building can be heard as they die.

Compuanna's mouth and eyes are wide open as tears form in the corners of them. "Oh my god."

Daina puts her hands over her eyes as she sobs into them. "Please just (hah) please just stop...(hah) stop it, stop it."

Compuanna's face fills the screen as she looks at her with compassion and a few tears fall from her eyes. "It's ok Daina. I stopped showing it. It's... It's over."

Daina shakes her head. "No." She puts her hands down, takes some calming breathes and opens her eyes as the last tear falls from her right eye. "No it's not ok and it's not over." She than frowns determinedly. "Save that location. That's the first world we'll try to save. Her face saddens a bit. "Now we have to find the one or ones who will unfortunately be doing all the work."

Compuanna let's out a sigh and looks her in the eyes. "uhhh. I know but we've talked about this. If you die than what,who will take over for you. Who will save your friends, and I don't want to lose you."

Daina nods sadly. "Your right, but I just wish could help more."

Compuanna smirks as she looks at the metal door to her left. "Well you may not be helping them in person, but you do give them one hell of a reward."

Daina shakes her head with a serious look on her face. "No we'll test those next time. Now let's find the one or ones who can hopefully save those toons."

Compuanna sadly smiles. "Sadly any world will have the right person or persons will need for the test."

Daina pushes some keys on the keyboard while she nodded sadly. "Yeah. I think we should find humans so they don't have to worry about dip."

Compuanna's screen goes black with the word "searching" in white in the center of the screen. After a few seconds a new world is shown on the screen. Daina pushes the button on the mouse and zooms in. When the screen zooms in close enough she looks at the bottom right corner of the screen. "Compuanna see if this world has a internet for you to excess. You know what to look for."

Compuanna's face reappears in the small window with a smile. "I'm on it doctor D. Her face disappears for a few seconds and than returns with a very sad look on it. "I found them but your not going to like it."

The screen changes to a news article and Daina reads it out loud. "Great tragedy has fallen over our little town. Yesterday twenty four students and two teachers were found dead in a horrible bus accident. Twenty six year old Deemay Doon, thirty two year old Joe Zamken, eighteen year olds Zoey Galann, Menelik Drago, seventeen year olds Yanella Smith, Zane Rede and sixteen year olds Grace Canaly, Toby Rede, Xena Grey, Yokoma Riice, Wanda Spraak, Ximaru Black, Valary Cane, Will Tale, Tesa Royal, Vince Price, Samantha King, Sol Rinno, Rain Cooman,Rick Tellson, Qunika Keye, David tell, Amanda Algo, Bille Blue, Nianna Little and Nick Little all died of blood loss. The report from the sheriff's station says that while traveling up Mountain Vile Road, Joe Zamken coach of Equally Green Town All School who was driving the bus, some how lost control and went down the mountainside. The bus crashed into a large boulder causing glass and other parts of the bus to slash or impale them, killing all with in minutes after the the crash but one. Grace Canaly was thrown out through a broken window and miraculously was able to cruel back up the mountainside to the road. Unfortunately she died of her injuries as soon as she reached the side of the road."

Daina stops reading and closes her eyes while letting out a sad sigh. "uhhh." Compuanna's face reappears on the screen and smiles sadly. "I know we were not looking for so many but..."

Daina opens her eyes and with a serious look on her face cuts off Compuanna. "No their perfect for this." She than has a small smile. "I just hope they'll be ok with their new lives."

Compuanna lightly smirks. "Better alive in a new world than dead, if you ask me."

Daina nods with a determent smile on her face. "Your right. Compuanna find the spot where they crashed and than." She looks to her left at the Toon World Tunnel. "Turn on the T.W.T. it's time for it's frist test."

Compuanna let's out a big smile on her face. "On it doctor D." The screen than changes to what looks like a forested area growing on a mountainside.

Daina watches the Toon World Tunnel as it starts to lightly hum. The toon hole in the center began to ripple a few times before looking solid again, as the humming stopped. Daina gets off of her chair, takes a few steps to the hole and leans through it head first.

Daina looks around the forest not seeing anybody around, while on the screen Compuanna's face reappears in the small window while the rest of it was the back of Daina's head. Compuanna changes the view to show Daina's face and top half of her body sticking out of the hole, that is on the surface of a large boulder.

Daina has a very big smile on her face. "It works! It works! Compuanna we did it!" She than looks over her right shoulder back into the hole. "You should take a look it's really a lovely sight."

Compuanna smiles at her friend on the screen. "I told you it would work. Now let me change the v..." "he he he."

Daina looks confused at Compuanna's giggles. "huh. What's so funny."

Compuanna smirks while looking at Daina's slightly bent over backside. "Oh, I was just thinking that it's to bad there's no guys here. Because with out your lab coat they would be getting a lovely sight alright." Ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Daina rolls her eyes and frowns. "I knew I should have used different toon parts." She than looks back a head of her. "Get your head out of the gutter girl we've got lives to save here." She than reaches into her cleavage, between her large breasts with her right hand and pulls out a small closed sliver pocket watch, but in doing so causes her large breasts to lightly bounce.

Compuanna raises her right eyebrow with the smirk still on her face. "So you say my head's in the gutter, but you had to let the twins bounce didn't you."

Daina closes her eyes, let's out a sigh and whispers to herself. "uhhh." " You get drawn with this and see if you can control them." She than looks down at the watch in her right hand and flips it open with her thumb. The lid flipped upward, connected to the top while the inside shows digital black numbers showing the time. Three toon buttons are under them and from left to right their colored blue, red and yellow.

Daina takes in a breath and with a determent look on her face, hovers her thumb over the blue button. "Ok. The first real test of the Watch Rewind." She than pushes the button. "Here we go!" As the numbers go backwards she looks around and her eyes widen when she sees the leaves on the ground raise back into the trees. "It's working." A large smile forms on her face. "It's working! Compuanna are you seeing this."

Compuanna has a wide smile on her face as she is watching what's happening. "Like it wasn't going to work and nothing in here is being affected , just like we thought. The watch is also keeping you unaffected to. You did it Daina."

Daina continued to smile happily as she thinks to herself. (Now to speed it up by one to get to yesterday.) She pushes the blue button again and time rewinds faster. After watching the sun and moon go backwards she than thinks. (Ok. Now to slow it down a little, don't want to go to far back.) She than pushes the red button and time moves forward normally again. She pushes the blue button again to rewind at normal speed.

After a few minutes later her smile slowly fades as a recked bus slowly comes down the mountainside. Her smile is gone as the bus stops in front of her. She looks inside seeing broken glass, broken seats and twisted metal with bits of blood but no bodies.

They both watch as what looks like three police deputies walk backwards down the mountainside. They than work backwards untying a cable at the back of the bus and than walk backwards back up the mountainside with the cable.

Both toons gasped as than eight peramedics walk backwards down the mountainside with two of each of them carrying a body bag down the mountainside. Than one at a time they lower a body bag down no to the ground, unzip it, pull out a body and place it in the bus.

Both toons continue to watch silently as the medics work in reverse bringing the bodies down and placing them in the bus. Tears form in the corners of Daina's eyes as she looks at the dead bodies.

Compuanna about to cry herself, raises her right eyebrow and with a lot of sadness in her voice. "Wait that's only twenty five, where's..."uhhh." She cuts herself off with a gasp as she and Daina let's their tears fall as they see a teen girl crawl backward down the mountainside.

The girl has light brown skin that's covered in blood and straight brown hair cut short, she is wearing a long sleeve red shirt that shows off her midriff, red shorts that stop before her knees and red sandals. She kept crawling backwards until she was next to the left side of the bus. She than pushes herself on to her back.

They see she has black eyes,thin lips, two bangs framing her face that are dyed red and her shirt has a v-neck cut that shows off her C-cup breasts cleavage. The girl closes her eyes and than flies backward through the air, through a window and back into her seat.

The bus than starts to fix itself as everyone inside it move with their mouths open in soundless screams. When the bus is fully fixed it drives backwards up the mountainside.

Compuanna let's her last few tears fall as she watches after the bus. "Well I think they are the ones worth giving a second chance. Don't you think so doctor D." Daina doesn't answer and just keeps looking straight ahead. Compuanna looks at her with a worried look on her face. "Daina, Daina." Compuanna's worried look changes into a small frown. "Daina!"

Daina shakes out of it and quickly pushes the red button with her thumb. "Sorry, sorry I just." "uhhh." She let's out a sad sigh and looks back over her right shoulder. "How much more time has past before the crash."

Compuanna than frowns in thought. "I'll say about two hours or so." She looks back at Daina. "So what we do now."

Daina stands up straight, pulling herself out of the toon hole, takes the few steps back to her chair, sits back down and looks at Compuanna. "For now we close the T.W.T." She points to the Toon World Tunnel with her left thumb. "You find that bus." She than starts to type on the keyboard. "I'll connect the T.W.T. with the other world we found and than we wait, watch and hope they can save as many toons that they can." Her eyes than fill with anger. "And I maybe a woman of faith and a toon, but I hope they kill him."

Compuanna frowns and nods in agreement. "Oh, don't worry doctor D. After seeing what happened to these toons I'm right with you." She than smiles. "I found the bus."

Daina closes her eyes while taking in a breath and than opens them. "Ok here we go." She looks on with a serious look on her face. "Good luck to you all and please, stop that mad man."

To be continued.

And done. I hope you all like it, now I have five challenges for you.

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit And Who? Your OC Toon or human is framed for murder along with Roger Rabbit. How will you OC affect the case? Will your OC have history with any of the other characters? How will Eddiy do when he has to work with Roger and your OC? Well it's up to you to answer these questions. Bonus points: 1 Your OC if a toon is a toon human. 2 Your OC gets peered up with any of the main characters. (Especially Jessica or Dolores.) 3 If there is a peering one chapter is needed to show how they fell in love.

2. How did I/we get here? Your OC/s are doing what ever you want them to be doing when a toon hole suddenly appears and they fall into the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Will they find a way home? Are they stuck there forever? Do they even want to go home? Well it's up to you to answer these questions. Bonus points: 1 Your OC/s get the first chapter to show what their character/s are like. 2 Your OC/s if more than one and aren't peered up with each other, get peered up with a main character/s. 3 If there is a peering/s one or more chapters are needed to show how they fell in love.

3. Wait both Vailiants didn't make it? Both Eddie and Teddy were killed on that horrible day. Your OC/s human or toon or both take over for them. How did they know the Vailiants? How will the case go with out Eddie? Will Doom still lose or will he win? Well it's up to you to answer these questions. Bonus points: 1 Your OC gets a chapter explaining how they knew the Vailiants. 2 Your OC/s get peered up with a main character. 3 One of or your OC/s is a woman or toon human woman and the main peering/s is your OFC/Jessica or OFC/Dolores.

4. We're not in Toontown anymore. The whole cast or at least two of them suddenly find themselves in another world. Where they end up helping the person/s they meet. Well they get back to their own world? Is the person/s they are helping good or evil? Well it's up to you to answer these questions. Bonus points: 1 The toons stay as toons. 2 At least one of them gets peered up with someone from the world their in. 3 If there is a peering one or more chapters are needed to show how they fell in love.

5. Jessica Rabbit in another world. One day, just minding her own business. Jessica Rabbit falls through a toon hole and is stuck in a new world and becomes one of the main characters of that world. How will she adapt to this new world? How will this new world adapt to having a beautiful toon woman in it? And will she find new love there? Well it's up to you to answer these questions. Bonus points: 1 Jessica can be killed but it has to take a lot to do so. 2 She doesn't replace the main character/s but is just as important. 3 The main peering is Jessica/Femharem can be large and can be more then one harem in the story.

If you do take on one of the challenges please leave it's title in a review please.

Well that's really it until next time. Bye!

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