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Chapter 4: A fresh start that nobody asked for.

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In a allyway inside Toontown.

Joe's eye lids twitch and he let's out a groan "ugh" as he starts to come to. He hears a "knock, knock, knock" and a male voice saying. "Hey is everybody ok in there. Hello can anybody hear me." Joe slowly sits up while rubbing his head with his left hand and let's out another groan. "ugh. Well my head hurts. That's get to mean I'm still alive."

He than hears the male voice again as it sighs in relief. "uhhh. Thank God at least one of you is ok." He looks in the direction the voice came from and what he sees standing outside of the bus' door, makes him raise his right eyebrow.

Standing there is a grey toon cat on two legs. He stands three feet tall with out the tips of his ears that are on the top sides of his head. He has yellow ink eyes with slightly slitted puplis and thin lips. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands with four big fingers on each one, slim waist line, narrow hips, small butt with a foot long grey tail above it, slim legs and small feet with four big toes on each one. he is wearing a red toon cap, red toon t-shirt, white toon gloves and blue toon pants with a hole in the back for his tail.

Joe's eyes widen in fear as he than looks back at everyone else on the bus. "Is everybody ok! Deemay, Toby! Can any of you hear me!"

Soon after Joe's yell, everybody else starts to come to. Deemay is the first one to look back up at Joe. "Yeah I'm ok Joe." She than looks down at Grace, who is still in her arms and is slowly sitting up. "Grace are you alright."

Grace than looks into her eyes with a small smile. "Yeah, I'm alright Miss Doon."

Toby blinks as he looks around slowly. "Are we still alive, or do we have to take a bus to heaven."

Zane looks over at his little brother with lazy eyes. "If we do, I'm going to have a serious talk with God."

Zoey slowly nods her head and looks over at Zane. "I'm right with you on that one."

Menelik looks between the two of them. "Hey at least we're all still alive."

Yanella looks around worryingly. "Well, everybody is ok right?"

Xena looks at Yanella with a smile. "I'm alright."

Yokoma nods his head. "I am alright as well."

Wanda holds her head with her right hand as she looks around. "I'm still alive, I'll get back to you about the being ok part."

Ximaru looks around with relief. "I'm ok, and a good thing to." A little bit of panic than starts to fill his eyes. "We have no idea where we are, where the hospital is or if there even is one."

Valary rolls her eyes and than looks at Ximaru. "Oh calm down Ximaru. You're ok, I'm ok and the rest of us seem ok." She than looks over at Will. "Hey Will, are you alright."

Will looks at her with a smile. "Yeah I'm ok thanks." He than looks at Joe. "Thank God you drove through that factory, right coach."

Tesa shakes her head as toon blue birds circle around her head. "Does anyone else have a headache."

Amanda holds her head with her left hand as toon coco clocks circle around her head. "Yeah I've got one, but I think I'm ok."

Nick frowns as toon stars circle around his head. "Did anyone bring any headache tablets."

Vince looks at the circles toon items with wide binking eyes. "umm. Does anyone else see the spinning toon stuff.

Samantha looks at Vince with her right eyebrow raised. "You do remember that where in a toon city right."

Sol looks at her with lazy eyes. "So... because we're in a toon city, you think it's normal to have toon stuff fly around people's heads. Ok."

Rain looks at him seriously. "Oh come on Sol. She does have a point. Who knows what can happen while we're here."

Rick tilts his head slightly to the right with his chin in his right hand. "I wonder if we would have survived no matter how we crashed."

Qunika looks at Rick seriously. "Well let's not test that one out, ok."

David rubs the back of his neck and let's out a groan. "ugh. My neck is killing me."

Nianna reaches up with her left hand and waves away the stars over Nick's head. "Their you go Nick." She than looks over at Bille with worry. "Bille are you alright."

Bille has his head down with both hands on the back of his head. "I'm alright, I just hit the back of my head." He than lifts his head up and slowly looks around. His right eyebrow raises when he sees the toon cat standing outside the bus door. "Theirs a cartoon cat standing there."

Joe smiles as he sees everyone is alright. The toon cat than knocks on the bus' door again. "knock, knock" "I'm glad you all are ok, but you should get out of here before the Toon Patrol get here." His eyes than widen and than he reaches into his right pocket and pulls out a letter. "Oh, and this is for you guys."

Joe looks at Deemay who looks back and gives him a nod. Joe than opens the door and let's the toon cat in.

The toon cat looks around with a smile on his face. "You humans, you all know that just because you're in Toontown, doesn't mean you can't die." Everyone is looking at him with shocked eyes as he gives Joe the letter. "Here you go. The woman who gave that to me said that only you guys should read that. And don't worry about getting out of Toontown, I can help out with that."

Deemay shakes off the shock and looks at him with a small smile. "Thank you for offering to help us. umm. What's your name?"

The toon cat zooms right in front of her and than holds her right hand in his left. He than lifts her hand to his lips and kisses it, not knowing that this makes Grace frown at him. "My name is Tommy Nine Lives. And may I just say, it is really nice to meet you."

Deemay nervously smiles as she lightly pulls away her hand. "It's nice to meet you to Tommy."

Grace than gives Tommy a forced smile. "Tommy, didn't you say that we should get going."

Tommy looks at her and gives her a wink with his right eye. "Your right, but don't worry I'll be right back." He than zooms away quickly, leaving behind a animated dust cloud that quickly fades away.

Toby looks around at everybody with his left eyebrow raised. "So... does anyone else think it's weird that a cartoon cat was talking to us."

Samantha looks at Toby with lazy eyes. "I think I said it earlier, but we're in a toon city." She than looks out of one of the bus' windows. "I mean we even hit that toon car and those..." She cuts herself off as her eyes widen and she puts her left hand over her mouth.

Ximaru's eyes widen in both fear and realization. "Oh my God. Those cartoon fish women." He than looks down sadly. "I hope their ok."

Nick rolls his eyes and than looks at Ximaru. "Come on Ximaru. Their cartoon characters, their indestoryable. Don't you watch cartoons."

Nianna lightly glares at Nick. "Nick!" She than slaps the back of his head. "slap" He than holds the back of his head with his left hand and glares back at her. He was going to say something but seeing her glare stops him. She than continues. "You don't know that. They could be hurt." She stops glaring when she sees him look down sadly. "And it's indestructible, witch I hope you're right."

Deemay than looks around at everybody seriously. "We can ask Tommy about that when he gets back." She than looks at Joe. "Joe, maybe you should read that letter. It could tell us what the hell is going on."

Joe nods his head while taking the letter out of the envelope with his right hand. "I'm willing to try anything if it helps us find out what's going on." He unfolds the letter and than reads it out loud. "Hello, my name is Daina. And I'll like to start off by saying, I'm sorry. I know this is going to be hard to believe, well you all are in a city full of cartoons so maybe it's not. Anyway the truth is, you all died the first time when you crashed into the boulder."

Everyone else's eyes widen and they all let out a scream of. "What!" Grace holds her head as tears start to run down her face. "We're dead."

Deemay hugs her tightly and gives her a smile. "No Grace, we're all very much alive. It said the first time." She than looks back at Joe. "Please continue Joe."

Joe nods and continues to read out loud. "Now I know you all are probably confused right now. But you see I rewound time on your world to stop the crash and keep you all from dying. Has for where you all are, this is another world. The part you all are in now is called Toontown, but don't worry there are other humans on this world. Well kinda, I'm not going to bore you with all the scientific details and get straight to the point. You all are in a toon world that's connected to a human one. So all you got to do is ask for directions and you all will be ok. Now for the bullshit for why'd I picked you all. You see, in a few days time that toon world is going to be destroyed."

Everyone than let's out another scream of. "What!" Toby shakes his head. "None of this should be possible. This is insane."

Zoey looks at him with a small smile. "I do agree with you, but this is happening. I mean a cartoon cat was talking to us."

Joe than gets everyone's attention. "We can all talk about this afterwards. But there is a little more to go." He than looks back down at the letter and continues. "So the resin I saved all of your lives, is so maybe you all can stop that from happening." Their is another yell from everyone. "What!" But Joe keeps reading. "Now I know this is a lot to ask you all of you, and none of you have to do anything. I'll gladly send all of you home when it's all over. The only thing I'm hoping for is that you all to get out of this alive and save as many toons as possible. Now the last thing I have to tell you all is the resin I don't tell all of you what I think will happen. Well that's just it, I don't know what can happen this time. You see when time gets rewound it never plays out the same way as it did the first time. This maybe my first time I've done it, but I've seen it happen over and over again. Hell, you all being there is proof of that as it is. So I don't want to tell you all misinformation that can get you all killed. So like I said, none of you have to do anything and I promise to send you all home. Just, beware of a man called Doom. And all of you be careful, and good luck."

Joe than refolds the letter and looks at Deemay with lazy eyes. "Well, this is some major bullshit."

Deemay let's out a sigh and than looks at him seriously. "uhhh. I know Joe, but we really have no other choice. And if what it says is true, than..."

Joe than looks at her with a glare. "Deemay! Are you insane. Didn't you hear me. We are not going to play hero when are students lives on the line."

Deemay nods her head with a sad look on her face. "I know, you are absolutely right." She than looks at him seriously. "That is why, your going to look after everybody while l see if there is anything I can do to help."

Grace than lightly grabs her left hand making her look into Grace's wide worried eyes. "But Deemay, you can't do this alone! I'll come with you and..."

She gets cut off when suddenly everyone hears Tommy's voice. "I'm back. So what did I miss."

Everyone jumps and looks at the bus' open door seeing Tommy standing there with a big smile. Tesa looks at him with widen eyes. "Tommy. Oh you wouldn't believe it. You see we... mmmm, mmmm, mmmm."

Rain covers her mouth with her right hand while she looks at Tommy with a nervously smile. "What she means to say is, that we are happy your back."

Tommy blinks as he looks at her and than raises his right eyebrow. "Right." He than looks at Deemay with a big smile. "Anyway, I've got your ride all ready for all of you."

Samantha's eyes widen when something comes back to her and than she looks at Tommy. "Tommy, can I ask you something."

Tommy looks at her and gives her a nod. "Yeah, I don't mind."

Samantha than looks back at him sadly. "Well you see..." She bites her bottom lip and than looks away for a second before looking back at him. "We hit a car with three cartoon fish women before we crashed. Will they be ok."

Tommy looks at her confusingly while slightly tilting his head to the left. "Why are you so worried?" He than smile at her. "Their ok, it'll take more than that to kill us toons. Now come on you all, your new ride is waiting." He than gets off of the bus and walks down the alleyway.

Nick cross' his arms over his chest and smirks. "See I told all of you that they would be ok." As everybody was standing and getting ready to get off the bus, he puts his right hand on Nianna's left shoulder. "I think you owe me a sorry for that hit sis."

Nianna smiles as she playfully rolls her eyes. "I'm sorry for hitting you Nick. he he he."

After everyone got off the bus, got their stuff and is walking through the alleyway, Tesa looks at Rain confusingly. "Why did you cover me mouth earlier when I was talking to Tommy for."

Rain looks at her seriously. "Because for one, if we tell anybody that we're from another world they'll think we're all crazy. For another, what if the part about someone or someones wanting to destroy this place is true. We have no idea who to trust."

Nick puts her hands behind his head. "Oh come on guys. That part of the letter is absolutely crap. You can't kill a cartoon character."

Menelik looks over at him with his left eyebrow raised. "So your an expert on living cartoons now. We have no idea what's possible in this world."

They were about to exit the alleyway when Joe got everyone's attention. "Let's talk about this later, ok everyone. Right now let's just try to find a place to stay until we find a way home."

When all of them had exited the alleyway, they see Tommy sanding in front of a red human van with a bench seat in the front. Tommy smiles as he extends his right arm with his hand pointing to the van. "Here you all go. I built it myself, she'll get you back to the human in no time."

Grace looks at the van with lazy eyes. "Yeah, because we all will definitely fit in there." She than whispers under her breath. "Stupid flirting cartoon cat."

Deemay lightly jabs Grace with her left elbow as she gives Tommy a small smile. "Thank you so much Tommy. I wish there was something that we could give you in return."

Tommy puts his chin in his right hand as he frowns in though. After a few seconds a smile forms on his face, he raises his right hand with his index finger extended and a toon lightbulb appears over his head and than "clicks" on. "I got it, how about a trade. I'll give you all the van for good, and you give me the bus you all crashed." He than extends his right arm out. "How does that sound."

Deemay looks over at Joe who just shrugs his shoulders. She looks back at Tommy with a smile and shakes his right hand with her right one. "You got yourself a deal, Tommy."

Tommy than quickly spins around in a mini twister for a few seconds. When he stops spinning the sound of a loud "screech" like someone stepping on a break is heard. And even doe he is still wearing his red toon cap and white toon gloves. He is now wearing a white toon t-shirt and blue toon overalls.

He than points down the road the van is facing. "Now, all you have to do is stay on this road and go straight. You be in the toon countryside and than through the tunnel to the human side in a few minutes." He than gives Deemay a wink with his right eye. "Now if you all excuse me. I have a bus to fix." He than quickly dashes into the alleyway leaving behind a dust cloud.

Joe than walks up to the driver's side door and looks through the window. "Well It's probably going to be a tight fit in the back, But there's enough room for three other people in the front with me." He than turns around to look at everyone. "So..."

Before he can even finish talking, Deemay, Grace and Toby all call out at the same time. "Shotgun!"

Joe smiles as he shakes his head and than opens the door. "Well let's go. Everybody get in."

Toby was about to get in the van while Joe held the door open for him, when Menelik opens the back double doors and his eyes widen at what's inside. "Hey coach, Miss Doon. Take a look at this."

Everyone looks into the back and all of their eyes widen in surprise. Some of them even had their jaws dropped open. Valary doe has a smirk on her face. "We definitely got the better part of that deal."

Inside the van is white toon carpeting, twenty black toon seats built into it in five rows of two on each side and a small latch window that can be only opened from the front.

Xena smiles as she looks inside the van. "And there's even enough room for all the bags easy." She than gets in the van and sits down in one of the seats. "Man, these things are so comfy." She than looks back at everybody with a smile. "Come on you guys. get on so we can get out of here already." She than looks away sadly. "And hopefully find a way home."

Everyone that wasn't getting in the front than gets in the back with all the luggage and Joe closes the doors. He than goes back to the driver's side door with Toby following him, while Deemay and Grace walks over to the passenger side door.

Joe open the door for Toby again with a smile. "There you go Mister Rede."

Toby lightly blushes as he smiles back. "Thanks coach." He than gets in with Joe right behind him who than closes the door.

Deemay was about to open the passenger side door for Grace when she tapped her on the right shoulder. She than looks at Grace curiously. "What is it Miss Canaly?"

Grace looks away with a blush and than looks back into Deemay's eyes. "When we get to... where ever it is we're going. Can you and I talk about..." She shyly looks away again before looking back at her. "You know, the kiss we had together."

Deemay smiles and than leans in and kiss her on her left cheek. "Of course we can Miss Canaly." She than opens the door for her.

Grace holds her cheek with her left hand and has a big smile on her face as she gets in the van. After Deemay gets in and closes the door, Joe starts the van and than opens the small latch window. "Alright everyone, let's go." He than drives down the road and through the rest of Toontown.

Toon countryside: A few minutes later.

Joe is trying to keep his eyes on the toon dirt road as Deemay, Grace and Toby are looking around in wonder. They look around both sides of the road seeing wide green toon fields with red toon farms, blue toon lakes, green toon trees with some of them having faces and even some with hands and toon animals and people.

Toon birds of different sizes, colors and kinds, fly through the air while tweeting and some of them are singing different songs.

Toon farm animals and toon forest animals are taking to each other and eating grass, vegetables, fruits and some of them have fast food.

Toon farmers are doing the final bit of work for the day. A toon farm girl stands five feet, four inches tall with peach ink skin, blonde ink hair in braided pigtails that goes down to her chest, blue ink eyes, full lips with pink toon lipstick and three freckles on each cheek. She has a fit body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, D-cup breasts, slim waist line, curvey hips, curvey butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a short sleeve white toon t-shirt, blue toon overalls and brown toon cowboy boots.

She is herding some of the animals back to one of the barns. She looks over at them when she hears the van coming. She gives them a big smile that shows her perfect white ink teeth as she waves to them.

Grace looks back through the latch window at everybody in the back. "I wish you all can see what we see. It's pretty incredible now that we don't have to worry about dying."

Xena is looking through one of the four hidden windows at the farm girl with a smirk. "Oh we can, and my I say that the view is gorgeous."

When both Grace and Toby look back with confused faces, David smiles and points to one of the hidden windows. "It looks like Tommy even added windows back here." He than looks out the window he was pointing out. "And as crazy as this is, it's pretty awesome to see actual living cartoons."

Joe as a small smile as he sees a small rocky brown toon hill with a tunnel in it. "That's got to be it. Ok everyone here we go." He than drives into it and down the long path.

As soon as they exited the tunnel, Joe stops and they all look around seeing normal trees and a normal road that leads to a normal city.

Deemay looks up into the sky with a small frown as she sees that it will be dark soon. She than looks at Joe. "What do we do now Joe."

Joe thinks silently for a few seconds before he looks back through the latch window seriously. "Hey, can you all put all of your money together for me please." He than looks at Toby, Grace and Deemay. "You three to. I want to see how much we have all together."

Zane than passes all of the money to Joe through the small latch window. "Here you go coach."

Joe smiles and nods as he takes the money. "Thank you Mister Rede." Toby than passes Joe all of his, Grace's and Deemay's money to him as well. "And thank you Mister Rede."

Toby lightly blushes and smiles at him. "Your welcome coach."

Joe than adds his money to it and counts it all together. "Ok everyone, we have two thousand, eight hundred and fifty seven dollars." He than starts the van and drives down the small side road on to the main road. "The first thing we have to do is find a place to stay. Than we get something to eat while we discuss what we do next." He than drives down the main road and heads to the city.

Los Angeles: Six, forty five in the afternoon.

After a few minutes of driving Joe brings the van to a stop in front of a three story apartment building. "This looks like a good place to try." He than looks at Deemay seriously as he gives her the money. "Here Deemay, I think you should hold on to the rest of the money. I go get all of us some dinner, while you and everyone else see if you can get us a apartment to stay in." He than let's out a sigh as his eyes sadden "uhh. Since we have no idea how long we're stuck here."

Deemay gives him a smile. "Don't worry Joe, we'll get back home. I know we will." Joe smiles back as she than looks through the small latch window. "Ok everybody, you are all with me so everybody out."

While everyone is getting out of the van, Toby looks at Joe with a light blush. "Hey coach, do you want me to come with you." He than shyly looks away with his blush growing. "You know, to help you with the food and to keep your company."

Joe gives him a big smile as he lightly blushes. "Of course you can Mister Rede. I love for you to keep my company."

Toby looks back with a big smile and the blush still on his face. "Cool, ok than." He than pulls the door closed after Grace gets out. "Good luck you all. Coach and I will be right back with the food."

Zane walks up to the passenger side door and looks at Toby with a teasing smile. "Now be good little brother. I don't want to hear that you gave coach a hard time, alright. ha ha ha."

Toby's cheeks almost blush red as his eyes widen in embarrassment. "Shut up Zane! That is not funny." He than looks away from him with a pout.

Joe shakes his head with his eyes closed and a smirk on his face. (If only you knew how many hard time you give me without trying.) He than starts the van and drives down the road.

Deemay looks at the group with a smile. "Ok everyone, let's go see if we can hopefully get at least two apartments." Everyone gives her a smile back and all say almost at the same time. "Right Miss Doon."

They than walk up the three cement steps and through the open doorway into the building. Inside is wooden stairs leading up to the next foor and a door next to them with a white sign on the wall next to it with 'Manager' written in black on it.

Deemay smiles as she sees the sign. "Good, they live on the ground floor." She than walks up to the door. "Now, let's see who are maybe temporary landlord or landlady going to be." She than knocks on the door. "knock, knock, knock"

They than hear a deep male voice through the door. "I'm coming, just give me a second." They than hear the sound of footsteps "step, step, step, step, step" coming closer to the door and than the sound of a "click" as the door is unlocked and than opened. A man stands on the other side of the doorway with a small frown. His right eyebrow raises as he looks at the big group. "Yes, can I help all of you."

The man stands five feet, eleven inches tall and has peach skin, short brown hair, green eyes and thin lips. He has a muscular body shape with muscular arms, big hands, big fingers, fit waist line, narrow hips, fit butt, strong legs and big feet. He is wearing a white t-shirt, brown pants and a black belt.

Deemay gives him a big smile. "Good evening sir. We were hoping that you have some apartments to rent."

The man's frown lessened a little as he nods his head. "Yes I do. their two hundred and fifty dollars a month. but since there's still five more days left in this month, you all can come back than." He than starts to close the door. "I don't put up with free loaders"

Just before the door closes, Qunika rushes forward and grabs it with her right hand. The man looks at her with his right eyebrow raised again. She than looks at him with half lided eyes, a flirtatious smile, her hands behind her back and sticks out her chest letting him look at more of her cleavage through the diamond cut in her shirt. "Please sir, we have the money. We can just pay you in advance. And I promise you'll love having us as here."

The man smirks as he looks at her. "How can I say no to such a beautiful young woman. Alright how many rooms do you all need."

Deemay gives him a fake smile with her right eyebrow twitching. "Five would be great if you have them."

The man than reaches with his right hand to the wall on his side and than hands to Deemay five keys. "Your rooms are on the third floor. If you want a TV, you buy it yourself. We'll talk about the details in the morning. Now if you excuse me, good night." He than closes the door.

Nick cross' his arms over his chest and frowns at the door. "Well ain't he just a glow of candle light."

Everyone else looks at him confusingly as Nianna puts her right hand on his left shoulder to get his attention. "Do you mean a ray of sunshine Nick."

Nick lightly blushes and rolls his eyes before looking at her. "I think everyone knew what I meant sis." He than starts to walk up the stairs. "Now come on. I just want to eat some food when Toby and coach get back, and than get some sleep. Man it's been one crazy day."

Everyone let's out a sigh "uhh" as they than follow him up stairs. Deemay shakes her head and as a small smile on her face. "I wonder if he remembers that I have the keys."

As they were walking through the hallway of the second foor, Deemay was looking at the keys in her right hand with her left eyebrow raised. Grace noticing this looks at her confusingly. "What's wrong Miss Doon?"

Deemay looks back at her with a smile. "Oh, no. Everything is ok Miss Canaly." She than shows her the five sliver keys that are each attached to black round keychains. On them printed in white is. 3F1, 3F2, 3F4, 3F5 and 3F6. "It just looks like we have a neighbor, that's all."

Zoey let's out a sigh as she started to climb the stairs to the third floor. "uhhh. I just hope they don't have the same personality as the manager." Everyone else nods their heads or answer back with a "uh oh" as they continue on.

When they get to the third floor, they saw the door to the first room right in front of the stairs. Deemay walks up to the door, puts her suitcase down, unlocks it and holds it open for everyone with her left hand. "Ok everybody, we'll discuss who will stay in which room when Joe and Mister Rede get back. For now just rest all of your stuff down and relax alright?"

Everyone gives her a smile and a nod. "Ok Miss Doon." As they were walking into the room one at a time, Yokoma looks down the hallway at the third door seeing that it has a fogged up glass window in it. He than walks up to the door and looks at what's printed on the window.

At the top in black and in a bit of a curved angle is. VALIANT VALIANT. Below that is a picture of a white shield outlined in black. Inside of the shield is a black outline picture of a figure riding a horse that's reared up. below the horse printed in black is. VERITAS. And finally below the shield and at the bottom of the window printed in black is. PRIVATE and below that, INVESTIGATORS.

Yokoma smiles and than looks over to Deemay. "Hey Miss Doon, I think I found someone who can help us out."

Deemay looks over at him with a little bit of surprise. She than walks over to him and looks at the fogged up glass window. After seeing what's printed on it, a smile forms on her face. "Good work Mister Riice. They just might be able to help us find the woman who wrote the letter."

She than raises her right fist and than knocks on the door. "knock, knock, knock" But no one answers "knock, knock, knock" still no answer. She let's out a sigh and looks at Yokoma with a small smile. "Well it looks like we have to wait to they get back Mister Riice." She than gives him a pleading look. "Hey can you do me a favor."

Yokoma gives her a smile and a nod. "Of course Miss Doon."

Deemay gives him a big smile. "Thanks Mister Riice. All I want you to do is wait down stairs for Joe and Mister Rede, and than bring them up to the room when they get here.

He gives her a nod, walks back to their opened room to put his stuff inside and than walks back down the stairs.

Deemay than walks back to her suitcase and picks it up. She than walks into the room and looks around while closing the door behind her.

The room has double bed with the head of it against the right wall, a brown wooden door is in the wall to the right of it, a step to the left of the bed leads to a small kitchen, their are two windows in the back wall that are closed with their blinds down, a tan wooden table is under them and right up against the back wall, there are six wooden chairs around it, a brown wooden door is in the left wall near the back wall corner and a grey couch is against the left wall near the door.

Sitting on the bed is Xena, Valary, Will, Tesa, Ximaru, Samantha, Sol, Rain, Qunika and Nick. Sitting in the chairs is Nianna, Amanda, Wanda, Vince, Rick and David. Sitting on the step is Bille. And finally sitting on the couch is Zoey, Menelik, Yanella and Zane.

Grace is leaning against the wall right next to Deemay with everybody's stuff next to her. She looks at Deemay with a blush as Deemay walks in and puts her suitcase down next to the others. "So since we have some time. Do you think that you and I can have that talk now."

Deemay gives her a nod and than looks at everybody else. "Alright everyone, Miss Canaly and I are going to be right back. If they get back with the food before we're done, just knock on the second door to let us know."

Everyone else smiles while nodding. "Ok Miss Doon." as Deemay opens the door for Grace and than follows her out and closes it behind her again.

After a few seconds, Nick smirks while looking at the door. "Well, it's about damn time."

Everyone nods in agreement as Zoey let's a big smile spread across her face. "That is why we started the club in the first place."

Yanella nods her head with a small smile. "Yes, it was just a good idea to have a place where Xena, Valary, Ximaru, Tesa, Samantha, Sol, Qunika, Amanda, Toby, Nianna, Grace and myself can be excepted for who we are."

Zane let's out a sigh as he rubs the back of his head with his left hand. "uhhh. It's still feels werid calling my little brother a flower."

Nick looks at him with lazy eyes. "Well it's better than having people call Toby a fairy."

Nianna than looks at Nick angrily. "Nick. Do you have to be so blunt."

Zane let's out a chuckle and than looks at Nianna. "ha ha ha. It's ok Nianna." He than looks over at Nick. "Besides, I owe you for beating the crap out of that guy that was picking on him."

Nick cross' his arms over his chest and smirks. "Straight, gay or whatever. No body picks on my friends just because of who they like."

Zoey let's out a giggle and than looks at Zane. "he he he. Sorry about the flower titles. But as everyone here knows, it's just something I learned from looking through different manga."

Menelik nods his head and has a small smile on his face. "And the rest of us just being there for them, only makes sense for us to be called gardeners."

Third floor hallway: With Deemay and Grace.

After Deemay had closed the door she turns around and looks at Grace who has a nerves look on her face. She than walks up to the door, unlocks it and opens it for her. "Don't be so nervous Miss Canaly. After you."

Grace nods her head with a nerves gulp and than walks into the room. She looks around the room seeing that it's completely identical to the first one. She turns around when she hears Deemay close the door and watches her walk over to the bed.

Deemay sits down on the bed and pats the spot right next to her with her right hand. "Have a set Miss Canaly"

Grace sits next to her and looks at her nervously. "Ok, before I start doe. Can you just call me Grace please." After getting a nod from her, Grace take a deep breath and than looks back at her nervously. "I know I shouldn't be nervous about this part, but I never told you this about me because I was worried you wouldn't like me anymore and..."

Deemay puts her right hand on her shoulder and gives her a smile. "Hey Grace it's ok. There is nothing you can say that will change I feel about you. So go right ahead."

Grace takes another calming breath and puts her right hand on Deemay's. "Miss Doon... I'm gay." She than looks away with her eyes closed.

Deemay puts her left hand on Grace chin and turns her head so they can look each other in the eyes. "I'm gay to Grace. I didn't tell you because I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable around me. I didn't want to lose my best friend.

Grace blushes lightly with a sad look on her face. "Only a friend huh. What if I told you that I have another secret."

Deemay looks at her with a smile and a blush of her own. "I think I know what it is. I didn't kiss you because I was afraid of losing you." She than starts to lean in, bringing their lips closer. "I kissed you because I've loved you for awhile now." She than kisses her passionately while wrapping her arms around Grace's back.

Grace's eyes widen in shock for only a second before she closing them, wraps her arms around Deemay's neck and kisses her back with just as much passion. After a little while she breaks the kiss with a wet "pop" and looks at her with a smile. "Well you guessed right. I love you to Deemay."

They than were soon kissing each other again. Deemay's hands were rubbing Grace's back as Grace let her's slide down to Deemay's large breasts and gives them a small squeeze.

Deemay breaks the kiss and looks at her surprised. Grace looks at her with a smirk as she blushes and squeezes her breasts again. Deemay smirks right back and than pulls her into another kiss.

Outside of the apartment building.

Joe pulls the van to a stop and looks around and smiles. "Well it looks like we have a place to stay after all." He than looks at Toby. "Thanks for keeping my company again Mister Rede."

Toby bites his bottom lip nervously and than looks at Joe. "Coach, can tell you something important?"

Joe raises his right eyebrow and his smile falls. "Sure thing Mister Rede. you know you can tell me anything."

Toby looks away for a second and than looks back nervously. "You remember how I'm and everyone else here is apart of a club, besides you and Miss Doon." After getting a nod he continues. "Well, the point of the club is for a place at school for those of us with flowers in are titles to feel..." He than looks away again before looking back. "Comfortable."

Joe blinks once as he looks at him confusingly. "What do you mean Mister Rede."

Toby let's out a sad sigh and looks down. "uhhh. I'm just going to say it. Coach... I'm gay." After a little while, Toby looks up at Joe and seeing him smile, makes his eyes widen in surprise. "Your not mad at me coach."

Joe shakes his head and gives him a big smile. "Why the hell would I be mad. I'm not going to be mad because someone is gay. It would be hypocritical of me since I'm gay."

Toby smiles and let's out a relieved sigh with his eyes closed. "uhhh. Man what a relief. I was afraid you..." He than quickly turns his head to Joe with his eyes widen in shock. "Wait, your what coach!"

Joe let's out a laugh as he smiles at him. "ha ha ha ha ha. I didn't want any of you to think anything different about my." He than looks at him seriously with a blush on his face. "Mister Rede, please don't hate me for this."

Toby looks at him with his left eyebrow raised. "Hate you for what c..." Before he can finish what he was saying. Joe grabs him by the front of his t-shirt with his left hand and pulls him into a deep kiss.

Toby eyes are open wide in complete shock for a few seconds before they flutter closed. He let out a moan "mmmm" into the kiss when he felt Joe's tongue enter his mouth.

Joe than breaks the kiss, making a string of saliva between their mouths. The string breaks sticking to their chins as they breave havaly. "I'm sorry Toby, but I have wanted to do that for months now." He than looks away sadly. "I know I shouldn't have done that, but I really like you Toby. Hell it's probably a lot more than that. I understand if..."

Toby than jumps into his lap, grabs his shirt with both hands and pulls him into another kiss. As Joe's big arms wrap around him, Toby starts to grind his curvey butt into Joe's clothed manhood.

Joe breaks the kiss and while gritting his teeth, puts his left hand on Toby's hip and stops his gridding. He than smirks when he sees the pout on Toby's face. "As much as I want us to continue, everyone's food will get cold if we take any longer."

Toby looks away with the pout still on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. "Fine." He than gets off of Joe's lap, opens the door, picks up the bags of food and gets out of the van.

Joe than gets out of the van and walks around it to Toby on the sidewalk. He than takes the bags from him and they are about to walk intothe building when they see a man walking up to them.

The man stands five feet, five inches tall with peach skin, brown eyes and thin lips. He has a slightly rounded body shape with strong arms, big hands, slim fingers, a rounded waist line, narrow hips, slim butt, fit legs and big feet. He is wearing a brown Fedora, a white button up shirt, brown overcoat, a multi colored tie, brown pants and brown shoes.

The man stops in front of them with a curious look on his face. "Good evening. I never seen you two before, new to the neighborhood."

Toby nods his head and sticks out his right hand wicth the man shakes. "Yeah, you can say that. I'm Toby Rede."

Joe hands one of the bags to Toby and than shakes the man's hand with a smile. "And I'm Joe Zamken. It's nice to meet you Mister..."

The man gives them a small smile. "Edward Valiant, but people just call me Eddie.

To be continued.

Well another chapter done. Until next time. Bye!

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