Jasmine: The Diamond In The Rough

BY : MelissaHolmesWorks
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As Jasmine walked down to the palace kitchens daydreaming of her escape, she almost walked straight into the guard that was waiting for her. She hadn't seen him before, she was sure. He was tall and muscular, with thick black hair sprouting from below his turban. His eyes were a deep brown and his nose was slightly crooked although not unappealing. His arms were muscular and tanned, and as he smiled she noticed his glistening rows of white teeth. The sword hanging from his hip caught the light, it's hilt reflecting beams of light across her face. 

"Princess Jasmine, it is a pleasure," the strange new guard said with a velvety voice as he dipped into a deep bow, "I am here to be your escort for the day."

"Are you new here?" Jasmine asked cautiously. 

"Yes, Princess. I have worked on the streets of Agrabah for a year now. It was quite an honour to be upgraded to royal protection. Jafar has informed me that you will be needing protection so here I am, ready for duty!" He gave a sort of awkward salute and Jasmine immediately felt safe around him. There was no way that he was under Jafar's spell, the guards always acted a little different and none of them had ever saluted her before! Jasmine blushed slightly before beginning to make her breakfast. 

"Want anything?" Jasmine grabbed some pitta bread and hummus and began to dip, "What's your name anyway?"

The guard looked surprised. "My name is Mannes, Princess."

"Well, Mannes, what should we do today?" Jasmine raised her eyebrow at Mannes. Maybe, for the first time in a very long time indeed, she had a friend. 


Mannes had escorted Jasmine all day. They had started in the gardens by the fountain engrossed in conversation about their childhoods whilst Jasmine fed the birds. Mannes had lived an interesting life prior to moving into Agrabah. He had come as an orphan before being adopted by a lovely couple who taught him everything he knew. They believed he had been deserted by a travelling group of thieves and beggars, he was grateful to his new parents for taking him in. He listened intently whilst Jasmine told him of how she had tried so desperately not to marry for anything but love, but now she was stuck without her father, without Aladdin. She didn't divulge the depth of her despair, but she did hint that she wasn't exactly happy. Having someone to talk to, someone that didn't look at her like a piece of meat, was incredibly refreshing. She didn't feel quite so alone. 


Jasmine and Mannes had spent Jasmine's entire day off talking and laughing but like all good things, it had to come to an end. As the sun began to go down on the city of Agrabah, Mannes escorted Jasmine back to her chambers before bowing deeply and departing. All of the light that was in Jasmine's soul left her once more. With a deep breath she entered her chambers. 

"Did you enjoy your day off," a sneering voice asked. Jafar was standing in the center of the room, arms folded across his body. "I hope you did because you're in for a wonderful evening! I'm sure it will be QUITE the surprise." Every word he uttered was dripping with sarcasm. 

Jafar glided swiftly forward and grabbed her wrist fiercely. Jasmine winced expecting pain, but to her surprise none came. Jafar had fastened a clunky mental cuff to her wrist. He moved on to her other wrist and her ankles whilst she examined the cuff. It was shiny with a small loop on the inside. It was tight to her wrists, as if made custom to her size. It dug in slightly if she rotated her wrists and she sensed that if she were not careful it would leave deep bruises. 

Jafar took her by the wrist and guided her down to the banquet hall. Inside she saw the banquet hall had been set up very professionally. There were huge piles of foods and sat at the end of the table was a man she had seen once before. He had come to request her hand in marriage and Rajah had leapt on him and left a deep scratch down the right side of his chest. Today he was dressed in his finest silks and as Jafar led her over, Caspien looked Jasmine up and down. Jasmine curtseyed before taking a seat between Caspien and Jafar. She noted that her seat was much less luxury than her masters. 

"Caspien, welcome to my palace," Jafar spoke strongly, "I assure you that you will be made most welcome here. For tonight I wish for you to be well entertained and well rested, then tomorrow we will talk business. This meal has been prepared especially for you, I hope it is to you liking. Following the meal will be dessert if it pleases you." Jafar and Caspien both looked at Jasmine knowingly before Jafar continued, "I wish to provide you the services of the Princess for the evening, alongside anything you require for a good night rest. I have installed measures in case of misbehaviour. Press this!" 

Jafar handed Caspien a remote. Jasmine watched as Caspien pressed a button on it. Suddenly shocks ran through her body and she screamed out, her muscles spasming and her eyes filling with tears. Both of the men began to laugh heartily. 

"And now, we eat."

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