Jasmine: The Diamond In The Rough

BY : MelissaHolmesWorks
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The rest of the morning ran by quickly for Jasmine. As she scrubbed the floors, she thought about her escape. She would need clothes for herself, her father and aladdin if she was to get them all out alive. Of course she would need the genie's help. They would need a place to go, somewhere outside of Agrabah. She was so distracted by her plans that she didn't even notice Iago tracking dirt across the floors. Iago just LOVED to get Jasmine in trouble with her master, he found a certain joy in seeing Jafar angry at someone other than himself. 

Jasmine looked at the swinging pendulum clock. Almost 1pm. Jafar would be home soon. She grabbed a soft cushion from next to his throne and the shoe shining kit from the table, setting them down by the palace front doors. She quickly dragged a chair over so that it was next to the doors and attached the chain for her collar to a ring on its arm. She kneeled softly on the cushion and waited, listening for the sound of her master coming up the palace steps. Silence... Could she risk running to grab a sip of water? Silence... Maybe she should do a quick sweep of the house just in case. Then she heard it, the faint clip clop of Jafar's boots on the solid floors. She fell down into the pose she knew Jafar would expect, as though she was worshipping him like a deity. She was aware how exposed she was in her gold chain bikini, but before she had a chance to adjust it in a feeble attempt to cover up, the palace doors swung open. She heard him come closer, felt his presence in front of her before he fell down into the chair with a sigh. Quickly, without eye contact, she picked up the shoe shine kit and began brushing the dust and sand off of his shoes. 

"I want them clean enough for you to lick, my Queen," came his deep voice from above. 

"Of course, master," she replied. And with that she brushed and polished his shoes until her arms ached. Every movement caused her chain bikini to jingle making her master smile slightly. He seemed to like the noise. 

"Now, before I inspect your work, I want to inspect you. Dance," he ordered. 

"But there's no music"

"Did I ask you to complain?!" He roared, causing Jasmine to jump. She moved back so that her chain was at full length from chair and began to dance. She raised her arms in the air, then ran them down her skin, swaying. She had learned belly dancing when she was younger from one of the old maids, and tried to remember as much as she possibly could whilst she danced. She took the satin scarf that she had tied her hair back with out of her hair in a swift motion and ran it through her fingers as sexily as she could, making Jafar grin evilly. She closed her eyes and turned, shaking her hips to make the chains jingle before she felt a tug at the chain on her neck. Jafar pulled her so that she was directly in front of him. 

"Keep going, but keep your eyes shut until I say otherwise."

Jasmine knew that an order was to be obeyed so kept her eyes firmly shut, back to Jafar and continued jingling the chains, but all of a sudden she felt his cold flesh between her thighs. He was running his finger up her thigh, then back down, every time getting slightly closer to her crotch. She felt herself moisten, angry that his touch caused this reaction, but continued to dance. Slowly, his hand found its way up her thighs to her panties and over the cloth he started to gently rub. Jasmine realised that she was no longer dancing, she was rubbing her pussy over his hand. She hated that she wanted to feel his fingers inside her but her body betrayed her. Jafar had sensed her lust and moved her panties aside, slipping one finger inside her slowly before stroking her inside as if he was calling someone over. his finger was cold, but it caused her immense pleasure. At least if she couldn't see him, she could just imagine it was someone else. Her heart was beating faster and her breaths were getting shallow. She could feel her own juices running down her leg and she longed for him to just take her. Maybe he read her mind, maybe not, but as soon as she had the thought she felt his other hand on her back, right between her shoulder blades. He pushed her down so she was bending over and removed his finger from inside her. Spreading her legs slightly she felt him enter her and start thrusting. He reached around, grabbing her breast and pinching her nipple between his fingers. She let out a soft whelp as he began to thrust faster and faster, pushing the length of his cock deep inside her. She could feel the pleasure building, her muscles tensing, her breath short and fast. Before long she found herself whispering, begging to cum, she had to release this tension. Eventually she could take it no more, her entire body had to relieve the tension and she came, with Jafar deep inside her, her vagina pulsing with pleasure. Jafar didn't slow down, and with one last thrust he came inside her, filling her with him cum. She opened her eyes and watched as the cum leaked out of her onto the polished floors. 

"You've clearly not cleaned well enough, girl!" said Jafar cuelly, "look here, theres tracks all over the floor, and you've just dripped cum all over the place. Remind me to punish you later." 

And with that, he walked off leaving Jasmine with only the discarded shoe shining kit as company. 

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