Jasmine: The Diamond In The Rough

BY : MelissaHolmesWorks
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Jasmine looked through the distorted pane of the hourglass that Jafar had trapped her in. She could feel the sand flowing down her back as she saw her beloved Aladdin wrapped in chains against the far wall of the palace. Jafar was cackling from his throne as he sent a blast from his staff shattering the glass around her. Crash. She hit the floor, looking up at her new captor. 
"One more chance, princess," Jafar sneered, "or your father and the street rat will suffer a fate worse than death"
"Please," begged Jasmine, tears forming in her eyes, "I'll marry you, just spare them!" 
That was the moment that she realised what a mistake she had made. 


Jasmine's daily routine had changed a lot since her wedding day. Although Agrabah saw the new Sultan with his happy bride, they were completely unaware of her suffering within the palace. She was Jafar's slave, and any rebellion meant either extreme punishment or mind control with that blasted staff he was always carrying. She no longer had any power in the palace. Jafar had originally forced her to sleep on the cold stone floor at the foot of his bed, the chain around her neck fixed to his bedside, but eventually he had allowed her the privilege of using the cushioned bed that Rajah used to sleep in. The collar still dug in, but at least her bed was soft. Every day she woke up before Jafar and refastened her clothes before climbing up onto his bed for her morning duty. Pulling back the silk sheets, she grimaced at the hideous man before her, but she knew she had no choice, or she would be punished. She slowly slid her hand down Jafar's chest, running her fingertips down his hip bone and found her way to his already hard dick. With a deep breath she lowered her head and gently kissed the tip before licking the length of his penis, tasting every part of it. Although she hated the man, this was what she despised most - the fact she enjoyed the sexual torture. She took the entire shaft in her mouth and began to suck, moving her head up and down in a steady rhythm before looking up at her master. He was beginning to wake up, so she increased in speed: if she could make him cum quickly, he might be nice to her today! She ran her tongue around the tip, encouraged by his slight moan. feeling him throbbing inside her mouth. As he woke up he tugged her chain tighter on her neck until she felt like she couldn't breathe but she kept going in steady rhythm; determined to please him. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and allowed her hands to move to her own body, brushing over her hard nipples that were showing through the chiffon of her top. She seductively slid them down her collarbone, then went back to his dick, taking it as deep as she could in her mouth. Soon she felt his strong hand pushing her head down until his cock was completely inside her already restricted throat. He released his load. She knew that she wasn't permitted to move until he said so, so Jasmine waited, swallowing every drip until he released her, unclipping her collar from it's chain. Disgusted with herself, she went down to the kitchens to start making his breakfast, unable to rid herself of the taste of his cum.


The palace had changed since Jafar had become Sultan. He had removed all the previous slaves, maids and cooks as these were now jobs for his bride. Jasmine's old bedroom was now Jafar's 'pleasure room' with walls lined with sex toys, whips, chains. Aladdin was there, chained to the wall, completely unable to move. Every day Jasmine had to help him eat food and drink water, and occasionally Jafar ordered her to move him down to the dungeons. She preferred him being in the dungeon because although she couldn't see him at least she was punished less. It was one thing to force Jasmine to tend his every need, but it was another to keep the love of her life alive just to watch her be used by that monster! She always tried not to cum when Aladdin was there, she didn't want him to see her enjoy any of it!

Her father was kept in the dungeon most of the time, only being moved when Jafar or Iago wished to humiliate him. Luckily Jasmine didn't always see this as she had duties to do, but it made her sad nonetheless. The palace was patrolled by guards who were nice enough to Jasmine, although sometimes when Jafar wanted to really humiliate her, he would hypnotise the guards with his staff and they would take turns using her for Jafar's pleasure. They never remembered because of the magic but she always did. Nowadays it was a surprise to see a face in the palace that she couldn't match the cock to. 

Jasmine had slowly been earning her freedoms back, first the bed, then permission to play with Rajah in the gardens. This was the only time she had which truly felt normal, the only time she could take off the collar that marked her as his property, but soon enough, the collar returned to her neck feeling tighter than ever and she would be back to work. Maybe she would ask Jafar for a day to herself next, she certainly felt she deserved it. 

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