Jasmine: The Diamond In The Rough

BY : MelissaHolmesWorks
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After delivering breakfast to her master, Jasmine glanced at the list of duties Jafar had fastened to the dressing room wall. Every day, Jafar would update the list to ensure she knew her place and only when she had finished her duties was she permitted to spend time on herself. Todays list read:

"My humble princess, this weekend we will be visited by prince Caspien of Salalabah, you may remember him visiting during the string of suitors your father sent. It is important that his stay with us goes well, therefore you will be very busy. Today I expect you to clean the palace, top to bottom, whilst I am out. I have left an outfit I deemed suitable for this task on the side table..."

Jasmine glanced at the table and sure enough there was a new outfit there. It seemed to be little more than gold chains. Sighing deeply she looked back to the note:

"Don't worry, pet. I have also organised that the guards are only surrounding the palace so that you can complete your chores properly. Iago however will watch to make sure you don't misbehave or make another escape attempt. When I return from my errands I expect you waiting on your knees at the door. You will shine my shoes and I will inspect your work. Any faults I find will mean punishment. You are also expected to move the street rat out of the pleasure room and into the dungeon, in a separate cell from your father. If you disobey me on this matter, he will not survive to daybreak. You have been warned."

She heard the sound of the door closing and knew that she was alone at last, she would have roughly 10 minutes until Iago was pestering her and making her life harder so she gently removed her collar and began to massage her neck. It was slightly bruised from the morning but nothing she wasn't used to. She picked up her new outfit from the table and held it up in front of her. It was a 2 piece, the top consisting of a complicated matrix of gold chains which shined against her skin. The chains fell loosely off of her shoulders, tight around her shoulder blades and back and hung delicately across her breasts. The bottom piece was a very fine material crafted into underwear with the same gold chains hanging down beside her hips. With one last look at the note, Jasmine put her collar back on, fastening the hanging chain to one of the rings on her panties and prepared to clean. 

After she made the bed and dusted the bedroom, she opened the door to see Iago sitting on his perch. She began to clean, every room she left, Iago followed, leaving a trail of crumbs from the crackers he was eating. She scrubbed the floors on her knees, dusted all of the windows and scrubbed until each room was spotless. It was times like this where she could really think about how she might escape some day. So far her escapes had been less than successful. She had tried to scale the wall once, but Jafar had made her spend a week entirely naked as punishment. She had tried to slip out when no one was looking and she almost made it out to the city but when she was caught, Jafar had put her in the stocks in the pleasure room for a full day, letting guards in to use her whilst she was stuck. Besides, if she did escape where would she go? And how would she ever save Aladdin and her father? As she scrubbed the floor of Jafar's office her eyes drifted to the safe that the Genie's lamp was in. A plan began to form.

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