Jasmine: The Diamond In The Rough

BY : MelissaHolmesWorks
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Jasmine awoke for another day with a heavy heart. She had been dreaming of her escape again, ideas popping in and out of her head barely forming and she felt herself hopeless once more. Her body ached after yesterday's punishment. Jafar had dragged her by her hair into the pleasure room, in which he had already set up Aladdin in the shackles on the wall. He had thrown her down onto the bed pushing her face painfully into the silk pillows whilst he readied his staff, then with a sharp yank on her hair he hypnotised her. 

"You shall pleasure me princess, and you will enjoy it"

She hated how her body had moved onto his, she could hear Aladdin screaming at her to stop from the walls and although she begged herself to stop, her body continued kissing her master on every inch of skin that she could reach. She remembered it so vividly, bouncing up and down, grinding on her master and gazing into his repulsive eyes seductively. She remembered running her hands over her own breasts, feeling her pussy tighten and pulsate whilst she begged Jafar for more. She remembered him snapping her out of her trance before she orgasmed, and against her protests, he had tied her down to the bed with a vibrating wand on her clit. He had then stroked his large cock until he ejaculated over her face before swiftly leaving her. She didn't know how long she had been left, but she did know the look in Aladdins eyes. She had cried and cried looking at her beloved in chains, with her masters cum on her. The disappointment and disgust he had for her had nearly broken her heart. 

Jasmine shook herself out of the memory and began to fix breakfast once more. She delivered it to her still asleep Master, completed the normal wake up routine then proceeded into the dressing room to wash his cum away. Her wrists were sore from last nights punishment, oh how she wished that today would be an easier day! The chore list he had left her read:

"Jasmine, Prince Caspien is due today at sundown. I have employed some cleaners to fix the disgusting job you did yesterday so you are to stay out of the way and stay quiet. If I catch you speaking to a single one of the outsourced staff you will suffer a fate worse than death. You are to wear your standard blue outfit and will spend the day with a guard. I need to know you will get into no trouble, and he WILL be reporting back to me so no funny business. He is waiting for you in the kitchens. 

When Caspien arrives I have planned a delicious meal and you will be very lucky indeed, I will inform you of your duties later. Now go down to the kitchens, and enjoy your day my pet."

Jasmine sighed thankfully. No real chores today, and as long as the guard was not hypnotised she should be able to work on her escape plan rather than spending yet another day as a cumdump.

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