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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.


      “Solid wooden eggs? Who would sell these during Easter?” Bart scoffed as he tossed a bag back on the shelf. Lisa walked up behind her brother and picked up the bag. Bart had a point. Who would sell such a product during a holiday devoted to chocolate? Lisa looked through the clear plastic window. She saw eggs of all shapes and sizes, each one painted in a different and colorful pattern. Lisa fiddled with the bag in her hands. She’d been looking for something in the recent weeks and these eggs could very well be what she needed. They wouldn’t break, they’d be nice and smooth, and also quite inconspicuous. Lisa smiled and grasped the bag in her hand. Yes, these wooden eggs would do nicely.

      The bag lay hidden in the bottom of her draw for several days before she got some time to herself. Lisa didn’t want to do this in her bedroom. It could be awkward if her parents just walked in. So she decided to use the bathroom instead. With door the locked and her privacy assured, she tore the bag open. Several eggs spilled over the floor, along with a pair of fake bunny ears.

      “How appropriate,” she giggled as she fit them over her head. She picked up the smallest egg and held it in her hands. She rubbed her fingers over the polished and painted surface. She couldn't feel any chips or missing chunks, no splinters or anything on its surface. She thoroughly inspected each egg and founding nothing wrong with any of them. They were perfect and they were exactly what she needed. Lisa double checked to make sure the door was locked before she slipped her panties down her legs.

      Thinking it best to them handy, she only lifted one leg from her panties and let them hang off the other. She placed a towel on the cold tiles and picked up the smallest egg. She’d been wanting to do this for weeks and she couldn’t deny how excited it was making her. She filled the sink with warm and soapy water and lathered the egg up with soap. She squatted down and circled the egg around her ass. She remembered the only time she and Bart tried anal. Lisa was just far too tight, but she still wanted to try it. She’d need to get used to the feeling first. With a surprisingly little amount of effort, the small egg vanished inside her ass.

      Lisa froze at the sudden intrusion. Her hand remained below her, her fingers wiggling as if she were still holding it. She could feel the egg inside her, pressing against her rear canal. It suddenly occurred to her… now what? She’d only been interested in seeing how it felt. Lisa carefully rose from her squat. She could feel the object inside her with each movement. Every step she took was accompanied with a dull sting. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, and she had already decided to move to the next size up. Already the thoughts of going to school with the eggs inside of her were filling her mind. But for now, she knew there was only one way to get it out. And as Lisa squatted back down, she had a weird and sudden realization. 

      “I’m about to lay an egg.”

      She had to force the muscles in her colon to expel the egg, but she held her cheeks apart and hoped that gravity helped. It landed on the tiles below her. Lisa looked it over. There didn’t appear to be any unsightly matter on its surface but she still didn’t pick it up with her bare hands. She used a wad of toilet paper to drop it into the soapy water before she grabbed the next one. This egg was at least three times the size of the first one and was probably the closest to the width of her brother’s dick. She lathered it with soap, squatted back down on the floor, and held it up against her hole. She found her had to push down as her hand pushed it up. Despite the soap, this egg still put up a little resistance. Unlike the smaller egg, it didn’t pop straight up inside her. She could feel her ass stretching around the solid oval object. She bit her lip as she pushed it inside her. While she did feel the stretch, it wasn’t entirely uncomfortable.

      With a little force and effort, Lisa finally pushed the egg into her ass. The base of it just vanished from sight as it slipped passed her anal ring. With her hand on the side of the bathtub, she slowly got to her feet. She could feel it pressing against her as she stood up, just a giant bulge inside of her. She took one step, but it felt too bulky and uncomfortable to walk. Instead, she just closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of the egg inside her. Having already done anal with Bart, she and her body recognized the feeling of something inside her rear passage. She started to find it… enjoyable. She could feel the stretch, but it was far from painful. Lisa felt her body clench around the wooden oval and squeeze it inside her. She couldn’t help it, it just felt natural. She squatted back down and forced the egg from her bowels.

      As the second one was dropped into the soapy water, Lisa looked at the rest of them on the floor. The second egg had fit nicely, but Lisa found herself missing the feeling of being filled.

      “We're definitely doing anal again tonight, Bart,” Lisa smirked as she spoke to herself. “But I think trying one more egg couldn’t hurt.” Lisa reached down and grabbed the next one. It had been painted white, with blue, pink, and purple dots littered around the top and base. A few zig-zagging patterns circled the center between two light blue lines. Lisa knew straight away that there was no way she could fit this one inside her.

      She held the egg on the ground as she squatted below it. As she pushed down on it, she could feel it forcing her ass open. She quivered at the stretching feeling as she pushed more and more inside her. With her hands clenched in front and a quivered grin on her lips, Lisa felt she had met her limit. This was a completely new sensation for her. She felt the stretch of her anal ring, and the pain along with it, but it didn’t hurt. She felt… good, and found it almost enjoyable. She had Bart had read stories about how some women didn’t like or enjoy anal sex. But now that Lisa had gone this far, she couldn’t understand why. Her hand dipped between her legs and she started to furiously rub her slit. Not surprised to find herself soaked between her legs, she was easily able to slip a finger inside her. She didn’t want to wait or enjoy the feeling of her own finger, she just needed to cum. She fingered herself furiously, desperate to get herself off. She pressed down on her little clit with her thumb while concentrating on the egg in her ass. Her toes curled inside her shows as she came, squirting and coating her finger and hand in her pleasure. Struggling to stay crouched on her quivering legs, Lisa pulled the egg out from underneath her. She let herself fall to the floor in orgasmic bliss as she panted softly.

      It took a few minutes before Lisa found the energy to move. After feeling that, there was no way she was going to wait for tonight. She wanted her brother now. Lisa pulled her panties from her leg and left them on the bathroom floor. She got to her feet and opened the door. Leaving the eggs where they lay on the floor and the tub, she stepped out into the hall and made her way towards her brother’s room.

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