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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.


      It had been the longest wait of Marge and Lisa’s lives. Maggie Simpson was growing up. She had recently celebrated her sixth birthday with some of her new friends from Springfield Elementary, and now Marge and Lisa had a special gift just for her. But, unfortunately for them, it was the kind of gift that had to wait until Bart and Homer were out of the house. Marge and Lisa had kept their affair secret for years. Whenever they’d get the opportunity, Marge would have her fingers inside her daughter’s panties, or Lisa would have her head between her mother’s legs. At least once a week they would find some time to drive each other wild.

      Finally, three weeks later, they decided they couldn’t wait any longer. Without Maggie’s knowledge, Marge rang the school and said that both she and Lisa were sick and would stay at home. Once Homer had left and Bart grumbled his way onto the bus, Marge went to wake up her youngest daughter.

      She and Lisa had plenty of time to plan this out. Maggie was a heavy sleeper and would always need someone to wake her up in time for school. But today, Marge waited until the boys had left the house. She cooked a nice big breakfast before she went to wake her daughters. Lisa was up almost straight away but, predictably, Maggie took some effort. Marge would rouse her softly from her sleep, only to have her pull the covers over her head.

      “Come on Maggie, you can’t stay in bed all day.”

      “Why not?” she yawned as Marge pulled the covers from her head. “I’ve already missed the bus.” With Marge holding her blankets, Maggie pulled her pillow over her head.

      “Because I’ve got a surprise for you,” Marge grinned. She did her best to contain her excitement as she pulled the pillow from her daughter's grasp. Just as she expected, Maggie became suddenly more awake at the mention of a surprise. “Now get up. I’ve cooked a nice big breakfast.”

      “Surprise? What is it?” she asked. Marge just shook her head. 

      “Nope. You’re going to get up and have some breakfast first. You'll get it after you have eaten and washed up.” Marge sat up and turned to leave and Maggie jumped out of bed. She bolted to the kitchen and took her spot at the table before Marge had made it downstairs.

      Lisa watched in amazement as her sister ate her breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, roasted tomatoes, and mushrooms. Maggie devoured her plate.

      “Whoa, slow down there,” Lisa said. “You’ll give yourself indigestion. Don’t be so impatient.”

      “Do you know what my surprise is Lisa?” Maggie asked between mouthfuls of food.

      “Yes Maggie, I do. And you won’t enjoy it as much if you have an upset tummy.”

      “Fine,” Maggie pouted. She knew Lisa was right. Maggie always looked up to her older sister, much more so than her brother. If Lisa said it, she’d trust her on it. It was painfully slow but she took her time with the rest of her breakfast. When Lisa and Marge had finally finished, Maggie was sent upstairs for a shower.

      “And then I get my surprise?” she asked as she bounced up and down with sheer joy and excitement.

      “Yes, yes. Now go, hurry up.” Marge giggled at Lisa as Maggie bolted up the stairs. They could hear the sound of running water within a minute. “You’d better go wash up to, Lisa. Use my bathroom and don’t forget to bring the box down with you.”

      As Marge cleared the kitchen, she too found herself becoming impatient. She’d been waiting for this for three weeks, surely she could wait another half an hour. Thoughts and ideas had filled her head the night before and she had trouble getting to sleep. Finally, the sounds of the upstairs showers stopped. Marge couldn’t wait. She considered quickly rubbing herself to a small orgasm but she didn’t want to start with them. This was, after all, Maggie’s day. But to Marge’s surprise, Lisa was the first one out. She’d dried herself off, gotten dressed, and had even dug out the box from the back of Marge’s closet. Inside were the few toys that Marge and Lisa used when they were alone. Shortly after Lisa, Maggie descended the stairs. She decided she would dress for the occasion in her best clothes with a pearl necklace around her neck. With her blue frill dress and a matching bow in her hair, she walked into the living room to meet her mother and sister.

      “I thought that we might be going somewhere nice so I dressed nicely,” she said. Lisa had to turn to hide a soft chuckle, while Marge knelt and placed her hand gently on her cheek. 

      “Maggie, you look absolutely wonderful. But we’re not going out anywhere. Your surprise is right here, with Lisa and me.” Maggie opened her mouth to speak, but Marge cut her off. She held a finger up to her lips to make one thing perfectly clear. 

      “Maggie, what Lisa and I are going to show you is something we’ve been doing since she was your age. It’s like a kind of game, but it feels really good.” 

      “What kind of game?” Maggie asked. She liked games, and the idea of one for her surprise made her all the more excited. She could barely contain herself as she jumped up and down on the spot. Marge waited until she calmed down before she continued.

      “This kind of game,” she said. Marge turned, grabbed Lisa’s hand, and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

      Maggie watched, speechless, as her mother and older sister made out in front of her. She could see their tongues entwine as they slipped into each other’s mouths. With their eyes closed and their hands roaming their backs, they were both lost in their moment of passion. During their kiss, Lisa pulled Marge’s green dress down over her chest. Her tits were exposed to the room, and Maggie got her first eyeful of the mounds she never drank from.

      “You’re… you’re… kissing?” Maggie made a disgusted face, sticking out her tongue and looking away. Marge and Lisa broke their embrace and tried to hide their giggles. They had both expected this reaction from her. 

      “It’s alright, Maggie. Kissing is okay if two people love each other,” Lisa said as she pulled her sister over. “Like this,” Marge and Lisa decided it was only fair for Lisa to give Maggie her first kiss, seeing as Marge gave Lisa hers. Lisa yanked on Maggie’s arm to pull her closer and she locked her lips with her sister. At first, Maggie struggled to pull away. The feeling of Lisa’s tongue in her mouth was… weird to say the least. Marge shifted to sit on the couch, watching her two daughters share their first kiss.

      Maggie grew a little bolder in Lisa’s kiss. She tried to imitate Lisa’s tongue with her own actions. Lisa’s hands roamed Maggie’s back and down to the bottom of her dress. Their kiss broke as Lisa lifted the dress up over her sister’s head. She tossed it aside, leaving Maggie in only her shoes, socks, blue bow, and necklace. Marge picked Maggie up and sat her down on the armrest of the couch. She pulled Maggie’s shoes off her socked feet while Lisa pulled her dress over her head. Not even bothering with her shoes, Lisa climbed and stood next to her mother. Marge slipped her hand into Maggie’s panties and groped her ass. It was soft and smooth, and her blue panties were pulled down her legs. The young girl could only blush as her mother helped herself to her body. She felt slightly conflicted by this new show of affection but she was curious to see where it would lead. Lisa lifted her leg and placed her foot on the back of the armrest beside her sister and behind her mother. Her chest boasted two small mounds as her body was going through puberty. With her hand at her waist, she pushed her hips out towards her mother. 

      “And this is the game we play Maggie.” With Lisa’s purple panties dangling off her knee, Marge turned her head and pressed her lips against Lisa’s crotch. Just like she had done so many times before, Marge’s tongue slipped easily into Lisa’s depths. The girl groaned and her knees buckled as Marge started to eat her out. Marge and Lisa had three weeks of sexual energy built up inside of them as they both decided to wait until Maggie could join them. For Marge, it meant a lot of lonely showers. And for Lisa, it meant going to sleep without her special goodnight kisses.

      Lisa quivered as her mother started to eat her out. Her body reacted almost straight away and her lower lips were easily spread open by her mother’s tongue. She could feel the warm, wet muscle inside her, lapping and licking over her inner walls.

      “Oh… god…” she groaned as she gripped the back of the couch.

“Lisa? Lisa, what’s going on?” Maggie started to panic. She’d never seen this side of her sister before. She didn’t know what this pleasure looked like and she instantly feared the worst.

      “It feels so good,” Lisa muttered as Marge placed both hands on Lisa’s ass. She held her daughter steady as she tilted her head back. Lisa spread her legs open as far as the couch would allow her. Marge had a lot of experience and perfected her tongue-work over their many years together. She knew Lisa’s buttons better than Lisa herself. Within a minute, Lisa was panting and groaning.

      “Oh god… Mom!” she cried out, gripping her mother’s blue hair as she came. Marge’s lips and tongue were suddenly soaked in her daughter’s delicious pleasure. Lisa’s legs buckled beneath her and she fell backward on the couch.

      “Lisa?” Maggie asked. Lisa didn’t answer. She had a large and very satisfied grin on her face. Leaving Maggie for just few seconds. Marge shifted over to her spent daughter. She pulled the non-resistant Lisa into a deep kiss and shared the taste of her own juices with her.

      It took Lisa a few minutes to calm down from her sexual high. She could never make herself cum as hard as her mother did. Marge explained to Maggie exactly what she did and what Lisa’s body went through. Maggie’s cheeks were a rosy red. She was always told that she should never run naked around the house and that she should always get dressed after taking her baths. But here she was, almost completely naked with her sister and mother, both of whom lived such a lifestyle as often as they could.

      “Can… I feel good too?” she softly asked.

      Maggie lay along Lisa’s lap with her head on a cushion against the armrest. She felt a bit nervous and embarrassed now that the attention had turned to her. Marge, sitting next to her daughter, gently pushed one of Maggie’s legs off Lisa’s knee and left it to dangle in the air. 

      “We’re going to start you off with something simple. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but I promise that you’ll feel really good by the end of it.” Lisa had her hand resting on Maggie’s stomach, lightly rubbing her yellow skin. She made sure that her fingertips were the only part of her to graze over her flesh as her hand moved down to Maggie’s crotch.

      “Alright Maggie, time for some anatomy lessons. This part between your legs is called your crotch. But this cute little slit right here, where Mom was licking me earlier, this is called your pussy.” Using just her index finger, Lisa slowly swiped down her virgin slit, causing the young girl to shudder. Her little clit stood at the top of her entrance and Lisa slowly started to circle it with her finger.

      “How’s that feel Maggie? Do you like being touched here?” Maggie started to squirm as her older sister applied a tiny bit of pressure as she continued to rotate her finger on the little nubbin. She could only nod as this strange new feeling washed over her.

      “Well, this little bump here is called your clitoris, or clit for short. And it feels really good when we play with it,” Maggie was feeling a little flustered at the strange new feelings.

      “It’s… it’s a little weird, but it feels good.” 

      “We’re going to try something else. Just tell me if it hurts,” Lisa said. Maggie nodded as she watched Lisa’s finger with great interest. Lisa slowly moved it back down against her slit. Beside her, Marge shuffled onto one knee as she started to rub her pussy. Lisa started to move her finger up and down her sister’s pussy, then a second finger, then a third. Slowly and calmly, she moved the tips of three fingers up and down her slit. Her lower lips parted ever so slightly. Lisa stopped and pulled back two fingers. Using only her index finger, she slowly pushed it against her sister. Lisa watched as her warm, pink inner walls seemed to swallow up her finger, and Maggie started to shuffle uncomfortably on the couch.

      “Maggie, you’re so warm inside,” Lisa said. Maggie felt her body open up to Lisa’s digit. But Lisa knew to take her time. If she went too fast, she could hurt her. But as Lisa was barely up to the first knuckle on her finger, she felt as if she bumped into something. Maggie let out a soft shriek, and a stinging pain filled her body. 

      “What… what was that?” she asked as a tear fell down her cheek.

      “That was your hymen sweetie,” Marge softly said. She was only watching, but she knew exactly what it was. “Maggie, what you just felt is the greatest give you can give to the one you love. When it’s broken, you become a woman. And neither Lisa nor I are going to put you through that.” 

      “But… but I do love you,” Maggie said as she wiped away her tear.

      “And we love you too sweetie. But I think you’re just too young to make that kind of decision right now. We’re not going to break it. I want you to be sure about it before you make up your mind.” Maggie nodded as Lisa went back to work. As she started to dip her finger in and out, she did her best to avoid the barrier of flesh within her sister.  Maggie’s chest started to rise and fall with her heavy breathing, her young body becoming excited at being fingered for the first time. With such a lewd act being performed on her, she had a strong desire to learn more about what her sister and mother had done.

      “Is your hymen broken Lisa?” she panted.

      “Yes, it is. Mom broke it when I was eight. It hurt, and it bled. But I’ve never looked back.”

      “So you’re… ahhhh… you’re a woman?” Maggie never got the answer to her question. Lisa didn’t say anything. She was mesmerized by Maggie’s hips lightly bucking up and down to meet her finger. The young girl had both hands gripping the sofa. One reached up for the back, the other on the cushion below her.

      “Oh… something’s happening!” Maggie cried and she curled her toes. Lisa leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead.

      “Just let it go, Maggie. You’re about to cum. You’re about to have your first orgasm,” she whispered into her ear. Maggie cried once more, feeling a huge wave of a wonderful new feeling cross her body. The blue bow fell from her hair as she experienced her first ever orgasm. Her body was racked as Marge looked on with three of her fingers buried inside her. Maggie didn’t squirt, she was far too young. But that didn’t mean she found it any less enjoyable. Lisa held her finger inside her throughout her orgasm, only pulling it from her depths when Maggie sighed and her body went limp in her lap. She panted heavily, her chest heaving up and down and a satisfied grin on her lips.

      “I think I like this new game.”

      Marge and Lisa made sure they gave Maggie plenty of time to recover. While they were both very keen for some more fun, they both knew that Maggie’s first cum would have taken a lot of energy out of her. But just like her mother and sister, she quickly recovered her strength.

      “Again, again. I want to cum again.” Maggie jumped up and down on the couch. Lisa chuckled as Marge tried to calm her down. 

      “Alright, hold still,” she said and Maggie just stood on the cushions. “Maggie, you’ve already had your turn. Lisa’s felt good, you’ve felt good, now it’s mommy’s turn to feel good.” Marge tapped Lisa on the shoulder and motioned her to grab the box. When Lisa stood up, Marge got to her feet and slipped her dress down her body.

      “I guess that’s fair. Can I do it? Can I make mommy feel good?”

      “Maggie,” Marge grinned as she pulled her panties down her legs. “I’d love you too. But, you’re going to need to wear something first.”

      Maggie stood at the edge of the couch, looking down at the new attachment. Lisa had strapped a harness around her waist, and a long plastic shaft snapped into the metal ring just above her slit. The black ring was cold against her, and she felt the straps rubbing and digging into her skin.

      “Maggie, this is one of our favorite toys,” Lisa explained as she made sure the straps held around her waist. Maggie slid her finger along the black and slightly bumpy surface.

      “What is it?”

      “It’s called a strap-on dildo. It’s only for us girls to play with though. Bart and Dad have something similar attached to their bodies, so this is a fake one. Us girls have to make do.” Marge got into position on the couch. With her head resting on one armrest and her left leg hanging off the other, Lisa lifted Maggie onto the couch and between her mother’s legs.

      “Okay Maggie, you’ll want to push this,” she said as pointed from the fake cock to her mother’s pussy, “right into here. So get on your knees… yes, like that. And just shuffle forward a little… bit more. Put your hands here… and…” Lisa took hold of Maggie’s strap-on and rubbed the tip against Marge’s slit. The head parted her lips and Maggie could see the moist pink flesh inside. Marge looked down at her two girls, one teaching the other about their playtimes, with a huge grin on her face. Introducing Maggie to this could be one of the best decisions she ever made.

      “Once you’re lined up, you want to ease it in nice and slowly?” Lisa said.

      “What, you mean all the way? Will it fit?” Maggie asked in disbelief. “What about her stomach? Won’t that get in the way?” Marge smirked at her daughter’s innocence. 

      “Trust me, Maggie. It’ll fit. As long as you don’t force it in there, Mom will be fine.” Maggie looked up at her mother, her grinning face gazing back at her between her mounds. With her hands on her mother’s waist, Maggie slowly inched herself forward.

      Marge gasped as she felt her inner walls being pushed open by the plastic intruder. Her hand gripped the back of the couch. Lisa had her hand on Maggie’s back, just watching as the black toy disappeared inside her mother. Marge’s cunt seemed to swallow it up, wanting more and more as it took inch after inch. Within a minute, Maggie had pushed the entire toy inside her. She looked at Lisa, with no clue as to what to do next.

      “So just stay where you are Maggie. What you need to do is you need to pull your hips back, just your hips now, as far as you can. Once you can’t pull back any more without pulling the toy out, you push forward again. You go back and forth, slowly at first. But you’ll have to go faster after a while. Understand?” 

      “I think so. Like this?” Maggie kept a firm grip on her mother’s waist, and she heard Marge moan as she pulled herself back. Lisa kept a watchful eye on her sister. She smiled as the toy came out a shiny black color, with Marge’s juices soaking the surface.

      “Wow, Mom. You must be really enjoying this to be that wet.” Lisa ran her finger along the surface of the toy. She glanced at her mother’s juice on her skin before licked it off. As Maggie eased herself back in, Marge held out her hand for Lisa. She gave Maggie a soft and reassuring pat on the back before she took her hand and was pulled into another kiss. Maggie watched, feeling a little jealous, as Lisa and Marge made out in front of her. But she kept up with the toy, fucking her mother and gently increasing her pace. Lisa reached out and grabbed her mother’s breast. Without breaking the kiss, she rubbed her erect nipple between her fingers. Marge gasped into their kiss, her whole turning ridged for a brief second. With one daughter at her chest and the other between her legs, she was in heaven.

      “Climb up on the couch, sweetie,” Marge said when she broke the kiss. “I want to make you cum again.” Lisa kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks before she climbed over her mother’s face. She dropped to her knees and faced her younger sister, who was going faster and faster, while her mother's tongue dove into her depths.

      After several minutes, Maggie was pumping her hips furiously against her mother. It took her a little while to get the hang of it. But with a bit of help from her sister, her mother was soon writhing underneath her daughters. Lisa had both hands on Marge’s chest. She gripped her tits and pinching her nipples. Between her and Maggie, they were driving Marge wild. Her moans were muffled by Lisa’s pussy while her body shook and twitched with each thrust and pinch.

      “Maggie… she’s close. Now just do short, quick thrusts.” Lisa was trying to hold back her moans. She wanted to cum too, her body craved it and her mom was pushing her closer and closer to that inevitable edge. Maggie did what she said. She pulled out just a little before pushing back in and kept herself at a decent speed. Marge gripped Lisa’s hands and held them at her chest, forcing Lisa’s fingers to pinch and tug harder. Her whole body bucked below her girls, her arched her back and she was pushed into one of the hardest orgasms she’d ever experienced. Her juices squirted out around the dildo with Maggie’s thrusts, but she quickly hilted herself inside her quivering mother. Lisa came a few seconds afterward, squirting all over Marge’s lips and tongue. Her horny mother eagerly lapped it up, drenching her folds in her pleasure with each lick. Lisa collapsed on top of her mother. She almost knocked the wind out of her, but Marge didn’t care. Maggie looked down at the two of them, still buried inside her mother. She was a little annoyed that she didn’t get to cum again, but it was still early. The day was far from over.

      “So… how long do I have to stay like this?” she asked her sister.

      Lisa helped Maggie with the straps, but the toy stayed lodged inside Marge. She sat on the couch with her daughters in her arms. Marge and Lisa were exhausted and insisted on some rest before they did anything else. Maggie, however, was still keen for more. But she was patient and she could wait until the other two were ready. Both Lisa and Maggie sat in Marge’s lap. They both had a nipple in their mouths and their mother reached behind both of them. She had her fingers inside Lisa, but she only rubbed over Maggie’s slit. She wished she was lactating as she longed to have them drink from her breasts. But without another child on the way, feeling them suck on her was as close as they were going to get. However, despite the tender and relaxing moment, Maggie got to her feet.

      “And where are you going, young lady?” Marge asked with a smirk on her face. 

      “I gotta go pee,” Maggie said. “I won’t be long.” But Marge grabbed her wrist as she tried to walk off. She pulled her daughter back and sat her down back on the couch. Marge winked at Lisa, who slipped off her mother’s knee and moved over to Maggie. She pushed her sister back on the couch and placed her legs over her shoulders. Lisa pressed her open mouth around her slit as Marge offered a reassuring smile.

      “We have a game for that as well.”

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