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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.


      Allison’s plan had gone smoothly so far. Her father had gone away over the weekend for a conference and she had invited Lisa around to spend a couple of nights. Being the smart girl that she was, Allison easily convinced her father that she didn’t need a babysitter. And being the smart girl that Lisa was, she was able to convince her mother to go around earlier. It was a Friday afternoon in early December, and snow had blanketed the town. Lisa had dropped her stuff at home, packed a small bag (with her saxophone), and turned up on Allison’s doorstep. The brunette could hardly contain her excitement as she opened the door. The two girls greeted each other in the hall and Allison took Lisa’s bag to her room. They had the house to themselves for the weekend. And finally, since their rivalry began, Allison was going to tell Lisa how she really felt.

      The afternoon quickly turned into dusk and then into darkness as the two girls sat around the dining room table. With a pizza box each beside them, they concentrated on finishing their homework. They would swap the occasional story between themselves and pause every now and then for another slice of pizza or another drink, but they remained focused on their study. They quizzed each other on their upcoming tests before retiring to playing their saxophones as loud and as long as they pleased. But finally they decided to finish up, serve dessert, and watch a movie.

      “So you’re sure it’s okay if I sleep in your bed tonight Allison? I don’t mind the floor, really.”        “Lisa, for the hundredth time, it’s fine. It’s big enough for the two of us.” It took every ounce of restraint to sound insistent on sharing the same bed. In Allison’s mind, she pictured the two of them snuggled up under the covers, their clothes discarded on the floor, their lips locked together and their hands sliding all over their young yellow bodies. Allison had spent many nights fantasizing about this girl. She didn’t know when she’d get another chance at this. She’d have to make her move tonight. This sleepover would either make or break their friendship.

      It was after ten o’clock when their movie finished. And as keen as both girls were to enjoy the house to themselves over the weekend, they were still tired and still needed their sleep.

      “I’m going to take a quick shower before bed,” Lisa yawned as she stood up. Allison nodded as Lisa walked out of the room. She quickly cleaned up their dessert bowls and checked that the house was locked for the night. Within minutes, she found herself standing at the bathroom door. Her fist was raised and ready to knock on the solid wood. This was it. This was the moment. She was both excited and nervous. Allison liked to think she knew Lisa pretty well but there was no telling what she’d do or how she’d react to her now. Allison took a deep breath, hoped for the best, and knocked on the door.

      “Yes?” Lisa’s muffled voice cried through the shower and the door. Allison eased it open a little. Not far enough to see anything but far enough so she didn’t have to shout through it. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw Lisa’s discarded clothes on the floor. Her red dress, her shoes, and… her panties were lying in front of her. Lisa’s panties were plain white with a small musical note pattern above the crotch. Allison smiled and thought they were cute. She looked up at the shower curtain. She pictured Lisa behind it. The girl wore nothing but wet soap and was within her grasp. Allison could almost picture it in her mind. Lisa. She was standing in the shower, rubbing the glistening soap all over her body and...

      “Allison, what is it?” Lisa asked again. She hand only just noticed that the door was slightly ajar, and she poked her head around the shower curtain.

      “I… um… I’m…” Allison took another breath and a second to compose herself. “Lisa, I’m getting a little tired, but I want a shower as well. Would you mind if… if I joined you?”

      “You… you want to join me? W… why?”

      “Well, so we can get to bed a little quicker. It is pretty late. And if we shower together then we’ll be saving some water too.” 

      “Well… I don’t know.”

      “Come on Lisa. It’s not like you have anything that I don’t.” Allison swore under her breath as soon as she finished her sentence. She felt that she sounded too eager and that Lisa was sure to catch on.

      “Well, you make a good point with saving water. Just don’t tell anyone at school, alright?”

      "Not a soul Lisa,” Allison smiled. The brunette couldn’t undress fast enough but it killed her to make it appear as if she was taking her time. She could barely contain her excitement as she pulled the shower curtain open and saw Lisa’s naked body for the first time. It was exactly how she pictured her in her imagination. Seeing her like this in the flesh for the first time… it would be a moment she’d never forget. Lisa’s cheeks turned a soft shade of red as she saw her friend. Never did she think that she would be sharing a shower with anyone.

      “Um… so… are you going to come in?” Lisa muttered. Allison realized she was staring and Lisa’s voice snapped her out of it. She stepped in and drew the curtain closed behind her as Lisa started to wash her hair. Allison watched from behind Lisa’s back, she grabbed the bar of soap and started to lather it against her skin. The hot shower rained from the angled shower head in the wall above.

      Allison could feel the tension within the small cubicle. She’d been wanting this for ages and she knew just what to do next, but it was all coming down to finding the nerve to go through with it. She could feel the pressure building up in her bladder, the same pressure she’d been planning and holding for a couple of hours.

      “Um… Lisa? I’ve got another way to help save some water… if you’re interested.” Lisa, who had barely acknowledged Allison since she stepped in, turned her head to look behind her.

      “Oh yeah? What’s that?” she asked. She was still feeling slightly nervous about sharing her shower.

      “Oh come on Lisa. Will you just turn around and look at me? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re friends here.” Allison’s outburst took even her by surprise. She wasn’t even thinking when she spoke. Lisa had her back to her since she stepped in, but she knew Allison was right. She was her friend and they really didn’t have anything that the other hadn’t seen before. With a deep breath, Lisa pushed aside the awkward tension and turned around. Allison had to force herself to contain her excitement.

      “Isn’t that better?” she asked.

      “Um… I guess so.” Lisa muttered. She still felt awkward about standing naked in front of her friend, but she found that it easier now that she was facing her.

      “So…how else can we save water? Because I don’t think that standing here talking under a running shower is going to do it.”

      “Well, I don’t know. If you’re shy about me being here, maybe we should just leave it,” Allison tried to sound like she was having second thoughts. She wanted Lisa to feel comfortable in this situation. And suggesting that they openly pee in front of one another wasn’t going to help fix any awkward tension.

      “No no, I’ll do it. Just tell me what it is,” Lisa said. This was what Allison had been waiting for.

      “Well, I kinda need to pee. It will save a flush if I go in here.”

      “I… I guess that makes sense,” Lisa said. Allison expected Lisa to outright refuse and had to take a moment to process her reply. “And I kind of have to go too.” 

      “So, you’re fine with it?”

      “I guess so.”

      Allison was no stranger to her own piss play but she had never done anything in front of anyone before. She forced herself to relax, closed her eyes, focused on the sound of the shower, and pretend that Lisa wasn’t there. A golden trickle quickly seeped from between her legs. Lisa felt a little uneasy at first, but she too was able to relax her bladder. It suddenly felt like a normal and natural act.

      “Great tip, Allison. Peeing in the shower saves so much water. We’re so eco-conscious,” Lisa couldn’t believe that she was going through with it, but she quickly realized Allison’s point as soon as her stream started.

      “Huh? Oh yeah. Save the planet and what-not,” Allison muttered. She wasn't paying much attention to what Lisa was saying. Her gaze was focused on the yellow stream coming from between her friends' legs. Allison knew that this would be a one-time thing if she didn't act any further. She had to push further before she lost her nerve. “Hey, Lisa, would you like me to show you how to stay warm in bed without an electric blanket?”

      “You mean because it’s snowing outside? You’ve got a way to save energy too?" 

      “You could say that,” Allison muttered. The brunette inched closer to Lisa. Her stream died down to a trickle as the last few drops poured from her body.

      “Allison, what are you doing?”

      “Shhh. Just go with it Lisa,” Allison said. She was now standing right beside Lisa and she dipped her fingers into the golden stream coming from her body.

      “It feels so warm,” she murmured. Allison twisted her wrist and Lisa’s pee started to pool in the palm of her hand. Lisa was starting to feel a little uneasy.

      “Allison?” she asked again, but Allison ignored her. She was just enjoying the warm feeling pouring onto her skin. She’d peed on herself before, onto her own hands and feet, but this time it felt different. She couldn’t hide her disappointment when Lisa’s stream died down. The last drips fell onto her hand and clung to her skin. Allison was careful to keep her arm out of reach from the shower.

      “I’m sorry Lisa. I just couldn’t help myself.”

      “I… I don’t get it. I don’t understand. That…. that wasn’t normal. Friend’s like us shouldn’t do things like that. Not even to save water.”

      “It wasn’t about the water, Lisa. It was about… it was… oh fuck it,” Allison spun around. Lisa didn’t have time to react before Allison planted her lips against hers. Allison pushed Lisa against the cold and wet tiles before she even had a chance to struggle. She felt Allison’s tongue slip into her mouth and had no idea what to do or how to react. This shower had turned into a new experience for her.

      The girls dried themselves off and moved into Allison’s room. Lisa was still feeling a little uneasy, especially since Allison begged her not to get dressed.

      “Lisa, I just want to do one more thing. If you don’t like it then just say so and I’ll stop.” 

      “Allison, look. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but…” 

      “Lisa, please. Just… just let me do this,” Allison pleaded. She knew that she was risking her desires over their friendship. But she had already come so far and there was no turning back after their shower. If Allison played this right, she knew that they would wake up tomorrow with a stronger bond than just friendship. Lisa sighed, giving in to her pleas.

      “Alright, fine. One more thing. What do I have to do?”

      “Nothing. Just get on the bed and lie on your back. I’ll take care of the rest.”

      There was a nagging voice in the back of Lisa's head telling her that this was wrong. But there was another voice as well; her curiosity, yelling over the nagging and telling her to go with it. Allison was her friend and she trusted her, she’d never do anything to hurt her. Lisa lay on her back with her head on the pillow and Allison kneeled beside her. Lisa felt a little weird with both of them being naked in Allison’s bedroom, but it was a small measure of comfort to know that she wasn’t the only one.

      “Lisa, before I start, there’s something I want you to do.”

      “What’s that?”

      “Whatever comes naturally,” Allison smiled. Lisa didn't understand but still nodded in agreement. It was a strange request. And with that, Allison began.

      Allison made her way over to Lisa’s feet. She lifted Lisa’s legs into the air and shuffled forward. With Lisa’s feet hanging over her shoulders, Allison dropped onto the mattress and she propped herself up on her elbows. Lisa’s soft and bare pussy sat right in front of her face. Allison had dreamed about this moment ever since they patched their friendship after the diorama incident at Springfield Elementary. She’d lost count at the number of times she had rubbed herself raw to the thought of this very moment. She decided to start with something simple. She eased herself forward and planted a soft kiss directly onto her slit. Lisa let a soft murr escape from her lips. The kiss felt… nice. Much nicer than any other kisses she’d received from her parents. Allison grinned. She took it further. She opened her mouth and looked straight into Lisa’s eyes along her chest and stomach. She pressed her tongue at the base of her slit. Slowly, ever so slowly, she dragged it up and over her folds. Lisa’s whole body shuddered around Allison’s head.

      “That… that actually felt pretty good,” Lisa huffed and looked down at her friend. Allison took this as a sign, but she hadn’t sealed the deal yet. She wasn’t going to let Lisa go until she’d tasted her first orgasm. Allison pressed her tongue back against Lisa’s folds. The girl moaned again as it was dragged up her slit and over her small little clit. Over and over, Allison lapped at Lisa’s folds. Each swipe of her tongue brought another groan from the young Simpson girl. She was getting wetter by the second, and yet she had no idea the changes that her body was going through. But Lisa didn’t care. She was just enjoying the feeling and praying that it wouldn’t stop.

      To Allison, Lisa tasted perfect. But that was just her skin. She wanted more. She pulled her head back and pressed her finger against her slit. She softly rubbed as Lisa writhed around her. Allison soon found her slit to give way as her finger slipped between her folds. Slowly and carefully, she pushed the digit inside the young girl. Lisa was warm and wet inside. Allison gently pumped her finger in and out of the young girl and Lisa started to buck her hips against her knuckle.

      “So how’s it feel, Lisa?” Allison teased.

      “Don’t stop,” Lisa pleaded. “Please don’t stop.” Allison pulled her finger from Lisa’s depths and quickly replaced it with her tongue. The taste that greeted her was simply divine. It was heavenly. Allison had always imagined Lisa’s taste similar to her own. But the flavor of Lisa’s arousal was far better than she ever imagined.

      Allison’s tongue lapped over Lisa’s inner tunnel and she soaked up as much of her juices as she possibly could. Lisa gripped her head and twirled her fingers through her hair.

      “Oh god… Allison. Something’s happening…” Lisa cried out, pulling Allison’s face down against her crotch. Allison didn’t fight the sudden forcefulness. And if Lisa hadn’t pulled her closer, she would have pressed harder. She knew exactly what Lisa was feeling; the build-up of her first cum. Allison felt both honored and jealous. She was glad she was there to experience it, but she wished she shared her first with someone else too. She used her tongue to hold Lisa's lower lips apart and she felt the sudden squirt of her first orgasm. The blonde girl panted as two more small squirts splashed over Allison’s tongue. She pulled Lisa’s hands from her hair and shifted her legs from her shoulders. Allison crawled next to Lisa and pulled the blankets over their bodies as she snuggled up against her.

      “And this, Lisa, is how you keep warm without the electric blanket.”

      Allison held Lisa in her arms as she enjoyed the afterglow of her first cum. Lisa’s body felt warm and tingly, and she knew that it wasn’t going to be the last time she’d experience such pleasure. She wrapped her arms around her friend, holding her close and just enjoying the moment.

      “So Allison,” she asked. “Are we saving more water again tomorrow?”

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