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Darth Ross

      It started as a simple way to earn some extra cash. At 12 years old, it was easier than doing chores around the house for her allowance. Lisa was approached one day while out at the mall with her friends. She, Jessica, Allison, Sherri, and Terri walked by a stall to which they paid no attention. But the attendant took one look at them and he knew that the girls would be perfect. After succumbing to the peer pressure from Jessica, and getting the forms signed by her parents, Lisa quickly agreed to become a model. There was just one thing though, one bit of fine print that she had overlooked.

      This didn’t seem like any ordinary photo-shoot.

      “You know, there is something really wrong with your modelling agency,” Lisa said. She thought she’d be posing for a magazine or cosmetic ads. But instead, she found herself wearing a garter belt, a pair of see-through stockings, and a strip of black lace around her neck attached with a heart.

      “Lisa, there is nothing wrong,” the photographer said. He was getting annoyed with her constant questions and complaints. “Now keep your left hand on your hip… yes, just like that.” The room was lit up with several bright flashes coming from two large umbrella lights beside the photographer. She didn’t feel comfortable with this, but the several-hundred dollar payout was too good to pass up. Her bare pussy and chest were captured on film, shot after shot. As she moved to another pose, her foot fell from her shoe and she fell to the floor.

      “Damn it, girl!” the photographer yelled and he put down his camera. “You’re twelve years old and you can’t stand on your own two feet?” 

      “Well maybe if you gave me some clothes that actually fit… and weren’t so revealing.” She reached behind her and slid the other shoe off. The pair of high heels were too big for Lisa’s feet and the stockings hung loosely around her legs. Had it not been for the garter belt that they were attached to, they would have fallen off long ago.

      “You wear what we give you!” the photographer yelled. He closed his eyes, held his arms out in front of him, and took a moment to compose himself. He rubbed his temples with his fingers and sighed.

      “We’re going to take a break,” he said. “I’m going to get some coffee and we’ll carry on in ten minutes. I need you to practice standing up straight. I don’t want any more mistakes from you.” Lisa hung her head as the photographer walked out of the room. She heard the click of the latch as she was locked inside.

      “Why am I doing this?” she asked herself.

      Lisa was guaranteed a minimum of $500 a shoot, plus a commission depending on how well her pictures sold. This was only her third visit and she’d already made over $2000. She found it demeaning and embarrassing, but she couldn’t turn down that kind of money. In a couple of months she would have earned enough to pay off her college education already, probably twice over. Lisa slipped her feet back into the oversized high heels and made her way over to the snack table. It had only just been brought out before she had to remove her clothes. There were platters of almost every type of fruit available, along with crackers, sliced meats, and jugs of juice and water. She helped herself to some apple slices as she paced up and down along the length of the table. So looked over at the rack of costumes and outfits in the corner. Some, she’d already worn for the camera. Swimsuits, dresses, jeans, and shirts, all to advertise in magazines for the latest fashion trends. Beside the makeshift wardrobe, a large mirror with light bulbs bordering its edge. At least two dozen different kinds of make-up littered the desk. Lisa poured herself a glass of juice and took a piece of pineapple. The fruit tasted a little bit… funny. It smelt alright, and it looked as fresh as the day it was picked. Lisa couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was just something different about it. The studio door opened and the photographer marched in. He placed his half-mug of coffee on a bench next to his camera. He pulled a small chip out from the side and snapped it in a clear plastic case. He replaced it with a brand new one.

      “Right,” he said as Lisa finished off her juice. “Shall we continue?”

      Over the next hour, Lisa tried pose after pose after pose. The photographer managed to keep his temper and be patient for Lisa. This was, after all, only her third shoot of Lisa’s chest and pussy being printed on film. She changed from the garter belt and stockings to a see-through nightgown. After that was a school uniform, alternating with a baseball top and skirt (with only a baseball bat to make up for the missed clothing), some lingerie, and even a pair of bunny ears and a white fluffy tail. Lisa was getting tired from the constant standing and posing, and finally the photographer allowed her another short break. She dashed to the snack table for another glass of fruit juice. It tasted a little odd but it was all she had. At least it was healthy and refreshing. As soon as she drank, she felt so much better. Like she had become more hydrated and full of energy. She didn’t know what was in the juice, or what type of juice it was, but it and the fruit really hit the spot.

      “How many more shots do you need?” Lisa asked as the photographer changed the card in the camera for the fourth time. By now, Lisa had been standing for hours on end. Her feet were aching and she longed to go home. 

      “We’re almost done Lisa, just one more lot to go.” 

      “And what outfit will I be wearing?”

      “Oh, no outfit,” the photographer said, not looking at her as he wrote something on the empty card case.

      “Ex… excuse me?”

      “You’ll be completely nude for this last shoot.”

      “You… you want me to pose… naked? As in… no clothes?” 

      “That is generally what naked means Lisa, yes. Look, you’ve been wearing revealing outfits for the last couple of hours. Nothing’s been hidden, so this’ll be no different. Now strip down please, we’re against the clock here.” Lisa was quickly swamped with the make-up team to touch up her face. She felt very uneasy about it, but the man was right. 

      “Why do you need naked pictures anyway?” she asked with a quivering voice.

      “Because it’s in your contract. You must pose nude if requested.” The photographer briefly held up Lisa’s signed contract, with both hers and her mother’s signature on the bottom of the page. He dropped it onto his stool and started snapping away. Lisa stood there, dumbfounded. How could she or Marge have possibly agreed to this? She suddenly wanted out. She wanted to break the camera, get dressed, and just run out the door. She’d be throwing away hundreds and hundreds of dollars but now her principals mattered more than the money. However, she signed a contract. She’d have to go through with it. She reluctantly started to go through her poses, all while the camera was taking shot after shot of her naked body. 

      “So who’ll be paying for these pictures?” Lisa asked after almost half an hour of photos.   “These are going on the website.”

      “Wait, what site?” she asked as her face fell. “Are you going to upload these photos to the internet?” 

      “Well, yeah. I am. That’s what this is. That’s how you get paid. We take the photos, pay you for the shoot, upload them to the internet and then pay you your commission when people buy the set.” 

      “But… but… that’s illegal. I’m underage!” Lisa cried, but the photographer just shrugged.

      “Lisa, this is your third shoot. We’ve been through this twice before but I know you don’t remember it. You’re making over a thousand dollars a session. Each time you come in, we do the normal photos. Then, we bring out the snack table for you and your friends. All except for Jessica who is, surprisingly, willing to do this. We drug the food, you become more obedient and go pose even though you know you shouldn’t, you then pass out for a bit. We dress you again, you wake up, you get paid and you go home. You don’t remember a thing, Lisa. You’ll come back next week thinking you’re going for another standard shoot and we’ll go through this all over again. In fact, I think next week you’re booked with Jessica. She was quite keen on the idea.” 

      “I… I…” Lisa couldn’t believe it. Three times. This was the third time she did this and she didn’t even know it. She had stood and posed naked three times. As the photographer took the final card from the camera and slipped it into its case, she racked her brain as she tried to remember her previous shoots. She’d go through make-up, go through wardrobe, go out onto the set for a normal shoot, and then… nothing. She remembered being paid and walking out to greet her mother… and that was it. Unknowingly, Lisa brought her hand up to her mouth as she yawned. Then it hit her. She wasn’t tired a second ago. They drugged the fruit, and she had eaten several slices during her breaks. The locked door meant she couldn’t go anywhere and there wasn’t a single phone anywhere in the studio. Her head started to spin as she as she became dizzy. With staggered steps she made her way to the closest chair. She could see the photographer out of the corner of her eye. He did nothing to help her as he filled out some paperwork, yet he kept looking over as he waited for her to pass out. 

      “You… you… bas…t…” Lisa never finished her insult before she passed out in the chair.

      Lisa stirred and woke up, completely unaware that she had fallen asleep. She still wore the last outfit that she remembered, a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and sandals.

      “You alright there?” Lisa looked in the direction of the voice. The photographer had finished his paperwork and had begun to pack away his equipment.

      “Yeah… yes. I’m fine.” Lisa said. She stood up and stretched her arms, feeling oddly refreshed. “Is that all for today?” The photographer smiled and nodded his head.

      “Yep, we’re done. You can go and get changed.”

      Lisa emerged from her dressing room in her red dress, shoes, and pearl necklace. Most of the camera equipment had been packed away into storage. The photographer pulled an envelope from his inside jacket pocket and held it out to the girl.

      “Here you are, your pay for the shoot. I must say, you got quite a bonus this week. Your pictures sold very well. You’ve earned more than triple your base rate.”

      “Again?” Lisa asked, her face lighting up like a Christmas tree. She opened the envelope and counted her wad of cash. She had just over $1500 inside.

      “Thank you. Thank you so much,” she said as she hugged the photographer. The man was no stranger to this type of affection. Every girl he photographed was always happy to see their paycheck, although Jessica frequently thanked him with a quick blowjob before she left.


      “So how’d you go today, sweetie?” Marge asked as Lisa climbed into the car. Marge had negotiated a deal with Lisa and her new income. A small percentage was put towards the home to help with bills and shopping. It seemed fair. Lisa calculated how much she was to give to her mother, she took a small amount out for herself and the rest would go into her college fund.

      “Great! I made just over $1300 today,” Lisa exclaimed as she counted out the bills in her lap. Marge was astounded. She couldn’t believe her daughter was making that much with only a few hours of work per week.

      “Lisa, I am amazed that you’re making this kind of money. I’ll admit that at first I did find it a little suspicious, until I saw you and your friends in a catalog. Are you sure that you’re happy with doing this? Is there anything strange about it?”

      “Mom, I promise you," Lisa smiled and buckled her seatbelt. "There’s nothing strange about it at all.”

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