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      “Bart, get out! I’m piss…”

      “Okay, okay. I’m sorry,” Bart said, interrupting his sister and closing the bathroom door. He should have knocked, but he and Lisa always had a no-closed-doors policy. They were open enough with each other in their relationship that one could just casually walk into the other’s room in the middle of the night for their secret snuggles, or even into their baths and showers. But clearly, Lisa didn’t think the use of the toilet was part of their policy. Bart waited patiently outside the door, yet his bladder had other thoughts. He needed to go… badly. Finally, he heard the sound of the toilet flushing. And once again he opened the door without knocking. He walked in as Lisa pulled her panties up her legs.

      “Fine, fine,” she said, “it’s all yours.” Not even bothering to wait for Lisa to leave, Bart just shut the door behind him. He lifted the seat and pulled out his dick to relieve himself. He let out a soft sigh as Lisa lathered and washed her hands with soap.

      Bart shook the final drops before pulling the handle to flush. Lisa was still washing her hands, but Bart didn’t want to wait. He pressed his chest against Lisa’s back and held his arms around her. He washed his hands with hers as he rested his chin on her shoulders.

      “How about a quick fuck before school, sis?” he whispered into her ear as she turned off the tap. Lisa just smirked. Normally, she preferred to keep her sex life confined to after dark and (on very rare occasions), after school. 

      “Bart, I’ve just had my shower. There’s no way I’m going to school with a load of your cum up my pussy.”

      “I never said I wanted your pussy, Lisa,” Bart said as his hand slipped down to her ass. He gave the cheek a firm grope through her chest. “And besides, I’m about to have one. You can jump in with me afterward. What do you say?” Bart didn’t wait for his sister to answer. He had already slipped his hand under her dress and was pulling her panties from her waist. Lisa bit her lip. She knew there’d be time if he was quick, but it was still a little risky. She looked at her brother in the bathroom mirror, and he was looking right back at her. 

      “Oooh, fine then. But be quick.”

      “Thanks, sis,” he said as he kissed her on the cheek. “You’re the best.”

      Lisa pushed from his grasp and turned the shower taps. The warm water rained down from the faucet and splashed into the tub below. While they wouldn’t use the shower just yet, the running water would help mask some of their noise. Lisa kicked her panties from her legs and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She stood by the toilet bowl and placed her hands on the rim.                      “Come on Bart, before I change my mind.” Bart grinned. He quickly lost his pants and briefs before he spat on both hands and rubbed his quickly-growing shaft.

      “Just… go easy, alright? We haven’t done this in a while.”

      “I know, Lis. I know. Why do you think I asked?” Bart said as he spread his sister’s ass cheeks and pressed the tip against her back entrance.  Lisa bit her lips and shut her eyes as she felt her brother force his way into her ass. She felt the sudden and familiar build-up of pressure inside her as Bart eased himself in.

      “There, now that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

      “Just… just hurry up,” she muttered. Bart grinned as he gripped the hem of her red dress. He yanked it down, exposing her flat chest. He eased himself out before he started to fuck her. One hand gripped her waist, the other on her chest. Lisa knew she wouldn’t get any real pleasure from this, but she couldn’t deny loving the feeling of her own brother inside of her again. Her hands gripped the rim of the toilet as Bart moved one hand to her shoulder. He just needed to cum, they both knew that. But Lisa would make sure that he would honor their little arrangement.

      Bart’s hips were almost a blur as he fucked his sister, his dick vanishing inside her back door only to be pulled out for barely a second. The bathroom started to fill up with steam, and their fucking only seemed to make it hotter in the tiled room. The mirror above the sink fogged up, and the small gap in the window did little to help stop the humidity from building up. Lisa wasn’t as used to anal sex as much as she was in her pussy, but it was becoming more and more bearable with each thrust. A few spurts of pre-cum erupted from Bart’s shaft, only to be smeared by it along her inner walls. His breathing became heavier in Lisa’s ear, and his hands moved back to her waist.

      “Lisa, fuck…” he muttered. Lisa lifted her arm and reached behind her. She gripped the back of Bart’s head, turned her own, and pulled him into a kiss. Bart hilted himself inside his sister and he sprayed a thick load into her ass. He sighed with a smile on his face and pulled out as soon as he finished. He pulled off his top and tossed it with the rest of their clothes. 

      “Don’t forget our deal, Bart. I didn’t cum, that means your face will be between my legs tonight.”

      “Looking forward to it, sis,” he said before a quick kiss. “Now how about that shower?” Lisa just shook her head and pulled her panties from the pile. She slipped them up her legs and made sure they fit snuggly around her waist. 

      “Nah, I changed my mind. I think I want to feel you leak out of me at school today,” Lisa gave her brother a sultry wink before she opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway.

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