Knights of Athena

BY : KalexFan2021
Category: Kim Possible > Crossover > FemmeSlash - Female/Female
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"Where is Ronicus the Great supposed to be right now?" Shego asks Kim. "At the coliseum training for his next fight." Kim says to the dark haired beauty beside her. "Then lets head for the coliseum and Ronicus the Great." Shego says as she heaves a tired sigh.  "Right then we need to turn left up here." Kim says with a mischeivous twinkle in her sparkling emerald green eyes. 

-Ten minutes later-

"Here we are the great coliseum of Athens, Greece!" Kim says with a dramatic flourish of her hands as they enter the coliseum and head down into the arena. "We are looking for Ronicus the Great is he here?" Shego asks loudly. "That would be me Mighty Ones." says a blonde haired man wearing Spartan armor with a corinthian helmet that had a horse hair crest coming out of the top. "The Great Gods are in need of your services sir." Kim says handing the blonde man a piece of rolled up parchment bearing a blue wax seal with Zeus' insignia. "When and where am I to report for training?" Ronicus asks. "Outskirts of Athens in two weeks time." Kim says to the blonde haired man. 

-Two weeks later-

"Zeus' Army training camp this is the place." Ronicus says as he looks at the parchment in his hand. "She enlisted you too Ronicus?" asks a teal eyed brunette. "Yes she did. Did she enlist you too Bonnie?" Ronicus asks Bonnie. "Yeah wonder who else she enlisted." Bonnie says. "She also enlisted me." says a blue-skinned Athenian. "Drakken she enlisted you too?!" Ronicus and Bonnie asks surprised. "Yes she did." Drakken says with an amused twinkle in his black eyes.

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