Knights of Athena

BY : KalexFan2021
Category: Kim Possible > Crossover > FemmeSlash - Female/Female
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Kim and Shego are back in the city-state of Argos to see Drakken and ask him for help. "Where do we find Drakken?" Kim asks the love of her life. "I think that man Ronicus said at the High Council building." Shego replies. "Right where is the High Council building located?" Kim asks softly. "In the city-center of Argos." Shego says as she leads the way to the High Council building. "I love when you take charge Emerald." Kim says before pulling Shego into a searing and brain-melting kiss. "Wow that was hot." Shego says dazedly after they break the kiss. "I did say that I was an awesome kisser." Kim says proudly. "Yeah and you just proved that statement true yet again." Shego says lovingly. "Now lets find Drakken!" Kim exclaims before heading onto the High Council building. "I'm Monique and how can I help the two of you today?" asks a mocha-skinned woman with black hair and chocolate brown eyes. "We need to see Drakken the leader of this fine city-state." Shego says as she looks at the woman. "I'll go let him know that you two are looking for him. What are your names?" Monique asks. "I'm Kimber Possible and this is my lovely wife Shena." Kim says as she flashes a loving smile at the dark haired beauty beside her. "The High Council allowed you two to get married?" Monique asks in surprise. "Yes because they couldn't deny Kimber the daughter of the Almighty Zeus the right to marry."Shegosayssmirkingslightly. "And they couldn't deny the daughter of Ares the God of War the right to marry either." Kim says also smirking. "Forgive me daughter's of the great gods for my ignorance." Monique says as she kneels and bows her head. "Not many people are able to tell who is a Demi-God and who is a mortal so rise." Kim and Shego say together. "Thank you Shego and Kimber for being so understanding." Monique says as she rises to her feet. "No big." Kim says with a huge smile on her face. "Daughters of Zeus and Ares how may I be of service?" Drakken asks as he walks up to them. "We came to ask you to come and train in my army." Kim explains softly. "But what about the people of Argos? Who would lead them?" Drakken asks. "We have asked the Goddess Athena to watch over Argos for now." Shego says scowling. "And she agreed?" Drakken asks in surprise. "Yes she will watch over the people of Argos as best she can until this war between the gods is over." Kim says before handing Drakken his enlistment form. "Where do I report to?" Drakken asks. "The outskirts of Athens in two weeks." Shego says.


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