Knights of Athena

BY : KalexFan2021
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The slim figure of the redheaded warrior ducks a devastating punch from a hulk of a man.
"Give it up Kimber that Bronze Cloth of Pegasus is mine!" the hulking man grunts as he throws another punch.
"Not going to happen Benthos." the redhead replies as her change her stance slightly.
"That cloth is not leaving Argos you little runt!" Benthos shouts.
"We'll see about that now won't we?" Kimber replies as she throws the Thousand Meteor Punch.
"Benthos watch out!" a teal eyed brunette calls out too late.
"The Thousand Meteor Punch good just like I taught you." says a pale skinned women with raven hair that has impossible green undertones.
"Be quiet Shego!" hisses the brunette.
"I'm a Demi God show some respect Bonnie." Shego says.
"Benthos get up and beat that little Athenian!" Bonnie shouts.
"Looks like your champion has fallen." Shego replies with sneer.
"The winner is Kimber Possible of Athens, Greece." the judge says.
"I can finally prove to Zeus that I'm worthy to be called his daughter and a Demi God." Kim says as she approaches the ancient armor.
"Not mention you're worthy to be called a Knight of Athena." Shego says as she makes her way over to newest holder of the Bronze Cloth of Pegasus.
"All thanks to you pushing me and your guidance." Kimber says as she wipes blood off her face and hands.
"Ah Shego daughter of the God of War Ares herself." the judge says as he kneels before her with his head bowed.
"Kimber here is the daughter of Zeus himself she is more deserving of your respect then I ever will be." Shego says.

"Daughter of Zeus we are honored to have you here in our humble city-state of Argos." The judge says as he kneels and bows his head.

"What's your name my fellow Athenian?" Kimber asks.

"Drakken ma'am." Drakken says.

"Well Drakken rise and I am honored that you show me respect." Kimber says with a soft smile.

"Thank you daughter of the Almighty Zeus." Drakken says as he rises to his feet.

"Please call me Kim." Kim says.

"Where is the one they call Athena's Champion?" a panicked citizen asks as it gets closer.

"That would be me, Kimber Ann Possible daughter of the Almighty Zeus." Kimber says to the panicked citizen as she steps forward.

"Kimber don't forget the Bronze Cloth of Pegasus, you might need it." Shego says.

Kim what seems to be the problem my dear Greek?" Kim asks the citizen.

"A hydra is attacking east Argos!" the citizen replies.

"Hey Emerald!" shouts a familiar voice shouts.

"Saiya?!" Shego shouts whipping her head in the direction of the voice.

"In the flesh my dear Spartan." Saiya says with a sarcastic smile.

"Apollo's ghost it's been too long." Shego says wrapping Saiya into a bear hug.

"Whoa excited much daughter of Ares." Saiya says.

"Of course I am son of Hades." Shego says.

"Who is this lovely lady Dragon Shego?" Saiya asks looking at Kim.

"This is Kimber Possible of Athens daughter Zeus." Shego says with a soft smile.

"Did you know that I owned the Bronze Cloth of Pegasus?" Saiya asks.

"Back off!" Kim says as blades of pure lightning form with chains attached to the hilts.

"Whoa nice power!" Saiya and Shego both say at the same time.

"Wha?" Kim says as she looks down.

"Look I need to go kill a hydra I'll be right back." Kim says.

"Be careful Kimber." Shego says.

"I will Shego?" Kim says.

"She has it bad." Saiya says.

"She has what bad Saiya?" Shego asks the former Knight of Athena.

"She's in love my dear." Saiya says.

"She can't be!" Shego exclaims.

"Shego go help your friend." Saiya says pushing her forward.

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