Knights of Athena

BY : KalexFan2021
Category: Kim Possible > Crossover > FemmeSlash - Female/Female
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"Kimmie can't be in love with someone else because I love her." Shego says as she runs after Kim.

-Meanwhile in East Argos-

Kimuses her short sword to cut off the Hydra's head. "Crap I forgot that ifyou cut one Hydra head two more grow back in its place." Kim gasps as onethe Hydra heads strikes at Kim. "Shield of the Emerald Dragon." Shegoshouts as she blocks the Hydra's strike with her diamond hard shield as shegets in front of the slim redhead. "Thanks for the help Shego!" Kimsays turning around to face Shego. "You're welcome Princess." Shegosays smiling tenderly. "What are you doing here anyway?" Kimasks breathlessly as sweat drips down her face. "Because I love you KimberAnn Possible." Shego says as she grasps Kim's right hand in both of hers."I love you too Shena Spartas Ares." Kim says with a soft and lovingsmile. The Hydra heads move to strike at Kim and Shego while they'redistracted. "I don't think so you overgrown lizard!" Shego saysgruffly as she uses her diamond hard shield and glove to block both of theHydra heads strikes. "You hit 'em high, I hit 'em low." Kim growls as she charges her fists with thunder and lightning. Shego attacks the Hydra headswhile Kim uses her Demi-god powers to hit the Hydra in the torso causing it toexplode and covering the two in Hydra gunk. "Nice job Princess. But Icould have done without the Hydra gunk shower." Shego says as she wipesthe gunk off her face before giving the redhead a high five. "Same to you Shena." Kim says as she returns the high five. The tow warriors head back to Argos' central arena. "Daughter of Zeus, Daughter of Ares you're ok!" Drakken exclaims in relief. "The Hydra has been taken care of." Kim declares. "Thank you Daughter of Zeus, thank you Daughter of Ares." Drakken says as he shakes Kim and then Shego's hands.  

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