The Inexplicable Reality - Dipper Pines

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Gravity Falls & all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Gravity Falls and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


Friday, Mid-Afternoon, Oregon Mountain Valley

It looked like a small lake at first. Dipper realized that it probably been a quarry at one time and had been flooded. The water perfectly reflected the mountains and trees along three sides, the fourth butted up to the side of a hill. It was utterly still and dark. He had no idea how deep the lake was but he suspected it might be very deep and very cold.

He looked around expecting a camp ground or a cabin of some kind, but saw nothing. In the side of a steep hill that was on the southside of the lake was the entrance to a cave, no it was a mine! An abandoned mine. “Cool” he thought.

He looked in the back of the truck for a couple of tents, figuring that’s where they’d be staying, but there was nothing. Lots of supplies in boxes, his duffle bag. But no…

He looked up. Wendy and Tambry running to the lake, clothes and boots flying in every direction. Two girls in panties and sports bras standing by the shore. Wendy’s sports bra then being swung like an old-fashioned slingshot. She turned for a moment, Dipper saw a flash of titties, pale skin, brown nipples as she waved, blew him a kiss then dove into the lake and disappeared.  A moment later her panties floated to the surface.

He saw no trace of her in the water.

Tambry stands on the shore, one foot dangling in the water, she shivers takes a couple of steps forward and disappears from sight.

Dipper is alarmed, he has pulled off his shirt and boots and begins to run when he sees Wendy then Tambry appear half way across the small lake. They are fighting, struggling… No, he realizes and Wendy has pulled off Tambry’s bra, exposing her small dark breasts and laughing. Tambry is trying to get it back and Wendy is dangling it then yanking it away. She sees Dipper and tosses it to him. It lands at his feet.

The fight is over. Wendy is floating on her back. Her skin pale against the blackness of the lake. Her pointed breasts breaking the surface, her brown nipples cresting the lake water. Her thick red pubes awash just below the surface. Her skin is red and pink and covered in freckles. Her long red hair trailing behind and below her. It fans out in a halo. She stretches her arms, there is a trace of dark red hair in her pits. It is altogether the most erotic thing he has seen in his life.

Dipper is not a virgin, not since his on again/off again (mostly off) girlfriend back in California. He is not very experienced though. Sex with her twice ended in arguments and break ups, the last one probably final. One experience with another girl at a party. He never got her name.

Tambry is bobbing up and down in the water near him. Her small brown breasts are capped with large dark nipples covered with a thousand little bumps. Her shaggy hair flattened, covering half her face, giving her a different look… Cruel? Somehow cold. Cold as the lake. She bobbled in the water for a moment, struggling with something.

He looks at Wendy again when he is suddenly struck in the face, something wet and cold. Tambry has thrown her panties at him. Bullseye! Right in the face.

“You going to stand there drooling all day or are you coming in, kid?”

Dipper laughs, struggling out of his jeans. “Don’t call me kid, Tambers!”

She sticks her tongue out at him, “You… don’t call me Tambers, kid!” She turned in the water and dove deep, her legs momentarily come out of the water and he sees between her thin legs her shaven puss. Her skinny ass is paler than the rest of her skin, her slit is very dark, the labia thick. She disappears into the darkness below.

He starts to enter the cold water, ignoring the icy little stings to his legs when Wendy calls out. “No way Dipper, lose the tightie-whities first. Tambry has broken the surface again and is just a few feet away. She is looking at him too. There is hunger in her eyes.

He resists every impulse to turn his back, stumbles a bit then his underwear joins Tambry’s forgotten panties on the shore. He stands there for a moment. Tambry shrugs and looks at Wendy who has just swam up to her. “Well, come on, waiting for an engraved invitation or something?” Then Wendy claps and laughs. “OK. Very nice, very nice. Nicest dick I’ve seen all day!” Tambry rolls her eyes, “Nothing to write home about. You were always impressed too easy!” But there is laughter in her eyes.

Back in the truck something is scuttling under the tarp. The sound of snapping twigs is muffled. The three teens are too far away to hear it anyway

Dipper dives in and comes up sputtering. He is shivering. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be warm enough to have an erection again. All his wildest dreams are coming true and he’s flaccid. Tambry swims up to him, seeing his distress and hugs him close. He feels Wendy behind him, she wraps her arms around the two. They huddle together, treading water. Tambry wraps her strong, thin legs around Dipper, he rests his head between Tambry’s tits. It’s a nice place to be! Especially with Wendy’s lips on his neck. He takes a fat brown nipple on the small oval tit into his mouth and sucks on it hard. He looks up, expecting Tambry to object, she has never shown any interest in him before. Her eyes are closed, there is a look of pleasure on her face. Wendy’s tits pressing up against his back feels good too.

The three eventually untangle their near frozen limbs and run up onto the shore to the truck. The girls pull towels and blankets out of the back and wrap themselves, leaving Dipper to shiver. The girls laugh at his woebegone expression, Tambry sighs dramatically, opens her blanket and offers it with a shake of her head. He doesn’t hesitate and quickly begins to warm himself against her compact little body. Belly to belly, chest to breasts, he is soon warm and excited.

“Wait a minute Buster, keep that thing under control or you’re going back in the lake!” she says. They find their boots, gather up their things and follow Wendy around the side of the lake towards the hill. Closeup, there are signs of old excavations everywhere. Piles of stones, charcoal, rusted tracks. They enter what was clearly once the entrance to a mine shaft.

Dipper is a little apprehensive. They have no equipment with them, no flashlights, though he knew there several lanterns back in the truck. He was surprised when Wendy suddenly disappeared, realizing she had made a sharp right turn downwards several feet. Even more surprised there was a heavy steel door blocking the way. Three heavy locks, Wendy had the keys (though where she had hidden them was a mystery). The door opened onto a huge hidden chamber. Bunk beds, gas stove. Shelves of canned goods. Toilet and shower stall.

Wendy reached over and closed his open mouth.

“Manly Dan built it. He does construction work, builds survival bunkers for separatists, militiamen and end of world maniacs all over this part of the country. I helped him on this one a few years ago. Some billionaire dude who dropped dead last year when his IPO tanked.

There were bunk beds, Tambry began pulling to plastic off of a couple of mattresses and pulled them down to the floor. Wendy leaned over, kissed Dipper and said, “Now be a good boy and get the stuff out of the truck.” She gave his balls a gentle squeeze. She whispered in his ear. “And don’t think I’m not a little pissed that you chose to cuddle with ‘that little whore’ instead of me.”

He laughed, tried to explain that “Tambry offered first.” Tambry denied it. Wendy slapped him on the ass and Dipper did as he was told.

As Dipper left, the two girls looked up as they heard something enter the cavern, it was in the shadows. Tambry knelt down and picked it up. Kissed it and handed it to Wendy who also kissed it and placed it on the top bunk where it could keep an eye on the action below. The red puncture marks on their palms burned slightly.

Dipper made a few trips to the truck, bringing in the supplies. Wendy was preparing something to eat. Tambry passed Dipper a container of something, he coughed for a moment. Fruit juice and something strong and spicy. He drank it all, didn’t want to be embarrassed.

On the last trip, Dipper began to feel… funny. He giggled. He never giggled. He didn’t know what was funny, even as Wendy laid him down on the mattresses on the floor and Tambry began licking his dick which was no longer frozen now, but might as well have been considering how stiff it was. Wendy was kneeling on his chest, her hairy pubes inches from his face. He had never been so close so a real live pussy before. He thought kissing it would be a friendly thing to do. The pussy in question wanted more than just friendship. It wanted a close personal relationship with his mouth and tongue and teeth.

Pussy always gets what it wants!

Wendy rocks! Wendy rocks her hot cunt deep and hard over his face.

Dipper did not mind in the least! And he still didn’t mind when Wendy climbed off for a moment and attached the steel collar around his throat. Tambry fed him another dose of giggle juice while Wendy took over drilling operations at his dick which was fountaining like a geyser.


Saturday? Sunday? Any day? Survivalist Shelter, Oregon.

It sat on the uppermost bunk.

A doll. A poppet.

Different from the Chinese knockoffs that Mabel had decorated. It was a thing of twigs wrapped in wire and twine… and something else below the surface. Barely seen except when it moved, something gray, the color and texture of drowned worms. But… still alive. Something that shifted and pulsed.

There was no face, the head (if it could be called that) was a loop, empty in the center. Knots of string had been tied at the top to simulate hair. There was a small blue light in the center of the loop that passed for a head. Like the blue flame at the head of a burning match.


Dipper was sure… positive that something was wrong. He just had problems trying to figure out what it was. The collar around his neck restricted his movements. He could get to the toilet and shower, barely. Tambry sometimes yanked on his chain to keep him from pacing, she said it was a bad habit.

He tried to count the days on his fingers (or the number of times he had fucked), but usually lost track especially when Wendy or Tambry… or when both Wendy AND Tambry were milking him. That was being done several times a day… or at least he thought it might be day. It was impossible to tell, there was a clock in the cave but he wasn’t able to tell time or figure out the clock. Yeah… that was one of the problems, he was sure. He knew how to tell time! But now the hands confused him.

They’d milk him into little specimen jars which were placed in a small portable freezer chest. “Weird!”

Wendy and Tambry

Tambry and Wendy

Days and night of endless sex.

In between moments of lucidity he wondered why was here and why was there a collar around his neck. And the chain.

And the doll. Blue flame

The doll with no face watching, growing. Sometimes it would move. The sound of snapping twigs.


Then Dipper was eating a meal he didn’t remember making. The doll was gone and he was alone. “How long have I been here?” He remembered a scene from an old movie. An astronaut alone in a mysterious hotel room, seeing himself suddenly an old man in stages. He looked at his hands, afraid that they would be wrinkled arthritic wrecks. But they were unchanged.

Endless hours later he heard the squeal of the steel door. Maybe now that the doll was gone, he could ask some questions, get some answers. He used to be good at that, questions and answers. He hoped he still was.

Wendy entered, there was snow on her boots. It had been late summer the last time he had been aware of the seasons. He hoped it was at least the same year. He couldn’t be sure.

Wendy smiled down at him, putting some fresh supplies on a shelf. She slipped out of her coat, the roundness of her belly was the first thing he noticed. It gave him an erection. The doll must be near, though he hadn’t heard the cracking sound of its movements. He needed to concentrate.

“Why am I here Wendy? Why did you do this to me?” She tried to kiss him but he pulled away. She sighed. “I brought someone to see you.”

He brightened for a moment, “Mabel?” Then, “No, I don’t want her to see me… not like this!”

“Not Mabel, but another friend. We’ll explain it all!”

He was so stiff that it hurt! It was a good hurt. He could see how big her breasts had become. They’d be a handful, a mouthful. Dipper knew he should be concentrating, keeping focus. But he was having trouble.

She lay on her side, their hands on her belly as she raised one leg, up an over him as he plowed her from behind. She moaned, bit her lip as he thrust into her. He bit her earlobe and whispered, “Why Wendy?”

He slowed down the pounding of her cunt as he heard the nearby crackling of twigs. He’d lose consciousness soon, he knew. Dipper rolled Wendy over on her back, her legs over his shoulders while he braced himself on his elbows, she screamed as he thrust his cock into her hungry, hungry hole.

“WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?” each thrust and another question, another demand. Wendy was too caught up in her passion to make any sense. She stuttered and moaned and brought one of her now fatter tits to her mouth and sucked her own nipple. A small dribble of milk ran down her chin.

Dipper came in fury, shooting his load into the pregnant teen he had once loved. The star pattern of birthmarks on his forehead glowed blue. That was happening more often.

There was no love in him now. Anger. Maybe hate, but his need to fuck her was overriding his senses now.

The doll was back. He knew without looking.

He turned, expecting to see his other whore. Was she pregnant too? He hoped so.

It wasn’t Tambry… but the doll was there. Glowing blue. Dipper licked his lips. His eyes glowing blue too. “Good, tired of the skinny whores.”


At first, news of Dipper’s disappearance was not taken seriously by the residents of Gravity Falls. They smiled, shrugged, went about their business. “He’d show up in a few days after some ridiculous adventure.” It had happened before to one or both of the Pine kids. “No need to make a fuss!”

Besides, Oregon was the ‘Missing Person’s Capital’ of America.

Wendy had explained how she had woken up near the campsite and found that Dipper had gone missing. She had checked the woods but didn’t find a trace. Mabel was concerned and began at first to try to organize searching parties but after a private meeting with Wendy and Tambry, became quiet. When someone asked, she’d say she was sure he was just off on some adventure and would turn up any time.

But after a few weeks… even Blubs and Durland felt disposed to search… half-heartedly.


She stood in the entrance to the bunker, her eyes wide as Dipper continued to pound Wendy who had cum at least 3 times in the last half hour and looked to be ready to cum again. She nearly turned and fled, but the doll in her hand wouldn’t let her. The wound on the palm of her hand still dripped a little blood. The smell of sex and sweat was overpowering.

She found that she had slipped out of her jeans and blouse without noticing.

Dipper turned, smiled.

It was Melody, Melody Ramirez, Soos’ wife. She was entirely naked now.

The blue of his eyes and the stars on his sweaty forehead calmed her… were somehow inviting.

Part of Dipper’s brain was shocked, horrified that Soos’ wife would expose herself like this. But another part of his brain... He had never looked at her in a sexual way before. She was heavy, not fat, not really. Maybe a little… Full figured, curvy. Her breasts were large and the nipples long and pointed downward. She had a little curved belly, it suited her. There was a light sprinkling of brown hair between her legs and a perfect cleft. He was immediately attracted. He stroked his cum slathered dick a few times to show her he was ready for her.

She kissed the doll, unaware that she was still holding it. She placed it on the floor, it began to crawl to a corner… sound of twigs snapping. It sat. Turned its head towards Melody and the blue flamed loop that was its head began to burn brighter.


Soos had always been a kind, gentle lover. Completely respectful. He was a virgin when they married, Melody had to show him what to do. She loved him. He adored her.

The sex was…OK. Just that, OK. She knew it was never going to be more than that. They made love a couple times a week, it was always her idea. He was afraid of hurting her. He was good for one session a night. He always took a shower before they had sex and afterwards. The showers lasted longer than the sex.

She never had an orgasm, though he did try and she pretended so as not to hurt his feelings.

She didn’t expect anything more from him or from life.

She doubted she would ever become pregnant. Not from him. More than anything she wanted kids.

Then Wendy had shown her the doll. It stabbed her through the palm of her hand. It drew blood and Melody suddenly had the first orgasm since she had gotten married. Wendy whispered in her ear about a glorious plan for the young housewife (shack wife?) and for The Falls.

Melody couldn’t say no. She held her bloody palm over the red spot on Wendy’s palm. Later over Tambry’s.


She found herself on her knees. Dipper stood while Wendy began stroking his cock. “Closer,” the red head said to the young wife. She didn’t have to say it twice. Soos was scared of oral sex. He had a fear of mouths and teeth. Melody welcomed the hard hot cum covered cock into her mouth. She savored the taste, the bitterness, realizing she was tasting both Dipper and Wendy’s love making. It was nasty and altogether satisfying.

Wendy moved behind Melody and began doing things with her tongue that Melody had never experienced before. As Dipper grabbed her ears and began face fucking her, shoving his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, Wendy was tongue probing her asshole. Melody’s fingers urgently began stoking her clit. Dippers pubic hair tickled her nose as his balls bounced off of her chin.

“He’s treating like a whore,” she thought “I love it! I need it.”

It couldn’t last, it couldn’t go on. Her pent-up need to cum exploded in a mind-bending orgasm as his hot jizz slid down her throat. The first of many orgasms.


Melody lay in heap by the mattresses, she hiccupped and vomited a small stream of cum to match the puddle that was forming under her pussy. She literally made a sloshing noise when she moved. She wasn’t just covered in his jizz, she was awash. Soaked inside and out. Pickled in spunk.

Wendy wasn’t in much better shape, but she was younger and was more experienced with Dipper’s passion. She lay next to him and was combing his hair with her fingers. He opened his eyes and stared at her for a few moments. The blue fire in his eyes had faded, not gone, but the intensity was lower now and he was himself again, mostly. Tears in the corners of his exhausted eyes. “Why Wendy?” he croaked. “Why did…? What are… Why??”

“Shhh, it’s OK baby, everything is OK. It’s only for a little while, then everything will be back to normal.” She cupped his cheek gently.

“I don’t understand.”

She propped herself up on one elbow, her fist against her cheek. She looked deeply into his eyes, knowing she had to finish before the blue fire in the doll and his face flamed again.

“It was important. The town... The magic is disappearing, everything is changing.”

He shook his head, he didn’t understand.

“The Falls are dying Dipper. After Weirdmageddon we thought everything would go back to the way it was. That’s what this is all about. The magic is going, the creatures have been withdrawing since Weirdmageddon ended. People whose families have been here for generations are leaving the valley as well. Developers are starting to buy up abandoned properties. You can help save the Falls!”

He shook his head.

“The doll. The doll is giving the magic back.” She put his hand over her naked pregnant belly. He felt a movement. She smiled. “Yes, the kids, your kids will bring the magic back!”

He shook his head and turned away.

“I know Dipper, but it has to be this way. We couldn’t ask you. The doll said it had to be like this, to infuse your seed with the magic to pass on.”

“Evil,” he muttered, “It’s evil… to do something like this?”

“Maybe it is. Maybe. But maybe not…”

She pulled him in closer and for a little while the three slept.

For a little while.


Melody and Wendy or Melody and Tambry would go out weekends searching for poor lost Dipper. Soos offered to go with them, but he was needed in the Shack. This went on for months.

Then Melody told Soos and his Abuelita the good news, she was pregnant!

Other people in town, women joined the search. Never more than three at a time.

In the next couple of years things began to change. People who had left began moving back, mostly women. New faces appeared too, again mostly women. There seemed to be a lot of pregnancies and births.

Mostly twins.

Blue eyed twins.

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