The Inexplicable Reality - Dipper Pines

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Gravity Falls & all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Gravity Falls and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Tuesday Morning, The Mystery Shack:

Wendy Corduroy stood on a rickety chair trying to reach something that was barely visible on the highest shelf, just out of sight. She sneezed, the shelves in the back of the Mystery Shack hadn’t been dusted in years… actually, they had never been dusted. One, it wasn’t her job (and she wouldn’t have done it if asked) and two, Stan had believed a nice patina of dust and grime added to the value of the crap he sold.

Soos, the new Mr. Mystery had just gotten in a new shipment of African Voodoo Dolls (made in China) and since they were labelled as “genuine one-of-a-kind, totally unique”, he could only display four or five of the identical dolls at a time out front… otherwise the suckers… ahhh, customers, might get suspicious. So, Wendy needed to make space in the back for the rest.

Whatever was on the shelf, maybe a bundle of old rags or something, eluded her grasp, she stood on tiptoes and batted at it and caught herself on… something? A sudden sharp piercing pain through the palm of her hand…

“Shit! You Mother-Fucker!” she screamed and fell off the chair and into the arms of one of the summer visitors to Gravity Falls, 15-year-old (almost 16) Mason ‘Dipper’ Pines.

It had been a couple of years since the twins had last visited. They were staying with Soos and his wife and of course, Abuelita. Their two Grunkles were still traveling the world, searching for anomalies, adventures, treasure and babes… probably finding more of the first two than the last.

Dipper had been carrying the box with the cheap looking dolls into the back when he heard Wendy curse and was in time to catch her. Well, half catch, half sprawl under her as she fell.

Wendy was deeply embarrassed. First, as the daughter of a lumberjack (and a champion lumberjane in her own right), splinters were a common occurrence, not worth overreacting. Second, she fell ass first on Dipper’s face, which was never a good position for a girl to a boy who she wasn’t intimate with. And third, she never cursed… at least not in front of kids.

When she looked at Dipper, she still saw the socially awkward, painfully shy adolescent “kid” she knew from that first summer. Never mind that Dipper was as tall as she was now, his voice was deeper and he beginning to show muscles where he once had noodles for arms and legs.

“Wendy, you OK?” then spotting the blood leaking from her hand, he pulled out a handkerchief and scrambled in his ever-present backpack and found tweezers, antiseptic and bandages. Wendy tried pushing him away, all this fuss was “unnecessary” and was embarrassing for a girl with a rough and tumble reputation like hers. But Dipper wasn’t listening. He didn’t find a splinter.

Dipper was prattling on about her needing a tetanus shot (she didn’t, she was always getting into scrapes and kept up her booster shots, another legacy of being Manly Dan’s daughter), when a wave of warmth went through her. She felt her nips harden and a definite buzzing in her clit – someone had “rung her doorbell and run away”!

She knew that lightheaded feeling, she’d felt it before… but not with “Dipper”, no “Mason” as he preferred to be called now. “He was still just a kid,” she thought and tried to bury the feeling. He helped her to her feet and she began to blush. She thought, “I hate when that happens, God, why…?” Then said, “Hey Dip (using that name because she knew the immature nickname embarrassed him) “Tell Soos or Melody that I’m OK, but I need to go home.” Then looking at the concern on his face, “Hey, I’m OK. Really. Just… need to go.”

Her panties felt moist, she had cum and cum hard. She grabbed her handbag from under the counter then slipped back into the storeroom for a moment, said she need something. She slipped the “something” into the bag.

She ran out, nearly knocking Mabel over. Mabel watched her jump into her truck and turned as a puzzled Dipper. He’d always be Dipper to her, no matter how much he complained about that nickname. “What did you do to her?” she demanded. She rolled her eyes as he tried to explain, but he was as puzzled as his twin.


Wendy had moved out of her family shack and was sharing a small apartment in town with a roommate. Wendy threw off her clothes and decided that a cold shower was called for, but then found herself running at hot bath instead. Hot bath, empty apartment… that meant one thing…

She sighed, “Time to paddle the old pink canoe.”

She was deeply engrossed in in seeing how far her two soapy fingers could be inserted when she heard the door open.

“Hey babe, I thought you were working late tonight?” Her roommate leaned over the tub and kissed her, then noticed the sodden bandage on her hand. “You hurt yourself? God, when are you going to quit that death trap?”

Then noticing for the first-time what Wendy had been doing, Tambry said “Uh-oh, I know what that means. Who is he, does he have a friend?”

“Shut up,” Wendy said, throwing a wash cloth at her.

Tambry batted it away and began to take off her clothes. It was a big tub, old fashioned. Just big enough to accommodate two teenaged girls at opposite ends, if they were careful with their legs. They weren’t careful at all. Fun in the tub between two healthy girls is not about being careful.

Slick wet thighs and calves and feet churned up waves as they scissored together.

This usually took Wendy’s mind off of guys for a while… usually.

Grinding pussies, someone else’s fingers, soap slickened flesh.  Ten, fifteen minutes as the bath water cooled and the bubbles disappeared. “Oh, shit! I guess now I really need a shower!” said Wendy a few minutes later.

“What’s that ugly little thing?” Tambry asked, noticing something on the window sill that hadn’t been there that morning.

“Found it in the Shack,” said Wendy, eyeing her friend and lover.

Tambry leaned over and picked it up then yelped, nearly dropping the object in the tub. “It bit me!” she yelled, a few drops of blood now staining the bath water.

Wendy rolled her eyes, “Don’t be such a baby! Wan’ me ta’ kiss it an’ make it all bettah?” taking Tambry’s hand and licking the palm. Tambry stood up in the tub, stood over Wendy and spread her pussy wide open. “Kiss this and make it better!”

Wendy laughed and lifter her head. “Well, that’s what you get for calling it ugly.”

Wendy took the object and carefully placed it back on the window ledge.

She wasn’t sure why, but Tambry held her wounded palm against the matching wound on Wendy’s hand. They stayed that way for several minutes.

Then they began to plan.

Wednesday Morning, The Mystery Shack:

Mabel saw the dolls and immediately decided they needed a makeover and ran for her glue gun, glitter and googly eyes collection. Melody rolled her eyes, goofy, pretty, fashion voodoo dolls didn’t make a lot of sense to her, but Soos indulged his friend. And surprise, they began to sell. Once Mabel was done, they were all unique, one-of-a-kind and could be bulked out en masse. And the “suckers”… err… customers began to buy!

Wendy was back the next day, promising not to sue (that hadn’t occurred to Soos or Melody, but it did to Abuelita who got the teen to sign an agreement she had written overnight, she was more sophisticated in these things than her grandson or his wife). Her fallback position would have been to put a curse on the girl. But it too late for that.

There was already a curse on her.

Mason (still mostly known as Dipper) insisted on looking at her hand the next day. For a moment Wendy almost refused. Yanked her hand back when he tried to touch it. There was just a tiny red mark, no sign of a break in the skin. She’d grown up with splinters and thorns and bug and animal bites of all kinds. Her hands were calloused from all the axe work. That’s why she loved her job at the Mystery Shack but easily grew bored with it. No physical exercise required! No climbing trees, no smashing things, no chopping wood. Wendy was used to shrugging off injuries and abrasions.


At first, she felt a little strange around Dip… no, Mason. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and blushed for no good reason. She rubbed the spot on her hand for a moment. Across town, Tambry was also rubbing a small red spot on her hand. Both girls felt a momentary thrill that reached deep into their souls... by way of their clits.


Thursday Afternoon, The Mystery Shack:

The last tourist had gone, the last of “The Mabels” had all been sold (Soos had insisted on the name and Melody had already placed an order for more from their distributor. Wendy and Mason (mostly Mason) had cleaned up the shop (as much as it ever got clean). Abuelita had ‘tsked’ at the remaining mess.

Wendy was slouching behind the counter; she was the Queen of the slouch and Mason was leaning against it.

“Hey Dipper?” she said in a low voice.

He ignored her. She sighed. “Mason… I’ll never get used to calling you that!”

“OK, call me whatever you want”

“Hey, Dipshit!”

He laughed.

“Dipper, I have vacation coming, starting Saturday… Wanna’ do something?”

“Sure!” Dipper was surprised and hoped he didn’t sound too eager. “What do you have in mind?” He knew that he would never be more than a friend to her, but he had come to accept that.

“Camping, man. Camping is the mother-fucking best! My family has this great place, way up in the mountains…”

He was surprised hearing her curse. She had been doing that more and more lately, though not where anyone else could hear. Maybe it was a sign that she no longer thought of him as a kid? he wondered.

Then… “Family?”  he thought. Manly Dan still intimidated him but he had gotten to know “Dub, Bubby and Frankenstein a little, they were mostly OK. He wasn’t sure if those were her brothers’ nicknames or not, but he never heard them called anything else. Maybe being called Dipper wasn’t so bad!

“OK, cool,” he said. Camping with Wendy’s family would still be fun, though camping with just her would have been better. “Still,” he thought. “It would probably be safer this way.” Assuming Manly Dan didn’t decide he should arm wrestle a grizzly bear or something.

Then, “Dip… we’re going to be roughing it, you know? I don’t think this is the kind of camping trip Mabel would enjoy… can you tell her? I mean, if she wants to come, there’s room, but I don’t think she’d enjoy it.”

At one time the twins had done everything together, but they had grown apart in their interests. Mabel was more of a girly girl. If he told her she wasn’t invited she’d worm her way into the trip and would make herself miserable.

So, he invited her. Told her all the wonderful things they would do. In the mountains, no power, no bars on the phone, etc., etc. Catching fish with their bare hands, cleaning them with their teeth! Oh, they were leaving at 4:00 AM to get a head start.

“Ugh, no way. Hard pass! Sorry Dipper, not my thing. Can you let Wendy down easy, make an excuse for me (I’m not really good at that kind of thing)?” Then a light came into her eyes. “So, just you and Wendy… all alone in the deep woods? Way to go, Bro Bro!”

“Errr, did I forget to mention that it’s a Corduroy family thing, too?” (He had been saving that as a backup in case Mabel had shown interest in the trip. Wendy’s brother Dub had been hitting on her and Bubby was showing an interest too. Evidently Wendy had overheard her brothers talking about Mabel and both had been later seen with black eyes).

“No, definite hard pass! You enjoy your little trip. Kiss Manly Dan for me, you know?” she winked at him.

He laughed, “Hard pass!”


Friday Morning 4:05 AM, The Road Leading To The Mystery Shack:

Dipper/Mason stood at the fork in the road about 100 yards from the Shack. They had agreed to meet here so the noise from Wendy’s truck wouldn’t disturb anyone sleeping. There was dew everywhere and, in the starlight, there seemed to be a glow. Something skittered past him, he thought a squirrel until he heard “Shmebulock” uttered as it scurried up a nearby tree.  He hadn’t seen many of the gnomes lately… or any of the other magical creatures he’d gotten to know over the years. Many of them had been destroyed by Bill Cypher, but were there fewer of them now?

Headlights appeared. Dipper hoisted his duffle bag and bedroll. The truck skidded to a stop. Wendy always drove too fast. The passenger door opened and he was surprised. Shocked! There was only one other person in the cab besides Wendy, not Manly Dan or one of her brothers.


Wendy, “Throw your shit in the back and get in, we gotta’ roll.” Tambry rolled her eyes as Dipper remained motionless. “You coming kid… or what?”

He threw his shit… stuff in the back and turned. He began to squeeze into the rear of the cab when he heard, “No, up here with us. Tam, move your fat ass and make room.” Then “Tam!”

“OK! OK! Geez, give me a sec, will ‘ya. Get in kid!”

Dipper squeezed in. As he buckled up, Tambry squawked as Wendy leaned over, grabbed Dipper by the front of his shirt and kissed him. “For luck!” she said.

It was not your typical good luck kiss, it was deep and long and there was a lot of sucking and moist tongues involved. To Dipper it seemed to go on forever, but since the sun still hadn’t risen and gone down again, it probably wasn’t as long as it felt.

As the kiss broke, Tambry muttered “Get a room, you two. And get off me.”

Wendy snickered, “Jealous, Babe?” and planted a kiss on her that was probably twice as passionate as the one she had given Dipper. It broke off slowly, Dipper could see a small trail of saliva break as their lips parted.

Wendy looked at her for a moment. Tambry rolled her eyes. “Tam? Tambry, you promised.”

Tambry sighed loudly, leaned over and gave Dipper a peck on the lips. It was quick and cold and utterly meaningless, but it was still a kiss and as unexpected as the one from Wendy.

There was an “Ooof” as Wendy’s elbow connected sharply to Tambry’s ribs. She sighed somewhat theatrically, then grabbed the back of Dipper’s head and planted one that was three times harder than the one Wendy had given him. There was a lot of tongue and a lot of spit this time and Dipper had trouble getting his breath back from Tambry who had done her best to suck his lungs out.

“Happy now?” This was addressed to Wendy, but Dipper had just been able to open his eyes again and was nodding furiously at the question. “Yeah”, he was happy now. “Very fucking happy, thank you very much!”

“Then let’s get moving!” And the truck shot out into the night.


Dipper didn’t really know Tambry that well. The few times they had been together was as part of Wendy’s crew, she almost never looked up from her phone as she would mutter snide comments at people. She was asleep on his shoulder right now. She had slipped her boots off and her right leg was wrapped around his left one. It felt kind of nice. He realized he was taller than her. Wendy was talking, he was trying to pay attention and would comment from time to time. Tambry was snoring softly on his shoulder. Her breath smelled of cinnamon.

They were climbing high into the mountains now, far from any part of Oregon Dipper was familiar with. Just past sunrise they stopped at a gas station and Wendy topped off the tank. Dipper had noticed there were a dozen full gas cans under a tarp. “Best to be prepared.” he thought.

 They turned off the main highway onto a dirt road.

Hours later. The road had become a rutted track that ended with a gate, chain and very rusty lock that Wendy struggled unlocking. Tambry was leaning against the truck, scowling. “Welcome to nowhere…or are we still, like, a million miles away?”

Dipper heard something rustling in the back of the truck, he looked but saw nothing moving. Must be metal cooling or maybe a small animal? Sounded like twigs…

Wendy laughed as the gate swung open. “Ta-da! Back in the truck, mother-fuckers!”

The truck bounced as they turned into a little valley.

“Finally!” Tambry exclaimed.

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