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Even a month ago, Ladybug wouldn’t even think of being involved with something as outlandish as an orgy. But there she was, Carapace was fucking her pussy, while Chat Noir was fucking Queen bee while Rene Rouge was grinding on her face. And on Christmas too.

Ladybug didn’t know if what all the skin tight latex and leather or the near death experience every other day, but her little superhero team couldn’t help but fuck each other. They had all stripped naked save their masks. 

The other thing was that no one really knew who each other were. Everyone knew that Chloe was Queen Bee because she wouldn’t shut up about it. She knew that Rene and Carapace were Alya and Nino and they knew who each other was but neither Bee and Chat knew who they were. Nobody knew who Chat and Ladybug really were. 

Ladybug was shocked at the endurance her team was showing as this was the second time Carapace came in her and he was still hard. Meanwhile Chat was filling Bee’s womb while Rene was smearing her juice all over her face.  Chat walked over two Carapace and began to eat out his ass while Rouge sucked his cock. When Chat reached orgasm, he pulled out and fired his cum onto Rene’s breasts. 

This left Bee to Ladybug. She got in the 69 position with her. They began eating each other out, tasting their juices mixed with the boys cum. As Ladybug swirled her tongue around Queen Bee’s clit she felt a tap on her shoulder.  When she looked up she saw Chat’s and Carpace’s hard cocks floating above her. 

Rolling over, she took Chat’s cock in her mouth, using her hands to spread her ass cheeks, Carapace lubed her before sliding her cock into her. As Ladybug was pounded from all sides, Rene made Queen Bee lick up all the cum off her breasts. The boys came again, cumming inside the superheroine. 

Carapace made his way over to Rene Rouge and Queen Bee. Carapace shoved his cock into Bee’s mouth, furiously fucking her face. Rouge decided  to reward Queen Bee for being a good girl and began eating her ass. 

This left Chat and Ladybug. She had Chat lay down on his back as Ladybug bug crawled up top of him, riding him hard. The boy’s came again and while Chat Noir chose to flood Ladybug’s womb, Carapace pulled out and came all over Queen’s Bee’s face. 

The team paused for rest and hydration. After a brief discussion, the Christmas orgy resumed. Chat shoved his cock up Queen Bee’s ass while Carapace took a turn with her pussy. With left ladybug only with Rene Rouge. As they kissed their hands made their way to each other’s pussies. The two girls fingered each other to orgasm while Chat flooded Bee’s backdoor while Carapace painted her front with seed. 

Releasing that they haven't had any one on one time, Carapace took Rene doggystyle while Bee and Ladybug worked Chat Noir’s cock. Ladybug worked his shaft while Queen Bee licked his huge fuzzy balls. While Carapace gave Rouge a creampie and Chat Noir rewarded Ladybug and Queen Bee with thick facials. 

Chat Noir sat down and Carapace sat in his lap, rubbing his tone ass along Chat’s erection. He soon shrunk ass anus down on Chat’s cock. His own erection pressing against Chat’s stomach, Carapace kissed Chat Noir, shoving his tongue down his throat. 

As the boys fucked, Queen bee and Rene Rouge lavished Ladybug’s breasts. Sucking and licking her nipples. Queen Bee even lightly bit her, earning a moan from Ladybug. As they played with her nipples, Ladybug fingered Bee who fingered Rouge who fingered Ladybug. 

As the team came together, their miraculous’ were playing cards in the music box. As they world around them shook, Tiki looked up. 

“What are our owners doing?” 

Plagg placed down a card. “Go fish.” 

“Plagg we’re playing blackjack!”   

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