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It finally happened. Hell hath frozen over. Ladybug was dating Chat Noir. Maybe his charms finally wore her down, or maybe one can only go into life and death situations so many times without falling in love.

Despite the relationship, they still kept their identities secret from each other. Hawk Moth was still a threat. So finding places to make love was a little difficult.

The two heroes bust into the public bathroom, already making out, hands all over each other, squeezing their bodies through the latex outfit. As far as Paris public bathrooms go, it was fairing clean. Minimum graffiti and all toilets were flushed. As far as places to fuck, one could do worse. It was still a public location, so some privacy was in order.

“Chat, the stall,” Ladybug got out. The two fell into the stall, closing the door behind them. Ladybug could barely content herself, noticing Chat Noir’s very noticeable boner pressing against the tight leather suit. Breaking off the kiss, she turned around. “Chat, my zipper.”

The kitty obliged, pulling down the zipper to her costume, revealing her bare back. The miraculous outfits had no underwear, acting more like swimsuits. Ladybug never thought much of it, but it added a delicious bit of eroticism when she and Chat Noir started dating. The outfit the floor, leaving the heroine naked save for her mask.

She grabbed Chat’s bell, which was attached to his own zipper. She unzipped him, revealing his own chest. Now both naked the two resumed kissing, his hard cock pressing against her own groin. She broke off the kiss and knelt down. She began playing with his junk.

“Ah, Ladybug?”

“What Chat, doesn’t feel good?”

“It feels amazing but..”

“But you’re gonna cum?”

“N-Not quite. Actually I’m about to-”

A steady stream of urine came out of his tip. The piss hit Ladybug right on her boobs. She was too shocked to react as her love peed on her. It wasn’t an orgasm but it felt so good. He’d been holding on to that for a while. The only thing that ruined it was that his urine was dripping off of his beloved breasts.

“La-Ladybug! I’m so sorry. I really needed to go but than we started up the sexy times-”


“And I was hoping to use the toilet when we went in this bathroom-”


“But I didn’t get a break and-”

“Chat!” Chat Noir shut up. “I-I liked it. Like really, really liked it.”

He noticed how flustered she was. “Oh.”

“So yeah. That’s something I just learned about myself.”

“Do you want to do more pee stuff?”

“If you aren't too weirded out.”

“No it’s fine but I’m tapped out so maybe you could like pee on me?”

“Yes!” ladybug shouted just a little too loudly. “So just get on the floor…”

Chat Noir moved down as his lady got up. The stall was big so it was kinda difficult to move around but Chat was laying on the tile floor with Ladybug crouched over him. After a few moments, a stream of peeing erupted out of her urethra. She let out a “Aaaaaaah.” From her face it was clear it was relieving in multiple ways. She peed directly onto his chest. Chat found the situation strange but also arousing.

Once Ladybug’s bladder was empty, she gave Chat some space to get up. The whole pee scenario had made feel extra horny, so whn Chat asked where she’d want it; she replied her ass. This was an impromptu bathroom fuck, so the two heroes didn’t have access to any lube. So they had to make due with spit. Ladybug sucked on Chat’s cock until it was nice and wet and then Chat did his best to finger her ass, spitting on his fingers and then finger-banging her ass.

Chat Noir pressed his cock head against her anus. He slowly inserted himself in. It was rough, even with the spit.

“Shit,” Ladybug cursed, the intense sensation of being penetrated hitting her gut.

Doing his best, Chat thrusted into her, his hips smacking her asscheeks. The grunts the two were making were guttural and animalistic. His heart nearly stopped when he heard someone enter.

“Chat, keep going,” Ladybug whispered.

“Yes my lady,” he replied back.

He started thrust, hearing the man walk around the bathroom. He tried being slow and quit but she wasn’t having it.

“Please faster.”

Despite his fear at being caught, he couldn’t help but comply. He increased his speed causing them both to moan loudly. The stranger surly heard them, the slapping of meat on meat if not their cries of ecstasy. The whole stall shook as they fuck. Chat could stop even if he wanted. Her asshole was squeezing his hard cock. It felt so good. He came, firing loads into her. He had no idea if the man was still in the bathroom but he no longer cared.

“Chat, do you need to pee?”


“Then do it on me again.”

He pulled out. As Ladybug turned around, Chat couldn’t help but notice a trail of his semen coming down out of her anus. She turned to face him on her knees, begging him. He could take it. He let out his post sex pee, this time aiming, moving around. Making sure he peed all over her boobs.

As she was urinated on, Ladybug fingered herself. She worked her clit as the hot pee rained down on her chest.

“Yes, yes shit Chat!” She came, her body shaking. Finished, the two lovers dress back in their costumes which now smelled faintly of pee.

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