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“I shouldn’t be doing this.” Ladybug thought to herself as she made out with Adrien Agreste. “I’m a superhero. I have responsibilities. I shouldn’t use my status to pick up guys. Even if that guy was Adrien.

But when Marinette heard that Adrien was in love with Ladybug, she couldn’t help herself. The seduction was easy, and after a few dates, here they were, sitting on Adrien’s bed, their tongues in each other’s throats. It was heaven. She felt his hands move around her waist, eager to go south but nervous to do so.

She smiled. “It’s okay if you want to touch my tushy Adrien.”

“I’m sorry bugaboo, it’s just so,” Adrien gulped, “intimidating.”

Ladybug crawled off the model’s lap. She turned around presenting her behind to her boyfriend. She felt the red and black polka dot latex stretch around her ass. With a bravo she wouldn’t have as Marinette, she said “Go ahead. Touch it.”

Adrien gulped. The tight outfit showed every inch of her ass. His erection was painful in his jeans as he reached out and touched the candy red orbs in his face. “God, they feel so good,” he thought to himself. So soft. He didn’t even realize that he raised his hand and brought it back down on her butt. Her buttcheeks wobbled with the slap. The sound of the spanking filled the room.

Adrien placed his hands on his mouth. “La-Ladybug, I’m so sorry. I just got caught up in…”

“I liked it.” Adrien felt his heart stop. “Do it again.”

He nodded and brought his hand up and spanked the superhero again. With each spank, he elicited a yelp from her. Adrien channeled his inner Chat and finally pleased his Lady.

After he was finished, she spoke. “Now it’s your turn.”

Adrien’s brain nearly short circuited. “Oh, ah okay.” He turned around undoing his jeans and pulled them down. It was Ladybug’s turn to gasp at her love’s ass. The jeans fell to the floor with a clang. Bending over, Adrien presented his pale butt. He felt a sharp pain in his behind. As ladybug spanked him, he felt his erection bob up and down to the spankings.

“Adrien are you okay?”

“Yes, you’re right. That felt good.” As he turned around, Ladybug got a look at his erection. She had seen penises in porn of course but it was the first time seeing one in person. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss. She felt his bare penis pressed against her suit. Her lions burned.

“Adrien I need you inside me!” The boy didn’t need to be told twice. He went for the near invisible zipper on her back. “Wait, how did you know about that?”

“Ah, lucky guess?”

Ladybug was too horny to dwell on that answer for too long. She groaned as Adrien pulled the zipper down. Adrien’s mouth went dry as Ladybug pulled down her suit. Her shapely breasts jiggled was they were freed from the latex. There was a bit of sweat in her cleavage. That is something Adrien understood completely. His balls were a nightmare after running around as Chat Noir for hours.

Ladybug peeled the latex of her naked body, revealing her pussy to the model. The famous heroine kept her pubes trimmed. “Adrien, I need you to get on top of me.” Her heart fluttered as she laid on Adrien’s bed. He crawled on top of her. He lined himself up with her pussy and inserted himself into her. It hurt. Not awful, but there was pain. Like someone pinched her privates.

Adrian panicked when he saw the blood, but Ladybug calmed him down. He started thrusting, slowly. She felt better as the thrusting continued. She rolled her hips to better help him. She wasn’t sure what she was doing and she was pretty sure he didn’t either, but it felt good. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her.

It was Adrien who came first. He shot ropes of cum inside her. He screamed her name was he did it.

“Aw fuck, that was, ah good.”

“Adrien Agreste did you swear?”

“Ah, Ladybug, we're naked together and you’re worried by a little swearing?” Adrien thought he should change the subject. “ So did you cum?”

“Ah, no I did not.”


“But it still felt really good.”

“Can I help you cum?”

“Adrien, you are so sweet.”

“How do I…”

“Okay, stick your finger here” She guided his finger into her semen soaked pussy. Her breaths quickened as he finger banged her. She came, walls spasming around him. She screamed his name. He pulled his finger out and cleaned himself off.

“Adrien, oh that was wonderful.”

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