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Marinette was sexually frustrated. She was getting nowhere with Adrien and she had to admit that despite her own refusals, Marinette was attracted to Chat Noir. It was that damn leather. So she was getting attacked on both fronts. She needed to do something about the sexual tension between them before it affects her performance as Ladybug.

She couldn’t just sleep with Chat as Ladybug. That would leave her with a romance and she didn’t want that. No matter how attracted she was with Chat, she was still in love with Adrien. But Chat was friendly with Marinette. She could work with that.

Tiki told Marinette that this was a bad idea, but she wasn’t having any of that. After a few shenanigans, Marinette got Chat Noir to sleep with her. He called her ladybug, but hey, she was mainly thinking about Adrien herself. Not to say Chat was bad though. It was a huge relief. Her time as Ladybug was easier, Marinette was doing better at school. It was great; until her period was late.

A pregnancy test later and Marinette had gotten her pregnant by Chat fucking Nior. To his credit, Chatnoir took responsibility for the baby. He even came close to revealing his secret identity to her but Marinette put the kibosh on that. She felt really bad when he told her as Ladybug that he got Marinette pregnant. Worse yet, Adrien took great interest in her well being for some reason. It was really sweet, but the last thing she needed.

Over the months, she started to show. She was worried that Chat Noir would be able to notice that Marinette Dupian-Chang and Ladybug were pregnant at the same time. But he just thought Ladybug got fat. He tried to be polite about it, and Marinette was in no hurry to correct him.

She was five months pregnant. She was sitting in her room, lost in a book, when she heard a tap at her window. It was Chat Noir holding a bouquet of flowers.

“For my lady,” he handed her the flowers.

“Aw thanks Chat, although I really need something else from you.”

She set aside the bouquet and took off her jacket. Her white, button down shirt had two large wet spots on her chest. One of the hardest things about the pregnancy was just how horny she was. While they were still just friends; Marinette still needed sex.

She undid her shirt, and took off her milk shocked bra. Her pink nipples were swollen and leaking milk. “Come on kitty, get your milk.” Chat obeyed, crawled forward and brought his mouth to her nipples.

Marinette moaned at her release. Her milk flooded Chat’s mouth. “Aw, fuck!”

“You know Marinette, I never knew you were such a potty mouth.”

Marinette laughed at that. “Shut the fuck up tomcat.” Placing her hands on her swollen stomach, she got on her knees. Chat Noir grabbed his and pulled down the zipper it was attached to. Thing about the miraculous costumes, they don’t have underwear. While it wasn’t worse than wearing a leotard, it did add a layer of naughtiness to their fun. Adrien stepped out of the leather outfit, his erect cock springing as it was freed.

Marinette ran a series of kisses along the member. Fuck, Chat was so huge. The hero was naked save for his mask and cat ears. It did strike Marinette was strange that she had no idea who the man whose junk she was kissing really was. He could be anyone. She put her life in his hands more times than she could count, that was enough.

He hissed as he ran her tongue over his balls. She gave him a few strokes before she figured he was ready. Opening her mouth wide, she slowly inserted Chat Noir’s cock into her mouth. She moaned as his girth filled her. Chat began thrusting, pulling his cock in and out of the girl’s mouth. He held on to her head as he face fucked her. Marniette gurgled happily as her based desires were fulfilled.

“Ma-Mari, I’m cuming!”

Marinette pulled herself off his cock. “My face! On my face!” The superhero obliged, aiming his cock at his friend’s face, furiously stroking himself. “Mari!” He came, painting Marinette’s face with several ropes of his seed.

Marinette opened her mouth and licked as much cum as she could. It was one of the most erotic sights that Chat Noir saw. Painting, tits leaking milk, Marinette said, “Hm, Kitty has some good milk.”

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