The Simpsons Blues: The Ex-Husband's Revenge

BY : Wendell Urth
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Ex-Chief Wiggum was eventually indicted and was sent to prison, kept in solitary to keep him away from vengeful convicts. His son Ralphie got a job sweeping up the prison, so at least they had each other to talk to.

Bart Simpson is in the same prison, but in general population, so he never sees the chief. Ralphie is a frequent annoyance

Moe’s/Ralphie’s was burned to the ground and rebuilt as “Mackleberry’s”, the largest brothel this side of Capital City. After her release from the institution Lisa Simpson was hired and became renowned locally for her blowjobs. A steady stream of local residents she had angered over the years became her customer base.

Marge Simpson spent 18 months in prison for her role in the conspiracy. She also tried implicating Millhouse, but there were records of her asking for money to help her pregnant unmarried daughter, save her home, yada-yada-yada. Public opinion turned against the Simpson Three (as Bart, Lisa & Marge were known) espcially considering how much Millhouse had done to support them over the years. Millhouse also employed an extremely effective PR firm.

Marge was eventually released and could only find employment at “Mackleberry’s” where she became part of a mother-daughter sex team.

Maggie Simpson met, fell in love and went to live in Capital City, far from Springfield and unhappy memories. She and Mr. Phillips had two children in addition to her daughter from a previous relationship.

Miss Mannerly eventually became the second Mrs. Van Houten. They were perfect for each other, both indulging in convoluted, complicated revenge sex schemes against their enemies, real or imagined. She was perfectly happy to give him nice sloppy blowjobs whenever and wherever he wanted.

Postscript: Mr & Mrs Van Houten were frequent visitors to "Mackleberry's" where they 'enjoy' the services of the Mother/Daughter Simpsons sex team. The same could not be said of Marge or Lisa. But no one really cares what whores think.


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