The Simpsons Blues: The Ex-Husband's Revenge

BY : Wendell Urth
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Chapter 4: Legal Shenanigans

Millhouse was a billionaire of his word. A public outcry began with the (edited) release of a tape that indicated that the disgraced former Chief of Police, Clancy Wiggum had mishandled and possibly manipulated evidence that had resulted in a conviction. That led to a hearing into the prison sentence of one Simpson, Bartholomew JoJo. Both guns were tested and it was confirmed that the probable shooter was Simpson, Homer Jay, now deceased.

There was no need for a new trial. A hearing was held where Bart was asked to identify which gun was his and which was his father’s. Bart gladly did so. While he was guilty of the robbery, he had already served that time. The remaining sentence for the shooting was dismissed.

Jubilation. An unsteady Lisa and their mother met with reporters. Lisa began to recover and was threatening lawsuits against the city on her brother’s behalf. One sharp reporter asked if Lisa’s former husband, the billionaire Millhouse Van Houten was in anyway involved in the proceedings. They had both been warned not to involve Millhouse. They denied his participation several times. They were glad to do so.

At that point, Federal and State Law Enforcement Agents identified themselves and took Bart and Marge into custody. Marge had been secretly indicted that same morning by a Grand Jury investigating bribery of the state Parole Board which included the former Governor.

The gun Bart had identified as his had been used in the shooting death of a Federal Marshall. It wasn’t actually Bart’s gun, but the ID was needed for him to be released. Regardless, he was now on the record.

Lisa began to shout and scream that this was all a plot by her ex-husband. She was going to sue. She already on record denying his participation. Her protests and accusations became wilder, unhinged. She was known already for her litigious nature. Reporters turned off their recorders. Maggie finally had to physically drag her away.

She was sedated and spent some months in a private facility generously provided anonymously by her ex.

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