The Simpsons Blues: The Ex-Husband's Revenge

BY : Wendell Urth
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Chapter 3: Two Months Later, Capital City

It was an anonymous conference room, in an anonymous office building. No signs on the door, no receptionist in the waiting room. Not even any neighbors in the adjoining offices or nearby floors.

Millhouse sat at the head of the table. Six men, three on each side, dressed in tailored suits sat facing each other. They were presumedly lawyers. Very handsome, fit young lawyers.

Lisa sat resentfully at the opposite end of the table. She wasn’t intimidated. She had been through dozens of depositions and legal meetings. All that had been accomplished was that her brother was still in prison and she owed more money then she could possibly ever earn.

If she was upset that her phone and the two hidden tape recorders had been seized by the hulking black man before she entered, she gave no sign. That fucking red headed bitch from the SUV was operating a very expensive video camera, so at least there would be a record of the meeting she might be able to subpoena if needed.

“Can we get on with this Millhouse or are you just wasting my time?”

Millhouse signaled Miss Mannerly, a screen lowered and a video began to play.

Lisa looked in disgust, “Porn, is that why I’m here? Pervert!” she stood up, began to turn, then her eyes widened.

“No, my dear Lisa, I told you this concerned your brother Bart and might be the only way for him to be released.

Chief Wiggum, dressed in his peaked blue police cap and nothing else was snorting a line of cocaine off the naked ass of Sherri Mackleberry. He had a cock that was massive by most standards and was being manipulated by Terri Mackleberry who at the time, had her face pressed deep into the ass of the ex-chief. Aside from the slurping sound she was making, the audio was very clear.

“Ha. Yeah, I remember (snort) the Simpson punk and his (snort) dad. Always knew I’d get them someday.” Rubbing his fleshy nose. “Obvious they did the robbery, witnesses. Oh yeah Sherri, suck it right there you bitch.” (He meant Terri, no one corrected him). Needed some physical evidence to hang them though. Got his gun. Didn’t even need to do ballistics! Ha, charged the city and pocketed the rest. Then just filed a report. Oh! OH! Right there, baby.” He continued. “Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Simpson punk. I don’t even think it was the gun the old man used. The chief began spraying his load across the faces of the two girls who eagerly lapped up his cum… almost as eagerly as Lisa wanted a copy of this video. “The kid took the heat for the shooting so the old man got a lighter sentence. They switched guns. Assholes!”

“Didn’t even need the gun. You know, we had dozens. Used to sell them out the back door. Ha. Take that, Gun Control Freaks. Suck that cock, baby!”

The video stopped. Silence followed.

Lisa swallowed visibly. Looking at Millhouse. Waiting.

He had all the time in the world. The six ‘lawyers’ looked on with lawyerly interest.

“I… Bart needs that tape. It could be enough…”

Millhouse waited.

“Look, at least for a new trial. With the taped confession, we could…”

Millhouse began. “Bart was sentenced to 15 years because of the shooting. With good behavior, he’d be out in eight. But of course, good behavior from Bart Simpson? Not gonna’ happen.”

Lisa travelled nearly every week, a ten-hour bus ride to the prison where Bart was being held. She never knew why he had been sent there when there was a prison so much closer (of course, Millhouse knew). Half the time she got there only to find that her brother had lost his visiting privileges for some reason… a fight, contraband, or because the guard was in a bad mood (or had been paid off).

Her bright, fun loving brother was dying slowly in a cage. She had to get him out. Mom had some scheme. Lisa didn’t know what it was, didn’t want to know. But she never had much faith in her mother.

She would do anything, Millhouse knew.

“The tape alone won’t do him any good Lisa. What happened to that brilliant legal mind of yours? It’s all inadmissible! Secret recording, under the influence of drugs, the sex. He’d never even get a hearing. He pled guilty…”

“Then why…?”

“Well, since we’re among lawyers… let’s assume for the moment, that there is an injured party, unnamed. His company was robbed, one of his employees was shot by members of his wife’s family. He discovers that the evidence in the case was mishandled. The gun in evidence was switched by the defendant, never properly tested. And though he pled guilty to protect someone else, he should be released. The injured party could call for the defendant’s release. And if he was powerful enough…”

Lisa looked at him hungrily.

“Of course, this is just speculation.”

“What do you want Millhouse?”

“First, I want you to take your clothes off.”

Shocked silence. She looked at Miss Mannerly who was now recording a closeup of Lisa’s face. Lisa looked at the 6 lawyers. Surely they…”

“These men are in my employ. They are on retainer.” Actually, it wasn’t a retainer, but they were under contract and had all signed non-disclosure agreements.

Lisa sniffled, then slowly removed her clothing. Now in her 30’s she was beginning to look older, troubled, sad. She stood 5ft 5 in her very bare feet, her small breasts and yellow nipples were beginning to sag a little. She held an arm to cover them, the other hiding her sparsely furred blonde pussy. She was being projected on the screen now. There were anger lines on her face. She was maybe 10-15 lbs. underweight, didn’t exercise enough. Not the vibrant young girl he had married.

It wasn’t enough for Millhouse.

The six men stood up and to Lisa’s shock began to remove their clothes. Each was muscular and hung like a stallion. She blanched, turned to run and stopped as Miss Mannerly said, “About your brother…?”

Lisa turned back.

“I have the documents with Mr. Van Houten’s signature. At the very least it will guarantee a new trial, but I doubt it will come to that, what with the mishandling of the evidence, witnesses that are no longer reliable or available… The video of the chief will come out and can only help public opinion. Your brother’s sentence was only as long as it was because he admitted to being the shooter. With Homer dead, people will agree Bart’s suffered enough.

Lisa looked at the 6 smirking young men. She didn’t recognize any of them, no reason she would. They were stars in their own world. Sherri or Terri might have recognized them. The twins had a small part in one of their videos. There was a certain kind of fringe video that was popular among certain kinds of viewers. Call it “Angry Blow Jobs From Humiliated Whores”. These men were the stars of this very fringe genre. Some may have been gay, doesn’t matter. Each was capable of extending the nastiest, lengthiest blowjob to women they obviously hated. The smallest member was packing a 10-inch hose. He was Chinese and his screen name translated to something like “Baby Throat Stuffer”.

The only restrictions given were that when they eventually came, it had to be inside her mouth, down her throat… and they couldn’t kill her. There was roughly a 15 minute time limit for each.

The first stepped up, a very angry Russian man. He slapped Lisa across the face a couple of times, just to get her attention. He grabbed her by her curls, dragged her across the floor like a rag doll and thrust his massive cock deep into her face. He had an ex-wife that looked like her. Actors should always try to call up scenes from their own lives as motivation. That bitch had it coming. So therefore, this one did too. He gave the performance of a lifetime. Too bad the video would never be released. She was helpless, gagging on his member. Drool ran from her feelingless lips. There was no subtlety, it was mouth rape.

Millhouse watched. In his entire time with Lisa, she had never once given him oral, no matter how many times he had begged and pleaded. “A real woman doesn’t do that,” she insisted many times. “It is beneath my dignity as a free and independent woman.” And “I will never give into any man’s desire that way!”

Millhouse went away sad each time. This continued after they were married. Later he discovered that she had blown several different men in her life. Nelson Munz when they were children, Homer when he was released from prison. Her music producer several times. And Bart starting in childhood and just moments before he was taken off to prison. Bart’s lawyer was also a recipient in lieu of a retainer. There were probably others.

Millhouse might have forgiven the last one with Bart. But she had been pretty free with her oral affections to everyone except him.

The Russian finally emptied his reservoir of spunk down her throat. He only took 20 minutes. He was in a hurry; he had a photo shoot to attend.

Lisa lay on her side, belching up gouts of cum on the recently installed carpets.

One down, five to go.

The second performer didn’t technically fulfill his contract. Instead of dumping his load in her belly, he drew a cum asterisk on her face, three long lines in a six-pointed star. It was his trade mark. She screamed as he momentarily blinded her. Millhouse was willing to forgive the lapse.

The next performer was called “The British Beast” (he was actually a Scotsman). He grabbed the petite blonde by the ankles, held her upside down against the fall and leaned into her open mouth and roared as he rammed into her helpless throat. Miss Mannerly was concerned that Lisa would choke to death, she tapped him on the shoulder but he ignored her. He came fast and hard, Lisa’s head banging against the wall a few times. When he was finally done, he gently lowered Lisa to the floor and thumped her on the back until she began to vomit cum, you could actually see her distended belly shrink a little. This was not technically part of the arrangement either, but it made for a great video.

We won’t discuss the fourth man. He was just a sick bastard and the less said about him and what he did to Lisa, the better. Even the unshockable Miss Mannerly thought he went too far and insisted on editing this part out of the final video. Millhouse agreed. The actor would be paid off and would return to Romania on the next flight.

They let Lisa rest. She was in no shape for anymore. The two remaining actors just stood over her and jerked each other off and came on her prone body.

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