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BY : Lennox
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Volume 4

      “Fuck… Lisa…” Bart grunted. With his eyes clenched shut and his hand gripping Lisa’s hair, the ten-year-old boy shot several ropes of seed into his sister’s willing mouth. Lisa waited until his orgasm died down and she pulled her mouth from his prick. She could feel the warm goo pooling at the back of her throat and she swallowed it one gulp.

      “Thanks, sis,” Bart said as he jumped off her bed and pulled up his pajama pants. “Want me to return the favor?” Deep down, Lisa did. It was only fair. However, Lisa needed an early night more than she needed the release.

      “Not tonight Bart. I’ve got a test tomorrow and I should get to bed.” Bart’s face fell a little. He loved getting his sister off, and her pussy juice was the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. But shortly after catching and joining them in the act, Marge made it clear that she didn’t want their sex life to interfere with their school work. Bart kissed her cheek.

      “Alright, if you’re sure. I’m going to take a shower before bed. I’ll try not to wake you when I come back in.”

      Bart switched out the light as he left the room. But as soon as Lisa had climbed into bed, her door swung open again. She’d only just lay down and closed her eyes. She groaned as she rolled over, expecting to see her brother changing his mind and asking for a quick fuck. But instead, Marge walked into the darkened room and sat on the edge of her bed.

      “I just wanted to say goodnight, sweetie,” she said before leaning down to kiss her. Marge’s lips met with Lisa’s and her tongue slipped into her mouth. Since their body painting session in the attic, the two had become a lot closer. 

      “You sucked Bart again, didn’t you?” Marge licked her lips. With a smirk, Lisa nodded her head against the pillow. “I could taste him on you. Would you mind if I…?”

      “Go for it mom. He’s in the shower,” Lisa said. Marge knew the importance of Bart and Lisa’s relationship and of how close they were. She rarely did anything with Bart without consulting Lisa first. After all, they were together and they had defined themselves as a couple, so Marge thought it proper to ask beforehand. She gave her daughter another goodnight kiss before slipping out and making her way down to the bathroom.

      As soon as Marge closed the door behind her, Homer poked his head out from around the corner. He stood on the stairs and eyed the bathroom door. He could picture Marge in his mind, stripping down and climbing into the shower with their son.

      “Well if Bart’s getting my wife and daughter, there’s no reason I can’t either,” he huffed. Homer made his way down the hall and knocked quietly on Lisa’s bedroom door. 

      “What?” He heard a soft muffle from inside. This was it, no going back now. He opened the door and slipped into the dark room.

      “Dad? What do you want? I’ve got a test in the morning.”

      “Heh, sorry honey. But I need your help. Marge is in the bathroom with Bart, and I…” Lisa’s eyes went wide and she scrambled to turn on her lamp. How did he find out? She and Bart were supposed to be a secret. But Marge and most of their friends knew about them, so Homer was bound to find out anyway.

      “And you… what?” she asked, afraid that she would already know the answer.

      “Well, I was thinking… that maybe you and I could… uh… cause Marge and Bart are…” Homer rubbed the back of his neck. He had never felt so awkward. He was asking his own daughter for sex. His own daughter, for God’s sake!

      “Fine,” Lisa said, “but just be quick. I’ve got a test tomorrow.” Lisa threw back the covers. She didn’t see how sleeping with her dad was any different to sleeping with her brother or mother. 

      “Thanks, sweetie. You’re the best,” Homer stood up and kicked off his shoes, but Lisa stopped him. 

      “I said you’ll have to be quick. Leave your clothes on,” she yawned. She shuffled over as Homer sat down on the bed. He was nervous but already hard. He unzipped his fly and he exposed his thick shaft to his daughter. Lisa already knew that he’d be much bigger than Bart, but she was far too tired to care about her father’s size. Lisa lifted her nightgown and slipped her panties down her legs. Homer took his daughter by her waist and lifted her into his lap.

      “Already wet I see sweetie? So you and Bart are…?”

      “Dad, can we just get on with it? Please?”

      Without another word, Homer eased his daughter down his cock. He bit his lip as she took his shaft. Bit by bit, he pulled her down. She was so much tighter compared to Marge, and he was much bigger compared to Bart. Lisa was really feeling the stretch in her cunt.

      “Oooohhhh… fuck…” she hissed as her father pulled her down. Normally, Homer wouldn’t have tolerated such language, but this was an exception. It took a few minutes, but he and finally pulled her down the length of his cock. 

      “Are you okay honey? Do you need a few minutes?” 

      “I’m… I’m fine,” Lisa hissed. “Just… just hurry up.” Lisa couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so impatient for sex. But she needed her sleep for this test. Every second wasted talking and waiting was a second that was wasted sleeping. Slowly, Homer lifted his daughter up his shaft. He couldn’t believe how tight she was, and it took every ounce of self-control to keep his orgasm at bay. He knew how much Lisa needed to get to bed, but he didn’t want it to end so quickly… but she was so tight for him. Her pussy didn’t hug him, it almost squeezed him. Every inch of his shaft was wrapped around the warm, wet, forbidden flesh that was his daughter. Her inner walls dragged along his dick, teasing him as he did everything he could to delay the inevitable. He thought of the dentist, clenched his stomach, bit his lip. But soon he reached that point of no return. He held Lisa in his lap as he came inside her. Thick ropes of the very seed that made her splashed against her inner walls and painted her insides white. He fell back on the bed, just enjoying the feeling of the warm flesh around him while it lasted. But as soon Lisa felt that final spurt, she pulled herself off.

      “Now can I go to bed?”

      Homer kissed her goodnight and left the room. He wished he hadn’t cum so quickly but he knew that it wouldn’t be the last time either. As he descended the stairs, he heard the bathroom door open behind him, and Marge crossing the landing to their room. He had just slept with Lisa and Marge had just slept with Bart. Homer didn’t know why, but suddenly all he wanted was his wife. Homer ran back up the stairs after her while Bart slipped back into Lisa’s room. The boy had only worn his pajamas for the sake of it, but as soon as he closed the door he slipped them from his body. Lisa was just getting to sleep as Bart climbed into her bed. He wrapped his arm around her and gave her a soft kiss goodnight.

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