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BY : Lennox
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Volume 2

      It took a good hour of searching and Bart Simpson had almost torn his room apart, but he finally found his old hypno-disc. He made sure it was safely packed away in the bottom of his school bag before snuggling up with his sister for the night.

      “So, I’m going to get that blow job right?” he nervously chuckled as he handed the box over to Sherri and Terri the next morning.

      “Sure, if you can ask Terri,” both twins giggled at each other and Bart quickly turned to the other girl. But she cut him off before he spoke.

      “And how do you know that I’m Terri?” she asked. Bart’s face fell and he slapped his forehead. He knew they would play this game for as long as they had to. 

      “Just… just give it back to me when you’re done,” he sighed. 

      “Of course, but only if you ask Sherri.” Bart groaned as the two girls walked away. When they were out of sight, Sherri pulled the disc out of the box and looked it over.

      “Is this it? This will never work.” 

      “Well, Milhouse said it did,” Terri said. “The way he told it, Lisa took every order without question.”

      “Yeah, well Milhouse if full of crap,” Sherri dropped the disc back into the box. “He’s head over heels for Lisa. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t hang himself when he finds out how serious she is with Bart.” 

      “He seemed pretty sure about it. Look, Sherri, let’s just try it. We’ll start with something small and simple. If that works then we can take it from there.”

      Predictably, Sherri and Terri found Lisa sitting in the school library. While almost every other child was out playing in the schoolyard, Lisa had buried herself in extra homework. She was so focused on her work that she didn’t notice the twins taking their seats across from her. It wasn’t until Terri cleared her throat until she looked up.

      “Oh, hey. Um…” Lisa looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. “If you guys want me to watch you again, can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’m kinda busy here.” Sherri and Terri grinned at each other. Sherri and Terri had already admitted their incestuous tendencies in front of Bart, Lisa, Allison, Alex, and Jessica in the Simpson’s living room. They all watched themselves get off and since then, the twins loved to have Lisa as an audience.

      “Not this time, Lisa. Do you know what this is?” Sherri asked as she pulled out the hypno-disc.

      “That thing again?” Lisa rolled her eyes. Sherri started to spin it between her fingers. “Come on, I thought Bart got rid of that. It doesn’t wor…” Lisa’s voice trailed off and she suddenly seemed to stare blankly at the twins.

      “Um…Lisa?” Terri asked.

      “Yes?” Lisa answered in a bland tone.

      “Oh my God. It actually worked,” Sherri squealed. She had to quickly cover her mouth and hoped that no one heard her excited outburst.

      “Lisa,” Terri cautiously ordered, “close your books.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Lisa closed every book on the table. Sherri didn’t want to wait for Terri to test her obedience too much. She was getting impatient and starting to squirm in her chair at the thought of what they could do with her. 

      “Lisa, we know you have a special… toy.” Sherri said in a hushed voice.

      “Toy?” Lisa asked. Even though she was hypnotized, she didn’t fully comprehend their question. 

      “A strap-on,” Terri said. “One that can actually cum.” 

      “You want to use it?” Lisa asked as she looked at Terri, still keeping that blank stare in her eyes.

      “Yeah, we do,” Sherri said. “So here’s what you’re going to do. We’re going to wake you up and you’re going to do whatever it is you do.

      “But when you hear the bell at the end of school,” Terri took over her sister’s command, “you’re going to fall back into a trance. You’re going to go home, grab your toy, and then walk around to our house. Do you understand?”

      “Yes,” Lisa said. Sherri snapped her fingers and brought Lisa out of her trance. 

      “We’ll see you after school then,” Sherri said as she and her sister stood from their chairs. They left Lisa to her books, and she seemed confused as to why they were suddenly closed.


      As soon as the bell rung, Lisa snapped back into her trance. Without a word, nor paying heed to anyone else, she packed her back and strolled out of the classroom. Sherri and Terri stood by and watched as she walked down the hall and out the front doors. She still wore that blank expression on her face. She seemed to be more focused on following her orders instead of paying attention to what she was doing. She remained silent during her brother’s subtle hints on the bus and she ignored his advancements when they got home. Bart tried to pin his sister up against the wall to kiss her as soon as they walked in, but Lisa showed no interest and easily slipped through his grasp.  She went up to her room and dug the strap-on from its hiding place. Lisa dropped the charade as soon as her door was closed. She felt bad about ignoring her brother, but she couldn’t risk him warning the twins… just in case he was in on it. Lisa pulled her panties down her legs and stepped into the new pair, the pair that the toy was attached to. She pulled the old pair back up her legs and fit around her waist after the toy had once again become part of her body. Lisa’s new cock was now pressed up against her panties, something the small piece of clothing wasn’t designed to accommodate. Ever since she wore it the first time and raped Janey in the school bathroom, Lisa had kept it a secret. But Jessica soon found out and she had spread the word. But Lisa started to learn how to control and work with her dick. She was now at the point where it would remain flaccid until it was needed, as opposed to being hard and erect when she first put it on.

      “Lisa, about time you got here. Come on in,” Sherri said as she opened the door. Straight away she noticed that Lisa wasn’t carrying anything. Lisa, acting in her trance, obeyed the order.

      “Where’s the toy, Lisa?” Sherri asked as she closed the door behind her. 

      “Right here,” Lisa said, pointing to her crotch

      “You wore it over?” asked Terri, her face falling in disappointment. “It must be tiny if you can wear it under your dress. Damn. I was really looking forward to it.”

      “Oh, my tongue isn't good enough?” Sherri felt a little offended, but she meant it as a joke. 

      “Sis, you’re perfect,” Terri smiled. “But I was hoping for a cock pounding away inside me and you just aren’t equipped to do that. Where’s the toy, Lisa, really?”

      “Right here,” Lisa said again

      “Cut the crap, Lisa,” Sherri almost snapped. “There’s no way you wore it over here without it being seen. Now get undressed. If you don't have your strap-on, you can at least eat us out and…” Sherri’s voice trailed off as Lisa stripped in the hall. Her eyes were glued to the girl’s naked crotch. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing

      “What… what is that?” Sherri pointed at the cock between Lisa’s legs.

      “That’s my toy,” Lisa blandly said.

      “You… you have a p… p… penis?” stuttered Terri. Neither twin could have ever expected this. They thought Lisa would have bought the toy over and she’d stand there while the twins took turns fucking each other. But a grin slipped crossed Sherri’s lips and she wrapped her arm around her twin’s shoulders.

      “You know Terri, she is still hypnotized. We can make this work.” Sherri had already begun to ponder the possibilities of having such a unique opportunity.

      “Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up a sec, Sherri,” Terri said. “The only cock I want in me is the one that is supposed to be strapped around your waist. The one that we were supposed to get from her.” She pointed at Lisa in her outburst. This was not what she expected or wanted.

      “Come on, sis. Lisa is still a she… I guess.”

      “Well does she still have a pussy? Cause all I see is cock.” Terri had an excellent point. Aside from the obvious, Lisa still looked female. Sherri walked up to her and waved her hand in front of her face. Lisa had remained in her blank stare the whole time. Sherri stood beside her and reached out to touch her. At the last moment, she pulled her hand back as if she was something to happen.

      “Come on Sherri, it’s not going to bite.” 

      “How do you know? We don’t know what… this is.” 

      “Yes, we do. It’s Lisa with a penis. I don’t know where she got it because she sure as hell didn’t have it last time.”

      “It’s not real,” Lisa blandly said and Sherri, once again, pulled her hand away. 

      “What do you mean?” she asked. “Explain.”

      “It starts as a toy and then molds to the wearer's skin and becomes part of them.”                  “So… so you’re not a… a…”

      “Hermaphrodite?” Lisa asked. “No. I have both male and female sex organs, but the male organ is only temporary. I will soon be able to remove it.”

      “Well I guess that settles it,” Sherri said as she finally reached to grab Lisa’s shaft. Lisa had only been semi-erect since she stripped, but she grew quickly in Sherri’s grasp. “She’s still a she, just with the best bit of a he.” 

      “And… and it is real? I mean, it feels real?” Terri took a step forward, still skeptical.

      “Well let’s find out,” Sherri said.

      The purple-haired girl shifted in front of Lisa and sat on the floor. Lisa boasted an impressive size for her age. Sherri wrapped both hands around her shaft and left maybe an inch uncovered.

      “Feels real,” she said before she went in for a lick. “Taste’s real too.” 

      “How would you know what a dick tasted like?” Terri asked.

      “I meant it doesn’t take like a fake one,” Sherri pulled one hand away and used the other to start stroking her. Lisa's foreskin was pulled back with each stroke, exposing the dark pink head underneath. A few spurts of pre-cum dribbled out from the tip and landed on Sherri’s crossed legs.
      “Well, I guess now we know,” she grinned at her twin sister. She shuffled forward a little and then licked her lips. She dragged her tongue over the tip of Lisa’s shaft and collected another drop of pre-cum. She slipped her lips around her cock as slowly took it into her mouth. Sherri had limited experience with oral as she and her sister sometimes had to improvise. Her favorite was when Terri would peel most of the skin from a banana. She’d stick it inside her while Sherri would be between her legs and sucking on the fruit's white flesh within. But for Sherri, who had never sucked on a real cock, was finding it much harder than a peeled banana. Lisa’s dick wasn’t soft or squishy, and didn’t threaten to break off in her mouth… she hoped. Nevertheless, Sherri was determined to make Lisa cum.

      Sherri wasn’t experienced, but that didn’t mean Lisa wasn’t enjoying it. She was struggling not to move and only blinking when she was sure that Terri wasn’t watching her face. Despite her cock leaking precum into Sherri’s mouth, there was little she could do. Standing in one spot was becoming a chore and she hadn’t been sucked off like this since after she raped Janey in the bathroom. Lisa was becoming sore and uncomfortable. She blinked again, but this time she didn’t escape Terri’s gaze.

      “Hey, hang on a…” Terri began. Lisa realized her game was up and she quickly made her bold movie. She had tricked Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson, but she couldn’t hold it for the twins. Before Terri could warn her sister, Lisa grabbed the back of Sherri’s head and pushed her mouth down the length of her shaft. Sherri started to cough and splutter, trying to push back and fight Lisa off her head. Lisa then grabbed the back of Terri’s head in her other hand and pulled her in for a kiss. Lisa forced her tongue into Terri’s mouth and she started humping Sherri’s face. Terri was stunned. It took her several seconds to react before she was able to pull away from her first non-sisterly make-out.

      “What’s wrong Sherri?” Lisa asked, determined to keep the surprise of her act over the twins. “You’re fine with trying to hypnotize and use my toy, but you suddenly don’t want it anymore?” Lisa let her go and Sherri threw herself back onto the floor. She placed her hand on her chest as she coughed and struggled to breathe. Lisa towered over the girl and rubbed her cock in her hand.

      “Now that’s not fair. You can’t leave me hanging just because you’ve got a bit of a gag reflex. You wanted to see if this was real or not, so open up.” Lisa dropped to her knees above the girl. She aimed her cock at Sherri’s face and the first load of thick cum blasted from the tip. Lisa groaned and held herself steady as spurt after spurt shot from her coat. A few thick ropes splashed over Sherri’s face before Lisa forced her tip into Sherri’s mouth.

      “And if you’d have actually asked me to use this, I would have told you how… productive I can be with it.” Sherri was soon forced to swallow Lisa's cum as mouth quickly began to overflow. Her cheeks were bulging and she risked it spilling on the carpet if she didn't do anything. After what must have been at least ten spurts, Lisa pulled her dick from her lips and shot the final rope across Sherri’s face. She dropped to her knees over the quivering Sherri. Lisa dragged her tongue across her face to lick up her own cum. Terri, feeling helpless at what she had just seen, stood speechless beside them. Lisa collected as much as she could on her tongue but didn’t swallow. She gave Sherri a deep kiss and shared the last of her load. Lisa broke the kiss and sat back up, still hard and straddling Sherri’s waist. Sherri had more cum swimming in her stomach than any man could put out on his best day. She just lay under Lisa, panting as she looked up at her in disbelief. Lisa was expecting to be thrown out of the house. But, just like Janey, Sherri said the last thing that Lisa expected to hear. 

      “You can keep going, can’t you?”

      Upstairs in the twins’ bedroom, Sherri rode Lisa and bounced up and down her shaft. All three girls had stripped from their clothes, although Terri took some convincing. As she watched the two, she was jealous that she didn’t get to go first. She wanted it, and Sherri had already had her turn. Sherri grunted as she came and collapsed on top of Lisa. After a few more thrusts into her spent body, Lisa unloaded her second orgasm inside her. Sherri kissed Lisa as the warm, gooey feeling flooded her insides. Their kiss was only broken when Terri raised her hand from her own bed.

      “Is it my turn now?”

      Sherri furiously rubbed her clit while Terri licked Lisa’s cum from her fucked depths. Terri had her arms wrapped underneath and around her sister’s thighs as she ate her out. Her lower body was propped up on her knees with Lisa between her legs. With her hands on her waist, Lisa leaned over the girl and her cock vanished inside her pussy.

      "Bart's going to be so jealous..." Lisa groaned. She fucked Terri with as much strength as she did her sister, and she quickly realized how similar their pussies felt. Both were warm and tight, and both hugged every inch of her member. Secretly, Lisa wondered if they were so alike that they’d even taste the same too. She didn’t have that much experience in eating pussy outside of her mother, but she was open enough with her sex life that she was curious enough to try. She hilted herself inside Terri, and it was her turn to feel that massive load filling her insides. Lisa’s seed swam within her depths. As Lisa pulled out, the final spurt splashed against Terri’s pussy lips and painted her skin white. Without missing a beat, Sherri and Terri quickly readjusted themselves on the bed. Sherri lay down and Terri spun around above her. The twins eagerly buried their heads between each other's legs and they quickly formed their much-loved sixty-nine position.

      Lisa sat back and started to stroke herself. She knew that she had the energy to go for hours more. She knew how much the twins liked to have her watch, and their sixty-nine was nothing new to her. Her hand pumped up and down her shaft as she was determined to reach a fourth orgasm. Within a few minutes, the twins started to watch her instead. Sherri had to lift Terri’s leg out of the way, while Terri just lifted her head. Lisa sat on Terri’s bed with her eyes closed and her hand pumping furiously up and down her shaft. Lisa soon came all over herself with a soft cry, and the twins finally saw the extent of Lisa’s orgasm. It was at least a dozen spurts of cum, each one just as thick as the last. Lisa panted as she painted herself. A few spurts across her hair, several across her face and the last one over her chin and chest. She lay on the bed as the yellow skin around her waist started to fade to black. Soon, Lisa’s cock was nothing more than the strap-on the twins thought it was. Lisa peeled the black panties down her legs and kicked them from her feet. As soon as her cock turned back into a toy, she suddenly felt spent and exhausted. Her cock had gone, but the mess on her body remained. As Lisa lay panting on the bed, Sherri reached for the toy and slipped her feet into the black panties. She pulled them up around her waist and Lisa watched as the fake cock became a part of her body. Sherri walked over to Lisa. She placed her hand on Lisa's head and her new cock at Lisa's lips.

      "My turn," Sherri grinned.

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