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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 1

      The grassy field was wide and vast and stretched as far as the eye could see. Lisa Simpson had only seen two landmarks during her time here. The first was a large house, surrounded by shrubs, in which an eight-year-old Marge lived with her family. The second was a pile of rocks that marked the entrance to a cave that led underground. Smooth stones covered the surfaces inside it, and a large underground creak flowed along the edge of the floor.

      As the light from the rising sun drifted into the mouth of the cave, Lisa stirred from her sleep and opened her eyes. It wasn’t the light that woke her, but it was the all too familiar feeling between her legs. Marge looked up at Lisa and grinned around her tongue buried inside Lisa’s pussy. She paused for only a few seconds before she went back to eating her out. Within minutes, Lisa was squirting into her young mother’s mouth.

      Lisa and Marge hadn’t seen another human being since they left the house, and that was just fine with them. Marge considered herself a proud exhibitionist and she quickly converted Lisa to her way of life. Lisa’s dress, panties, and shoes were the only articles of clothing in the cave. They lay undisturbed on a rock since their first night. Lisa, much like her mother, hadn’t worn anything since their arrival. The cave provided everything they’d ever need. There was always plenty of food and drink, and the deep creek provided the water they’d need for drinking and bathing. Games, books, entertainment, whatever they’d need. All they had to do was open a closet and the cave would provide it for them.

      "What time is it?” Lisa asked as she yawned and swung her legs over Marge and the edge of the bed. Her bare feet landed on the cool stones as she stood and stretched.

      “What’s it matter?” Marge asked as she wiped the last of Lisa’s orgasm of her chin with the back of her hand. “Honestly Lisa, it’s just us here. There’s no one else, well… almost no one else.”

      “What do you mean?” Lisa asked, turning on the spot. Had Marge found someone else? She tried not to let it show, but she did miss her old life back home. Life with Marge was almost perfect, but she could help feeling homesick. But above all else, she missed her brother. 

      “Well, I had a thought about having some company. Maybe bringing in someone else to live in our cave.

      “But you just said there was no one else.” Marge scoffed at Lisa as she walked over to the closet door.

      “Not any more Lisa. The cave gives us everything we want, remember?” Before Lisa could answer, Marge yanked the door open. They had only used this closet for food and their bed, so Lisa was shocked to see a golden retriever jump through the open door. With his tongue hanging from his muzzle, he ran towards the young girl and pushed her to the floor. He dragged his wet tongue over Lisa’s face as she tried to wrestle him off. It wasn’t until Marge whistled that the animal turned his attention away. Marge fell to one knee and opened her arms. The dog bounced happily into her hug. Marge laughed as she wrapped her arms around him as he licked her face over and over. Lisa wiped her face with her hand and got to her feet. She watched with a smile on her face as her young mother embraced their new pet. But as the dog licked her face, Marge turned her head so his long tongue would drag over her mouth. Lisa watched wide-eyed as she took the tongue in her mouth and pressed her lips against the animals. Her own mother was making out with a dog? Lisa remembered doing the same thing once with Santa’s Little Helper after he had mounted her. She was no stranger to bestiality, but she never thought her mother would be into it too. Marge looked up from the kiss, just staring at Lisa before pulling her head back.

      “Looks like you’re enjoying the view,” she smirked. Lisa looked down at her hand. Completely unknowingly, her arm had reached across her stomach and her hand was between her legs. Her finger was pressed against her slit, still moist from when Marge made her cum.

      “Is this why you suggested a dog when we were back at your place?” Lisa asked. Marge eagerly nodded, still hugging the dog around his neck. 

      “I grew so bored with just sticking fingers and things inside me. When you came along, I realized that I’d need something more. And our new pet here,” she paused to kiss him on the side of his furry face, “is just what we need.”

      “We?” asked Lisa, folding her arms and raising an eyebrow.

      “Yeah,” Marge confidently said, “we. And I think you wanna go first.”

      Lisa didn’t argue with her young mother. As Marge rubbed the dog’s sheath between his hind legs, Lisa wondered why she hadn’t bent over for Santa’s Little Helper more often. Lisa watched with anticipation as his spongy red shaft came into view. It wasn’t long before Marge was leading their new dog over to Lisa. She sunk onto her hands and knees. She had the memory of Santa’s Little Helper running through her mind. The dog didn’t need any further instruction from Marge. He took one look at her slit before he mounted the young girl. With his front legs and paws around Lisa’s waist, he jammed his hips up against her body. Lisa could feel his shaft poking against her ass as the dog blindly tried to find her slit. He was full of energy and Lisa didn’t want him going into her ass when he was this enthusiastic.

      “Can you help him back there?” she asked. Marge scooted across and reached behind Lisa. The dog didn’t notice or didn’t care when Marge grabbed his stiff prick. She guided him to her slit and pulled him inside her. Then she let go. That was all the dog needed, just a little tug in the right direction. As soon as Marge let go, he mounted Lisa with all the force he could muster.

      “Oh god... fuck…” Lisa grunted. Her hands were clenched into fists as she felt the hot spire jackhammering away inside of her. She bit her lip as her body took every single inch he had to offer her. His knot was quickly swelling up, and Lisa could feel it grow and spread her lips apart a little further with each thrust.

      “Lisa, are you alright? He’s not hurting you is he?” Marge was worried. Lisa’s face looked scrunched with pain

      “Oh god… no. No, he’s not,” Lisa gasped. “He’s good, Marge. He’s so fucking good….” She lowered her head and arms to the ground and the animal towered over her. Marge looked over Lisa’s back, just watching the red shaft vanish inside her lover’s quivering body.

      Lisa bucked her hips back up against the dog’s waist. She couldn’t believe she was in this position again. If she ever got home, she decided that she’d bend over for Santa’s Little Helper every day. She loved sleeping with her brother and Marge, but a dog was so much more energetic than they were. Lisa bit her upper lip and curled her toes. She quivered as she came for the second time that morning. She looked up at Marge with that goofy satisfied grin. She squirted her juices over the animal’s shaft. Her pleasure coated his dick and dripped down to his knot. Marge was about to say something, but Lisa opened her mouth. No sound came out, her eye twitched and she tipped her head back.

      “Oh fuck. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” 

      “Lisa, what’s wrong? What’s happening?” Marge was starting to panic. Unlike Lisa, she had no experience at all with dogs. She had no idea about knots and no clue that this dog had just shoved his inside Lisa. She quivered as she came again, a third orgasm meeting and splashing against the canine’s first. Giant spurts of dog cum blasted inside Lisa Simpson, and the look of discomfort quickly changed to one of extreme satisfaction.

      “Oooooh, yeah. That’s good,” Lisa sighed as she hugged the knot inside her. “That’s very good.”


      “Fuck Lis, I wish I could have dreams like that,” Bart said. Lisa sat back down on her deck chair. Not long after she had been caught sunbathing nude by her mother, Lisa was outside and at it again. She had convinced her brother to join her too. And now, she and Bart lay outside in the warm afternoon sun with their clothes in a heap on the ground. 

      “I’ll tell you something, Bart. It was really hot having Mom lick me out after the knot died.”

      “Well, what happened next? Did Mom get a turn?” Bart asked. His shaft was rock hard and stood erect above his stomach. It was aching to cum from Bart casually jerking himself, but the boy wanted Lisa to finish her story first.

      “It was all a bit fuzzy. That must have been when I woke up,” Lisa said. Bart was a little disappointed. But he wasn’t the only one.

      “That’s it? Really? That’s all that happened?” Bart and Lisa turned and looked at the foot of their chairs. Santa’s Little Helper was padding away to his dog house where he sat down and started to lick himself. But Jessica Lovejoy was standing there, annoyed and frustrated that there wasn’t more to Lisa’s dream.

      “Your Mom didn’t do anything?” Jessica asked. “I thought when you asked me to come and play this that at least I’d get a bit of action too. And I dyed my hair blue and everything.”

      “No one asked you to play Jessica. You insisted on it. You wanted to act out my dream with me and Santa’s Little Helper.” 

      “But the blue hair does look good on you.” Bart raised a can of soda at her. Jessica glared at him, still tasting the dog cum on her tongue. She had eaten out Lisa after Santa’s Little Helper had mounted her, the same way he had in the dream. 

      “Do… do you think he can go again?” Jessica realized she was almost pleading with Bart.

      “You can always go and ask him,” Bart pointed over at his dog. Jessica bit her lip, hesitating for a second before she headed over to the kennel.

      “So, had any other dreams sis?” Bart asked, looking over the rim of his sunglasses. 

      “Well there was one other one,” Lisa smirked. She slid off her deck chair and kneeled beside her brother. She wrapped her hand around his shaft. “I think it went a little bit like this,” she winked at him before leaning over and taking her brother’s cock into her mouth.

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