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BY : Lennox
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Volume 3

      “Lisa, this had better not be the one that turns into the real thing.”

      “Come on Bart, I thought you wanted to try something new.”

      “Yeah, but something that sticks to the rule of my ass being exit only!” Bart was adamant about this, and he wasn’t budging.  He recently had suggested that he and Lisa try something new. But he wasn’t keen on what Lisa had in mind. "Just how did you get your hands on it anyway?” Lisa stood naked in her brother’s room, nude, wearing nothing but strap-on dildo around her waist. It was blue, six inches long, and ribbed across its length.

      “This isn't the one that turns real, Bart. Jessica bought this one over when she was playing as Mom in the back yard.” 

      “And she just left it here?” Bart asked as Lisa looked down at the toy attached to her waist.

      “I guess so. Look, it’s no big deal. You've been in my butt before and I just want to try being on top for once. It doesn’t hurt and no one’s going to know. And besides, you ended up liking those toys we used at mom’s dinner party.”

      “That’s not the point, Lisa. It’s more the principle. That thing is not going in my ass, period.” Bart pushed passed his sister and stormed out his bedroom door. He just wanted to go downstairs, watch some TV, and forget about the whole argument. But Lisa was determined to go through with this as much as Bart wasn’t. Bart had always been the one to take his sister up the ass and all Lisa wanted to do was try it out for herself. She had decided to go with the fake cock first, and then use her real one if Bart found he enjoyed it. But Lisa wasn’t going to let such an opportunity go to waste. She decided to give her brother a choice and she ran after him into the hall.

      “Alright Bart, you wanna be like that?" Lisa asked him. "Fine, but I think this is only fair. We’re not doing anything until this goes inside you,” Lisa pointed down at the fake cock, still hanging off her crotch. Bart dismissed his sister with a wave of his hand. He took no heed of her threat.

      “Calm down, Lisa,” Marge said as she walked passed them her from Maggie’s room. “If Bart doesn’t want to do it, then he doesn’t want to do it. Just let it go.”

      But Lisa refused to drop it. As she expected, Bart didn’t approach her at all that night or the following morning. They showered separately and spent a whole lunch hour without sneaking off into the bathrooms or behind the school building. It wasn’t until the afternoon, almost a full day since he first refused when Bart draped his arms down his sister’s shoulders.

      “How about a quickie before dinner, sis?” he whispered into her ear. Lisa knew this was coming. But instead of risking another argument, she just brushed his arms away and walked out of her bedroom. Bart tried several more times throughout the night with his last attempt just before bed. 

      “Come on, Lis. I know you’ve got to be wanting it as much as I do.”

      “Actually, Bart, I’m good,” Lisa said. She lay in bed and lifted the covers off her body. Lisa pulled up her nightgown and Bart saw the straps of the toy wrapped around her legs. She was wearing it the other way, the fake cock buried inside of her instead of protruding from her crotch.

      “Besides,” she said as she reached down to twist the bottom of the toy. She made sure she kept eye contact as it started to buzz inside her. “It turns out that Jessica's toy vibrates. So I think I’ll be good tonight, Bart,” Lisa covered herself with her blankets. She turned the toy onto its highest setting, smiling at her brother as she began to tremble in her bed.

      Lisa ignored every single one of Bart’s advances over the next two days. She loved being able to hold over this head, the fact that she had something that could make her feel just as good while he would have to settle with his hand. But on the third night after their argument, Bart finally relented. He knocked on Lisa’s door with his head hung in the impending shame.


      Lisa knew that this was a massive blow to her brother's pride. As much as she wanted this, she assured him that she would never bring it up again and it would remain strictly between them. Lisa wanted to make this as comfortable for Bart as she could. Bart leaned over her bed and waited. He tried to stay calm and control his breathing. He told himself over and over in his mind how much he knew that Lisa wouldn't hurt him intentionally. He almost jumped when he felt Lisa's hands on his ass, spreading his cheeks apart. He closed his eyes and braced himself, but quickly opened them when he felt something warm and wet against his hole. Bart turned his head to look behind him. Lisa was on her knees, her hands on his ass, and her face between his cheeks.

      "Lisa.... oooh?" Bart started to groan. He felt her tongue pushing against his entrance, lapping over his hole.

      "You eat me out before you do me," Lisa smiled at him. "Only fair I do to." Lisa pressed the tip of her tongue against her brother's hole and pushed against it. She felt Bart open up around her, his but enveloping her tongue as her lips were pressed against his ass. Bart's cock twitched between his legs. He slipped his hand underneath himself to grab and rub his dick. But Lisa's rimjob ended almost as quickly as she started. She pulled her mouth from his ass and stood behind him. She reached for a bottle of lubricant and squeezed a healthy amount into her palm. She smeared the gel over her toy before she took a decent scoop on her finger.

      “This is going to be a bit cold, Bart,” she said to her brother. She slipped her finger between his cheeks and pressed her finger against his rear entrance. Bart shivered at the cool liquid came into contact with his skin. He hissed as he felt Lisa’s finger entering his ass and lubing him up. Even when she pulled out, he could still feel the soft chill inside.

      "I think I preferred your tongue," the boy shivered.

      "You'll get it again when I finish," Lisa promised him. "Now up on the bed." Bart hesitated for a moment before he climbed onto his sister's mattress and rolled onto his side. Lisa climbed up behind him and shuffled forward. Once the covers had been pulled over their bodies, Lisa pressed the tip of the toy against Bart’s ass hole. 

      “Ready, Bart?” she asked him.

      “As ready as I’ll ever be. But no vibrating,” Bart said as he took a deep breath. Lisa kissed his cheek and she slowly eased herself in.

      “I’ll go slowly, but it’s not too bad once you get used to it.” Bart tried to convince himself it was just a bigger and thicker version of Lisa's finger. He could feel the pressure building up inside him and the sudden urge to use the bathroom. Without too much resistance, and with the help of the lubricant, Lisa slid inside her brother nice and easy. Within moments she had buried the entire toy’s length inside him.

      “There, now that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Bart didn’t answer straight away. He was glad that Lisa was being gentle. He was usually rougher and faster when he put his dick in Lisa’s ass, but that was only because she was used to it. She found pleasure in the discomfort, something which Bart hadn’t done yet. The toy felt larger and thicker inside him than he remembered. Lisa gave Bart several minutes just so his body could get used to the foreign object.

      “How’s it feel now?” she asked him.

      “It’s… it’s better. It’s alright now.” Lisa took that as her cue to start moving. She did her best to imitate her brother’s actions that she would feel. Slowly, and with her arms around him, she pulled her hips back. Bart could feel the ribbed surface sliding out of his ass. He didn't say anything, but Bart was starting to enjoy the feeling. As Lisa pushed herself back inside, the way his body reacted was all Lisa needed to know. She lowered her hand to rest it on his crotch and she wasn’t surprised to find his cock hard and erect between his legs.

      “I knew you’d like it,” she smirked and wrapped his hand around his cock.

      "It's from when you licked me," Bart groaned.

      "Sure it is, Bart," Lisa whispered. She gently stroked him as she started to fuck his virgin hole.

      The ribbed surface ran up and down the length of Bart’s inner walls and it wasn’t long before he started to find enjoyment in the act. The toy rubbed against his prostate, and Lisa was all too happy to hear his groans of pleasure.

      “Lisa, let me cum inside you,” he grunted and pushed her hand away. He didn’t want to finish with a toy in his ass. He’d much rather be inside his sister. Lisa pulled herself out, removed the straps, and tossed the toy on the floor. Bart rolled on top of his and pushed himself inside her. Bart was surprised she was wet enough from pegging him, but he didn’t complain. He wouldn’t admit it, but he did enjoy it a lot more than he let on. After just a few hard thrusts he was emptying his balls inside his sister, both of them groaning as the warm gooey feeling spread through Lisa’s inside.

      Bart was expecting to wake up the next morning with a stomach full of regret from his actions. At the very least, he wanted to have another shower before he went to bed. Lisa thought it was some kind of metaphor for washing off the shame from being pegged but he still asked her to join him. Bart had his sister pressed up against the wall as soon as the water was running. Their lips locked together as Bart lifted Lisa’s leg up around his waist. His cock quickly hardened and Bart slipped it back inside his sister’s depths

      “Hey Lis, you wanna try something new?” he whispered to her. His lips brushed up against hers as he spoke, and Lisa found herself unable to refuse while in such a tender moment. With one arm around Lisa and the other up against the wall, Bart just let himself go. Lisa felt something very warm splash inside her, but it was… different.

      “Bart?” she asked as she opened her eyes. The warm liquid started to feel hot, almost burning. It took her a second to realize what he was doing. Bart was pissing inside her.

      “BART!” She cried as she tried to push him off, but her bother held her fast

      “Come on Lis, you said you wanted to try something new.”

      “Bart, this is disgusting. Get out of me, now,” Lisa’s squirms only hardened Bart’s resolve to piss inside her. He wasn’t going anywhere. Lisa just bit her lip as she quivered below him. His hot piss was splashing inside her, mixing with his earlier load and dripping out around his shaft. Finally, after what felt like ages, Bart’s stream died down and he pulled himself out.

      “Thanks a lot,” Lisa grumbled. She could feel his piss almost gushing from her slit, running down her legs and pooling around her feet on the shower floor.

      "There's no way I'm licking your ass again tonight after that."

      “Well, I guess we’ve both done something tonight that we weren’t keen on,” Bart grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it up on his hands. He rubbed it over his dick to wash it clean of his urine. Lisa felt incredibly dirty. She grabbed the soap from him and her legs and groin under the warm water. But Bart smiled at her, both of them fresh with the memory of trying something new that night.

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