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Dragon prints: 2095
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or, people like Jonny or, Race ect.... from the show. I make NO money in the writing of this. Nor own the Jonny Quest fandom.

Ok, just how strongly to you believe that he'd be happier with them? Gerald ask his family.

What do you know that we don't? Beverley ask.

* the boys at the dinner table look at each other one looks like he's saying don't even think about telling them the other is like why not.*

I believe he's has a crush on one the boys there. Marcus saids.

* Gerald can't believe what he's  hearing.*

Are you sure about this? Gerald ask.

Well, I bet you'd find something in his stuff that be proof enough so, you'll believe me. Marcus retores.

*Beverley goes into the kitchen to get away from this conversation.*

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