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Dragon prints: 2095
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or, people like Jonny or, Race ect.... from the show. I make NO money in the writing of this. Nor own the Jonny Quest fandom.

They  call up to the stage Adam's brother Mark to get his reward for his best job done yet.

Both brothers have there mother's light green eyes.

The family watches as they hand him the award. once he has it he goes to his family who's still taking pictures.

Hey guys! he calls.

Hi there, son. he smiles at him.

Mark  Smiles back.

So, where's everyone else? he ask.

your youngest brother is at his friends house.

An judging by your face I know which one & if you don't like it that much dad why did you let him go?

 Because your mom had it done before I knew anything about it & besides from what your mom told me he didn't want to come.

Honey, we're so proud of you. his mom told him.

they get ready to leave.

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