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Dragon prints: 2095
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or, people like Jonny or, Race ect.... from the show. I make NO money in the writing of this. Nor own the Jonny Quest fandom.

As this was going on...

I see you didn't bring Adam. his father replies

He didn't want to come I mean it's his birthday after all.

So, where did you leave him?

Not  alone if that's what your asking.

Then with who?

She doesn't answer.

Marcus the brother closest to Adam's age speaks.

Likely with that Quest kid.

Tell me you didn't do that. he fathers ask.

I don't see why not their good friends & his dad thought it was a good idea. she runs a hand through her hair.

To bad we can't just leave the skinny shrimp there. Marcus grins.

As the sun starts sink lower in the sky people take their seats.

I wouldn't call him a shrimp anymore because he's almost as tall you & your father are.

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