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Disclaimer: I don't own anything or, people like Jonny or, Race ect.... from the show. I make NO money in the writing of this. Nor own the Jonny Quest fandom.

Before this begins their are OC's that I DO own the main one is Adam or, just A depends who's talking to him that & at the beginning of each chapter will be the warnings if needed. This starts on Adam's 14th birthday.

Hey guys! calls Adam

Hey. Johnny said to Adam & smiles.

Adam's shades are a little large for him.

So, I see your here for your birthday again.

Yeah, one of my brothers is getting a award for something he did & so, I didn't want to be alone so, mom said it would be fine if you guys agree  that could stay here so here I am.

I don't mind you being here but, this is like what the 3rd year they've done this to you? Johnny ask.

Yeah, but we have fun.

Race gets Adam's  things out of the jet. they all head for the house.

So, what's with the godzilla sized shades? He ask Adam.

Well, they were my older brothers but, he cleaned his room & found them & tells me here take em' or, leave em' they're your birthday gift so, I'm thinking gee thanks a heap.

Cheap jerk.

Tell me about it, so where are the others?

In town.



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