The Dark Matriarch of Springfield

BY : Meg
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N: Things get interesting now. I am sorry I haven't been keeping up with it. Life, work, and now Christmas have kept me busy. Plus, I have limited time on the library computer. It will be a xmas miracle if I get this baby finished.

Pairings: JessicaxBart/ OCxOC/ LegsxOC

Warnings: Graphic violence, gore, and language.


In the skies up over a field of clovers, a lone woman flew with her white angelic wings stretched out catching the sun's rays. The woman enjoyed flying creating ariel acrobatics that she thought she would never do as a mortal human. Her eyes closed kept her from noticing that her friend was right behind calling out to her.

Woman: MAUDE! MAUDE! Slow down-its me Bridget!

Maude: (slows her gliding pace and looks over her shoulder) Hi Bridget, you come to play too?

Bridget: Not now, its God, he needs to speak to you.

Maude halted in mid-air hovering until her friend caught up with her. Usually when God called on a particular angel it was something serious.

Maude: He hasn't already started has he, I thought the Apocaplypse wasn't going to start unitil-

Bridget: No, its not that, he didn't say but I think it has something to do with Springfield-isn't that where you lived?

The christianed woman smoothed the winkles from her hooded duster that she wore over her ivory beige gown. Since being up in heaven, she kept a silent virgil over her friends and family (even the man that brought her here) making new friends and training to fight with Rapheal. It was hard to explain but becoming a guardian angel gave her something that she never had on earth. Courage. She became more militant in fighting for the All Mighty. Rapheal and Michael were impressed by how quickly she was learning to battle demons. Death had given her a edge that life deprived her.

Maude: What is it?

Bridget: You have to ask him that. He is expecting you in the Great Halls, come on.

Maude obediently followed Bridget further up into the heavenly planes where God's Kingdom was located. The enviroment was bright and pure. Untainted by even the slightest dirt. A shimmering cobblestone lit up by the seven lampposts led up to the huge single tower where God's Throne sat. Maude casually walked down the path and through the doors of the tower down a smaller corridor flanked on all sides by statues of saints and matyrs, until she reached the enormous chair carved in alabaster marble.

The chair was empty.

But as Bridget said HE was there-expecting her. The room boomed with his majestic voice.

God: (sounds like Anthony Hopkins) Come closer Maude...(Maude approaches the empty throne and gracefully kneels with her eyes on the floor) Rapheal tells me that you have been training well, tell me again why is it that you want to be one of my warriors?

Maude: protect you, your true son, and all that you stand for Father.

God: When you were a followed me but were quiet. So diplomatic in your loyalty to me.

Maude: Shouldn't I?

God: Yes. But not since you came here have you wanted to take up the sword. It is that man isn't it? He finally influenced you after all these years that you have known him and his wife.

Maude: "He could be so foolish...ignorant...yet...he was never afraid..."

God: (chuckles) You admire him for that. Who wouldn't be? When its for rebelling against the darkness, the evil, the wrong-do not be scared. One voice raised can do more than a million voices silenced...Now, I have brought you here. Because of a distress in the city in which you were born.

Maude: Springfield, what is happening?

God: A disicple of my enemy has plans to unleash evil upon your friends...your children and thier father...all those you hold dear.

Her body trembled in fear, God's presence was too great to risk looking straight up at him but her eyes still remained tacted to the floor in respect. She hated the thought of harm happening to her loved ones and not being there to comfort them.

God: Maude (the back of the chair starts to bubble and a pale white hand pushes through the membrane of light towards her) Go, go and protect them. Help them fight. Two evil beings will use black magic to destroy your town and kill everyone there. But admist the terror will rise the bravery of many of your friends. Even your children. Demons are crawling from the abyss to feed upon the townspeople and a small boy is its ultimate pawn.

Maude: Small boy-not my sons!

God: referred to as Bart Simpson...I have seen it...he is the one that will begin it and the one-if he makes the right choice-to end it. It is his fate...

Maude: God...if you know what Bart Simpsons is going to do...why...why...?

God: know I don't work like that...I give mankind a choice. I always have since the beginning of time. Bart has a struggle in front of him and he is to decide how to overcome it. You will give him guidence and protect him-as a angel should. Take this.

The chain of a golden seraphim appeared in her hand.

God: Weld it like a medivel mace and the lamp will strick the wicked and burn them alive by the holy careful...for though you cannot die anymore. Evil will still try and stop you by any means necessary.

The pale ghostly hand placed its digits on her face and tilted her head up gently. His touch was like a affectionate father showing love and pride to his daughter.

Maude: I look forward to descending to earth...(she wrapped the chain around her waist like a belt)

God: Good, oh and Maude, forgive Homer...he may not always get things right...but he tries hard and has his heart in the right place.

St. Magda's Boarding School-Ogdenville

The floor cracked along the bottom of her feet and blood spewed from the tiny lines inbetween crawling thier way up the raised pulpet of the church...a creature from the darkness was crawling towards her stopping every once in a while to let out a seisure-like convulsion before digging its long claws into the ground and stalk her again.

Jessica gulped down the terror in the back of her throat and dared to finally stop and see the creature that had been chasing her. Wherever it went it left behind a inhuman gargling snarl and a heavy dragging thump of wood along the ground. She was in her father's church staring down the aisles at a hunched human-sized creature chained around the torso to a huge wooden cross and the dry crown of thorns impaling through the top of the creature's head.

He looked like a man dressed in a long black cassock...but it acted like a half-starved rabid utter misery...

Jessica Lovejoy shot up in her bed. The nightmare was gone and she was back in the dorm of another damn boarding school where her parents shoved her away at. This time it was Ogdenville. Ten miles to Springfield but still not as close as Shelbyville. That way (with the gas prices rising) it wouldn't take such a road trip in case of a emergency.

Sharing the room with her was a young girl half her age. But was descent to room with. Her name was Ivy Moore and adopted Jessica as a surrogate "big" sister. The little girl was the first to awake, attracted by the sound of her roommate's nightly moaning.

Ivy: (peering over the top bunk) Bad dream again 'Sister'?

Jessica: was the monster again...I tried to see who it really was...but my brain decided to wake up.

Ivy: You should talk to someone about it (she clutched her stuffed rabbit) maybe...maybe something horrible will happen to you!

Jessica: (pulls the covers back and sits up on the edge of her bed) Yeah right...whatever it is, I can face it Ivy, don't worry about that!




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