The Dark Matriarch of Springfield

BY : Meg
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Warnings: Graphic violence and death scenes (one by drug overdose) in this chapter.

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Springfield 1647

The story opens on a dark evening, the sun had set a minute ago, and the forest outside of a small village called Spyne-Feld stood a two-story house where a man and woman raised thier four children: David, Sarah, Priscilla, and Abigael. Thier parents worked in the community as a midwife and carpenter, in fact, their father built the house they lived in when he was only thirteen years old as a wedding gift to his wife. Now as the day was winding down, the wife named Elizabeth was bent over a stove in the kitchen as Gideon was sitting at a table sharpening his dull tools. Staring out the window was thier oldest son sitting there as if something outside had caught his attention.

The room is quiet saved for the sound of a baby whimpering in her crib situated where Gideon is working.

Elizabeth: (straightens up and removes her cap as she looks over at her son) David, get away from the window and tell your sisters to wash up, supper will be ready soon...

David: (not moving from the window) But mother, there is some light coming from those trees in the woods right there.

His mother looked up to see what her son was talking about. Letting out a sigh she undid her bunned up hair letting the ebony spirals of hair cascade down over the sides of her face and rested upon her broad shoulders. She cracked a stiff muscle in her back and sauntered over to the window next to David. There was indeed a soft glow between the trees of the forest path of a orangish tint casting a lovely glow against the dark brown tree trunks.

David: Is it fairies mommy, little fairies flying in the woods, lighting the way to enchanted dwellings?

Gideon let out a jovial laugh as he did the finishing touches on his saw; his son always did have a active imagination he noted.

Gideon: He gets it from you Elizabeth...always thinking outside the box (he shakes his head) anything he says with that mind of his makes sense to no one but himself.

Elizabeth: (smiling) Of course he gets it from me, he is my child after all, now David its perhaps just the light from the sunset honey, now go and help your-

Gideon: (interrupting matter-of-factly) That was a two minutes ago.

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Gideon: When I was walking home from the Alder place I just saw the sun setting over the hill, very lovely, you and the children should have seen it my dear.

Elizabeth lowered her smile and pulled the drapes further back to see the light better over her son's head. The strange light began to glow brighter and brighter if the sun wasn't the case, then what could it have been, was her thought. The only time she had seen light this brightly in the night was when the townspeople had to immoblize through the woods and needed a way to see in the dark of night. With torches. And that usually meant...

They had been found out!

So the whispers she heard out in the market were about her and Gideon, whispers about strange people in black chanting foreign tongues in the forest and strange noises that would make the dogs bark wildly without no reason. The dark-haired woman hated to think it but it was only a matter of time before all accusations of witchcraft and sorcery pointed to them. And it would be no false accusation either. It was true that she was once part of a mysterious sect called "The Moon Sisters" whom were a pariah within the community. But they disbanded, all because Elizabeth took over as thier leader once Marta the orginal one passed away, and they have never once forgiven her for it, even thinking that she had something to do with Marta's sudden death. Which was true, but they could have never found out already, had they?

Elizabeth: "Those little cunts from the Moon Sisters must have ratted me out to The Magistrate! Damn them!"

David: (tugging on the fold of Elizabeth's dress) Mom, is it time for supper?

Elizabeth knelt down and whirled her son around to face him so that his eyes were staring right into her own.

Elizabeth: (grinning) No sweetie, erm, go upstairs and take your sisters...we're going to play a little game of hide-and-seek all right?

David: Will you and daddy hide?

Elizabeth: and your sisters hide and me and daddy will seek okay?

By this time Gideon looks up from his work and raises a eyebrow to his wife's strange behavior as he watches her nudge David upstairs and makes her way to Abigael's crib near the table. Her husband takes her arm and draws her near him.

Gideon: What is going on here Elizabeth, this is no time to games, is something wrong?

Elizabeth: They are coming Gideon, those lights are torches, they are coming with torches for us-they obviously know about our secret and now they've come to excute us (she ran her fingers through his auburn hair) I sent the children hiding until we can chase them off. Gideon gets up from his chair and looks over at the window and then back to her.

Gideon: But I thought were so careful how could anyone of them have found out so quickly?

Elizabeth: (growling) 'The Moon Sisters' they are the only ones that know you and me are witches, not even the children are aware. I kept the spellbook hidden away also, so they would not find it, but whatever happens, absolution will be ours forever.

She leans in to give him a kiss that would never come as the door burst open and three men entered first with one leading the way had a rifle on him while two each had a pitchfork behind them were the sounds of a mass rabble shouting. Gideon growled and shoved Elizabeth behind him as she scooped Abigael up into her arms and ran up the stairs to the second floor brandishing his saw and blocking the way to the stairs. The lead man with the rifle was the bravest one and entered into the one room house pointing the barrel at Gideon's face, staring definitely at the man he once thought a client.

Upstairs Elizabeth dared not check the other children for that would mean giving away thier hiding place and enticing the fear that was entering thier once peaceful household. She backed herself into a corner to avoid the window looking out the angry mob below where her own mother and father gathered. She would not let them see her face. Abiagel's cries were muffled by her face pressing into her mother's chest.

Elizabeth: (whispering) Shhhh, shhh, its okay baby, don't cry, mommy isn't going to let anything happen to you...

Downstairs on the first floor

The man holding the rifle refused to back down glaring into Gideon's face he started to see a wildness in the carpenter's eyes that he had only seen in the most angeriest of dogs.

Rifleman: God help you Gideon, you are protecting the bride of Satan, she has drawn you into her ways with her charms!

Gideon: (baring his teeth in a threatening manner) That may be Samson, but I did it of my own free will!

Samson: GRAB HIM!

Two of Samson's friends welding pitchforks advanced on Gideon. The first man thrusted his weapon at him grazing his shoulder and pulling it back just as soon as Gideon drove the teethy edges of the saw into the man's skull breaking into the ear and cracking the head splitting across the cranium like a cracked egg. While a tiny twinkle of blood soaked into Gideon's shirt, a gush of blood flowed violently from the first pickfork man's head spilling endlessly onto the floor making a thick puddle that cushioned the dead man's fall with a large splash. Blood from the puddle splashed up and hit the front of Gideon's clothes and face. Covered in another man's blood he was a sight to behold as he turned around quickly at the second pitchfork guy to befuddle his sneak attack. The 2nd pitchforker had raised it over his head to stab it into Gideon's brain but stopped in the middle of his near impalement to be frozen in horror at what he was seeing.

Gideon grinned triumphantly as he watched the 2nd pitchforker lower his weapon and step back, shaking violently in hear, here was no simple man they were trying to take down; the light of the fire from the hearth and the torches outside bathed the whole room in a red hellish glow reflecting into his widen green eyes that seemed to glow while his face covered in blood was flushed with adrenline and bloodlust (two streams of blood ran down between his eyes over the bridge of his nose and around his mouth) fueled by the anger of being betrayed by those he thought were his close friends uttered a growl from the back of his throat.



A shot ran out and a small splash of new blood flowed from the back of Gideon's head as Samson pointed the barrel at his neck and opened fire, quieting the second pitchforker's ranting until the dull thud of Gideon's body fell over on top of his first and last murder victim. Samson and the 2nd pitchforker heard a hellish shriek coming from the base of the stairs, it was Elizabeth, who had come down upon hearing the sound of gunshots in the living room watched in horror as her husband's blood mixed into that of the first pitchforker.

Elizabeth: You bastards! You shot him! You shot him you bastards! YOU SHOT MY HUSBANDS! YOU WILL PAY!!!!

Her screams were drowned out by the sound of her baby crying the moment four more men came in: three to restrain Elizabeth and one to pry the baby from her embrace and give it to Samson. He led them outside where a crowd cheered and shouted insults at the distaught wife and mother being dragged to a large tree with a noose hanging from the thickest branch and a small stool placed squarely under the rope. Elizabeth felt the burn of the rope rub against her skin when her hands were tied behind her back and she was placed on the stool for all to see.

The crowed drew deathly silent not even Elizabeth's own parents Mary and Aaron Ramsay dared to speak out on thier daughter's behalf. Disowning her on that very night she converted to a unholy religion and betrayed not only thier love but God's as well. The noose was placed around Elizabeth's neck.

Magistrate Brown: Elizabeth Crosse, you stand here in the sight of God and his children accused on witchcraft and the art of satanism, you shall be exucuted on this night of June 9th, the year of our lord sixteen hundred and fourty-seven, what is your plea?"

Elizabeth: (narrowing her blue eyes coldly upon the faces of everyone in the crowd including Samson and his wife whom at this moment was holding her baby; a devlish grin planted on her face as she began to speak) I admit to these crimes...

Mary Ramsay fell to her knees and sobbed loudly.


The stool was kicked away silencing Elizabeth's vow forever. Her body swung back and forth like a heavy pendulum as she felt her eyesight getting dimmer and darker blocking out the last visage of her crying baby in the arms of Samson's wife.

The House of Samson Sympson

Samson's wife, Myrrtle cradled Abigael Crosse in her arms as the mob disbanded carrying with them the last words that the witch Elizabeth gave to them. Many were still afraid of her even in death and it was decided that a high stone wall be made to close off the house from the rest of the village the next morning. But for now, Mrrytle hummed to the child that kicked and screamed that the person holding her was not her true mother.

But Mrrytle Sympson was going to take care of that.

In the house was Magistrate Brown and her husband sitting around a fire discussing about tonight's event.

Magistrate: I thank you for leading us through that woods and doing what had to be done.

Samson: No trouble at all Magistrate Brown. I think it is best concerning we must never tell our children and our children's children what transpired at that residence this night, for if the curse is to be reall, it could mean terrible things for us all.

Myrrtle wrapped Abigael up tightly in her new blanket to keep warm.

Myrrtle: But what of the baby?

The Magistrate let out a heavy sigh and got up from his chair to go to the baby. He stared down at it with a look of indifference that Myrrtle didn't care for being a caring soul that she was to children. Even though she was barren. She had a feeling there was a better alternative reason for Elizabeth and Gideon to die that night.

Magistrate: It will die no less Goodie Sympson, Gideon's parents passed away during the winter and Elizabeth's parents have forsaken her and anything to do with thier daughter, without a mother, baby Abigael will surely die. And as for David, Sarah, and Priscilla we could not find them I am sure that they ran off from the house somewhere. Who knows what will happen to them now...but I am sure death will meet up with them like thier parents did.

Myrrtle: We will take care of it...

Samson: Myrrtle...?

Magistrate: Are you sure this is wise Goodie Sympson?

Myrrtle: It is not baby Abigael's fault, for years we could not have a child of our own, this is God's will-the child shall be with a good family now, not a family of evil as she once was.

Samson: Suppose that child takes on the 'traits' of her mother Myrrtle? What then?

Myrrtle turned to her husband with a gentle smile

Myrrtle: She will be as beautiful as her mother, but rest assure husband that Abigael will never know her family nor her family name, she will take on ours and become a Sympson and forget that she was ever a Crosse. Don't you see, we have prayed for so long and the Lord has answered our prayers, from this have a child of our own, it is a blessing in disguise!

It was a day that none would ever forget. The Sympsons had a new daughter; Gideon and Elizabeth were not buried together, but seperately, to ease the tensions that the threat of a curse had brought on to thier growing town. As the years went on, the old generation carried the curse to thier graves and newer generations scarsely breathed a word of it to thier descendents until it became nothing but a well-kept hidden legend. The Crosse family did not die out as everyone thought it did. David had hidden his sisters and took them to live with a old hag until the hag died and at the age of twenty he returned with his sisters to the house and took on as head of the household, marrying Margaret Smith a famer's daughter and raised a son.

The next generation of Springfielders who were hardly aware of the fate the curse would bring tolerated David's family living in the house but never dared to stop foot on his property for any reason whatsoever. But as the centuries went on, members of the Crosse family married into the family tree of other Springfielders branching out over the fast growing town. The family also spread out across the pond into the United Kingdom also marrying into other family trees yet unclear as to whether or not the families there are as aware of the curse than those in the States. But there is always a moment that breaks the ice one way or another...

London, England 1969

Seven year old Catherine Davison opened her eyes when she heard the sound of a crash coming from her parents bedroom. It sounded like a chair or a table had been knocked over. She was laying in her bedroom enjoying a nice dream when it was ripped from her mind the moment she heard that offending sound. The room was still dark with no light but the one underneath her nightstand plugged into the outlet. The light shone up and luminated the clock on her stand which read a quarter past eleven. She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Catherine: What was that?

She threw the covers back and jumped down from her bed walking towards the door and peering out into the hall. Down a long hall at the end was her parent's room. She felt her way down the hall using the light from the full moon to see and reached the door closed tightly. She reached up on her toes and knocked loudly on the door. Her father was away on buisness (a delegate for Parliment) and so it was only her and her mother alone in the house; the house keeper that left for her flat and the rest of the servants were asleep. Her mother Victoria being a heavy sleeper had to be stirred up by more than one knock. But no one was answering her.

Catherine: Mom...a-a-are you okay?

When Catherine didn't hear the words of her mother saying 'come in' she fiddled with her fingers nervously trying to weigh in whether to go in without permission or go back to sleep. After hearing a loud noise from someone's room and they don't answer you its pretty much common sense to investigate. And come to think of it. Her mother was known for her graceful movements and poise. She wouldn't just knock something over that clumsily. Catherine stored up the courage and opened the door.

Laying on the floor beside the queen's size bed was her mother face-down on the carpet in her nightgown with a empty pill bottle in one hand...

The sound of the taxi driver's voice stirred her from her memories as it pulled up in front of the Springfield Public Library. It happened twenty-seven years ago, but the memories still lingered in her head. Back then, Catherine was too young to understand and no one told her why her mother took those sleeping pills, all she knew was that she had no mother anymore and not even the stomach pump was enough to remove the damage the pills did to her insides. All her father told her was that she was suffering from "bad dreams and it kept her up at night" but that was it, now she wondered if coming to Springfield was even the right choice.

Catherine: "Aunt Millicent was too out of it to even explain to me what went on in that family and this town, don't even think she didn't know as much as I do, but I made a promise to her and my parents that I would stop it...I hope..."

Taxidriver: Hey lady, is this your stop or not?

Catherine: Yes...thank you...

Taxi: So, you're the new librarian huh?

Catherine: (she raised a eyebrow) How did you know that?

Taxi: This town isn't as large as people think, everyone knows everyone around here, and word gets around. Good luck to ya.

She paid the cabbie and gathered her briefcase and purse then shut the door as the cab left down the street. The englishwoman brushed a strand of her long curly brunette hair and smoothed out the winkles of her black skirt that had rumpled up sitting in the back of the taxi. Behind her were four men walking on the sidewalk and talking amongst themselves on the other side of the street. (Homer, Barney, Lenny, and Carl) she gave them a short glance then walked up the steps.


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