The Dark Matriarch of Springfield

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Disclaimer: I don't own The Simpsons but Elizabeth, Gideon, and Catherine are my own original characters and if you decide to use them ask me first.

As Catherine had noticed before entering the library, four men were on thier way to Moe's Tavern. Homer, Barney, Lenny and Carl. Out of the four of them Homer looks up and spies Catherine Davison entering the building. He lived in Springfield for years, born and raised here, so he definitely spotted her as someone being out of the ordinary. His daughter Lisa told him not too long ago that Mrs. Felker was retiring, perhaps the woman had come to replace her.

Lenny: Homer come on, lets go before all the good stools are taken!

Homer: Oh yeah...sure...(he turns away from the library and once again leads the way) Huh?

Homer stops and sees a tall man in black pants and a brown overcoat standing in front of them on the sidewalk with his hands lazily in his pockets. He looks over the four men and smiles oddly yet he dosen't make a sound. Except for the flapping of his coat that moves in the wind ruffling up his short tussle of auburn hair. Once again this was a second stranger that eluded Homer's attention for he had never met him before either. But then, Homer was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, yet there was something about the guy that itched in the back of his head.

Homer: (thinking) "I wonder who he people are sure popping up all over the place", (outloud) Hi stranger! (in a friendly voice) We're going to Moe's Tavern wanna come with?

The man made no responce except studying Homer very astutely as if trying to find something in that man's head that was there.

If it was there in the first place.

Man: (speaking for the first time) Nice day for a walk in the woods wouldn't you agree?

After a awakard minute of silence he gazed over at the library and then back to Homer. Saying nothing more he took a step towards them once he was close enough, he stepped around Homer and his friends and disappeared around the corner of the street behind them. Homer looked back raising an eyebrow at the "interesting" confrontation he had with the stranger, and then he looked back at the library, what was in there besides pop-up books that would make the man want to look over there.

Homer: (thinking) "Maybe he was interested in that brunette chick that walked inside; hey, maybe I could set them up on a date...nah, too much work.."

Inside Interior of The Public Library

Catherine placed her book that she had read on the plane on the desk next to the turnstiles and went through a door next to it, which was the bathroom, she turned on the light, and it was faint but then after five minutes got brighter and brighter. I hate fluorescents; she thought, then went over to the sink and looked into the mirror. What she saw was her own reflection, her dark-brown hair brought out the soft green tint in her blue eyes. Her face was thin and pale, she found herself zoning off, doing that whenever she had to concentrate on a specific task and this task was something she was unsure that she could do.

Catherine: (muttering) Where do I even begin: The Child, The Prophecy, or the Spell Book? And another thing, the house, I don't its even standing after all these decades. Why did Aunt Millicent choose me to investigate and stop this curse, what do I know about stopping curses? (shakes her head) This whole thing must be crazy...


Sacred Being Hospital, London England-1999

Catherine: She died before I was born great aunt Millie, now about those Crosse family records?

Millicent grew quiet all of a sudden, lying on her bed, she placed a hand over her rosary and stared out the window, avoiding Catherine's gaze, when she was ranting on she looked like a decent old woman. Quiet with her age and wisdom like a dying sage, she clutched her rosary feverishly, sitting on the chair beside the bed, Catherine leaned over to hear something that Millicent was muttering: "The prophecy, none will survive it, and those that do will never be sane, you were chosen my dear, to be the one to save them, the people that the witch angered...her love...her husband...lie in wait for the child, as do you, pray you find the child before..." Millicent suddenly trailed off.

Catherine (leaned in even closer, intrigued) Before what...what will happen...!? Millicent, do you know who this child is or what family it’s born into?

Millicent smiled, she turned her head back towards Catherine and raised a gnarled hand up to her great great niece's face, caressing it lovingly, she lowered it back down and gestured Catherine to come closer, closer to her leathery worn face to whisper something in her ear. Catherine obeyed, hoping that she was about to tell her the answer to Catherine's concerned question.

Millicent: (trailing off) remember Mrs. Sommersby right... I think she died...

Catherine put her hand down the V-lining of her blouse and pulled out a crescent-shaped sapphire attached to a thick black cord around her neck, a parting gift to great aunt Millicent before that phone call came on the phone saying that she had passed away. In her hand was another legend that her own family concocted- the wearer of the amulet will be invincible to almost any harm that comes to her no matter how dangerous it may be. She didn't think there was such a thing, but it had been in her family for generations and according to an old story one of her great-great-great-great grandmothers wore the amulet when she was in a carriage ride that toppled over killing everyone inside, but she had emerged unscathed.

She reapplied some of her make-up, her main reason for entering the bathroom in the first place, and was about to leave when she heard a dark foreboding voice echo off the fading wallpaper of the lavatory.Maybe, but it would make for a ground tale to tell the children at bedtime now wouldn't it? Followed by the sound of laughter. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the bathroom so quickly she didn't see Mrs. Felk in front of her and knocked into her sending them both to the ground hopefully unhurt.

Mrs. Felk: Omph! Watch it missy, I don't want to spend my retirement in the Florida Keys with a broken hip!

Catherine: (helping the old woman up) Oh I am so sorry Mrs. Felk, I...I just thought I heard something out here while I was in-

Mrs. Felk: (adjusting her glasses staring at the young woman up and down)

Catherine: (blushing) Erm, nevermind all that...well, here I am.

The old lady circled around Catherine like a vulture studying her until she returned back in front of the englishwoman and grabbed her face turning it one side and then the other.

Mrs. Felk: Mmm, yes, you look young and strong child, do you have any experience working in a library?

Catherine: Yes, I used to-

Mrs. Felk: (cutting Catherine off) Perfect, well, there is nothing more to discuss. You said you used to work at one before in London, so I willl hold you to it, now is there anything else you want to ask me before I leave?

The englishwoman made a quick glance over at the bathroom and gazed back at the old woman.

Catherine: (she shook her head), not at all Mrs. Felk.

Moe's Tavern

After thier encounter with the man in the brown overcoat, Homer lead his friends inside and they helped themselves to duff beer as if nothing had happened at all on the way to the bar. As stated he was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. But the memories that that moment on the sidewalk still lingered somewhere in the beer-hazed subconscience of his mind.


I plant to have Chapter Three up soon!


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