The Dark Matriarch of Springfield

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The abandoned remains of the Crosse Manor

The manor was hardly unrecognizable when Gideon first laid eyes on it, once a simple large one-story cottage, it had evolved into a sprawling four-story mansion overnight, complete with a high stone wall surrounding his old house on all sides and a large metal barred gate that was chained and padlock to prevent anyone from stepping foot onto the property. At first he was disappointed that the house he made with his own bare hands had changed without him being there to witness it, but after a while he smiled at the fact that it had still remained, and flourished with elegance and luxary, proving that his descendents had been well off for as long as he could imagine.

A oak tree had grown very close to the stonewall standing at ten feet high with long strong branches stretching out over the top of the wall, he took his scythe and clutched it tightly in his mouth, and then made his way up the tree to one of the several branches hanging over the stone wall. The tree didn't shake luckily, for he didn't know when it was planted, and despite the fact that he couldn't be killed that easily because of his eternal power, the thought of falling off the tree and having to climb it again didn't exactly please him at the moment.

The child would be hearing the call of the spell book by now no time for fooling around...

He knew he had climbed across the branch and over the top of the wall when he looked down and saw the front yard and the old walnut tree where Elizabeth hanged until death, standing off to the side of where the oak tree was, he leaped down nimbly landing all his feet like a cat, and walked up to the manor. The wide set of double doors was locked as well, so taking the scythe out of his mouth he slammed the blade into the door handle very gingerly and kicked the door open with his foot and stepped inside the manor.

It was desolate save for the rats scurrying across the floorboards and a family of bats cuddling up together on the crystal chandelier hanging over the male witch's head. The entire interior of the manor was dark and smelled of rank air hanging by a loose molecule. Stiff blankets covered the furniture once white the dust and mildew changed the clean sheets to a dingy tan brown. Dust caked the portraits hanging on the cracked walls, hiding the images of family members he was related to, covering up their identity as if they were ashamed to be seen by him.

Gideon: (grinning evily)Home sweet home...

Downtown Springfield

Once Lisa was sure that they were far away from the scene of the accident, they found themselves in the middle of the downtown business district. In the center was a grassy area where the statue of Jebediah Springfield stood, it had been more than ten years since she remembered Bart taking off the head of the statue and hiding it in their backyard. Was this the reason he came down here, because he was still feeling guilty of what he had done?

As if to answer her own question, Bart stepped onto the grass, walked towards the statue, but to her surprise, and began scratching the dirt with his nails.

Lisa: Bart, what are you doing, what is going on here, what could you possibly want that is buried here-(she slapped her forehead irritably) oh my god listen to myself I am asking questions to a half unconscious kid like I expect him to remember this in the morning let alone answer me right now...

She knelt down in front of Bart, who made dig even more quickly against the dirt and grass, she was torn between wanting to wake him up or help him dig.

Further down the road, Catherine had just closed up the libary and was walking home to her apartment. She was passing through the town square when she stopped all of a sudden at the sight of two children kneeling at the foot of the town statue. She tried to supress her couriousity into delving into thier business. But a gut-feeling tugging at the back of her head urged her to go over to them. She took twelve paces towards the statue watching them closely. The boy wearing just a pair of blue pajamas did the most work, digging furiously into the ground, as a girl in a red nightgown and slippers watched over him. Almost vigilently. For the better part of three minutes was the same, the digging and watching; watching and digging.

Until finally the boy stopped and submerged his hands into the hole pulling out a thick leatherbound black book.

Catherine: (stunned) No...who is he?

She kept herself still and listened in on what they were saying...

Lisa: (holding up the book) Bart...what is this?

Bart: (makes a few intelligible mumbling sounds and falls to the side snoring away)

Lisa: Bart...?

Lisa examines the book to find that it has a golden clasp on it which she attempts to pry open with her fingers but cannot because its jammed from the caked dirt and rust. She is about to ask Bart again when she hears the sound of feet running towards her.

Lisa: (looks over her shoulder) Huh, who is that?

Catherine is running up to the digging site hurridly.

Catherine: Wait, put that book back in the ground now, don't let the boy even open it!

Lisa: (stands up) Who are you?

Catherine: My name is Catherine Fairchild, I was sent here from England to make sure that book dosen't fall into the boy's hands. There is a prophecy that involves him (points to Bart) put the book back into the ground now and we can all walk away from this...


The voice snapped Bart from his sleep and he looks around bewildered.

Bart: Lisa...strange lady...w-what is going on? How did I end up here?

Lisa: You were sleepwalking Bart, I have never remembered you doing that before, and apparently you were "sleep-digging" as well (she turns to the sound of the mysterious voice that is coming from the statue where a man holding a scythe is sitting on the shoulder of the statue)

Man: So, the time has finally arrived at last, give me the spellbook and your brother little girl, and like the young lady said 'we can all walk away from this' (he leaps down to the ground on his feet from the statue)

Lisa: Who are you?

Man: Allow me to introduce myself (he bows to Lisa) I am Gideon Crosse, and what you have in your hands, is the means in which my darling wife Elizabeth will once again join my side. All I need is your brother and the incantation from the spellbook.

Catherine: Don't do it Lisa...I have been studying the Crosse family for years, they are nothing but evil!

Gideon: (looks up) And you should know woman, you dare deny your family tree?

Catherine: (gritting through her teeth) Its too branched out to even reach us!

Gideon: You would like to think that wouldn't you, but don't you have some sinking suspicion in your mind that maybe it was the curse that took away your-

Catherine: STOP IT! (she moved in front of Bart and Lisa) as long as I got to them first, you will never complete her prophecy!

Gideon: We will see about that...(he raises the blade of the scythe threateningly)

He swung the scythe at Catherine with every growl that followed her twisting her body this way and that, narrowly dodging the weapon as fast as she could. She had no weapon of her own, and hoped that the blade did not get too close to the amulet she wore around her neck. Lisa watched the two with intrigue waiting for the precise moment when Gideon's leg was angled close to her maintaining his balace. Just as he made another thrust attack, she grabbed his ankle and pulled it towards herself to knock him over and flat on the ground. The sharp tip of the blade buried into the patch of soft ground beside him.

Gideon: You damn little brat!

Bart: Can someone please tell me what is going on and who the hell you two are!?

Catherine: Now! (she jumped on Gideon's back and pinned his arms down with her hands) Take the book and your brother, and don't stop until you are home! (she pins him down harder despite his struggling) Hurry, I will explain everything to both of you when I can, just wait for a message from go!

Lisa tucked the book under one arm and grabbed her brother's hand dragging him away from the chaos in front of them. She could hear the sound of scuffling still being intense yet she dared not look back for one second fearing that Gideon had use the scythe on Catherine.

Back at the statue site, Catherine had used the temporary distraction of him pulling the blade out of the ground to make sure the children had left with the book, when she was sure they were at a safe distance she turned her attention back on him just in time from using the weapon once again on her.

Gideon: Gotcha bitch! (he swung lowly to sever her torso)

Catherine: (gripping the long handle of the scythe with both hands she stopped it from making the blade get any closer and used all her strength to push the scythe up against him as he was pushing back in a inner game of reverse tug-of-war between them)

Gideon: Face it Catherine, she will be resurrected, (makes a struggling sound) and stopping it isn't going to bring your parents back...!

Catherine: I made a promise to make sure the spellbook never falls in the wrong hands...and I intend to keep it you twit!

Gideon: (pushing the middle of the handle strongly against the bottom of her chin) Is that you got, 'twit' I would like to hear something better than that! After all, you are standing against the only man that has posession of the Grim Reaper's own scythe!

That last announcement threw Catherine off track, she couldn't believe it that he could single-handedly be holding the infamous weapon of the man in charge of death and the great beyond. And that distraction was what Gideon needed to knock Catherine out cold and disappear into the shadows. Leaving her laying unconcious on the ground at the feet of the hard metallic statue.

+The Crosse Manor+

At the same time, a dark black cloud materialized. Gideon emerged, taking the scythe out from underneath his trench coat; he had concealed it carefully hooked underneath his belt behind him, in case someone other than Catherine Davison would interrupt Bart's digging. Looking around, he found himself behind the manor, sandwiched in between the back of the building and the private family cemetery, a nice way to know his distant family by looking at the names on the gravestones but not right now.

Gideon: She will have to be dealt with severely (he sat down beside a grave marker that read "Lucretia Crosse" and leaned against it) or else she will remind the whole town about the prophecy, I counted on their ignorance to keep it a secret from their children and grandchildren, and now she might blow the whistle! That ends soon, as long as Bart can only open the spell book and not her and that sister of his, I should be fine, well-I guess I better get him ready...

Gideon got up and strolled to the storm cellar attached to the house; he broke the padlock off the handle with his scythe and opened up one of the doors. A wooden stairway led down into the basement and family crypt, it must be a interesting experience, he thought to himself, walking down the stairs, if there was a tornado you are tucked safe away along with a row of your dead relatives, I bet that traumatized a kid or two in the family-god, no wonder we had so many mental problems. When he got to the bottom he was greeted by two open entrances, one on the left led to the basement/storage room and the right led to the family crypt which was large than the storage room.

Gideon made his choice and entered the right entrance.

The stale air told him that like the Manor it had not been used since the turn of the century. On the contrary, like his relatives' corpses the placed had laid to waste becoming nothing more than a second home to the rats and vermin infesting its course stonewalls. There were large shelves against three walls, lined with coffins engraved with the name of the men and woman occupying them in silver plates. At the far end of the room was an empty wall with no shelf or coffin to place it in. Pointing in the same direction, he calculated where the old walnut tree stood. He took his scythe and held it like a pickaxe, then with all his strength physical and ungodly, he wedged the tip of the blade into the soft mortar in between the stones and started hacking away as nimbly as he did to Old Smelly Pete, and like the homeless man, the wall began to break apart and crumble away. Shotty workmanship, Gideon whispered as he kept going, digging and hacking away until a he created a small opening in the middle of the wall. He stopped and laid the scythe down next to his feet, examining the hole he made, with his bare hands, he pulled the rest of the pile of stones away until it grew larger and larger opening to a secret passage way lined with dirt and roots hanging from the top like veils of long emaciated fingers hiding what was on the other side of the tunnel.

Gideon excitedly took his scythe and began cutting away at the curtain of roots as he made his way through the tunnel. Behind him, the small image of the family crypt grew, smaller and smaller until it was as big as croquet ball. He sighed a breath of relief when he saw the tunnel open up to a larger room that was lit up by five red candles placed in the same points as the devil's pentagram, stepping inside the room he looked at the candles surrounding a large wooden coffin with strange arcane symbols carved into it. On the side of the wooden coffin was the name Elizabeth Crosse written in blood, which had dried a long time; some of the words were smeary, but he could easily make out who the wooden coffin belonged to or who was inside of it more importantly.

Gideon: Elizabeth, he have found him, the child that you spoke of in your prophecy, but he is being watched by a descendent of ours from across the sea, but worry not my love, I placed a enchantment on the book so only no one but the boy can open it willingly, and I will bring him here, just you will rise again Elizabeth, just like you promised...

Slowly he walked up to the coffin gazing upon it with the awe and secret sacrilege that one would give a church alter, making sure he did not disturb any of the candles placed around the coffin, he put his two fingers on his lips and pressed them gently on the lid of the coffin.

As he walked away from the sight of his wife's tomb, he didn't notice the small group of red beady eyes glowing like amber sparks from the deepest corner of the pitch black room. Then more began to surface until the coffin was surrounded by a sea of blood-red glowing eyes.


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